2019 Singapore Grand Prix: FP1 Highlights

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FORMULA 1 - Month ago

...session of the weekend 😉
Dacoolmilkshake - Month ago
Very cool f1 Very cool
Juan Francisco Vegas Delgado
Thanks God xD but I have a better pun, a pun-chure (sorry if I write it bad im Spanish so I dont now an EXTREAM level of English)
Justice Clark
Justice Clark - Month ago
Good job
jaredloveless - Month ago
OH you!
Mar Oceano
Mar Oceano - Month ago
Very funny mate....
dancewithmuffin - 25 days ago
What's the song? It's incredible
K4n4Kukk0 77
K4n4Kukk0 77 - 26 days ago
i got a notification from this now not like 6 days ago
Alberto Aguirre
Alberto Aguirre - 27 days ago
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
mas tur
mas tur - 28 days ago
Singapore Grand Prix
rustilldown7 - 28 days ago
only 50c?

I've worked in 65c for 4 hours straight. these guys are weaksauce.
Neerav Gupta
Neerav Gupta - 29 days ago
Song is Alex Arcoleo - "Ghost". Good producer, have been listening to his music on repeat over the weekend
Bill Yamm
Bill Yamm - Month ago
low key banger
muhammad fadliansyah ali
What name song on this video?
Diego J.
Diego J. - Month ago
Bottas is ridiculous.
Эртине Салчак
Vettel is losing rear again,he just want rear downforce.
luiz guilherme moreira sales
Hello i am Brasil great video i love formula one N_N
มุกชัย ช่องบอน
KevinTheSpecialist - Month ago
matthew fitzgerald
matthew fitzgerald - Month ago
The Dutch Superstar there are no famous Dutch people he's the only star they have and he's a shiny turd
joe coquerre
joe coquerre - Month ago
MeazurAli - Month ago
the singapore road arent equal to monaco,the cars keep bumping around right,is FIA even see this?
MeazurAli - Month ago
UFO bnb
UFO bnb - Month ago
Its all fun games until you realized mercedes is on hard tyres
Андрей Стороженко
Норм шифруются, обулись в хард и заехали в топ4
George Giannopoulos ZL1 2015 2017
Funeral for blacks Lewis Hamilton
George Giannopoulos ZL1 2015 2017
Fucking idiot
Gran Darf
Gran Darf - Month ago
Why were so many cars leaving a trail of sparks?!? Something was wrong/damaged with the cars which made the undercarriage contact the pavement? Ex: 0:19, 0:27, 1:29, 1:52, etc..
Right Uppercut
Right Uppercut - Month ago
Gran Darf: U guess because the track is so uneven/bumpy?
Hans Tsai
Hans Tsai - Month ago
Pauper Bottas.
Freddy Fox 500
Freddy Fox 500 - Month ago
Hamilton is such a Diva.
Girafas da Amazônia
Girafas da Amazônia - Month ago
Não tem pior piloto no grid que o Bottas
Mark Wood
Mark Wood - Month ago
Shit tyres shit track...
not trap
not trap - Month ago
Alex Joly
Alex Joly - Month ago
5 seconds penalty for Vettel and Verstappen because they are in front of Hamilton
The Spot Healing Brush
Hardly a "scary" moment for vettel. It was just a tank slapper.
VeronViper 06
VeronViper 06 - Month ago
The new Ferrari front wing has changed from a dong to a ballsack
FantasticoM football
FantasticoM football - Month ago
Kubica faster than leclerc
siniša jakus
siniša jakus - Month ago
Luis sigurno prvi
Clinton Li
Clinton Li - Month ago
FIA please punish Mclaren on race day for disrespecting Mercedes on this practice session.
Samuel G
Samuel G - Month ago
1:15..Sainz was on the RL so Ham shouldn't say nothing
andrewcena - Month ago
Not sure if anyone reads these comments but whoever is putting these videos together: great job. I liked the background music.
Dita Tabialublu
Dita Tabialublu - Month ago
its sad that i cant watch this cause of exams 😥
Parker Bee
Parker Bee - Month ago
Hulkenberg to torro rosso!!!
Channel Z
Channel Z - Month ago
sparc - Month ago
Ok time to play some f1 2019
Tai Jay
Tai Jay - Month ago
cool music
Alex Lee
Alex Lee - Month ago
Can’t believe they took at fuckin COOK over Hulk😩😩
xWHOGAFx - Month ago
PLEASE DO REVERSE GRIDS. you would get all the over takes. And really mix up the racing. If the top cars are always first. Makes the racing boring. Reverse grid makes the team's and drivers want it more. BUT MERCEDES IS THE BIGGEST SANDBAG SO WOULD THEY DO THEY SAME FOR QUALIFYING JUST TO START UP FRONT?.......PROBABLY
Amal Shanthi
Amal Shanthi - Month ago
Why this black African driver Hamilton always whining and complaining???
Keanu Bartolata
Keanu Bartolata - Month ago
Ocon pls
Danny355 - Month ago
Alfa should replace Giovinazzi with Hulk. Failing that replace Kimi with Hulk in 2021 and in 2020 Hulk could drive for Williams
Forrest Boone
Forrest Boone - Month ago
The halo on grosjean looks like a womans thong
Christian Slater
Christian Slater - Month ago
I dig the deep house music in the background. Modern. Classy. Keep it up Liberty. You’re branding is on point.
Felipe F
Felipe F - Month ago
Esse Bottas é um borra bottas!!
ケンタウロス猫 - Month ago
Nico is the driver who should remain in F1.
Mitchell-Wallis Force
Mitchell-Wallis Force - Month ago
Good stuff, Kubica. Y'know, maybe Russel ain't the only one whose talents are obscured by a s**te car....
BILLY JOE - Month ago
Please F1, The Brazilian need a Channel in portuguese.
Benaka B.C
Benaka B.C - Month ago
Absolutely love the background score! 🤘🏽😍
Jericho Yagin
Jericho Yagin - Month ago
Plane - Month ago
free practice sessions are byfar the most misleading thing you will ever watch in formula 1
tdyerwestfield - OFTW OG
The Singapore circuit may as well be a moguls event it's that bumpy.
Stream of Consciousness
why not raise the suspension with all the dragging the bottom end and sparks. That can't be good for the cars chassis.
Oxyacetylene - Month ago
Just here to read all the F1 internet experts.
XxpauldadudexX - Month ago
Goooooo Mercedes, goooooooo Lewis...and they can't say Lewis has the fastest car so what Vettell fangirls gonna blame this time, eh, bitches?
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