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Vikkstar123 - 3 months ago
Phil is BACK! 😂

Check out his previous appearance here:
Geno Colombo
Geno Colombo - 3 days ago
Idk how people like phil.
TH3 RAV3N - 4 days ago
joshua avis
joshua avis - 9 days ago
What's Phil's channel name
Leah Carrick
Leah Carrick - 42 minutes ago
Phil has a nice arse😍😘 Anyone agree 31:53
Michael Chapman
Michael Chapman - Hour ago
Love Phil
Display Name
Display Name - 2 hours ago
Phil is TOP FIVE!
Dayz - 3 hours ago
19:41 his face while he's being picked up 😂
Rune Twilight
Rune Twilight - 4 hours ago
Mariam Jafari-Nassali
Mariam Jafari-Nassali - 5 hours ago
“He used to be f o c k i n m a s s i v e” 💀💀
MrGumbwit - 6 hours ago
I love the voice of Melissa. That's the type of English female voice I like
natcho nate
natcho nate - 7 hours ago
1440 jj winks three times
SnailBites - 7 hours ago
Phi is funny more videos with him please
Seosamh Brock
Seosamh Brock - 7 hours ago
Toby deadass ready to hit Phil square in the facr
J Cole
J Cole - 8 hours ago
Who is Phil? Someone please tell me lol.
1 extra
1 extra - 8 hours ago
Phil’s annoying
Tiarah J.
Tiarah J. - 8 hours ago
JJ isn’t even fat 💀
Fabulous Kream
Fabulous Kream - 10 hours ago
Phils energy makes me tired
Moon Pool Mermaids
Moon Pool Mermaids - 11 hours ago
This is just galf an hour of jj being called chubby
Alexia Lewis
Alexia Lewis - 12 hours ago
16:13 I was hoping he would say he sat on him
saihaan navsarka
saihaan navsarka - 13 hours ago
7:55 ermmm
WHATUSAYING - 13 hours ago
4:19 lol toby about to throw hands
Todd Does Gamer Moments
Todd Does Gamer Moments - 13 hours ago
Toby: "taKe OnE MorE stEP....!"
Rein Berglund
Rein Berglund - 14 hours ago
Petition for Phil to join the sidemen
carmen olen
carmen olen - 15 hours ago
when i said I wheezed at 3:14 i wheezed.
ooooglat - 15 hours ago
Who is Phil?
DarkLeagon - 16 hours ago
phil can roast like gordon ramsay and i love him for it, please get him in more videos
Aaron Martinez
Aaron Martinez - 17 hours ago
Who is the girl with the leopard print dress
nick - 19 hours ago
How dare u class Phil a stranger
Jacob Reid
Jacob Reid - 19 hours ago
Phil is a badman
HelashelBash - 19 hours ago
ksi would really beat the crap out of him if none of the side were there 8:34
edit: he is also faat so i dont know what he saying xD
Josef Mottershead
Josef Mottershead - 19 hours ago
Phil is my spirit animal
CrazyCat 48
CrazyCat 48 - 20 hours ago
6:22 nah wrong person that’s vik
iCore - 20 hours ago
Brooo phil is the type of guy who would insult people for fun and hangout around with guys like simon cowell and gordon ramsay,plus his voice is insulting gold
Ross Waddingham
Ross Waddingham - 20 hours ago
0:50 fakest laugh I’ve ever heard 😂😂😂
Davidkeys2 - 20 hours ago
Didn’t jj make out with rice gum
Ben Anderson
Ben Anderson - 20 hours ago
1:28 when u confront ur childhood bully
Tajver T
Tajver T - 21 hour ago
There are *Humans*
Then there are Demi-gods
Then there are immortals
Then there are Celestials
Then there are Gods
Then there is *PHIL*
Natalie Chiarot
Natalie Chiarot - 21 hour ago
first da vid Holmstrom
first da vid Holmstrom - 22 hours ago
dont get me wrong i like ksi but his hair looks like an over cooked potnoodle
Habgooblin - 23 hours ago
Feckin Phil
Maye - Day ago
Phil is kind of a 2. Gordon Ramsey
Tymon Bros
Tymon Bros - Day ago
ksi a fuckin beast
Yo.LB.KING.JASON - Day ago
Og fans know KSI animated videos
TheNewCayton 2009
TheNewCayton 2009 - Day ago
Why is Vikk the only person who Wright’s in the comment
luka_ heiler
luka_ heiler - Day ago
I laughed soo hard. And Phil is like the sideguy of sidemen.😂 He’s a bloody legend.
MazenEditsFast - Day ago
I feel bad 4 Vick
joziah sosa
joziah sosa - Day ago
Wait :..: Tobi didn’t raise his hand at 10:57 when the girl asked if anyone was single but then he claims he had never had a girlfriend ...... or maybe I’m just dumb
Salvador Silvestre Trujillo SantosVEVO
I swear that's KSI!
Hans Larson
Hans Larson - Day ago
The evolution of Harry’s answers to getting pissed on by his brother:
“It was Harry”
It wasn’t me!!!!
“It was Harry”
Well I’ve crossed piss paths
“It was Harry”
Well I hope not
Everett Pearce
Everett Pearce - Day ago
6:00 ... boys just observe the arts
Deklan Mullaney
Deklan Mullaney - Day ago
What’s a tory
Adam Shearer
Adam Shearer - Day ago
That one girl didnt pick any black guys besides JJ once.
Lackîng - Day ago
Nancy-mae Mandry
Nancy-mae Mandry - Day ago
“Boxing and sumo wrestling” 🤣🤣
BPlay z
BPlay z - Day ago
9:27 “Not BULLIEHAAD” 😂
Aj Bruno
Aj Bruno - Day ago
what’s a tory ? 💀😂 i’m american
Charlie Brown
Charlie Brown - Day ago
Funny ist shi* ever
Vain iOS
Vain iOS - Day ago
Tobi looked hella uncomfortable at his turn tbh
Ezra Fairclough
Ezra Fairclough - Day ago
I hate Phil
Jan Olcina
Jan Olcina - Day ago
Dance in 00:07 ?
Lewis Price
Lewis Price - Day ago
Kiera looks like kerry from the inbetweeners
Vivmine CL
Vivmine CL - Day ago
Andrey b
Andrey b - Day ago
Uhhh i need to cleanse myself from the faze video
Andrew Green
Andrew Green - Day ago
Interesting how a lot of them picked the same person
Des Royes73
Des Royes73 - Day ago
Most people said Vick and Harry had been pissed on.
Andreas Wong
Andreas Wong - Day ago
Scottish guy had jokes tbf
Matz Franken
Matz Franken - Day ago
I hate phil...
Aaron Paterson
Aaron Paterson - Day ago
Scot from Scotland 😂
TEO TOCCA - Day ago
OG fans remember the KSI animated stories when he tells the brother pissing on him story
Arren Lionti
Arren Lionti - Day ago
Everyone got roasted but Josh was relatively unscathed.
Probably Lado
Probably Lado - Day ago
He got called a pedo
Henry 101
Henry 101 - Day ago
4:12 it kinda sounds like when cleveland speaks with a deep voice lol
MajinPeanut - Day ago
stocky knockout and beard posh
Gone Away
Gone Away - Day ago
Did he actually go on that date cause he better of
Baboka - Day ago
30:13 Oh, here we go
William Drover
William Drover - Day ago
The girl with the yellow jacket was super stereotypical
Reuben Casa-Grande
Reuben Casa-Grande - 2 days ago
Phil isn’t funny
niiiveous - 2 days ago
The Midlands girl is so adorable :’)
mario orozco
mario orozco - 2 days ago
That phil guy is so annoying please kick him out
richard f
richard f - 2 days ago
How? Hes just roasting everyone
Confuzzled doggo
Confuzzled doggo - 2 days ago
Rhino OW
Rhino OW - 2 days ago
Dilz 2Dead
Dilz 2Dead - 2 days ago
Phil is soo funny 😂
MS KEISHA - 2 days ago
Obvs everyone knew that it was jj that had the piss on them
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