Ben Askren looks back at KO loss vs. Jorge Masvidal | Ariel Helwani’s MMA Show

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SACRIFICE 26 - 9 hours ago
What else is he going to say he looked the worse of the worse you smart people out there he ain't got no Choice but to think and be Smart. Lol See if you understand what George was telling you, still need help understand his English. Lol
Lucifer 666
Lucifer 666 - 9 hours ago
I used to think this guy was an Asshole but after hearing him I can honestly say he's 1 of the most humble guys in the sport of MMA, Not only you deserve a rematch but you will be a true Champion 1 day...………….
Jesus Torres
Jesus Torres - 14 hours ago
This dude seriously asks the STUPIDEST questions. So obnoxious
Alex N
Alex N - 18 hours ago
They should fight again for sure
dedicated PARENT
dedicated PARENT - 22 hours ago
What’s there not to like about this dude, he’s hella cool
Joseph V
Joseph V - 23 hours ago
like he had another choice. he wasnt going to be the real asshole he is hes playing the part of course lollll.
Rubal Sabiri
Rubal Sabiri - Day ago
Askren is actually a lot more nicer guy than Masvidal.
Did not talk trash at all, No personal comments about his family and nothing like that. Just his confidence was oozing rather it was more of a fault of Jorge for nothing Showing up more than a couple of times.
Masvidal did what he prepared for and deserves a lot of appreciation for it but also got alot lucky for to get the fastest KO ever right at the start against an undefeated phenom.
Pin em in the cage again Askren will smoke him every single time.
u don't believe me, Can't blame u as its all heat of the moment and sheeps are actually believing In the hype of Jorge.
Askren is a legend and such as he will be remembered for the ages to come and he will show exactly why in the future not too far.
Lol bums are who follow and appreciate a guy like Jorge.
Its a matter of time before Leon or Askren himself kills the hype.
Matty Z
Matty Z - Day ago
26 minutes for a 5 second fight? thats funny
Maciej - Day ago
Honestly I can see through Ben. He's hurt and bitter. I think he purposely ate something during the video to seem casual and like he doesn't care, it's an old trick. The whole video he's trying to take away from Masvidal and glorifying his own loss and the fact that people are perceiving this as sportsmanship is funny. I think flying knee or not the result would be the same. He didn't beat robbie lawler. I would have liked to see them actually fight not a fake submission. Like Masvidal said, "he's not funny" "he's a scrub" His trash talk is weak and his delivery takes forever. It's like listening to that dorky kid in class who loves the sound of his own voice yet isn't funny at all. Lastly he's never beat an actual contender all those guys he beat nobody has ever heard of. Whoever he fights next..the result will be the same. If he really wanted to show some sportsmanship in his loss he would do what he should and that's finally shut the fuck up.
ARCH PEACE - Day ago
Tldr salty simp
Poopdawg - 2 days ago
Ben's humility has won me back as a fan. Especially admitting he deserved the negativity due to his past history of taunting others.
I wish he'd do some boxing and put on a bit of muscle, ..but hey..
A h
A h - 2 days ago
Hore-hay mast-evil -all needed a trick to win
Ben King
Ben King - 2 days ago
Spouted a lot of mouth shit, then got sparked out
b0 zo
b0 zo - 2 days ago
askren is kool headed fighter, i believe you can get that fool later on.
Jonathan Booth
Jonathan Booth - 2 days ago
My opinion changed on Ben, he really handled himself well and also he got what he deserved so I'm satisfied 😉
Pandora's Steak House
Pandora's Steak House - 2 days ago
I was a fan before but even more so now! Ben "Class" Askren!
Fabian Muschalik
Fabian Muschalik - 2 days ago
Still hasn't been back to wholefoods.
Brent Veal
Brent Veal - 2 days ago
Man Ben is a very intelligent man.I definantly have a lot of respect for him after watching this interview.I hate that it went down like that for him but he will bounce back.Godbless you Ben,dont let this one fight keep you down,you have an amazing perspective on failure and that let's me know you will be back on top in no time.You got yourself a new fan.Godbless!!
Marcus Henderson
Marcus Henderson - 2 days ago
That flying knee knocked the douche out the bag
Larry WeyenbergJr
Larry WeyenbergJr - 2 days ago
Dakota Lowe
Dakota Lowe - 2 days ago
Ben askren is a class act! Love this dude. I hate that he got KOd so quick but shit happens and Jorge knew that shoot was coming and made a good move!
Tropical Terrarium
Tropical Terrarium - 2 days ago
Every Masvidal video everyone is dissing Askren, I know it is the same fake fans giving him props in the Askren videos.
dreamisolympia88 - 2 days ago
Honestly if they ran it back, I give it to ben. If he gets ahold of him even once its over
Old Ironsides
Old Ironsides - 3 days ago
I’ve had the
Pleasure of beating up Jorge and banging his old man. So I have a lot of respect for Ben
adaptiveagile - 3 days ago
Ben's a good guy IMHO. Honest, funny, and surprisingly humble in defeat.
funky juggles
funky juggles - 3 days ago
His confirmation bias tell him he didnt do anything wrong because it always worked before duh
Steven fig
Steven fig - 3 days ago
This wack why not interview the winner Jorge just more kissing ass by the ufc
Pengochan - 3 days ago
"How do you feel?"
johnnydangandco - 3 days ago
galkanftw - 3 days ago
Well first of all "confirmation bias" should not come into play.He SHOULD be adjusting to every single fighter and have some predictions and CHANGE his approach.It is way too SIMPLE to simply worked 19 other times.How often do fighters come outwith flying knees,very seldom but i feel every fighter should spend a minute in a feeling out process and not commit to anything.A perfect example is that fight,if Jorge misses,Ben may have very well got on top way sooner than expected so it was a risky move by Jorge.
European Reporter
European Reporter - 3 days ago
Mhh, no real other sign of life from Ben. ¿Is this Video a Deepfake to cover the incident?
Himesh Hewawasam
Himesh Hewawasam - 3 days ago
My question is.. why does Askren have a Shure SM7b at his house?
Pandora's Steak House
Pandora's Steak House - 2 days ago
He runs a popular wrestling podcast. It is actually pretty good too.
CleverTaco - 4 days ago
Much respect for the humbleness and honesty. Still glad he got knocked out lol but definitely have respect I didnt have earlier for Askren.
007 T-5
007 T-5 - 4 days ago
$210,000 & he doesn't remember how he made it! My opinion of him has changed a little bit. He can still be a cock! I don't like arrogance!
Joshua Beldad
Joshua Beldad - 4 days ago
On how Ben Askren handled this super tough and heart breaking loss, you gotta love him. Much respect from this dude.
Fali Akuna
Fali Akuna - Day ago
@Juanita Stew Aren't you a bit too hard on him? He's a good fighter and that's a fact. He's just probably not a top 10 UFC fighter but I'm sure he would have done well a bit lower , fighting top 20 UFC fighters or something. However he did not want that. He's on the end of his career and doesn't have the time to start climbing up the stairs starting too low... so he smart talked his way higher where he ended up getting his wings burned.
Juanita Stew
Juanita Stew - 3 days ago
You got to love someone who makes a mockery of MMA. His first fight was more embarrassing than this fight. there's a reason why he handles it so well he's the only person to know good and well that he NEVER belonged in the UFC
Joshua Beldad
Joshua Beldad - 4 days ago
First time to see his side of things, and I gotta say, this loss made us see this nice guy behind those ignorant/trash talking fighter that he was.
no b ess
no b ess - 4 days ago
Glad he lost
warlock9445 - 4 days ago
I find it funny how some fighters are cocky before a fight and once they go through a loss they all act all humble and righteous and the fans go all crazy saying how much they respect the fighter who was cocky and disrespectful in the first place
MASHT - - 4 days ago
Yeah I would agree with you if this was a normal loss. But this loss, man, it is extremely humiliating not anyone can show up and talk about his mistakes especially when you get knocked out within 3 seconds. He said some stupid shit but he does admit it so this means he has changed alot but we will see only in the future if this is true.
Young GreatOne
Young GreatOne - 4 days ago
buritofromhell - 4 days ago
What an arrogant fuck.
tha 1 an only ko artist
Robbie almost took ur SOUL how have u never been hit hard I will determine that is a lie...
tha 1 an only ko artist
Yep Askren is still a DICK... I'm glad Street Jesus took him 2 church...
Kwame G
Kwame G - 4 days ago
this guy makes loosing sound good
Alex Mc
Alex Mc - 4 days ago
"He got some serious air time on it" haha respect
Chris McRoy
Chris McRoy - 4 days ago
It almost looks fake the way he bent down to trap his legs...he was looking at the floor the whole time and ran head first right into a Cuban Jesus with a knee running even faster.....
Marciano Parafina
Marciano Parafina - Day ago
Chris McRoy you know, I thought the same thing... the knee diddnt even look like it hit his head.
Chris McRoy
Chris McRoy - 4 days ago
Ariel.....really? "Do you regret your decision to go low?". That's inferred like a muthafucka...
Mustseenow!!! - 4 days ago
Ben needs to pull a Twister in his next fight and everone will be talking about his Twister instead
Mikey Human
Mikey Human - 4 days ago
"No jorge is still a deuche bag"
DeeJ Deckard
DeeJ Deckard - 4 days ago
Both of them look like jon bernthal at different stages in life
Mario Huerta
Mario Huerta - 4 days ago
I don't like him but with that he won some respect
[Cold Steel Builds]
[Cold Steel Builds] - 4 days ago
Ben, you got your fucking face smashed in, simple as that.
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