Weekend Update: Pete Davidson on Living with His Mom - SNL

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Alex Cassidy
Alex Cassidy - 3 days ago
You’d settle for a ninja turtle I just need a da d
Jacob Cook
Jacob Cook - 3 days ago
I can see where pete gets his personality haha
Monica soapinphilly
Monica soapinphilly - 20 days ago
Okay so who cant tell pete davidsons mom is black...
SandyRiverBlue - 24 days ago
Who wouldn't settle for James Bader. Damn.
Kai Genieser
Kai Genieser - 24 days ago
“I’d settle for a ninja turtle”
Ramzy Arbid
Ramzy Arbid - 28 days ago
Emily H.
Emily H. - 29 days ago
Ari...I’m so sorry💀
Hanna Hawkins-Greene
Hanna Hawkins-Greene - Month ago
Pete and his mom are goals 😍😍😍
Josie L
Josie L - Month ago
So cute
Ehriykkah - Month ago
Pete and his mom are adorable!!!!
ELBarto3 - Month ago
"They see you on TV, on Magazines and stuff, and they think wow, this guy must have his own place"

Underrated joke.
Alex Pollock
Alex Pollock - Month ago
she was my school nurse when I was Highschool
jort cheese
jort cheese - Month ago
i can see where his teeth came from
Baddawg 313
Baddawg 313 - Month ago
dude wait....im like 35, i can be pete's dad....right?!?!?!?
Peter Germain
Peter Germain - Month ago
“hey man be nice, she’s my mom” 😂
cindy Jenkins
cindy Jenkins - 2 months ago
okay, so im going to twitter now to harass john mulaney to adopt pete davidson
Aiden - 2 months ago
I love Pete Davidson but by all means he looks like Steve Buscemi's brother who didn't get much air in the womb
jessica - 2 months ago
3 minutes of pete pretending like he’s a loser who lives at home when in reality he’s financially and emotionally taking care of his family and his “basement” is its own luxurious apartment
Linny Crocus
Linny Crocus - 2 months ago
I feel like Staten Island is the only place in New York where people have an accent now. Unless you're really old and grew up in the other boroughs before the 80s.
Victoria Catalano
Victoria Catalano - 2 months ago
yo that’s my school nurse lmfao
Matthew Knapp
Matthew Knapp - 2 months ago
I can see where Pete gets his looks from tbh 😂
Lc Clark
Lc Clark - 2 months ago
Pete's mom is so adorable. I love her smile and S.I accent!
Bebe Ruth
Bebe Ruth - 2 months ago
Omfg my mother in law 🥰
Sam Beau
Sam Beau - 2 months ago
Fkn awesome....
Iroxinping - 2 months ago
She's hot lol
YeeSoest - 2 months ago
The most awkward thing to ever happen: Wishing a MAN without kids a happy mother's day ^^
Saketh P.
Saketh P. - 2 months ago
*_H A H_*
Al Molina
Al Molina - 2 months ago
Hilarious and cool as fuck.
Angee P
Angee P - 2 months ago
Pete's moms is incredible! She looks very cool.
Pleasant Videos
Pleasant Videos - 2 months ago
2:49 she reveals her hoodie is fake lol
jordan pavao
jordan pavao - 3 months ago
"Settle for a ninja turtle" 😂😂😂
Mike K
Mike K - 3 months ago
Dumbass and not funny. That's SNL.
truvultur bb
truvultur bb - 3 months ago
Pete: “masturbating”
Crowd: “ohhhh no”
gn lilu
gn lilu - 3 months ago
Please bring them back this year for 2020!!!!
Danny Neville
Danny Neville - 3 months ago
Who just walks into the kitchen without knocking lmao that caught me off gaurd.
Brenda Cedillo
Brenda Cedillo - 3 months ago
Literally cutting the hours of sleep I desperately need just to watch Pete Davidson lol
Br. William
Br. William - 3 months ago
What is dopey Pete Davidson. Weird looking jackass...
KFalconNeo - 3 months ago
Pete's mom is hot
Jamie Lynn
Jamie Lynn - 3 months ago
Cutest thing EVER!
random person
random person - 3 months ago
I feel like Pete Davidson can do a good joker impression
Cassidy Sawyer
Cassidy Sawyer - 3 months ago
She looks younger than him
Kalonda Mack
Kalonda Mack - 3 months ago
Damn Pete's mom is hot as fuck
Syed Hasan Mohiuddin
Syed Hasan Mohiuddin - 3 months ago
I wish I could live with my parents 🥺😔🤲🏻
Charlie Aust
Charlie Aust - 3 months ago
salena 1996
salena 1996 - 3 months ago
I love Pete 😍
Ben Armitage
Ben Armitage - 3 months ago
Pete’s Mom looks exactly how I thought she would
Sean Jones
Sean Jones - 3 months ago
Everything thing I see with Pete on it is hilarious 😂
asiandramamama - 3 months ago
Steve Buscemi could play his dad in a movie hands down.
Messizosii i3
Messizosii i3 - 3 months ago
Aww she's so sweet
Josh Minton
Josh Minton - 3 months ago
They have the exact same fucking chin
Canais Young
Canais Young - 3 months ago
And brown hair and pale skin and full lips.
Dr Delicioso
Dr Delicioso - 4 months ago
Best one ever
Mary Guinan
Mary Guinan - 4 months ago
She is so New York and I love it ahah
Taking the Fork
Taking the Fork - 4 months ago
She's so normal!
Nicholas Rausch
Nicholas Rausch - 4 months ago
I just need a dad😂😂😂
Amanda Strober
Amanda Strober - 4 months ago
anyone any good at reading lips? just before pete hugs his mom I cant tell if he says "you did great" or "you okay?" or maybe I'm totally off. it looked like words of encouragement then he hugged her.
j lo
j lo - 4 months ago
things a ghoul would say
Neil Reid
Neil Reid - 4 months ago
Walked into the kitchen. Hilarious
jhm5hs - 4 months ago
All I can say is this... No one does comedy better than the Brits. This guy is just not funny.
jhm5hs - 2 months ago
​@Canais Young He caught my curiosity when I found out he was boner Kia Gerber - but seriously, he fucking lame. Brits genuinely do rule at everything to be fair. Now take it on the chin like a good boy ;-)
Canais Young
Canais Young - 3 months ago
Then why do you even watch an American show? Moron.
Freddy Thornton
Freddy Thornton - 4 months ago
amy wishing colin a happy mother’s day and him saying thank you is the funniest thing i’ve seen this week
MzMinnesnowtapop1 - 4 months ago
He looks pretty bad in this episode
mo mo
mo mo - 4 months ago
I too live with my mom in my house she’s my homie too
Missy Missy
Missy Missy - 5 months ago
They have the same teeth omg
Phok Jiouh
Phok Jiouh - 5 months ago
He has his mom's face.
Marcuz_kenway - 5 months ago
Ninja turtle.
Seannyboy70 - 5 months ago
Is it me or does Colin look like a smiling Korean from the side.
Sean Plympton
Sean Plympton - 5 months ago
You'd settle for a ninja turtle... Dead.
Angelia Salah
Angelia Salah - 5 months ago
Pete's mom looks like a cross between Pete and Vanessa Bayer lol
Canais Young
Canais Young - 3 months ago
Nah, more like Heidi Gardner or Melissa Villasenor if either or them were middle-aged and wearing a brown wig.
Cody - 6 months ago
His mom is such a beautiful person . Pete definitely got his dads genes
Canais Young
Canais Young - 3 months ago
But he eerily looks like his mom (in that they have the same brown hair, pale skin, and dorky, toothy smiles). The only thing Pete has from Scott is his height, his ears, his accent (maybe), and his sense of humor.
c c
c c - 6 months ago
2:47 when he looks at his mom and says “you were great!!” 🥺 such a pwecious moment
Jennifer Santillana
Jennifer Santillana - 6 months ago
Such a funny dude lol 😅
9 Huginn Munnin 9
9 Huginn Munnin 9 - 6 months ago
This guy isnt even fucking funny, what a retarded bitch industry plant
lu - 6 months ago
pete davidson is the master of balancing on the edge between sad and hilarious
Just Grace
Just Grace - 6 months ago
I love her I love her so much she's my favorite
Jacob Fleming
Jacob Fleming - 6 months ago
Pete inherited his moms mouth 2:12
ProMaster96 - 6 months ago
Pete Looks Like Beetle Juice Was In The Oven For To Long
Canais Young
Canais Young - 3 months ago
Or not long enough.
Dull Boy
Dull Boy - 6 months ago
When I listen to myself think, I wonder what's in the humidity sometimes.
Keisha Hall
Keisha Hall - 6 months ago
She is so freaking adorable.🥰
YoungRe3hunnid - 6 months ago
Pete's mom's hella pretty😍😍😍 shout out to all the mom's and momma's boys
Stephanie Gonzalez
Stephanie Gonzalez - 7 months ago
When he said “now we’re just homies” at 0:57 that laugh in the audience had me WEAK😂
Tahmeed Rahman
Tahmeed Rahman - 7 months ago
Aw that was sweet
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