[ONE DREAM.TXT] (ENG SUB) Reality Ep.04 - Part.1

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Sweet Elizabeth
Sweet Elizabeth - Hour ago
Im also nervous when they're nervous HAHAHAHA I dont know, but when bts is with txt they are so intimidating
BanaShawol_ArmyMoomoo - 4 hours ago
I like how BTS is always so high after a concert its like the concert is a drug. I CAN RELATE THO. I GET HIGH WHEN I GO TO THEIR CONCERT TOO
Binibining Zittycat
Binibining Zittycat - 4 hours ago
They are so cuteeeeee~ when yeonjun heard Jhope's loud laugh waaahhh they are just so cute togetherrrrrr~
Wonwoo Jeon
Wonwoo Jeon - 6 hours ago
Beomgyu: 9:24 Put@*g ina daw kung ano ano naririnig ko hahaha
Banani Dawka
Banani Dawka - 8 hours ago
Txt babies are really very nervous to meet their super exellent seniors...and the way they were practising how would they act in front of BTS uuff it's just melted my heart...and it's give me goosebumps 😍😍
Aleeza_james _
Aleeza_james _ - 8 hours ago
I'm disappointed because this is the only episode reached 4m because bts in this video :')
kuroh inu
kuroh inu - 11 hours ago
11:05 V just went straight badboy in front of innocent cuties
tokyo - 11 hours ago
Y donde estas en español? 😔😭😭😭😭💔
Colene Ann Querrer
Colene Ann Querrer - 12 hours ago
There are so clumsy i love it ❤️
Kim Bangtan
Kim Bangtan - 12 hours ago
Yoongi just wanna die lmao 😂😂
Niraj Gehlot
Niraj Gehlot - 16 hours ago
TXT - i am nervous and excited to meet BTS
this is what always happens when army meet bts..
Nasima Akter
Nasima Akter - 16 hours ago
I love BTS and TXT
Hadassah - 17 hours ago
I watch this sometimes to cleanse my soul. Its very effective
Jhai Anime
Jhai Anime - 17 hours ago
i dont think soobin iis a fan
Himma - 18 hours ago
I love how humble bts are when they said 2100 is a huge number when they just had a concert with 60000 ppl😭💛💛💛
Hera Uchiha
Hera Uchiha - 20 hours ago
*I can’t stop smiling ugh my cheeks are stiffened! All I can say is they are such cutie babies why are they like this? During watching the whole vid ugh! I feel so proud like I am their mother and of course, bts is the fathers LMAO haha! Ilysm babies 💕🥺*
Suzaku Rukawa
Suzaku Rukawa - 20 hours ago
Watching this for thr nth time, but the feeling of nervousness is still in me everytime. I can feel these babies tremble from the presence of these hyungs. BH fam borahae
Suridara Nguyen
Suridara Nguyen - 22 hours ago
Suga: * literally dying of cringe.*
mom verlous
mom verlous - 23 hours ago
OMG... BTS is so lovable and TxT is so cute 😍💜
BTS ARMY - Day ago
16:51 24k Bromance is in the Air...!! 💜💜😂😂.....jungkook say : call me *i Died🔥🙈
Amellita Kirana
Amellita Kirana - Day ago
I actually nerveous TT
재꼭이♡ - Day ago
Taehyun doing all the actions is so cute i am literally folding into my own face
Alyssa Trazo
Alyssa Trazo - Day ago
Txt: *sweating*
Me: *shaking*
Kathelin Colasso
Kathelin Colasso - Day ago
They lost all their energy just from seeing how bts still had theirs after a 20+ songs concert
Alyssa Trazo
Alyssa Trazo - Day ago
WHAT BTS ARE SENIORS NOW?! They’re still our babies 😭
I haTe SnakEu
I haTe SnakEu - Day ago
God knows how many times I repeat 10:42 gosh i live them sm
Syifa Nafisah
Syifa Nafisah - Day ago
Ainikko - Day ago
09:24 Beomgyu sounds like he's cursing in Filipino😂😂
tahmim Hasan
tahmim Hasan - Day ago
i was sitting and watching them , crying thinking if i was there in the crowd of armies i would've cheered for BTS . i couldn't go meet them in the MMA 2019 because i never had the chance , that's why i cried and prayed to god that i can get the chance next year to go and see them performing , singing , dancing at the MMA 2020 , reacting to other groups , seeing them winning prizes . whenever i see them i keep thinking why i can't go there ? everyone can go , but why not me ? the more think that , the more cry . i have many aim in life , and the first one is " meet BTS " . i hope i can go to the MMA 2020 next year . and also i hope BTS come to my country ' Bangladesh ' ,if they can . and i also hope that MNET will tell them . pls MNET , i hope you see this comment . i love you BTS , saranghaeyo ❤ and i purple you BTS .
unicorns angle
unicorns angle - Day ago
and that amaJINg !
unicorns angle
unicorns angle - Day ago
BTS were loud asf 😂
غ. G . غ
غ. G . غ - Day ago
a dreamer
a dreamer - Day ago
Alguien sabe el nombre de la cancion que ponen antes de empezar con la sorpresa a bts ?
melur rara
melur rara - Day ago
Am I supposed to cry while watching this? I'm such a proud mum. And I've got another five sons 💝💝😍😍✨✨
BriElla Yuin
BriElla Yuin - Day ago
Just wait. Endure all struggles. Never give up. And keep on dreaming. BTS did that despite everyone's hatred, accusations, and degrading. You will soon grow. Your MOA will soon blossom. Fighting TXT. ❤❤❤
Brett's Hair
Brett's Hair - Day ago
I hope TXT will pass on the BigHit chant to future BH artists

A-Young You
A-Young You - 2 days ago
TxT is so calm
BTS: 둘.셋. 방탄소년단 임니다!!!
A-Young You
A-Young You - 2 days ago
Love them both💜💜💜
Heather Fiona Cabalona
Heather Fiona Cabalona - 2 days ago
The txt is like a kid when they react they so cute❤😊💛💗💙
Charmaine Kezziah Sabio
The way kookie hugs his dongsaengs.... he grown up now😭💖 our kookie have dongsaengs now
IG Nurfarahsyuhadah24
IG Nurfarahsyuhadah24 - 2 days ago
Awhh cute 💜
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