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Xavier Race
Xavier Race - 17 minutes ago
I watched this last night and it was the worst film I’ve ever seen. Nothing like the trailer and barely any excitement within the film too. Don’t waste your time and money.
J - Hour ago
This is 100% the strangest movie you’ll ever watch, it’s fuckin traumatizing
Vlad Vampirelord
Vlad Vampirelord - Hour ago
Never trust the Swedish. They put LSD in confection fish.
Ash Tree Yggdrasil, The World Tree
Heavy Metal 357
Heavy Metal 357 - 4 hours ago
A wicker man vibe 1973 not the remake 👤🥀🌷🌻🍃
Tiffani Kay
Tiffani Kay - 5 hours ago
Great soundtrack
Killuminati Nwo
Killuminati Nwo - 4 hours ago
xaivipIvy - 6 hours ago
Trailer was more scarier than the actual movie itself.
ilovecodemonkeys - 7 hours ago
It's basically just whites with token minorities and no Asians like normal Hollywood, but the movie concept isn't bad
Very thematic, beautifully shot, and chock full of themes/hidden meaning
It isn't Hereditary 2 if that is what you want
Tom OB
Tom OB - Hour ago
Kill whitey
LucidDreamer - 7 hours ago
Guys that flower covered pole is in frozen during Elsa’s coronation
James Brice
James Brice - 8 hours ago
If you like stories like this, you might try reading Harvest Home by Tom Tryon. Unfortunately, they made the movie for TV so it wasn't nearly as freaky.
Ashley Franco
Ashley Franco - 8 hours ago
does anyone know what happened to connie?
Killuminati Nwo
Killuminati Nwo - 4 hours ago
The girl from London? They killed her
Darius Cyrus
Darius Cyrus - 9 hours ago
This is the worst and most boring movie I have ever seen. I don’t know what the heck the director of this movie was thinking when he was making this crap. Pure bullshit! No story to follow; just bunch of people with white dress killing people for no fucking reason. Don’t even waste your time on this movie cos you will regret watching it.
Cadbury dragon
Cadbury dragon - 9 hours ago
friend - "so theres this film out where people drink risky drinks, get brainwashed and start prancing around trees and wreak havoc"
me - "sounds like a normal saturday night out in Cardiff"
Gary - 10 hours ago
Worst movie ever
Tyler Wiggins
Tyler Wiggins - 10 hours ago
This movie was actually so bad it was hilarious 😂 it’s a must see.
Jake Mertz
Jake Mertz - 12 hours ago
it's tomorrow after seeing this movie and I still feel disturbed and uncomfortable in normal reality
L S - 12 hours ago
Another anti white movie
Bagel Bunny
Bagel Bunny - 12 hours ago
Tne film was scarring, that's for sure.
However, not really a good film for a casual viewer.

The main actress crying SOUNDS were awful.
A lot of fetish scenes.
Boring characters! Except the young couple you see later on.
Visual effects were awful and unecessory long.
I would have rather watched the gory parts excellated in our victims instead instead of watching the silly sex scenes in this film.
Any normal person would have left, after seeing what the cult is like, even when trippy.
The music was too loud in some scenes.
Scarred me alil.
Very creepy at the Lunch scenes.
The best scene was when the elders killed themselves on the cliff ( and the gorest part of the film)
The music (if not too loud)
The art and scenary.
And that's about it. Some people nay like this film, however a LOT of people will not.
Killuminati Nwo
Killuminati Nwo - 12 hours ago
I just seen this last night for the third time it gets better and better
Dávid Izsó
Dávid Izsó - 13 hours ago
I saw this movie today. It's just a typical killing cult movie. It's very long and the story is not that great! :-(
Evan Abbott
Evan Abbott - 14 hours ago
So...the girl bitches to her boyfriend until he invites her along for a trip that’s probably going to end up with them all being killed?🤔
Xiomara Lugo
Xiomara Lugo - 14 hours ago
Waste of time watching this movie🙄🙄
redline2115 - 15 hours ago
The music is really Fripp and Eno-ish. There's a shot of the kids sitting on the grass that's just like a King Crimson photo of the band in a park. Fripp was interested in the occult. Ari Aster must like King Crimson.
Dddd Ssss
Dddd Ssss - 16 hours ago
Why not write a “sun cult” scenario about my country?😂 we literally have Sun and illuminati symbolics all over the country, our capital looks like a futuristic mirage and has so many strange cultural buildings, our FUCKING DICTATORS NAME IS “SUN” who’s like killing his own people here...if u wonder what country I’m talking about, it’s Kazakhstan, yes borat has been lying to you, just google it...
Killuminati Nwo
Killuminati Nwo - 12 hours ago
north america too
Dario Apollon
Dario Apollon - 17 hours ago
"I don't know why you invited us"
*You called me a cuck one too many times*
kisu - 17 hours ago
Ruotsalaisten Juhannus onkin jotain aivan toista luokkaa
Sierra Nichol
Sierra Nichol - 18 hours ago
This movie will mentally scar you. Just saw it in theaters tonight
Killuminati Nwo
Killuminati Nwo - 12 hours ago
me too its great
Ricardo Reyes
Ricardo Reyes - 18 hours ago
I forgot there was a black guy in the trailer. He didn't say a word.
fOrGamztalkz Z
fOrGamztalkz Z - 21 hour ago
Just watched this movie 🙁🤐
Wally Johnson
Wally Johnson - 21 hour ago
21flores lizviolet
21flores lizviolet - 21 hour ago
*_Michel and Kim are gonna solve this shit cause these people on Midsommar are been possessed by a hypnotic fairy_*
Don't change my mind
Solecito - 21 hour ago
Weirdest shit I’ve seen in a while
BoAndersHansen - 21 hour ago
Another leftis attempt to discredit a good a beatifull nordic tradition
Andy Seelall
Andy Seelall - 22 hours ago
EXCELLENT TRAILER! I just watched the movie and came back to the trailer to see if anything's different. I can say there's a few scenes that are altered. Overall the movie was a little bit of a let down because things were dragged out too long and didn't have that IMPACT that Ari Aster's previous movie, Hereditary had. The devolved madness at the end was there, but lacked that....extra craziness I guess. You'll leave guaranteed with the standard "WTF" on your face.
Myles - 23 hours ago
This looks like a Katy Perry music video.
wiimannoob - 23 hours ago
Can anyone confirm if the Swedish dialogue is subtitled in the movie, or is it left untouched? I watched this in Sweden and obviously the Swedish isn't subtitled, but I have actually no idea if it is everywhere else.
Killuminati Nwo
Killuminati Nwo - 12 hours ago
yeah its subtitled
Light Phoenix
Light Phoenix - 23 hours ago
Yeah its subtitled in America
lily this, lily that
Very well made movie. The acting was amazing, it was like I felt everything they felt.
Killuminati Nwo
Killuminati Nwo - 12 hours ago
im addicted
blavang95 - Day ago
Honestly, worst movie I ever watched. Boring, gross, and weird.
Killuminati Nwo
Killuminati Nwo - 12 hours ago
that's a horror movie
Kyle Lopez
Kyle Lopez - Day ago
The white girl dies due to cancer in the end
Know Case
Know Case - Day ago
Please for the sake of your time don’t go to this movie. It’s terrible. I honestly want to meet someone who enjoyed this and have them explain why they did, and then I’ll just hit them for thinking this movie was in anyway enjoyable
Killuminati Nwo
Killuminati Nwo - 12 hours ago
I seen it 3 times now and it gets better and better
Light Phoenix
Light Phoenix - 23 hours ago
I saw it as a horror film. Horror films are supposed to make you feel disturbed and unsafe and uncomfortable. I guess im just a masochist 🤷‍♂️😂
Juan Gonzalez
Juan Gonzalez - Day ago
Dumbest movie ever. The gore parts looked really fake and this movie dragged on and on forever. Then certain factors didnt make any sense. The whole film felt like a cheap knock off Netflix straight to DVD type. Dont waste 3 hours of your life
Smug Overdose
Smug Overdose - Day ago
Hereditary was ten times better than this
Jonathan Kendall
Jonathan Kendall - Day ago
This movie was FUCKED, I don’t even know if I liked it or not. After I watched it my friend and I sat in my car speechless because we couldn’t even communicate after seeing it. It’s starts are really interesting and normal, and the further into it you watch, it gets more fucked minute by minute. Honestly a pretty amazing movie
XxBabyy NinaxX
XxBabyy NinaxX - Day ago
This movie is 😐🤡😬
Killuminati Nwo
Killuminati Nwo - 12 hours ago
is what?
Na Pa ;-;
Na Pa ;-; - Day ago
Watched the movie yesterday. This is probably the weirdest shit I have ever watched in my entire life.
Killuminati Nwo
Killuminati Nwo - 12 hours ago
seen it for the third time last night
mariajuana - Day ago
Another masterpiece! ❤
Killuminati Nwo
Killuminati Nwo - 12 hours ago
Kewl pony
Kewl pony - Day ago
Idk why but this trailer made my heart drop and I started sweating I'm so terrified
An Ngo
An Ngo - Day ago
looks pretty messed up man
John Lewenhaupt Juhlin
Im swedish and i feel bad about my self for some reason...😂😭
Flyleaf - 20 hours ago
Brandon Beach
Brandon Beach - Day ago
If you haven’t seen this movie and are just watching the trailer. Don’t look up anything else about the movie, and go see it as soon as you can. This is gonna go down as one of the best films of all time.
Killuminati Nwo
Killuminati Nwo - 12 hours ago
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