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nicole meneses
nicole meneses - 3 minutes ago
This movie is amazing, Ari is proving to be such a great director
Tahmid Ahmed
Tahmid Ahmed - 12 hours ago
Absolute shit movie i almost fell asleep
don romantiko
don romantiko - 18 hours ago
Good movie to watch with your family and kids
Ktk Ktl
Ktk Ktl - Day ago
As a swede midsummer on normal occatin still makes me question my nationality when I die whoever invented this I'm gonna punch him in the face and mess up his next master plan.
Jorge Marco Jimenez Del Rio
.... Tenia muchas expectativas comienza bien pero no logra asustar y al final la trama es basura
Julio Oliveira
Julio Oliveira - Day ago
Joshie Jshy
Joshie Jshy - Day ago
before watching this film please if you have a very soft and fragile emotion, this is the sign not to watch this film. after watching the first 20 mins i started having PANIC ATTACK 3 HOURS STRAIGHT! i decided to finish the movie even tho i was shaking all the time. Its really insane because after watching the film im still palpitating! its totally a one time experience for me and the thought of this film have a EXTENDED VERSION really creeps the crap out of me
Mahmud Rauf Özdöl
Mahmud Rauf Özdöl - 2 days ago
I have watched countless horror movies so far, including epic "The Exorcist", "Saw" "Babadook" "Halloween" and "Ring", but I have never been scared by any of them. However, this movie did scare me. Watch the movie, If you REALLY want to be scared.
Alexandra B
Alexandra B - 2 days ago
Do you ever look at a comment and wish that you wrote it
Alexandra B
Alexandra B - 2 days ago
I don’t thing I’ve ever liked so many comments
Jelena G
Jelena G - 3 days ago
Omg, I didn't even know that Christian is such a jerk until I watched the full version of the movie! He is so mean to her, remindes me of my ex 🙄😑She was walking on the eggshells all the time and did everything just to not be abandoned by him and left alone... I am sorry for Dani.😢 AMAZING movie!
Strigoi - 3 days ago
É incrível como o cinema sempre tenta perverter a religião pagã em algo ruim e assustador. Isso acontece desde a época da inquisição. Depois da doutrinação fanática do cristianismo judaico, o povo europeu começaram á dizer: As bruxas são más crianças, e isso ecoou até os dias de hoje, existem centenas de filmes de terror em que bruxas são malignas e feias.
Seria apenas coincidência o diretor ser Judeu? Não sei, mas isso me parece óbvio demais.
Usha Suradkar
Usha Suradkar - 3 days ago
I don't know why but the camp reminds me of katy Perry's - never really over
Albert Wesker
Albert Wesker - 3 days ago
A24, That was a great movie. Looks Ari Aster is genius! I very want to see the sequel like "Midsommar 2 Ivan Kupala's day" (Ukrainian Midsommar) Think about it!
yo lo
yo lo - 3 days ago
I laughed uncontrollably at the end of the movie... do I need therapy?
Anima - 9 hours ago
Naah, the ending and movie was SHIT.
Mia Oren
Mia Oren - 12 hours ago
No i did to bro😂
random person
random person - 3 days ago
huh i didn't realise how similar traditions and folk costumes are between northern europe and eastern europe
HOODS of AMERICA - 3 days ago
My mom was so disgusted by this movie . Also I'm 12
ShapeshiftR9 - 5 days ago
showed too much. I'm not get of u mothers
Christian Oskarsson
Christian Oskarsson - 5 days ago
This movie is completely inaccurate! We drink way more alcohol than what appears!
danijel124 - 5 days ago
The director of hereditary and this movie is probably the devil loolz
Shubhabrata Saha
Shubhabrata Saha - 5 days ago
yall I watched this movie on my period
Raghu Seetharaman
Raghu Seetharaman - 5 days ago
Sadly this movie is too pretentious to take seriously.
None of it means anything.
Even the director admitted he had no clue what he was doing.
Hafidz Isham
Hafidz Isham - 5 days ago
Jenna Taylor
Jenna Taylor - 6 days ago
It kind of reminds me of that horror film that was in protest of eating animals, trying to remember the name, but needless to say it was an indie film and some couldn’t watch it without throwing up, pretty powerful.
Axel - 6 days ago
Swede here! /jumps around like a frog
lucabaar1 - 6 days ago
It took me too long to realize, but this movie actually makes fair sense and is pretty damn good. The whole movie presents the idea that Christian is the "bad boyfriend" or at least someone the audience wouldn't be pleased with. Yet by the end, we see Christian having gone through horrifying experiences of his own almost as if atoning for his negligent attitude towards his role in helping Dani to heal, and even though Dani's presence there was indirectly the reason that all happens to him - even though Christian STILL never had the heart to leave her on her own, he couldn't have been so cruel - Dani makes the shockingly cruel decision to allow him to be taken by the cultists. By doing this, she ends up affording herself the emotional resolve she was in need of. So the movie essentially was about this: Dani cured her emotional trauma, she got Christians help to do so...
Christian was mildly cruel to her because his relationship to her caused him mild pain. Dani, at the very end, was extremely cruel to him because her own suffering (part of which from not being supported by Christian well enough) caused her to feel extreme pain.
Dani, the one the audience sympathizes with through the WHOLE movie, is revealed as the true villain. Christian cared about her pain enough not to leave her, although he still could have been more supportive. Dani cared so much about her pain that she kills Christian in order to heal from it when all she had to do was say, "No, don't kill him. He doesn't deserve to die like that."
But she did want him to die, even though he didn't deserve to.
What I like best about this is how it challenges the viewers idea of villainy. The classic take of a villain usually provides a lot of pain and suffering through the villains upbringing and leads them to want to "share their pain" in a twisted act of selfish justice. This is what we see of Dani. She isn't a villain at all, seemingly. She is a poor hurting girl who needs help and support. She has been through cruelty and is feeling misunderstood. All of this works to build up the idea that Dani deserves emotional resolve and Christian is supposed to help her.
Think of the following analogy: a parent (Christian) intends to FEED (emotionally support) their kid (Dani) to prevent them from STARVING (committing suicide) but the parent is kinda failing. One day, the parent gets duped, drugged, raped, and paralyzed, meanwhile the kid is at home going hungry. The parent returns home, broken in mind body and spirit, empty handed before the kid. The kid, in need of food and seeing that the parent has failed to perform the duty of feeding them, chooses to have the parent fed to them in order to deal with the hunger...
Yeah, Dani is that bad. She is a maniacally selfish villain by the end of the movie due to the pain of her past. This is an inversion of the traditional method of presenting a villain in the movie to later reveal their tragic backstory which makes you sympathize with them more. Dani's tragedy is revealed immediately and makes us sympathize with her as the victim protagonist... until the very end where we see her evolve into the villain; taking vengeance on Christian to help herself.
The bottom line in this: Christian should have left her, but he didn't, he thought that was too cruel. Dani should NOT have killed him, but she did, she didn't think it wasn't fair for her.
Christian leaving her probably would have indirectly resulted in her losing her life to suicide, which Christian would have felt extreme pain over. Dani staying with him directly resulted in him being traumatized and killed, which Dani felt no remorse for.
This is the story of how Dani, the protagonist, was formed into the villain through trials of suffering. That's what a "bad guy" is, usually; a hurt person.
I think this film really is a masterpiece, but there are some parts to scenes I disagree with. The idea is better than the process of the story.
Anima - 9 hours ago
I mean no. The girlfriend was a manipulative clingy bitch from the very beginning. Right from the get-go we see her constantly asking her boyfriend to be involved in her family troubles, we see her get upset and guilt trip forces to be involved in a lads holiday, we see her treat her boyfriend like shit the entire holiday event.
Jaale - 6 days ago
You can’t enjoy this movie, I absolutely hated it.
Berry Smoke
Berry Smoke - 7 days ago
I just watched this movie and trust me, this movie is not a psychological mind game. It is pretty boring. Don’t let the comments scare you, it is not scary at all. The scenes between the characters are more awkward to watch then scary.
Flako - 5 days ago
Berry Smoke I agree. I laughed at some parts because of how awkward they were
Johnny Coma
Johnny Coma - 7 days ago
Don't watch this trash. I wasted 3 hours of my life. This is not even art.
La Ninfa Pimentel
La Ninfa Pimentel - 7 days ago
At last, white people and their festivals became horroror movie material! Do you thinknis has something to do with the Fyre festival fiasco?
Rollo Treadway
Rollo Treadway - 7 days ago
This is the worst Ikea I've ever been to.
Mouawad - 8 days ago
Worst movie I've ever watched
Nagbabagang Kalayo
Nagbabagang Kalayo - 8 days ago
I regret i watched this movie. A super 3hr boring movie. Super slow burning. Predictable. Simple plot. I still prefer APOSTLE, THE WAILING or SVAHA: THE SIXTH FINGER.
Nagbabagang Kalayo
Nagbabagang Kalayo - 8 days ago
Screenplay - 5
Cinematography - 10
Editing - 6
Music Score - 9
Sound - 9
Production Design - 10
Direction - 5
No doubt, cinematography and Music score are FIRST RATE. However, I dont suggest to watch this. 3hr boring movie. Super slow burning. Its predictable. Bad ending. I still prefer APOSTLE , THE WAILING or SVAHA: THE SIXTH FINGER.
Sjors - 8 days ago
Somehow people in this comment section were able to turn this into a race thing.
Axel Brand
Axel Brand - 8 days ago
u need weeds for this movie. promised. more effective to scare urself off
Matt Schmidt
Matt Schmidt - 8 days ago
So many people being racist then calling others racist when they are called out for it. The comment section is rich in stupidity.
Killing Spencer
Killing Spencer - 8 days ago
I'm calling bullshit. Keeping a hard on through that would be impossible.
Abby G
Abby G - 9 days ago
People who hate this movie expected a classic horror movie, but that’s not what this movie is trying to be. This movie wants to make you anxious, and wants you to question your own feelings, and this especially depends on how you felt about the ending.
Jacob Shulman-Miller
Jacob Shulman-Miller - 9 days ago
I thought a Swedish festival in pure daylight couldn't be more scary than hereditary. Boy was i wrong
VisionOfTJ - 9 days ago
People in the movie aren't drunk enough to picture swedish midsummer...
Forget me not
Forget me not - 10 days ago
the comment section has me dead
Kai Durant Valdez
Kai Durant Valdez - 10 days ago
What’s with Ari Aster and old people
Lee Henderson
Lee Henderson - 11 days ago
Finally saw this - by far the top of my movie list now. I didn't want it to end.
Q Q - 11 days ago
1:43....Uma Thurman...
Roasted - 11 days ago
Okay now I’m definitely buy furniture at IKEA
sophia Damien
sophia Damien - 11 days ago
this movie scarred me for life just sayin
Savage User
Savage User - 11 days ago
it's strange to watch sunny days in Sweden
Bora Mustafa
Bora Mustafa - 11 days ago
To be honest the trailer is better than the movie.
Fallen human
Fallen human - 11 days ago
The result of us accepting multiculturalism.
Excellent trailer. Nice themes.
KITTY - 12 days ago
This movie is worst . Sensitive , brutal , nudity , boring and not good for kids . Don't waste your 2hours and half . Trust me .
Cameron MTB
Cameron MTB - 12 days ago
The trailer is scarier than the movie tbh😂 props though because the film is so well done
Aiden Auguste
Aiden Auguste - 12 days ago
i’m abt to watch dis movie tonight and I feel rlly nervous abt dis movie :(
Levi - 12 days ago
Just finished watching this and absolutely hated it. Despite the movie pushing its deeper meaning on the viewer I still found it to be utter garbage. No effort to encourage the viewer into character investment, so as events unfold you find yourself not really caring about what happens to them. TLDR: Hated it, drawn out and largely pointless.
Shmee Productions
Shmee Productions - 12 days ago
How many of you guys and girls and non gender specific realized that Dani and Christian are in hereditary for like 4 seconds
Tyler Waters
Tyler Waters - 12 days ago
I regret suggesting this movie to my parents.
JohnnytheHomicidalManiac s
Jesus christ! i did the same thing..
180 - 9 days ago
Paul McCabe
Paul McCabe - 12 days ago
Florence Pugh didn't get enough credit for her ability to emote in this film. She is great at portraying someone trying to conceal her depression as well as stand up for herself in the face of an uncaring partner, trying to find a balancing act between doing that and not pushing him away. There is a lot of depth to the characters in this film that I don't see in many films.
Alex Holland
Alex Holland - 12 days ago
This trailer basically captures all dialogues of this movie. The rest is just a footage of Swedish peasants singing and dancing on the field. Also some nudity and gore rituals as a bonus. I watched it on Netflix - it took me two days to reach the closing credits and I still have no clue what was the idea of this film.
Natalia Veronica Quiroga Lombardo
La peor película que vi en mi vida. Una mierda
MaisyJaneMinton - 13 days ago
I just finished this movie, and I was literally shaking right after I finished it. For me, this movie is like a one-time thing. I'm probably not going to watch it ever again.
Shmee Productions
Shmee Productions - 12 days ago
If you watch a Serbian Film. You’ll look at this like spongebob
luchadoorr roor
luchadoorr roor - 13 days ago
Odin will judge you
luchadoorr roor
luchadoorr roor - 13 days ago
kam kam stupid muricans to jurop
That Indie Reviewer
That Indie Reviewer - 13 days ago
It's time for her to keep the appointment with the wicker man.
Milky Way
Milky Way - 13 days ago
wasted 2 hours of my life watching this movie. i hope the director and the writer got covid for making this movie
Andreea Cristutiu
Andreea Cristutiu - 13 days ago
Honestly, this movie was just a waste of time.
Shmee Productions
Shmee Productions - 12 days ago
Said no one ever
starlightsonata - 14 days ago
This is a fantastic fricking movie. Like Hereditary.
Nicolas Gavrila
Nicolas Gavrila - 14 days ago
Worst movie I have seen in a while. From the plot, to the scenes, to how it actually ends. Oh and, I hope that if one day I make a movie of one of my weirdest dreams, everyone will like it!!! Based on this.... Ridiculous the good reviews.
Viru_ 95
Viru_ 95 - 14 days ago
I like there are some people who knows how much to put in trailers enough to make audience curious about it rather than spoiling whole plot. Man I gotta watch this. Since it's from same producers who made The hereditary, And man that was creepy and disturbing as f.💯
Carmella - 14 days ago
Shmee Productions
Shmee Productions - 12 days ago
Worse. Meth
Brian Jorgensen
Brian Jorgensen - 15 days ago
Who's up for some swissmiss coco...
Jerry Bunnell
Jerry Bunnell - 15 days ago
If only the movie was as good as this preview.... would have been a horror masterpiece instead of the pile of derivative shit it is
nyny707 - 15 days ago
I'm getting wicker man vibes
Tuğba Yalnız
Tuğba Yalnız - 15 days ago
Omg the angles of the camera. Even they symbolize something. Such a director! For instance

While they are in the car, the camera showing the road turns upside down which foreshadows the fact that their lives also will turn upside down.
Tuğba Yalnız
Tuğba Yalnız - 15 days ago
Some scenes here aren't in the movie. Am I wrong? Did I miss them?
I Hate Everything Is Good
There’s an extended cut
ellodickypoo - 15 days ago
The real Chidi would have had a stomach ache walking into this place
Cyberpunk Alejandro
Cyberpunk Alejandro - 15 days ago
So dissapointing. Hereditary was much better.
Δημητρης Βριαρεως
12 olympians+ Christianity=midsommar
Hooray Bagels
Hooray Bagels - 15 days ago
The black person's black person senses didn't go off?
chris rowe
chris rowe - 16 days ago
This trailer did not at all prepare me for that
Rena 68
Rena 68 - 16 days ago
the movie had a really interesting plot and it felt very real but it was soooo long and for like the first hour nothing really happens i guess if you like that kind of movie that’s good. also it’s not scary at all i don’t really get what people are saying but ig everyone is entitled to their own opinion
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