Middle School Class President

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Mini Mercedes
Mini Mercedes - 5 hours ago
Yo Swoozie some people on Instagram are stealing your content and posting it as their own. Your ‘first kiss’ video is on bitchieguide. Meme pages are shouting them out with ur videos as basically an ad. Just thought you should know
Facia Massaquoi
Facia Massaquoi - 16 hours ago
Tyrant X
Tyrant X - Day ago
At 1:12 Z is equal to 15
Nvm someone already posted the results😂
Safary Christian
Safary Christian - 2 days ago
Yo if you dont post nuin we gon have issues 🙄
Cody Hickox
Cody Hickox - 2 days ago
You guys know 2+39=56
Santiago Aguas
Santiago Aguas - 3 days ago
Swoozie since you worked at Disney land what the idea of all these feral cats ?
hey guys its me
hey guys its me - 3 days ago
Jeremy is my hero
Rxspectx Jay6541
Rxspectx Jay6541 - 3 days ago
Play DOA 5
Ali King
Ali King - 4 days ago
Susie make more stories your stories or the moles make sense I can’t talk bro my homey hook up or my brother
Trenton Olson
Trenton Olson - 4 days ago
Braylen Bryant
Braylen Bryant - 4 days ago
Beware wildZ
Beware wildZ - 4 days ago
Julian Bencomo
Julian Bencomo - 4 days ago
Girl: Shawn wanna be my boyfriend
EpicEpidemic - 4 days ago
Screenwriters Guild Dictionary, look under "Plot Twist": sWooZie's YT channel.
Emma Pryce
Emma Pryce - 5 days ago
Dalan Gray
Dalan Gray - 5 days ago
Aye where the vids I saw your channel and I can't stop watching bro all the good ones and there any no more
Rene aguilar
Rene aguilar - 5 days ago
You’re animation is so funny!
kitty lover
kitty lover - 6 days ago

Read more
Ximple - 6 days ago
I’m starting middle school any advice
Ximple - 4 days ago
UncleBenda thank u I start today
UncleBenda - 5 days ago
Ximple don’t go to the bathroom ever
Icey Hot
Icey Hot - 6 days ago
Who else went here to see if there is a new video
I'm so numb are you?
I'm so numb are you? - 6 days ago
Holy crap its amazing
Jaedon Animations
Jaedon Animations - 6 days ago
can we get a R.I.P on this comment for @sWooZie getting beat up in middle school
BlackDiamond 1789
BlackDiamond 1789 - 7 days ago
Are we going to the same school an old teacher named ms Thompson just retired
my name jeff jeff
my name jeff jeff - 7 days ago
This man is channels is dead
Pinkfluffy Starlight
Pinkfluffy Starlight - 7 days ago
2:11 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Regression - 7 days ago
You’re basically green arrow mayor by day vigilante by knight
Sophie Rodriguez
Sophie Rodriguez - 8 days ago
Why didn’t the girl get it if she put so much effort...
Aspect - 8 days ago
My name is shawn
therfrag 12
therfrag 12 - 8 days ago
Faze Fanatic
Faze Fanatic - 9 days ago
NYRGaming30 - 10 days ago
First ice now THIS.

Man Jane has something against you
Hiba Hassan
Hiba Hassan - 10 days ago
Is no one going to talk about how he was in sixth grade and ALSO thirteen.
Mathew Meer
Mathew Meer - 11 days ago
And a kid named Jeremy
Mathew Meer
Mathew Meer - 11 days ago
Weird i got a teacher named mrs Thompson
DxstroyedYeww - 11 days ago
If mayor west can do it u can
Advercitile - 11 days ago
Your smaller than the gate lol I love tha vids tho
Logan Salazar
Logan Salazar - 11 days ago
Swoozie Transistor power again like you did in when your videos from the girls to the boys
Neptune - 11 days ago
Bruh he batnanabdjwisxhbwzsj
yep yep
yep yep - 11 days ago
Shawn wid the trim doe
Brady80 - 11 days ago
yep yep usa-video.net/_CgiAi1l9Yw-video.html
Kiki Do you love me
Kiki Do you love me - 12 days ago
Love from the Netherlands ❤️❤️
Shruti W.
Shruti W. - 12 days ago
I love your voice sWooZie 😍😘❤️
reytheGEMini - 12 days ago
‘ ,: )
Uzi Gord
Uzi Gord - 13 days ago
Light Skin Nibbas leave us with no girls
Ace_ Penguin
Ace_ Penguin - 13 days ago
Sara Israel
Sara Israel - 13 days ago
Swoozi my dude what were you thinking going on 2018 YouTube rewind
Kallie A
Kallie A - 13 days ago
Hay swozziiieee >:333
Incognito Burrito
Incognito Burrito - 13 days ago
next year im in grade 8 i remember in 7th grade a girl was pregnat cant wait for grade 8
Heather Bells
Heather Bells - 13 days ago
Class Pres- *Adande*
Samji - 13 days ago
balloon heads
also 4:08
DW (Doctor Who) FO DAYS BOI
lit spidey
lit spidey - 13 days ago
Tell me why swoozie looks soooooooo much like the voice actor of Franklin from gta 5
Billy Weeks
Billy Weeks - 14 days ago
Make a vid
Smlfoxy - 14 days ago
My fifth grade teacher was named Mrs thopson
Smlfoxy - 14 days ago
You swooz can u give a shoutout
Ali - ROBLOX - 15 days ago
Bet you adande was listening to every drake song after that
abdullah mohammed
abdullah mohammed - 15 days ago
Quick question swoozie how girls you have a crush in your entire life
Abigail Scott
Abigail Scott - 15 days ago
4:09 10th doctor says goodbye
Splash - 15 days ago
for my class president I didn't even have to say nothing, I just raised my hand and dabbed and everyone voted for me
CliP Sketcheyz
CliP Sketcheyz - 16 days ago
911confess on Instagram is stealing your videos and saying it’s somebody else’s and are getting likes and comments on the posts and they are getting famous off of your videos. Please stop them right now because I do not like seeing your videos getting more attention off of somebody who didn’t make it. Thank you, Swooz❤️👌
Me and Cupcake
Me and Cupcake - 16 days ago
Me reading the title
Me: Is that even a thing anymore?????🤔
Elliot R09
Elliot R09 - 16 days ago
This is weird coz I just bought the arkham series
Jeanine Root
Jeanine Root - 17 days ago
3:55 tom
The slaughter Gamer
The slaughter Gamer - 17 days ago
Yo swoozie swing me that pin comment bro lol
10,000 subs with no videos
hell ya doctor who my favorite show
Emaaan - 17 days ago
Who notice on the white board that 2+39=56 good math swoozie
AliceLykyuFylyfyu - 14 days ago
Good maffs
Julez Valencia
Julez Valencia - 17 days ago
there's a Chick-Fil-A in Trinidad?
Mr. Hatake Just Hatake
Mr. Hatake Just Hatake - 17 days ago
"I am very confusion"
theforgotten patato
theforgotten patato - 18 days ago
Man in fifth grade my friend had dis crush on a kid named ryan but one day ryan came up to me like i like you so tell your friend to stop stalking me it took him a minute to register he just confessed and he ran off looking like a fire truck
Homie Harry
Homie Harry - 19 days ago
DANCLANBOI - 19 days ago
Jean Alcide
Jean Alcide - 19 days ago
My mom dad and sister are from haiti me and my brother are from the USA
galaxy gacha heart
galaxy gacha heart - 19 days ago
PhotonicReaper - 20 days ago
I’m Batman
Lindsay Opiola
Lindsay Opiola - 20 days ago
I had to drop a sub cuz this is so funny😂🤣 can’t stop laughing
Mbitjita Kamapunga
Mbitjita Kamapunga - 20 days ago
A hi would be nice sometimes
Anime Lord
Anime Lord - 20 days ago
Adande: I never told anybody this.

Tells all of YouTube the next day
Galaxy Girl 91707
Galaxy Girl 91707 - 21 day ago
Just an eggplant _
Just an eggplant _ - 21 day ago
Adanade looks at kids “I should go fight them”
Max Baker
Max Baker - 21 day ago
I agree it's fun to do dat
The Plague Lord
The Plague Lord - 22 days ago
Shawn wouldn’t last five sec back in my school. Every guy knew who their girl/crush was you would get like attacked by like six guys at least. I miss high school now :/
Daniil Сухов
Daniil Сухов - 22 days ago
Оооо, Свуз, ору🤣🤣🤣
Хоть мало что понимаю(преходится что-то додумавать) что-то переводить после НО ВСЕГДА ТВОИ ИСТОРИИ СМЕШНЫЕ И ИНТЕРЕСНЫЕ
P. S. Laugh all Moscow (
надеюсь понятно) 😁😁
Удачи brotishka🤘🤘🤘
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