Middle School Class President

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Louie - 9 hours ago
Batman and running for mayor
*Green Arrow Intensifies*
Adrian Murillo
Adrian Murillo - 23 hours ago
4:08 instant sadness moment
X9 AE C5
X9 AE C5 - Day ago
was he called kanye?
Daezjaan Sepuloni
Daezjaan Sepuloni - 2 days ago
sWooZie: this was a daily activity for me and I never told anybody.
Me: u just told 3,029,072 people.
Daezjaan Sepuloni
Daezjaan Sepuloni - 8 hours ago
@Offworlder1 true true
Offworlder1 - 16 hours ago
It can’t come back to hurt him now is why he revealed it.
Anoniem Onbekenden
Anoniem Onbekenden - 3 days ago
Tina B = Tina Belcher?
Edit: Butts
Mr.Meecreeps - 5 days ago
I want a full version of the outro
Ladi Waddell
Ladi Waddell - 6 days ago
As someone who has small siblings- play fighting is the best
JT Campbell
JT Campbell - 7 days ago
Yo, that was really me trying to fight a bunch of kids for no reason.
yeet or be yeeted Hill
yeet or be yeeted Hill - 7 days ago
Can't nobody tell me nothing
Matthew Porter
Matthew Porter - 8 days ago
I like real fighting and I’m only 11 yea
lozeX - 8 days ago
best video ever
Fake Name
Fake Name - 8 days ago
I use to love when the middle schoolers came and played with me when I was in 1st grade
Braloha - 13 days ago
When you realize old town road was a year ago
Erika Munoz
Erika Munoz - 13 days ago
1:52 reminded me of Oliver queen
Ebeats Epic
Ebeats Epic - 14 days ago
Bramm Friedman
Bramm Friedman - 20 days ago
Speaking of presidents do you remember when you interviewed Obama
Wooziest go to Trinidad
Mimi Kiddo
Mimi Kiddo - 28 days ago
swoozie: i’m just gonna go to chick fil a
me, in the middle of eating chick fil a: 👁👄👁
Saifullaha Khan
Saifullaha Khan - 28 days ago
I love that I'm a beast when I am fighting little kids😂😂
Aaron Watkins
Aaron Watkins - Month ago
0:49 , Troy and abed in the mooorning
Xavier Sullivan
Xavier Sullivan - Month ago
rip goerge
Xavier Sullivan
Xavier Sullivan - Month ago
Destinee Nwankwo-Chukelu
2+39 isn't 56!
Jayden Berube
Jayden Berube - 13 days ago
Destinee Nwankwo-Chukelu i was just joking 😂😂
Destinee Nwankwo-Chukelu
Destinee Nwankwo-Chukelu - 13 days ago
@Jayden Berube i'm not an idiot
Destinee Nwankwo-Chukelu
Destinee Nwankwo-Chukelu - 13 days ago
@Jayden Berube bish it's 41 lol
Jayden Berube
Jayden Berube - 15 days ago
Yes it is idiot
Turbo Turtle26
Turbo Turtle26 - Month ago
is Jeremy w Jeremy ware from the basket ball videp
Diesel DF
Diesel DF - Month ago
Ringo Charmley
Ringo Charmley - Month ago
0:49 sWooZ Wayne.
Christian Escarment
Christian Escarment - Month ago
Did I just hear HaItI 😭🇭🇹🇭🇹
Gilberto Santos
Gilberto Santos - Month ago
Zack Wright
Zack Wright - Month ago
Man swoozie I feel u lost my girlfriend to a light skin guy
Alysha Pottinger
Alysha Pottinger - Month ago
RC568 - Month ago
*Sees kindergarteners*
Hey heard you like hurt
Jay Fray
Jay Fray - Month ago
Dude that kid Jeremy knew you were gonna bail on the presidency. He planned it. I bet he knew you were whoopin kindergartners' asses, too. Lmao.
G4N1F43L - Month ago
Whos here in 2020?
FBI - Month ago
G4N1F43L who's asking for likes u
When i play fight
For the first 30 seconds its all fun and games
Someone lands a punch that is a little to hard
And then it turns into dragon ball z
Kingk FaX
Kingk FaX - Month ago
I did not know this vid was 11 months ago I thought it was just like 3-4 months ago
ISoGood - Month ago
You know what I should fight them-swoozie
Ciara Oldham
Ciara Oldham - Month ago
Imma savage yuh classy bougie ratchet yuh sassy moody hey nasty actin stupid what was happnin what was happnin imma savage
Ciara Oldham
Ciara Oldham - Month ago
Imma savage yuh classy bougie ratchet yuh sassy moody hey nasty actin stupid what was HAPPNIN what was HAPPNIN I'm a savage
Matthew Luciani
Matthew Luciani - Month ago
Shawn labeach
Princess Denise
Princess Denise - Month ago
Who else noticed he's bald at 16
Bruh Moment
Bruh Moment - Month ago
BTW jb7-m_503
BTW jb7-m_503 - Month ago
4:02 f’s in chat
Justice Reeves-Batts
Justice Reeves-Batts - Month ago
5:11 I just noticed kk slider is singing old town road
Deja B
Deja B - 2 months ago
1:13 z=2.4
Eduardo Mendez
Eduardo Mendez - 2 months ago
Bro when I saw the tenth doctor I gained so much more respect for you 4:08
Spider Fan
Spider Fan - 2 months ago
My class doesn't even have B-day parties anymore
VSB - 2 months ago
Bro gulf view Trinidad horse Sanfernando Trinidad for life
Skymack 1
Skymack 1 - 2 months ago
Is that KK slider singing Old Town Road at the very end?
Kory Putmon
Kory Putmon - 2 months ago
The best line is when the old teacher was roasting jeremy
desperado Savage
desperado Savage - 2 months ago
"He 6 foot tall in the 6th grade" My life summarized as a polish American
Just Call Me Trapz
Just Call Me Trapz - 2 months ago
My school never done this
Mostly because it’s was majority Hispanic and it’s was ghetto
Oof-Jef - 2 months ago
Same here,
Arden Lawler
Arden Lawler - 2 months ago
I just saw 2+39=56. 👏👏
Joystick Jay YT
Joystick Jay YT - 2 months ago
Jeremy seems like that one kid in class who just has a deep voice for no reason 😄
Zymarschee Ceneus
Zymarschee Ceneus - 2 months ago
ayo dont talk shit about my country
Luis Ochoa
Luis Ochoa - 2 months ago
Uspatriot219 Gainz
Uspatriot219 Gainz - 2 months ago
Dude I found your channel like 6 years ago and I so happy I found it again!
JaysOddFuture - 2 months ago
I should go fight dese kids
Katie Mcdonald’s
Katie Mcdonald’s - 2 months ago
does sWooZie draw these? been watching him for years for some reason i still can’t figure it out
YARI BANGZ TV - 2 months ago
VibeZ - 2 months ago
U just gonna let Tina kiss babies from Haiti
Me in Haiti bc of my cruise: where is tina I just seen het
Moji Isaacs
Moji Isaacs - 2 months ago
FaZe VibeZ well then your joke ruined the fun try again next time cause that was terrible 😐
VibeZ - 2 months ago
Moji Isaacs k and I’m just tryna have fun
Moji Isaacs
Moji Isaacs - 2 months ago
That was so terrible 😑😐
CakeMonster -kay
CakeMonster -kay - 2 months ago
It's uncle Ben
JALEN JEANTY - 2 months ago
Any Haitian's in the chat
Black Defense
Black Defense - 2 months ago
Yeaa the 6th graders height was ridiculous in the Caribbean
The Counter Blox Soldier
The Counter Blox Soldier - 2 months ago
Is nobody gonna talk about K.K Slider singing Old Town Road at the end? 🐶 🎸 🤠
RAHEIM Deofficial
RAHEIM Deofficial - 2 months ago
Dana Astraquillo
Dana Astraquillo - 2 months ago
is no one talking about how he used the K.K. Slider version of “Old Town Road” for the end card? no one? just me? ok.
Spaceman crazy
Spaceman crazy - 2 months ago
Man that’s a cool teacher
ִ - 2 months ago
Fernando Romero
Fernando Romero - 2 months ago
I have an old teacher named Ms,Thompson. Swoozie, tell that I have the same teacher as you
ClaireThe Cringy Square
ClaireThe Cringy Square - 2 months ago
ClaireThe Cringy Square
ClaireThe Cringy Square - 2 months ago
ClaireThe Cringy Square
ClaireThe Cringy Square - 2 months ago
ClaireThe Cringy Square
ClaireThe Cringy Square - 2 months ago
ClaireThe Cringy Square
ClaireThe Cringy Square - 2 months ago
ClaireThe Cringy Square
ClaireThe Cringy Square - 2 months ago
Masood Alikhail
Masood Alikhail - 2 months ago
What is Sean shaq’o’neil
R3Z_LiGhTnInG 777
R3Z_LiGhTnInG 777 - 2 months ago
What’s weird is in my school there’s also a 6 foot Shawn
lizzy White rose
lizzy White rose - 2 months ago
Bruh your not the only one 0:35
green guy
green guy - 2 months ago
Same when the kids attack me
Shanelle - 2 months ago
KK slider?
Purple Melody (ColumineMiette)
Poor Tina!
Sheriff Malloy
Sheriff Malloy - 2 months ago
Kk old town road is a jam
Shawn Suz
Shawn Suz - 2 months ago
But my name is Shawn
Mell and Friends
Mell and Friends - 2 months ago

Im from haiti
Nathan Games!
Nathan Games! - 2 months ago
1:30 P A U S E
RAP J.R. - 3 months ago
Yo, anyone getting Green arrow vibes? "Mayor by day, hero by night."
D V - 3 months ago
Poor Tina pulled out the graphs for nothing 😭
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