PlayStation Plus Monthly Games - July 2020

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Chin Pea
Chin Pea - 10 hours ago
Sony: Aww.. did you buy that game for cheap? What a deal right? But now it's free bee ACH!
Me: Press F 😑
Pushkar Karmakar
Pushkar Karmakar - 14 hours ago
When will they coming it's already july
Leke Olatunji
Leke Olatunji - 14 hours ago
When are they coming this month?
Александър/Alex. Дaлчев/Dalcheff
Finally...good games for me !!! I was gived up all hope, last mounts only games I own from years or bought recently. This time im HAPPY especially with Tomb rider, I was about to buy next week. For once im the lucky bastrd who didn't get screwed to buy game which becomes free week after the transaction or some shi like that !!! 😎👍
R. K.
R. K. - 23 hours ago
Seriously, 2K Casino? Screw you, I'm getting xboxsx
Keith Fitzroy
Keith Fitzroy - Day ago
Wow 10 year anniversary they could of done better, tomb raiders good but everyone's probably played it a Ea slot matching game🏀 no go out of principle, Erica looks ok 😵
Scott Neil
Scott Neil - Day ago
Hard nope, a disgusting gambling simulator, an interactive movie I can't play as I don't have a compatible phone and a mediocre Tomb Raider that's always on sale, great selection, not.
Doves Damage
Doves Damage - Day ago
Huge disappointment, especially being 10 year anniversary!
Lord Grell
Lord Grell - Day ago
Emse Hazim
Emse Hazim - Day ago
I hope that there will be some anime games soon, like MHA or DBX or AOT
TS Gaming
TS Gaming - Day ago
I just check the store but there is nothing except call of duty and star wars, why?
Charming nowhere to hide
I would have been pissed! 😆 I feel this month makes up the junk free games 2 months ago.....LOL
Bat man
Bat man - Day ago
NBA Casino (also features basket ball)
Charming nowhere to hide
Not a sports fan but I’ll give it a shot Always love tomb raider Not sure about Erica, but like I said about sports games I’ll give it a shot
Dev sta
Dev sta - Day ago
When do they come out
Trillix Plays
Trillix Plays - 20 hours ago
Ćafi Ćofito
Ćafi Ćofito - Day ago
only pes
hamza ali
hamza ali - Day ago
When do these come out
Apathy Guy
Apathy Guy - Day ago
If they even attempt to have me download Erica I will cancel my subscription. If it even touches any of my games I will do the same. Trying to hand me the video game version of Ishtar. No thank you. A bonus? It's like being given a booger for a side dish.
Gamersouras - Day ago
Might as well make fortnite free on ps+
Eshtion - Day ago
So... one good game
Joanna - Day ago
This is how Sony celebrate a 10 year anniversary? I feel sorry for anyone who purchased NBA 2K20 a few weeks ago for £2.99. A weak month, for sure.
Truth Forever
Truth Forever - Day ago
They aren't taking this anniversary serious
JAMY BOSS - Day ago
These games not good
Joanna - Day ago
Nba free, still people wont download it 🤣
Hoi97 - Day ago
Spike Repugnance
Spike Repugnance - Day ago
Not even going to justify the space for NBA 2K being added to my digital game library... But isn't this supposed to be a big 10-year anniversary? Such a waste.
Gameover BIATCH
Gameover BIATCH - Day ago
🤡🤡I hacked Sony so I could get nba2k20 free 🤡🤡
SourWaffles - Day ago
Seems pretty weak for a 10 year anniversary..
Merijn Loomans
Merijn Loomans - Day ago
When do they come out?
Shadow Hawke
Shadow Hawke - Day ago
Not a sports fan but I’ll give it a shot
Always love tomb raider
Not sure about Erica, but like I said about sports games I’ll give it a shot
AC Junior
AC Junior - Day ago
Was going to buy MLB The Show 19 late last year...didn't. It became a free game.
Was going to get NBA2k20 on sale a few weeks ago, didn't.
So glad I made that decision, whoa I would have been pissed! 😆
I feel this month makes up the junk free games 2 months ago.....LOL
Andrew Corson
Andrew Corson - Day ago
When I go on the PlayStation store, it still says it’s June. When will it update?
Scott Neil
Scott Neil - Day ago
Ps plus updates the first Tuesday of every month.
Yusuf Yilmaz
Yusuf Yilmaz - 2 days ago
Is rise of the tomb raider still free or am i late ? I hope not please god dont say im late somebody please respond
Savage ShadowYT
Savage ShadowYT - 2 days ago
Everone that bought0 02k20 for 60$ :(
Deep Spacey
Deep Spacey - 2 days ago
Tut Tut PlayStation for giving a game loaded with gambling mechanics to gamers of all ages. Tut Tut.
king of universe
king of universe - 2 days ago
i want detroit become human again
kaydenberry 365
kaydenberry 365 - 2 days ago
I think they should of brought skate 3
hello everyone
hello everyone - 2 days ago
Why is everyone saying 2K is a slot machine? Sorry but I don’t understand
Glad I'm moving to Xbox in February after my subscription ends
SoMuchPain - 2 days ago
Me buying for my brother nba 2k20 in may. Am i joke to you? :(
Edward leon
Edward leon - 2 days ago
Nba free, still people wont download it 🤣
Gergő Dancs
Gergő Dancs - 2 days ago
Previous month was kind of better in my opinion.
Mohnish Doultani
Mohnish Doultani - 2 days ago
Lets just boycott ea games so they get in their head that copying last year's game and earning profit strategy ain't gonna get them our money
Tommy Aloha
Tommy Aloha - 2 days ago
Wow what a 10 year celebration look how much they care
Павло Кірсанов
It's 10 years and you give us THAT?!
I disappointed.
v Højgaard n
v Højgaard n - 2 days ago
U shouldnt skip on tomb raider ❤
Martin H
Martin H - 2 days ago
A bit piss poor this month tbh
Khabitch Nutmagomedov
Khabitch Nutmagomedov - 2 days ago
Bruhhhh I bought 2K for $30 my god smh
ericcornish1983 - 2 days ago
Rise of the Tomb Raider and that Erica game are the only two worth downloading out of the three available, but it would've been nice if they offered some JRPG's for free, c'mon Sony, give us better games
Mohammed Al Shehhi
Mohammed Al Shehhi - 2 days ago
Disappointed already. 👎👎👎
AMV Empire
AMV Empire - 2 days ago
Hardly anyone cares about basketball in Europe, they're only giving it away because nobody likes it.
Sackui Vids
Sackui Vids - 2 days ago
The games aren't appearing for me
Pablo - 2 days ago
Me neither
AFROBOII - 2 days ago
Could of done wayy better
Kevin Lim
Kevin Lim - 2 days ago
Seriously?! I already owned all these game
zen kai
zen kai - 2 days ago
It should have been tomb raider and crash bandicoot trilogy
Amond Karaitiana
Amond Karaitiana - 2 days ago
What day ?
Korvera - 2 days ago
When are these gonna be free
Charming nowhere to hide
All NBA2k wants to eat is your wallet with micro-transactions
BFBeast666 - 2 days ago
nba 2k20 - filled with exploitative micropayments. What a way to celebrate!!!
Dovahkiin1987 - 2 days ago
If this is the anniversary line up then I'm scared about all the following line ups.
This is a good month
Charming nowhere to hide
Tomb raider yay, 2k eeeeeeeh nah
Vi gi
Vi gi - 2 days ago
Дно, а не игры, лучше бы уже индюшатину дали бы
kevin patterson
kevin patterson - 2 days ago
Just bought some horror games don’t know if I have time for these
kartell 66
kartell 66 - 2 days ago
When we gone be able to download them
Silano buit
Silano buit - 2 days ago
Damm i bought nba2k20 for €4,99 and now it's free a lot BS this PS ????
Lucas Rodrigues
Lucas Rodrigues - 2 days ago
When are the games chsnging to the july ones?!
Snowyy Cat
Snowyy Cat - 2 days ago
July 13th
Origin Scar
Origin Scar - 2 days ago
So an uncharted remix, a rewash, and a movie with extra steps. YaY cant wait
goldy gaming
goldy gaming - 2 days ago
When it's coming out? It's been 2 days
Snowyy Cat
Snowyy Cat - 2 days ago
goldy gaming no problem
goldy gaming
goldy gaming - 2 days ago
@Snowyy Cat thanks dude
Snowyy Cat
Snowyy Cat - 2 days ago
July 13th
VirusSpreading - 2 days ago
They’d have to pay me to play 2k20
Iron Swag
Iron Swag - 2 days ago
I haven't played a sports game in years so i will give it a try mostly because its a free game
Rinor Kurti
Rinor Kurti - Day ago
It will be fun just don’t use money on it
Santiago Velasquez
Santiago Velasquez - 2 days ago
I think my Friend is gonna be mad he just bought 2k20 today 😆
Sebastian - 2 days ago
Ummmm it’s July 2nd rn and it still only shows up the games for June??
Snowyy Cat
Snowyy Cat - 2 days ago
July 13th
Brak - 2 days ago
When do they get released
Snowyy Cat
Snowyy Cat - 2 days ago
July 13th
RiseOFgalaxy - 3 days ago
Anyone know the exact date of when 2K20 is gonna be available to get this month
Snowyy Cat
Snowyy Cat - 2 days ago
July 13th
Eight Zero's
Eight Zero's - 3 days ago
Don’t have these games. Not bothered if I ever play them 🤣
Lol Lel
Lol Lel - 3 days ago
Tomb raider yay, 2k eeeeeeeh nah
Play Mezik
Play Mezik - 3 days ago
will there be more ps4 ps + games after ps5 relese?
Taylor Roesch
Taylor Roesch - 3 days ago
Florian Diemer
Florian Diemer - 3 days ago
not hyped about any of those, especially not 2k
MOVIE1000 - 3 days ago
SPNfanKC - 3 days ago
wow 3 good games and i only own 1 of them that's a nice change lol
TheNinthCircle - 3 days ago
kinda weak for a 10 year anniversary. One of the games should have been a playstation greatest hit like horizon zero dawn
JDMStav - 3 days ago
Better than the last 2 months but still not great for a 10 year anniversary.
Demn inter
Demn inter - 3 days ago
Ну максимум Лара и всё)
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