Top 10 ASMR Triggers for Sleep

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Carter Netzel
Carter Netzel - 6 days ago
Timestamps :)
0:00 Intro
1:03 Blue Gloves
7:57 Brushes on mic
12:17 Boxing Glove
16:11 Metal Bottle
20:42 Flashlight visual trigger and mouth sounds
26:10 Plastic Pipe
28:38 Charcoal gloves
34:11 Mr. Puffy
36:50 Hair on mic
39:58 Plastic nails
Have a nice sleep!
Nolan Knight
Nolan Knight - Day ago
Carter Netzel lol my manz just straight up copy and pasted this from the description
KazuinBacon - 2 days ago
Stefan Darius Mihai
Stefan Darius Mihai - 2 days ago
How could you say plastic nails?! U MONSTER (its a joke dont take it serious)
HYPNOTIC ASMR - 3 days ago
Thank You
Henry Vaughan
Henry Vaughan - 3 days ago
Thank you appreciated
스태바노메간 - 4 hours ago
hey jojo, just wanted to say thank you for spending your money to buy all sorts of things for the sake of our relaxation and sleep, we all really appreciate your innovative and ever-changing sounds to keep us tingling :) i also think you’re really good at whispers and mouth clickies! never fails to make me tingle :)
thank you jojo! 감사 조조 사랑해요 ❤️
Robert Smith
Robert Smith - 14 hours ago
U sound like anbug
missklarisa - 14 hours ago
am i the only one who wanted to pop his pimple? it's staring at me.
Destinee's World
Destinee's World - 18 hours ago
It's only 10 triggers why is it 40+ minutes.....that's what I thought before I clicked on the video
💤🛌😪.....that is what I thought while watching the video
Sniperonpoint 1000
Sniperonpoint 1000 - 23 hours ago
The relaxation is real
Nonwrath - Day ago
As he repeats "relax" all i get is fuckin anxiety.
Vi Mel
Vi Mel - Day ago
All the dislikes are from the people who are sleeping trying to hit the like button.
Ninjoo Mellow
Ninjoo Mellow - Day ago
YouTube called, they want their rewind idea back
tyro dan 47
tyro dan 47 - Day ago
Damn I can really tell that this guy knows his stuff! The sounds he makes are just so tingle-inducing!
Hyper Clash
Hyper Clash - Day ago
Thank u for making me go to sleep in calms me down
Zander76 - Day ago
I’m watching this in a chair
Lady Carreno
Lady Carreno - Day ago
You/do you need sleep?
Of course -_-
*starts doin sounds
Me/NoT cReEpY sOuNdS!?!
You/ you name it UvU
Queen Elizabeth II
Queen Elizabeth II - Day ago
Why don't you credit DennisASMR for the idea of the gloves?
Jesniel Quiñones
Jesniel Quiñones - 2 days ago
KazuinBacon - 2 days ago
Jojo: *incase your lying in bed*
me: **Triggered** I AM
Jojo: *wearing some headphones*
Jojo: *then do not watch, this is for people trying to go to sleep.*
Love Trolling
Love Trolling - 2 days ago
aアンチラ - 3 days ago
Katy Thornton
Katy Thornton - 3 days ago
the cloves were too loud
Anonymous! - 3 days ago
jojo:dont watch in less you in your bed
me:im not in my bed
jojo:save him for later bois
me:but im in your bed
RunningGunner - 3 days ago
Why am I just now getting a notification for this ;~;
Gab Rodriguez-Diaz
Gab Rodriguez-Diaz - 3 days ago
Bruh did Jojo copy DennisAsmr’s tingle gauntlets?
lυиαяιαи - 3 days ago
First, I went to latte asmr, I didn’t get the tingles I needed to sleep. Then, I went to TingTing asmr, she gives the best tingles but it didn’t help me sleep, jojo, you’re my only hope. Please help me sleep, it’s like 3:53am on a school night
Dj DErpS a LoT
Dj DErpS a LoT - 3 days ago
Who else asleep right now?
melimelimelissameli - 3 days ago
Has anyone ever told you, you resemble Jimmy Neutrons best friend?
Maddie Keating
Maddie Keating - 3 days ago
that water bottle is everything
Alexis Cannon
Alexis Cannon - 3 days ago
The sound the metal bottle makes reminds me of a Tibetan singing bowl and it’s honestly so calming
Manny Venegas
Manny Venegas - 3 days ago
Petition to make a JoJo bizarre asmr role play
Uzumaki Dorito
Uzumaki Dorito - 3 days ago
I’m horny
Serena Krell
Serena Krell - 3 days ago
Jojo: Ya want some tingles with that?
J I - 3 days ago
Who else get more tingles without headphones?
Brady J
Brady J - 3 days ago
Not sure I should follow the light 🤨
G'Day Gamers
G'Day Gamers - 3 days ago
Do worst reviewed ASMRist
The Yato God
The Yato God - 3 days ago
The first trigger sounds like bones crunching and when i realized that i had to skip if
a person
a person - 3 days ago
I've watched this 4 days and have fell asleep each time. 10/10 recommend
Put Jesus First
Put Jesus First - 3 days ago
4:22 tingles and goosebumps
coolkaycee21 :-:
coolkaycee21 :-: - 3 days ago
Me when looking at my bsf that is secretly my crush 5:29
B.E.J Productions
B.E.J Productions - 3 days ago
I Hate ASMR!

*Me In The Closet At 5:34 AM*
Rebecca Harris
Rebecca Harris - 3 days ago
Reaction to purple brushes: When you love something so much you wanna go and hug it....
dwenn a
dwenn a - 3 days ago
saving the turtles since 16:11
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