Women Dress Like Their Mothers For A Week • Ladylike

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Mary Bloody
Mary Bloody - 20 hours ago
Mumtaz means perfect in Arabic
Baishali Mandal
Baishali Mandal - Day ago
Safia day 1 is goooooooooooooooorgeous!!!
elle carter
elle carter - 2 days ago
saf's mom sounds so cool
Shelby Ingram
Shelby Ingram - 3 days ago
Do you remember defines hair
RainbowSpash - 11 days ago
On day one Kristin looked exactly like my aunt
VampItUpManchester Chrissie
So my Mum in the 80’s looked EXACTLY like Kristen as her Mom in the 80’s. 🤗
Sofie Storli Olsen
Sofie Storli Olsen - 17 days ago
Why dont Jen want to show her moms face?
alex - 21 day ago
Kristin and her mom have really similar faces
mrs jeon
mrs jeon - 24 days ago
mumtaz is.... my favorite human
Lupe Crux
Lupe Crux - 26 days ago
I feel like, Kristen looked so good in the clothes. It's giving me Kathy Bates in Fried Green Tomatoes and I mean that in the best way
Emerald Serena
Emerald Serena - Month ago
Apparently, unlike me, they can't just go into the mother's closet and grab an outfit she wore when she was your age. I can also do that with my grandmother's closet as well...weird. Edit: I wrote this comment as the timestamp 3:33
Maria Loraw
Maria Loraw - Month ago
1:06 "I found the 'my mom' section."
Aura Luna
Aura Luna - Month ago
Is it just for those Videos or do americans really change every day?
Val Forsdyke
Val Forsdyke - Month ago
Saf's jazz hands got me good
Ben Kallsen
Ben Kallsen - Month ago
"This dress says I like spring! ...and it also says I like negotiating" omg I can relate my mom would definitely wear that dress
Squishy Face
Squishy Face - 2 months ago
3:29 gasp devins hair is so long
Amber Nicole Massey
Amber Nicole Massey - 2 months ago
One year I could not decide on a Halloween costume my mom said well who is your fav person in the world? I said well you!!! She said do u want to be me? Yes!!!! She was a gm at Arby’s lmao
claire powell
claire powell - 2 months ago
freddy has the coolest mom
TheSeoulSword - 3 months ago
Jen's mom sounds exactly like my mom lmao
Snodge Kat
Snodge Kat - 3 months ago
I looooooooove that bright green blouse on Freddie!!!!!!!!!
Orli's Life
Orli's Life - 3 months ago
But Freddie’s outfit for day one is rly cute..
imdyinginside yt
imdyinginside yt - 3 months ago
How old are you?
imdyinginside yt
imdyinginside yt - 3 months ago
Joelie Smith
Joelie Smith - 3 months ago
Why does Kristen always say it’s educational?????
GABY !!!
GABY !!! - 4 months ago
Saf looks exactly like my mom😂
baleigh simmons
baleigh simmons - 4 months ago
*Apples on a stick they make me sick they make my heart go 246 246 not because I'm dirty not because I'm clean not because I kissed a boy behind a magazine oh girls wanna have some fun here comes Johnny with his pants undone 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 10*
Thanks for on like wait whys it blue?
jordyn montpellier
jordyn montpellier - 4 months ago
All there mom's are gorgeous!
debi malo
debi malo - 4 months ago
1:47 Omg me too! I didn't know it was a common name. (my full name's debika. *de bee kah*) or. (debi!)
Fox_Cub 258
Fox_Cub 258 - 4 months ago
is it weird that I think Jen looks like a pirate????
Aiswariya Raju
Aiswariya Raju - 5 months ago
In 4:29 when safia's mom saw this . OMG I don't know what would happen
Manini Ojha
Manini Ojha - 5 months ago
The ONLY thing that is making me cringe just a tiny bit is that she says 'shalwaar kameez' instead of 'salwaar kamaeez'
Manini Ojha
Manini Ojha - 4 months ago
@JaC I'm an Indian, I wear salwaar kameez as my school uniform, I have never heard anyone pronounce it as 'shalwaar kameez'
JaC - 4 months ago
Manini Ojha It’s actually Shalwaar Kameez, not Salwaar.
Mara L
Mara L - 5 months ago
My mother dressed good in every era.
Crazed wombat
Crazed wombat - 5 months ago
I love how your calling them by their names as if their your first......... some much braver
소Vee - 5 months ago
Lily Healea
Lily Healea - 5 months ago
Where r all these girls now
DRempel - 5 months ago
Kristins mom was so beautiful!
Trollhuntress daniellea howlter
Saf's mom is kinda like my grandma
Adrienne Ginithan
Adrienne Ginithan - 6 months ago
I’d be a 90’schola
Misty Vermillion
Misty Vermillion - 6 months ago
HO-LY BA-NA-NAS Devin with the long blonde hair
Ally Bautista
Ally Bautista - 6 months ago
I love everyone else’s outfits but my favorite was safiya’s moms outfit like 😯💖👍🏼
I am willow
I am willow - 6 months ago
Who here remembers When saf worked for buzzfeed
Amy spacey Lizard
Amy spacey Lizard - 6 months ago
The whistling in the background was scary lmfaooo
Alexandra Grasso
Alexandra Grasso - 6 months ago
Is nobody gonna talk how Kristin's mom looks like a doppleganger of Melissa McCarthy?
Anisha Agrawal
Anisha Agrawal - 6 months ago
0:50 I didn't expect Seeing sarees or Kurta
You know Indian wear
Monroe Robbins
Monroe Robbins - 6 months ago
If I were to dress like my mum... I’d look the same. Even when she was my age, she was into jeans and black shirts, which... I find dull. It’s great work clothes, but I like experimenting. She has bright pink hair, glasses, and when she was 10, she actually had a mullet. I’m her son, but I look a lot like her, and I act a lot like her, but angrier like my padre. She likes dressing like she’s gonna be doing yard work.
Stacy Hughes
Stacy Hughes - 6 months ago
The funny thing IS:
They didn't look that outta place. The styles arent that un-similar from today's looks.
Natanya T
Natanya T - 7 months ago
Freddie, what island????
sweiland75 - 7 months ago
Kristin's glasses are older than her Mother.
Ash The nugget DUDE
Ash The nugget DUDE - 7 months ago
I turn on this video and start screaming because I see Safia and oh my God I’m just shook like who else is here in 2019 LOL
Camifu - 7 months ago
I loove kristin's hairr
N AL-Zubaidi
N AL-Zubaidi - 7 months ago
I always dress in my mom clothes even know we have similar test.
Jumana Arif
Jumana Arif - 7 months ago
Hold up....

Safs mom is Indian
Julia Kleineidam
Julia Kleineidam - 7 months ago
Kylee Lloyd
Kylee Lloyd - 7 months ago
Kristin’s mom looks like Abby lee
Leander Kevin
Leander Kevin - 7 months ago
Safi's outfits I relate to SO deeply....*sighs*
Funtime Everytime
Funtime Everytime - 7 months ago
Is that Freddie Mercury? 2:43
Miranda B
Miranda B - 7 months ago
Kristen's mom looks like Chantel
Andre Dup
Andre Dup - 7 months ago
My fav outfits were Kristin's moms😂😂
Jerry Beckham
Jerry Beckham - 7 months ago
Jen is my favorite girl from lady like
Pan Cakes
Pan Cakes - 7 months ago
Soooooo are we just not talking about the fact Jen photoshopped her face onto Elizabeth’s?
Alexis Barrett
Alexis Barrett - 7 months ago
Is anyone else watching in 2019 and lowkey hates devins hair


Just me?

I’ll go home😂
Tanklin Donner
Tanklin Donner - 8 months ago
Kristin looks really nice in 80s outfits. She should wear them more often.
Ashlyn Savincki
Ashlyn Savincki - 8 months ago
Saf looks sooooooooooo pretty
Liarna Kate
Liarna Kate - 8 months ago
Wouldve liked to see more of the actual outfits though
Michelle Ramos
Michelle Ramos - 8 months ago
Kristin is her mom's twin 😱
A Myrose
A Myrose - 8 months ago
Jen saying that her mom is a very put together woman

While she wearing two different socks😂😂😂😂😆😆😆😆🤪🤪
Elizabeth Klinke
Elizabeth Klinke - 9 months ago
Why is no one pointing out how absolutely beautiful Jen looks???
Miku chan
Miku chan - 9 months ago
I just realized i dress exactly like my mom
Chica Arana
Chica Arana - 9 months ago
This was a cute experiment to do.....for everyone else. I would cringe if I had to dress like how my mom dresses now.
Pagan Hare - The Green Witch
OMG I almost didn't recognise Dev with her long hair
Isla - 9 months ago
Kristen you look exactly like your mom
Tadrushi Jani
Tadrushi Jani - 9 months ago
That baby picture of Kristin 😍 she looks like a perfect doll and hasn't changed a bit haha! 😊
Becca Chloe
Becca Chloe - 9 months ago
I lost my Mum to cancer in February this year, I still like to wear some of her favourite shirts sometimes, it makes me feel close to her again. ❤️
Bella Alexander
Bella Alexander - Month ago
I’m so sorry. I don’t know what I’d do if my mom passed. I’m glad you’re finding ways to cope with her passing 🙏🏼❤️
clapback donuts with a cup of revenge
Rip - Joe mama (Srsly tho hope ur okay)
Raegan’s Second Channel
Raegan’s Second Channel - 8 months ago
🥺 Do what you need to
Akshita Ramesh
Akshita Ramesh - 9 months ago
My mom and i are almost the same size, i’m just a little bit taller than her so some of her clothes that are too small for her or her size fit me, so she sometimes just ends up giving me some clothes of hers lmao
Kaitlyn - 9 months ago
Kristin and her mom literally look the same omg
Kamanda Etford
Kamanda Etford - 9 months ago
OMG Devin's long hair looks so good on her 3:31
Laura Rivers
Laura Rivers - 9 months ago
I need to do this with my momma. She was all about band tees, acid wash jeans, dresses..typical 80’s. I love this!
Kewtie LPS
Kewtie LPS - 9 months ago
My mom is simple. Paint covered shorts, Star Wars tank top and messy bun.
Hannah Buchli
Hannah Buchli - 9 months ago
Wow, Sofia is so stunning
lia just lia
lia just lia - 9 months ago
Indians love to talk for example my mother but I am a half Indian too
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