WRECKING BALL Vs. SEESAW from 45m! How High Will the Watermelon Go?

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King Ninja123
King Ninja123 - 39 minutes ago
HowToDoStuffG00D - 3 hours ago
49 seconds
Dragon Scraper
Dragon Scraper - 5 hours ago
3min 23sec
Ele TA
Ele TA - 6 hours ago
7.36 mins
Aiden Whetston
Aiden Whetston - 7 hours ago
5 min
James Davis
James Davis - 7 hours ago
if this is the beggining of the seesaw saga is that a seesawga?
CoolMcQueen95 - 9 hours ago
7:29 the dinosaur was doing the cartoon look where some one is bout to fall but they float first
Ultra Oliver
Ultra Oliver - 9 hours ago
73 seconds
Crazy Creeper59
Crazy Creeper59 - 11 hours ago
Crazy Creeper59
Crazy Creeper59 - 11 hours ago
mshearer82 - 15 hours ago
Commtest: 3 minutes
Andrew Jackson
Andrew Jackson - 15 hours ago
Francis Balanquit
Francis Balanquit - 20 hours ago
3 minutes i guess? .. cause wench is rated 15meters / min.
Het Duifje
Het Duifje - 22 hours ago
You guys are ugly!!!!!!!!
Gadgetboy - 22 hours ago
Three minutes
ZJG2007 - Day ago
Who else wants how ridiculous to release Rexy merch, if it is a thing I’m so sorry XD
WadeAtWar Z
WadeAtWar Z - Day ago
my skateboard wouldn't approve
Damon Jenkins
Damon Jenkins - Day ago
4min 28secs
ZJG2007 - Day ago
Just do 4:28 mate :)
Nick Clark
Nick Clark - Day ago
4:15, how the dinosaurs really went extinct
Misty Forsy
Misty Forsy - Day ago
5 minutes
darstar217 - Day ago
Just did the math and I think it takes about one minute to raise the atlas stone to the top
Markendaya Ferry
Markendaya Ferry - Day ago
3 minutes and 24 seconds
Kaleb Tube
Kaleb Tube - Day ago
5 mins
karan mehra
karan mehra - Day ago
It should take 3 Mins 50 secs to get to the top
Since at the start I counted it took nearly 8 secs to pass through Derek's head and on an average a person is 1.6m and we are talking about 45m so... Thats about the calculation part. howridiculous
Mr.PooPooMan - Day ago
Like a minute
tripp global
tripp global - Day ago
its (ful crum)
Jakob MG gaming Dk Gade
yo at 5:56 + he sayed curse word
shadow niko
shadow niko - Day ago
23 minutes
Maturtle Gaming
Maturtle Gaming - 2 days ago
3 minutes
Brandon Epps Jr
Brandon Epps Jr - 2 days ago
ZyTehEpicDood - 2 days ago
Rexy was the first dinosaur to be wiped out 4:20
topohon234 gaming and vlogs
10 mins
Dave Otuwa
Dave Otuwa - 2 days ago
2:06 gentlemen
Dave Otuwa
Dave Otuwa - 2 days ago
If an atlas stone were to drop from the apex of a kilometre-tall tower onto a man, he would be gone straight 2 death ceaux badd!
danny lewis
danny lewis - 2 days ago
If you boys see this, I reckon you oughta build a heavy duty seesaw. iron bar through the center bottom of a steel beam on a hard steel fulcrum.
PRESTON PILGRIM - 2 days ago
Can you upload a video of the kid saying wilbinga at 3:42
jack george
jack george - 2 days ago
Was that the ball from the gender review
Withercool gaming
Withercool gaming - 2 days ago
3 mins
Ieuan Jones
Ieuan Jones - 2 days ago
Commtest : 2 mins and 15 seconds.
Rachel Timmoney
Rachel Timmoney - 2 days ago
3 m
Rexy Boy Awesome
Rexy Boy Awesome - 2 days ago
3 minutes
Saarthak and Co.
Saarthak and Co. - 2 days ago
I will say 2 minutes or 5 minutes.
valos yt
valos yt - 2 days ago
Wh this man urla only
khalifa saeed
khalifa saeed - 2 days ago
2 minutes pin me
Ripper1488 - 2 days ago
Poor Rexy :-(
Can we just appreciate how they stay family friendly 👌🏻
Lazar Beam Jr
Lazar Beam Jr - 2 days ago
Three and a half minutes
SenseiGichinFunakoshi - 2 days ago
destroying food is unethical
Minchael Myers
Minchael Myers - 2 days ago
this was uploaded 1 day before my birthday😜
Jacob Morrow
Jacob Morrow - 2 days ago
7:28 is it just me or can that dinosaur float
Kade Haase
Kade Haase - 3 days ago
4 min 35 seconds
Gabe Corcoran
Gabe Corcoran - 3 days ago
60 seconds
Johnny Miller
Johnny Miller - 3 days ago
Brenen Taylor
Brenen Taylor - 3 days ago
can we name the seesaw cecil? if ever used again??
Lewis U.
Lewis U. - 3 days ago
They should build houses out of skateboards and toy dinosaurs instead of wood.
Rocket Gam3r
Rocket Gam3r - 3 days ago
Did yall see the dinosaur freeze ik mid air whrn they hit the BBQ
Nick Hobden
Nick Hobden - 3 days ago
3 mins
Choppa the Beast
Choppa the Beast - 3 days ago
I remember watching you a year ago then some guy said you guy's are the Aussie dude perfect 😂😂🤣
Will Balliard
Will Balliard - 4 days ago
Drop old Nigel on the fulcrum launching items into the air and trying to catch them
Jon Lawless
Jon Lawless - 4 days ago
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