WRECKING BALL Vs. SEESAW from 45m! How High Will the Watermelon Go?

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John Depp
John Depp - 7 months ago
I’m guessing Nigel took 2 minutes and 25 seconds to get to the top
joe theo
joe theo - Month ago
2:25 is a good number but not as good as 44
Michael Robinson
Michael Robinson - Month ago
@Nathan Asper I am just an ordinary dude that work an essential job
Nathan Asper
Nathan Asper - Month ago
@Michael Robinson Your Look Like The Logo Of The How Ridiculous Basketball
Nathan Asper
Nathan Asper - Month ago
@Michael Robinson Hmm? I Wonder Who Are You?
Alexander Prajapati
Alexander Prajapati - Month ago
Well... oh well YOU GOT PINNED!!!!!!!
Collin Chesney
Collin Chesney - 10 hours ago
do you guys own that tower? Or how do you rent it so you dont have to clean the sand??
breann thomas
breann thomas - 22 hours ago
Guys you do know there are less time consuming and easier way to plit wood! Lol
Michael Ball
Michael Ball - Day ago
Y’all need a elevator for that tower!
Cory Desrosiers
Cory Desrosiers - Day ago
nigel took 5 minutes and 30 seconds to get to the top
Pete Kinne
Pete Kinne - Day ago
Well if the wrecking ball is Nigel, the seesaw should be Cecil.
Chase Maskell
Chase Maskell - Day ago
please make another one of the plank
Elizabeth W
Elizabeth W - 2 days ago
Imagine having a random rubber ducky just landing on-top of your head 😂😂 (5:40)
Nintendo Masters
Nintendo Masters - 3 days ago
I’m guessing 3 minutes
Cyrus Ganado
Cyrus Ganado - 3 days ago
4:14-4:19 rexy is Godzilla and accendentaly drop a nuke on him 7:29 rexy girlfriend detected I keep editing
shaun Howland
shaun Howland - 3 days ago
It's really funny that at the beginning I was saying to myself "they built a huge metal trampoline, and a metal wrecking ball. why not build a solid metal seesaw with a full metal fulcrum? And then they said what I was thinking. Lol that's great. Good work guys
Tj Notta
Tj Notta - 3 days ago
Gonsons voice reminds me of an Australian Seinfeld
Nymo - 4 days ago
Pineapple: My plans
Wrecking ball: 2020
Fernando Gajo
Fernando Gajo - 4 days ago
Dig a hole in the ground. Put a plank across the hole. Put the flingy object on de end of the plank. Throw Nigel right in the middle.
Bonus achievement: put two objects, one on each end of the the plank and make them hit eachother in mid air.
This will work.
Fernando Gajo
Fernando Gajo - 4 days ago
Proof: 14:00
Pickle Boy Games
Pickle Boy Games - 5 days ago
Anyone gonna talk how the dinosaur landed 7:19
Nigel Baldes
Nigel Baldes - 5 days ago
My name is Nigel, it's weird hearing it.
Alex - 7 days ago
Ya aya a a awa we
jedixander05 - 8 days ago
1-1000000 minutes
Aaron Koch
Aaron Koch - 8 days ago
Actual content starts at 5:36
Elias Müller
Elias Müller - 8 days ago
Fulcrum no!!😭😭
Neil Perry
Neil Perry - 8 days ago
The pressure wave from the transfer of energy from the Atlas stone to the steel compromised the fulcrum and its weakest link. Why not try putting the wood inside the steel beam then beef up the fulcrum and retry the experiments.
Elizabeth Stanwood
Elizabeth Stanwood - 8 days ago
I know they didn't really like the results of the barbeque, but when they did the slow motion shot it was great watching the plastic dino just hang there midair
jbee02 - 9 days ago
Going with stronger materials doesnt help much if they are also heavier/more massive materials. You want to transfer as much energy as you can from the falling atlus to the "to be flunged" object as possible. You cant do that if your lever breaks. You want you lever to be as light as possible. The more massive your lever is the more it's going to resist moving when the atlus ball strikes it. Which not only puts the lever under more stress, potentially breaking, it also wastes energy as more energy is spent on moving the lever and less on flinging the object on the other end of the lever. You also want the fulcrum to be closer to the atlus than the object you're trying to fling as it will give you faster acceleration.
All in all I think you guys should hire an engineer to help with this stuff or take more time to research and learn before you do each video.
Xander Hopkins
Xander Hopkins - 9 days ago
Nigel would be 1min 50sec
Reed Harrison
Reed Harrison - 10 days ago
3 minutes
Thomas Harrington
Thomas Harrington - 10 days ago
7:30 look at the dinosaur that thing is floating in mid air like Wiley Coyote running off a cliff
Braydon Anderson
Braydon Anderson - 11 days ago
Sounds like Mark Rober needs to get involved 🤷‍♂️
Ani Flauschiii
Ani Flauschiii - 12 days ago
They: Looks like we need to build a heavy seesaw...
I: I guess you know the man for that... #gianttrampoline @markrober
SHABORA - 12 days ago
Thank you YouTube for skipping 5 seconds
rabbitracer79 - 13 days ago
That beam pulled a Buster Scruggs and left it's outline in dust
jake - 13 days ago
You know those things that you see on the lakes? Where one person sits on one side and like 2 others jump on the other and launches them? You guys should try one of those instead.
KEVIN HOLZER - 13 days ago
The plane in the background
Stuff with Oliver
Stuff with Oliver - 13 days ago
Rexy dies in the rubber band ball video :
Alex Mcquarie
Alex Mcquarie - 13 days ago
I recommend soaking the wooden planks in water for 24-48 hours so they are more likely to bend and not brake
Toxic Raging
Toxic Raging - 13 days ago
Still can’t believe the duck landed 😳 should do this agin but with a bottle till u land it 🔥💯
B4u199 Bacon
B4u199 Bacon - 14 days ago
Give mark a call again
Beneyboy 1
Beneyboy 1 - 14 days ago
This video was a awesome idea was kind disappointed I know your guys were so I got an idea that would make this idea work so I found this strongest wood in the earth and it is called the Lignum vitae as everything the plank and the fulcrum and also drop a bowing ball or clayton because they are smaller and I think you will have a better result
Tobie Collins
Tobie Collins - 14 days ago
147 seconds.
i am a bird
i am a bird - 14 days ago
How dinosaurs went extinct
Christian Westby
Christian Westby - 14 days ago
Gaint dart needs to make a come back
Jean-Francois Quesnel
Jean-Francois Quesnel - 15 days ago
you should use a wooden i-beam to try to get better force transfer.
Mr MACC - 15 days ago
Freaking love Rexie!!!
Sava Radovic
Sava Radovic - 15 days ago
Rob Mahoney
Rob Mahoney - 15 days ago
Lbl..... load bearing lumber
POO.BUM.478 Fortnite
POO.BUM.478 Fortnite - 15 days ago
5 minutes
Star Richens
Star Richens - 15 days ago
that dinosaur hovered
Star Richens
Star Richens - 15 days ago
I love Rexy
Thomas Gleason
Thomas Gleason - 16 days ago
I'm guessing you guys have never damaged that radar dome
Chxrry_ bun
Chxrry_ bun - 16 days ago
" this is interesting
LiKe My bIg ToE "
Jacob Mason
Jacob Mason - 16 days ago
Metal seesaw??
Frank about Lego
Frank about Lego - 16 days ago
How the dinosaurs _really_ went extinct
ThrillingVids - 16 days ago
If the planks were placed on their side instead of flat then they would have been significantly stronger. That's why I-beam steel is so strong, it has a vertical section even when it's on its side
Christopher Herald
Christopher Herald - 16 days ago
There's your catapult! Put the fulcrum on the GROUND. The plank may break, but it should launch
shawn murtaugh
shawn murtaugh - 16 days ago
I bet I could fix the barbie
Zachary Money
Zachary Money - 17 days ago
7:45 minuets
Tahlia and Ella
Tahlia and Ella - 17 days ago
Hossy Allen
Hossy Allen - 17 days ago
This video was a disappointment...
Fergus Berrie
Fergus Berrie - 17 days ago
Get a line-x seesaw
Time Traveller
Time Traveller - 17 days ago
Coat the plank in line x and do it again!
Lucie Bailey
Lucie Bailey - 17 days ago
Shorter plank
grant Nanna
grant Nanna - 17 days ago
Wheres Mark Rober when you need him?
James Rumsey
James Rumsey - 17 days ago
5 min
draven Dragonslayer
draven Dragonslayer - 18 days ago
It takes the stone to get up there a 1:10
Dave Cartwright
Dave Cartwright - 18 days ago
I'd like you guys to drop a weight from the 45m hit a see saw with a rubber duck and see if you can send the duck back to be caught at the top of the tower.
Dshadowj - 18 days ago
The idea to make it work is to make the nigel hit while the seesaw is already in motion.
Danielle Small
Danielle Small - 19 days ago
Do you know what the best word is that everyone hates. MOIST
The Fantastic Six Doggos
The Fantastic Six Doggos - 19 days ago
Did anybody else notice the potential of setting the wood over the hole from Nigel and hitting it like that? That wood shot up faster than anything else on the video.
Right at 14:00 even it shoots up and hits the metal and knocks it pretty hard. Try it that way next time
MrToolibill - 19 days ago
It's mad science on the go! Keep up the awesome work 👏
The Milk Man
The Milk Man - 19 days ago
The planks are snapping because you need the plank to accelerate to allow the tension to spread, a sudden force causes to much stress on the point of impact and Center of mass causing it to snap
Bossboss YT
Bossboss YT - 19 days ago
5:32 Rubber Duck

7:11 Dino, Cola, Bowling Pin

9:15 Pineapple

10:33 Pineapple v2

11:29 Watermelon

12:49 Pineapple v3

14:41 Watermelon v2 (steel)

Let me know if I missed anything :)
Jim Fabian
Jim Fabian - 19 days ago
Pleeeeeease tell me you called Roker and got some tips on engineering a true seesaw
UNNAMED - 19 days ago
I get a danganronpa V3 vibe here, but I don’t know why?
Malak •-•
Malak •-• - 18 days ago
s e e s a w e f f e c t
Raisinrock124 - 20 days ago
And this is how earthquakes happen.
Brook Hubbs
Brook Hubbs - 20 days ago
That watermelon exploding gave me a great laugh. Thank you
skelly Gaming
skelly Gaming - 21 day ago
is it just me or dont you feel like the tower could fall it scares me lol
anton vantvelt
anton vantvelt - 21 day ago
and 10 000:)
anton vantvelt
anton vantvelt - 21 day ago
9 999 comment
neosunrider - 21 day ago
7:29 :3 Dinosaur floats for a sec. Ha!
Cubing and Contemplation
Cubing and Contemplation - 22 days ago
I swear they time the ads with the countdown.
bjruss .500
bjruss .500 - 22 days ago
sooooooooo coool
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