POKÉMON Detective Pikachu - Official Trailer #1

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yanzy - Hour ago
Worth the wait
MrEd - Hour ago
Nice CGI, can tell the story sucks
Paige Jasmine
Paige Jasmine - Hour ago
Ether Melt
Ether Melt - Hour ago
All of my sensibilities tell me that this has to be fake, yet all of my senses tell me that this is real!?
Alessa Glass
Alessa Glass - Hour ago
Looks dumb. Can't wait to watch it
Your mom A plebiscticle
Why does the thumbnail of pikachu look like the Alvin and the chipmunks from the disaster movie like if you know what I’m talking about
Dylan Camara
Dylan Camara - Hour ago
When does Godzilla King of the Monsters Trailer 2 come out
Der Wächter
Der Wächter - Hour ago
Wait, what did I just watch?
Easiest Emu4632
Easiest Emu4632 - Hour ago
Like highkey idk how to feel about this. I mean I’ve been waiting for this since I was 4, but i really don’t know how to feel as Deadpool Pikachu
AngelOfIron - Hour ago
Truly this is the most expensive fan film ever made.
la clara
la clara - Hour ago
Is this real life?
Trashman - Hour ago
I'm glad this is real and for the fan trailer of live Pokemon is over.
Willy's Toys
Willy's Toys - Hour ago
Did Pikachu hit puberty?
Kevin Mccollum
Kevin Mccollum - Hour ago
Ryan Reynolds as Pikachu. WHAT THE FUCK
Alex Novich
Alex Novich - Hour ago
Wtf, why the main character is a fucin nigu? Lol srsly? Im understand if that shit were a canon, but this is sjw-scum only. Damn. Hope that a fat lesbian bithes n fags would be in da movie too. SICK
Orgil Khulan
Orgil Khulan - Hour ago
I’m in
Simmikke - Hour ago
I WAS PREPARED FOR CRINGE, holy crap, this is somehow AMAZINF AS FUCK
J J - Hour ago
Its weird hearing deadpool as pikachu lol
Olivia Sath
Olivia Sath - Hour ago
I know I shouldn't be excited but I'm excited
Riedz Givenchy
Riedz Givenchy - Hour ago
This is LIT my ultimate Favorite Pokémon Is coming to Movies Theaters
Joshima M
Joshima M - Hour ago
Is this an april fools day joke?
Citrussock awn
Citrussock awn - Hour ago
I thought he pulled a gun on pikachu at first
Jared B
Jared B - Hour ago
(Sings) This is impressive, disturbing, and makes me uncomfortable!
Nicolas Aguilar
Nicolas Aguilar - Hour ago
Kinda cool, & I'm not even a Pokemon nerd
Jlinus - Hour ago
This looks awesome
ぉねlyぼいAesthetic Beats
Oh my gosh holly crap
Kiernan Howell-MacKinley
So, can we get a Nintendo Cinematic Universe if this works out? I'd like to see another jab at a Super Mario movie.
Setosama (The Fanatic)
Miniman1344 - Hour ago
Honestly thought this was a meme
Sotaebi - Hour ago
Adrian Perez
Adrian Perez - Hour ago
What did I just watch?
Jai Vang
Jai Vang - Hour ago
Key & Peele - Little Homie? If pikachu was black...
Eye patch
Eye patch - Hour ago
Finally a good video game movie
Anthony Lenidrik
Anthony Lenidrik - Hour ago
What they talk?????????
ANH NGUYEN - Hour ago
My dreams, they came true.
Lisa Simpson
Lisa Simpson - Hour ago
Omg 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Muhammad Zikra
Muhammad Zikra - Hour ago
Vic Inc.
Vic Inc. - Hour ago
Honest to God I thought this was fake
Emily Jeanette
Emily Jeanette - Hour ago
Does this mean: Nintendo Cinematic Universe?
Totally not Henry
Totally not Henry - Hour ago
New update for Pokemon Go looks great!
Chaotic Neutral
Chaotic Neutral - Hour ago
I'll just pretend this is from a parallel universe and it somehow made its way here.
SOLORlol - Hour ago
Jburd - Hour ago
Perfection comes in all forms. Today, it came in the form of ryan renolds as a pikachu.
duram꼬두람 - Hour ago
Dead Doctor
Dead Doctor - Hour ago
Got so many fucking Ted vibes.
AXavier Omega
AXavier Omega - Hour ago
Theirs no way that you can make a Pokemon movie and also did you ask Nintendo about it I mean anyone else for that type of prevelege
Corrupted Save File
Corrupted Save File - Hour ago
this is borderline experimental
AustinLong1639 - Hour ago
Will we see cameos of known Pokemon trainers or Gym leaders like Brock Misty or Lance?
ally - Hour ago
*okay never mind. why the fuck is pikachu a grown ass man*
game changer803
game changer803 - Hour ago
Tekashi Memelord
Tekashi Memelord - Hour ago
Weird flex but ok
Kool Cool
Kool Cool - Hour ago
All i hear is deadpool
that guy that came out of nowhere :o
Is that ryan Reynolds?
Leo Passion
Leo Passion - Hour ago
I have the weirdest boner right now....
Cocospaz1_RBLX - Hour ago
All I can imagine is deadpool in pikachu’s body
Zahir Sookoor
Zahir Sookoor - Hour ago
Get ready for the PCU - Pokemon Cinematic Universe
Doctor Dank
Doctor Dank - Hour ago
What the fuck is wrong with whoever’s idea this was?
DarthRBLX - Hour ago
click read more to find out my secrets

*Read more*
DDrey - Hour ago
I hope they make it a small voice on Pikachu, not a grown-up one.
Jonas Leandro
Jonas Leandro - Hour ago
Emma Vermeulen
Emma Vermeulen - Hour ago
This is the most unneeded movie premise I've ever seen... where do I pre-order tickets?
天野夜星 - Hour ago
Tyler Meuse
Tyler Meuse - Hour ago
Pokemon will be real in the future now that we know that they can Look realistic
Lin Chester
Lin Chester - Hour ago
Deadchu Pikapool?
Hell yeah.
Micah brinson
Micah brinson - Hour ago
MARVEL: avengers is the best selling movie of the decade
Nintendo:hold my beer
Vyctor Craft
Vyctor Craft - Hour ago
DaRkNeSs - Hour ago
*No les basto madrear dragón ball ahora van con su live action mierda de pokemon :'V*
Zack - Hour ago
Nintendo gone mad.
AC MORI - Hour ago
So cute
Deph Mardianto
Deph Mardianto - Hour ago
Imaginasi ku atas pikachu BUYARR
Spencer Whiteway
Spencer Whiteway - Hour ago
Danny DeVito was born for this role, and you stole it from him to give it to Deadpool.
andre oropeza
andre oropeza - Hour ago
Oh no
UB3RFR3NZY - Hour ago
1:27 This... This is not how I imagined Pikachu would sound in my wildest dreams.
Alexandre Anderson
Alexandre Anderson - Hour ago
I was like; "Wtf is this shit.."
**Keeps watching the trailer..**
Now I'm like; "It still looks a bit weird, but, fack it! I'll watch it! Yep... I'll watch it.."..
FrostedMiniFears - Hour ago
It's good they're taking risks and making something "original".
Abhishek Bandyopadhyay
Pikapool Deadchu lmaoooo
DanDan Games
DanDan Games - Hour ago
still would have Danny Devito do the voice, but this looks fun
iamsadie -
iamsadie - - Hour ago
Aqua Fluff
Aqua Fluff - Hour ago
I’m speechless, but excited
Paracosm GD
Paracosm GD - Hour ago
That Charizard tho...
Diana Trejos
Diana Trejos - Hour ago
Who framed roger rabbit.
Juniorey - Hour ago
A lot of Ready Player One vibes. Not sure if that’s a good thing or bad.
Mickey Rai
Mickey Rai - Hour ago
I don't know but I m impressed.. Definitely gonna watch bcuz of pikachu
Abel Leyva
Abel Leyva - Hour ago
It's not Danny Devito, I'm sad
Jay Gonzalez
Jay Gonzalez - Hour ago
After Sun and Moon series, I lost faith in the Pokemon franchise. But I feel like this is gonna be a good movie.
Sika'LM KAMERA - Hour ago
Pikachu in a movie in 2019...
Sonic the hedgehog in a movie in 2019...
Mario : animated movie in 2019...
Megaman movie in 2019...
ally - Hour ago
*oh my God, please don't let us down with this*
Eshrak Khan
Eshrak Khan - Hour ago
Yeaaah voice casting is shit. Pikachu just sounds like Deadpool here. Terrible casting. Lazy voice acting by Reynolds. Look at how good Bradley Copper does Rocket Racoon. It actually sounds unique not fuckin Phil from Hangover
Sean B
Sean B - Hour ago
He’s too fucking cute!
Luke Smith
Luke Smith - Hour ago
TED 2018 version
TheMontegonian - Hour ago
What a....weird first foray into a live action pokemon movie. i'm gonna watch it.
Crow Migration
Crow Migration - Hour ago
Looks like an April fools joke. Except we are almost half a year away. Maybe that's the joke.
10 Subs & No Videos
10 Subs & No Videos - Hour ago
This looks weird but I’m probably not going to watch it.
John Stephenson
John Stephenson - Hour ago
Ok, this is epic
Discbreaker Chanel
Discbreaker Chanel - Hour ago
This is weird, but Ok I guess...
**Hears Picachu's voice**
Clown Gaming
Clown Gaming - Hour ago
What the fuck is this
Matthew Jim
Matthew Jim - Hour ago
What the fuck
Gamingwithnick - Hour ago
I cant believe this is actually a going to be a thing heck when I saw the thumbnail I was like clickbait
Ricers4thewin - Hour ago
Yes thank you can't wait to see it
Ailcandre Dreder3009087
I saw this on a channel that’s not popular then I slept, and then this ended up at #1
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