CEOs Mark Zuckerberg, Tim Cook, Jeff Bezos & Sundar Pichai testify before House Judiciary Cmte

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Hongyu zhang
Hongyu zhang - Hour ago
OK, I love Elon Musk
Godwin frank
Godwin frank - 4 hours ago
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dodid0 - 17 hours ago
Their WhatsApp group after the hearing:
Mark:"yo dog, Pachai got grilled!"
Mark:"get a better cam bezos,youre the richest guy on earth"
Jeff:"cannot. Mackenzie took the good cam through the divorce. I was left with my old 360p logitech"
Tim:"listen Jeff, I feel you. Use code APLEP4WNS15% on our website for a discount on a new iPhone. At least that should do"
Mark:"Yeah do that jeff. Btw can you speed up my order #6629921? I need the new coffee machine by Friday"
Anne Bradley
Anne Bradley - Day ago
Iran is not the leader of terrorism! USA and Saudi Arabia are and that's why this world is F'd up with this fake Coronavirus Agenda! Stop supporting fashioned ideology!
Anne Bradley
Anne Bradley - 23 hours ago
The witnesses are sworn in "so help you God" but they all promote a godless society. Where is Elon Musk? Maybe his citizenship is in another country. .
Anne Bradley
Anne Bradley - 23 hours ago
Both Clinton and Trump were funded by Soros for their campaigns!-Soros wrote off at least $250million financing Trump Tower but you spineless shill only submit to the underserving rich who abuse power!
No ID - Day ago
who objected?
No ID - Day ago
Rule #1: you must have a clear throat whilst speaking. The guy sounds like he's underwater.
ah24787154 - Day ago
Wow Matt Gaetz and Jim Jordan are really stupid. Like holy shit
Edit: stube also
Natalie Nice
Natalie Nice - Day ago
Gaetz wants a blank check of support from Google on behalf of law enforcement??? Is he serious? What could be less American? That isn’t democracy.
Victoria Figueredo
Victoria Figueredo - 2 days ago
Using masks is fucking stupid.
Loxic Sparx
Loxic Sparx - 2 days ago
Who cares?! Zulrbrg Another love child of German Dutch puddin like greta, spying on people ,scking up  people private lives on Facebook?! What did these trbmillionares do for people in hard times but showing off their extra pennies?! Like desperate mrns for attention like elon & buffet & the new Hindu billionare?! Stores r closing,dams r breaking..people unemployed..what did they do but showing off their selfishness?!the Chinese billionaires didn't help Chinese but show off helping the Americans.. Or  kayne west wanting to become president..what idea Did he offer,how much did he spend to make people lives easier?! Is he gonna rap with rest of world trashers g7,g20 hated in their countries?! Club of Obama,trmp,puddn& their wannabe cyberstallking abusive friends(UN,royals,Hollywood,g7,g20,famous companies,trbmillionares,etc) violating people, women girls, watching them on hidden cams?!
Susan Hout
Susan Hout - 2 days ago
We have all seen that evil people are funding the overthrow of our country - People that want to save this country, need to help protect our President and stand up and protect each other and our country from the terrorist attacks, attacks on our police and any threat to our President, we voted for representatives to represent us, and so far we have found instead, they represent Marxist overthrow of our country from within, and Big Pharma, the very rich elites that do not want any good President in office, I fear for the safety of our President and for our country, and it is time people demand leaders in this nation, stop the acts of treason and start defending our President, our nation, and our police, and start representing America and not Big Pharma or the wealthy elites that want to control and destroy America by creating a dystopia, or a Global economic reset or a Marxist Communist dictatorship ruled by the wealthy that has planned all of this globally - Look at , focus on, Investigate through and through, polygraph, examine, test and arrest who is wealthy enough to threaten our President and our Economy and force our Leaders to protect our President, our economy and our Country from their attacks on America - someone in the midst of BIG MONEY is a threat to us all and our President - WAKE UP AMERICA - process of elimination, well that leaves out 86 percent of the poor or middle class in our world, so lets look at the rich as suspects at this point - the list is not so big really when you see who is rich enough to pose a threat to America
Natalie Nice
Natalie Nice - 2 days ago
Jordan doesn’t discuss the content of censored info. As if it doesn’t matter that the responsibility of public politicians doesn’t require them not to lie
Ruth Haught
Ruth Haught - 2 days ago
Jerry blah blah blah you talk out of both sides of your mouth
Andrew Jurca
Andrew Jurca - 2 days ago
All of these companies improved your life more or less: Amazon, Google, Facebook, Apple. Why are you wasting time here leaving mean comments? We should be supporting them. The world would not be the same without them.
Jyoti Noname
Jyoti Noname - Day ago
Most here are lazy they don't care.
Tien pham van
Tien pham van - 3 days ago
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Joy Zhou
Joy Zhou - 3 days ago
How the Specter of Communism Is Ruling Our World
GWYP! Flight School
GWYP! Flight School - 3 days ago
Matt Gaetz is certainly "special"
Tnavi nous
Tnavi nous - 3 days ago
Even those who’ve tracked technology will be chilled to their core by Zuboff’s new book.
Tamer B
Tamer B - 4 days ago
Mark Zuckerberg is truly scary looking
楊凱!妖怪? - 4 days ago
Anyone takes this seriously in 2020 ,KEKW
X320 - 4 days ago
3:32:15 Yeah sure... Consistently 99% User Rating... The headphone jack removed, the lack of ram, the lack of multitasking, the display, the iPhone that bends and and and, all the videos! But sure consistently 99% rating...
Juan otamendi
Juan otamendi - 5 days ago
They ripped them a new !!!!.. this is great !! Even tho this wont be shown anywhere!!!
GATE - 5 days ago
Not good that is not good
GATE - 5 days ago
Not good that is not good
GATE - 5 days ago
That is not good not good that is not good
Juan otamendi
Juan otamendi - 5 days ago
Does poor guys !! Lol.. they are so fake !!
bodoti qwiu
bodoti qwiu - 5 days ago
Cami Galles
Cami Galles - 5 days ago
Another lousy Authoritarian banana republic. America is another failed state!!! Shame on the Senate s dog and pony show!
jillmac2000 - 5 days ago
Watching Congresspeople think they are getting the tech CEOs in "gotcha" moments by asking idiotic questions that prove they don't understand how the internet works is more painful than a root canal.

A real debate exists regarding tech giants eliminating competition, specifically by buying competition or controlling the arenas competition operates, but we will never get there with people who are ignorant of basic internet operations as the arbiters to hold tech companies accountable.
Zercal Sworts
Zercal Sworts - 5 days ago
What is up with c.c.p china Jeff, blocks away from the people of china's house in Beijing??? Why can I log in and my cerdit card data is in amazon.CN from amazon.COM
C.C.P China will disappear Jeff Bezos if he doesn't do as told, What is worse, Slave Labor, What is even worse, amazon.CN is hiring lots of software engineers and AI programmers.
Go ahead give amazon.CN a spin and search jobs , software, Jeff Should be eating dinner in a cage...
And don't tell me where the office is in cChina CCP is not in Control, And hay, dosn't the us government store information on amazons servers, Shame on ya
bodoti qwiu
bodoti qwiu - 5 days ago
How about we get the CEO of Wayfair and ask them about the selling of $10,000 storage units? No? Oh, okay.
Jack v
Jack v - 5 days ago
As far as I know the Canadian version of C-SPAN is comments disabled. This tells us we are getting close to that time ladies and gentlemen oh, and people of other orientations. Facebook Google they make nothing of tangible value oh, they provide nothing for the economy, their stock prices are being upheld and supported by Central planners who are using taxpayer dollars to support these platforms for the purpose of social engineering and the dismantlement of the Constitutions around the world as well as the confiscation of private property and remaining savings and the ability to produce fruits is diminishing ever more rapidly due to the propaganda being pushed through the social medias and then turn from their turned into government policy. The Tyranny is outrageously Preposterous and Beyond conspiratorial theorize ization and ended up solutely requires and Knowlton fall have to understand that's all private property and earnings is being confiscated rapidly on a global level from the board of middle-class the upper-middle-class the upper class all for the benefits of a very few. It is obvious that this agenda intends to incite violence hatred from one group to another group as well as multiple groups. These Elite corporatist seek to create the divide-and-conquer atmosphere so that they can monopolize the remaining parts of the economy as they regulate out of business the small and medium-sized companies around the world. we have been told that protesting black lives matter is fine because of some reasoning we have not been explained to except that perhaps the covid-19 virus is afraid of BLM protesters but not afraid and quite conducive to spreading its virus in protest groups that are advocating for private property rights and the ability to participate in the economy as a small and medium-sized business. It is completely unsound and hurts and destroys the human Spirit of everyone from the peak of the power pyramid of control to the very Foundation. Economist understand the very formula for measuring misery only requires that we take into account the diminishing economic freedoms as well as the absence of sound money to derive the misery index, plus we have the origin of all human made misery on the planet oh, and this is without exception in that every social problem problem around the world stems from the root cause of monopolization over the economy and the money supply. it is no mystery that many large corporations that exist today such as BMW, Volkswagen Audi and Leslie and many other corporations all successfully lobbied the government to take humans as actual slaves. Evidently we are seeing this occurring today yet through extremely stealthy tactics some methodologies such as the use of virtue signalling groups as BLM and antifa and many other organizations and affiliations that attempts to stifle the discovery process that comes through freedom of speech and from there we see a rapid deterioration in human beings ability to participate in the economy in any measurable meaning for why due to the ever-expanding monopolization of the world's economy. we must understand that it is economic freedom and sound money that shall afford all of humanity from the very peak of the pyramid to the very Foundation the ability to develop and maintain soundmine, self-worth and maturity as well as in turn from their the capacity to Foster and nurture love, empathy and forgiveness to the extent that it is humanly possible to do so. We must understand that there's an order to maintain are monopolistic system over the economy on the money supply that everyone from the peak of the pyramid to his foundation must I'll see you on the niche that is not dissimilar to that of a parasite while on the subject of this Monopoly we must be careful that we are not lured into the nationalization of these corporate entities which brings us back into on Monopoly but a state owned Monopoly which is just as bad.
doubtingmantis - 5 days ago
Jamie Raskin is still pushing the russiagate hoax. The troll Farm responsible for the memes showed up in court and the FBI had to drop the case.
Alex - 5 days ago
Zuckerberg is such a horrible guy
B222E7 - 6 days ago
Starting from 40:25
No, success isn't always because of "delivering experiences that people love". Lots of criminals are successful and it's not because they delivered experiences people love. Just look at the Mobs from NY that got taken down. They delivered buildings.. people loved them, but not everyone was enjoying that experience!
"there is no guarantee that our values will win out"./// WOW, says it all for me. So our values won't "win out" in this country? Is that what you mean to say herein? Please do clarify.
 "concerns about the size and power of tech companies", if that's what you think the concern regards? Then, you justify this by saying you only get so much of people's money. It's not about the money, it's about the influence. If that's how you want to speak about control where it relates to size and power.
Why are you are backing up your responses with emotional regards that say nothing about how the power and size is an "at issue"? Being behind your competitors doesn't answer the question of size and power, which is against the views of this country. Though, since you think our values won't win out, then you don't think the size and power is an issue? I am so confused Mark. Let's have you clarify for the people who are entrusting you with this data, because it makes no sense. Whose values will win out - the competitor? this emotional whirlwind of statements make NO clear sense.
Instead, you deflect concerns and I find that lacking in intellect regarding the will of Americans. Misses the point. "that change can happen quicker than you'd expect"...Oh, really, is that speaking towards your experience or just about deflecting the concern to say that Americans should allow your company to be so large because they could be innovated out and then where would America be???? What is the point, I am somehow confused in the mirage of emotional information that doesn't speak to the larger concerns.
Lets start with the FACTS, sir. Not the "I'll get that to you later". Just the facts. We all know you cannot know everything ongoing in your company. It's just that it sounds more like you need to run off an check with an attorney about what you should or should not include. Does that make sense?
I personally don't believe private companies should share the power of control with the government whilst not realizing the controls of government within their own structure and how the combination of the two can create a tyranny in the mind of one individual.
Todd Zmijewski
Todd Zmijewski - 6 days ago
ou are going to sit here and accuse all these people of wrong doings. However, you don't include the most reclusive video game
Todd Zmijewski
Todd Zmijewski - 6 days ago
What about Tim Sweene. You are going to sit here and accuse all these people of wrong doings. However, you don't include the most reclusive video game
B222E7 - 6 days ago
Gaetz, don't stop your investigation therein. This is a rampant problem in Tech Industry to make an acquisition or merger that kills competition.
Nathan Waggoner
Nathan Waggoner - 6 days ago
Tim Cook: "We don't charge them for the free Apps"
An *American* businessman if I ever saw one
Ptao Tom
Ptao Tom - 6 days ago
Tim Cook has all that money and can’t fix his teeth like bruh just give me that money
Traditional channel
Traditional channel - 6 days ago
I collected several opinions in this video. Watch it and follow my channel please
Colin Poling
Colin Poling - 6 days ago
That's a great and important question -10 seconds I'm not aware of that particular case -10 seconds, I'll get back to your office
Congress: how does gmail work?
Google: Google it, your not gonna use bing because we make up 60% of searches on the entire internet
Ptao Tom
Ptao Tom - 6 days ago
let's go back to myspace if that is all there is, no one needs Twitter
Rockstars Del Emprendimiento
Nikhil Srivastava
Nikhil Srivastava - 6 days ago
Engineering VIVA 4:32:39
Adam Garcia
Adam Garcia - 6 days ago
At what time does Zucc smoke the meats? Pls help.
Josh Garris
Josh Garris - 6 days ago
How about we get the CEO of Wayfair and ask them about the selling of $10,000 storage units? No? Oh, okay.
Warren R
Warren R - 6 days ago
If you take hydroxychloroquine without a prescription, you are a moron and deserves to pay the consequences.
Warren R
Warren R - 6 days ago
Unless y'all have substantial irrefutable evidence, this is a huge waste of time.
ah24787154 - Day ago
They do
GondorTheLAme - 6 days ago
Tim Apple
J Loren
J Loren - 6 days ago
Major companies pretend to be interviewed by people on their payroll for a press maneuver. Fixed that title for you.
jon woker
jon woker - 6 days ago
Amazon Gift Card
jack sparrow
jack sparrow - 6 days ago
Pichai and Zuckerberg so full of shit.
Sulaiman Ahmed
Sulaiman Ahmed - 6 days ago
You could tell Tim was getting angry every time he was getting cut off 🤣
Lunatica Iri
Lunatica Iri - 6 days ago
What was the point of all this?
They have poured tons of lies, obvious lies, and their answers were accepted.
What is the outcome? Will there be any change??
Can anyone tell me what was the point of these hearings?
Emily An
Emily An - 6 days ago
Is anyone else tired? I'm pretty tired. I think I'll take a nap.
Kevin Rocky
Kevin Rocky - 6 days ago
Tim Cook has all that money and can’t fix his teeth like bruh just give me that money
jshlstn1 - 6 days ago
Amazingly the same democrats that bitch and cry about rules of law and witnesses being heard , constantly brake rules and don't let people, even other members of Congress be heard , this is why they are losing support from every one except the crazy extremists.
These people talk about being about princables and their approval with the people yet silence those that who aren't favorable.
I only use duck duck go not google there is now a replacement for YouTube I'll be using from now on.
And who the fuck needs Facebook let's go back to myspace if that is all there is, no one needs Twitter
AngelBaby Momma
AngelBaby Momma - 7 days ago
"For the love of money is the root of all evil" 1 Timothy 6:10
Emily An
Emily An - 6 days ago
Jim Jordan is a joke
AngelBaby Momma
AngelBaby Momma - 7 days ago
Also, many sociopaths make it that far up in business... look how they dont budge an inch, no sweat beads, poised posture, calm tone of voice. No hiccups in demeanor, calculated sociopaths.
Fifi Finance
Fifi Finance - 7 days ago
The plan of financial freedom is great, but I don't think I'll want to give up work hehe, maybe I'm just a workaholic. However, I would like to have an investment portfolio that generates an income stream to give me the option to be nomadic, cliched i know... it's the idea that matters. As Freddie says 'Born to be Free'.💪
AngelBaby Momma
AngelBaby Momma - 7 days ago
This is still a horse and pony show... the more important questions are NOT being asked or exposed to the public. Where ARE these decisions coming from? (to censor) E.g: how high up? This is a conspiracy to take our freedoms and liberties. Dr. Fauci needs to be at a hearing for Fraud, extortion, manipulation of data, conflicts of interest, this goes so high up we need to PURGE public trust of entities within BIG Tech and BIG Pharma who are in bed with each other. These individuals will NOT and can NOT tell the truth. God have mercy on their souls.
Pat J
Pat J - 7 days ago
Google Does Not Give A Rat's Behind Who Wins The Election !
Google Is a __ TRILLION Dollar Business__They Aren't Going To WASTE TIME & MONEY__ To Reprogram Search Engines , etc., __ For Any Election !
dj gaming
dj gaming - 7 days ago
This was interesting in a way
Art Conforti Personal
Art Conforti Personal - 7 days ago
Completion. PEriod
Art Conforti Personal
Art Conforti Personal - 7 days ago
Completion. PEriod
Art Conforti Personal
Art Conforti Personal - 7 days ago
Apple is tough and they don't favor developers. I saw first hand. The guy asking is feeding questions.
Art Conforti Personal
Art Conforti Personal - 7 days ago
Not true. Apple let's them know. I built apps too. It us their property!
Blue Curaçao
Blue Curaçao - 7 days ago
3:46:30 damn she is good 👍💪 zuckerberg looks just a bumbling kid here
Art Conforti Personal
Art Conforti Personal - 7 days ago
Congress is so old. Congress asked Zuckerberg a twitter post. They don't have a clue what they are questioning. We need a younger Congress. It was a Twitter statement. Zuckerberg deserves credit for not setting straight like he could have. He did a great job. Here we go, more about Zuckerberg. This guy Nadler is just being fed content. So what if Facebook buys a competitor. Is change really that painful for congress
Art Conforti Personal
Art Conforti Personal - 7 days ago
Omg, let Google speak. You are terrible. Google is not subsidized. This is terrible. The General public doesn't understand. This is not fair to google. Call a spade a spade. They don't allow google to explain. Google stole from yelp? Yelp is a bully. THe Public Didn't understand. This is a woeful. I know these sides inside and out. Ask me anything. Sure, his time is running out. Ugh. Aweful
Art Conforti Personal
Art Conforti Personal - 7 days ago
Anyone know what was significant about sept 8, 1998? It was the beginning of Google. I watched and grew with all this tech which has allowed more mom and pops to corner and grow business back when location ruled, now your digital presence. Now everyone can compete. Amazon made shopping easier, supermarkets deliver to you. Lift takes you down the street for $6.00. Control has shifted, this congress is too old and out of touch. Congress has no clue. These people are clueless. I have watched tech grow. Tech has allowed us to have choicecabdvgrow. Again, Congress didn't understand. You wantvanseers? Call me. They keep bashing google, how about all that the newspaper caused in the day
Art Conforti Personal
Art Conforti Personal - 7 days ago
The power has shifted back in the day the newspapers controlled all the data now they lost that and are complaining because they lost at all. Digital has made it more affordable and easier for entrepreneurs to compete in the past the newspaper would charge you $30000 for a month of very aggressive advertising Google breaks down to a $1000 A-day now an entrepreneur can dipped their toes in the water without diving in and possibly drowning it enabled me to build a 5 million dollar company with no money
astroWhisper - 7 days ago
Jim Jordan is a joke
astroWhisper - 7 days ago
TRUMP is a bigger problem
Sejarah Dunia
Sejarah Dunia - 7 days ago
Why Microsoft is not here to testify? Isn't it the same as these companies?
astroWhisper - 7 days ago
why cant we question Trump like this
C.j. Olton
C.j. Olton - 7 days ago
peace love
peace love - 7 days ago
Facebook utterly useless.
Ephraim Mulilo
Ephraim Mulilo - 7 days ago
Tim Cook had it easy while Mr. Pichai was getting absolutely drilled.
Memefluencer Pty Ltd
Memefluencer Pty Ltd - 7 days ago
Zuckerberg is gave the best opening speech out of all the CEO's here.
BigEazy2012 - 7 days ago
Are talking about government or companies? Bit like the pot talking to the kettle
The Greek
The Greek - 7 days ago
This absolutely means NOTHING lol.. 5 hours of wasted time lol.
goutam sinha
goutam sinha - 7 days ago
Follow me on instagram @gouta_sinha_silchar
goutam sinha
goutam sinha - 7 days ago
What is that
SV Nagappa
SV Nagappa - 7 days ago
Break them all down
turbominator - 7 days ago
1:47:16 *shaking intensifies*
zivgames zivgames
zivgames zivgames - 7 days ago
this is such a nonsense , those people devoted their lives to make our life more convenient and they are being judged for that just because they are too good at what they are doing
come on stop being jealous those people deserve all their achievements, money, and power, they worked their ass for it.
they deserve their power 1000 times more than trump deserves to be a president.
and how exactly do you expect to stop them ? you can't take away their apps.
they are doing nothing wrong, they are building our future
artificial intelligence that will make our lives even better,
the future can't be stopped.
you better aim your sights at some politicians they are the real pigs of this world.
Ptao Tom
Ptao Tom - 7 days ago
“Thank you thank you my time is short” YOUR TALKING TO BILLIONAIRES, take consideration of their time also, so disrespectful it’s disgusting. Congress is such bull.
mad k
mad k - 7 days ago
Congress had a point with his second question. I always get ads during porn 😂.
mad k
mad k - 7 days ago
We use Google for porn. Thank you Mr pichai
Dreamingbig - 7 days ago
This is all a bunch of bs. The government (UNCLE SAM) just wants a piece of the 🥧
trumps gonna allow monoploies inhis third 2025
Kurt Elliott
Kurt Elliott - 7 days ago
I get hit by fake Facebook accounts all the time, I image search and see the same photo used by many people!!! another giveaway is the block you from seeing comments almost always!!!
Kurt Elliott
Kurt Elliott - 8 days ago
Hey Sundar, how come your people killed my old channel during the 2016 election and shadow banned the channel I run now that has over 6,000 videos instead of monetizing it? almost instantly my views dropped down from 5,300 a hour to more like 10-20 views a hour asshole!!!
Đinh Văn Kiên
Đinh Văn Kiên - 8 days ago
The super brains of mankind 😋😋😋
MA F - 8 days ago
Following, there are two videos that explains to you the truth about what is happening in Brazil...
James Harler
James Harler - 8 days ago
Hey Apple Free Hong kong!!
Micah Woolfolk
Micah Woolfolk - 8 days ago
Put your mask on...put your mask on...😠
Ed LaVallie
Ed LaVallie - 8 days ago
Ben Cheever
Ben Cheever - 8 days ago
Rep Jim Jordan, you have made well over 2 million dollars, while being a representative. half of that was made in the last year. You may not be as rich as them, but you are more wealthy than 95% of Americans.
Rhythm Workshop
Rhythm Workshop - 8 days ago
All these advantages, which the CEO's praise here, we can enjoy even without tycoons worth billions!
Erick Gasca
Erick Gasca - 8 days ago
“Thank you thank you my time is short” YOUR TALKING TO BILLIONAIRES, take consideration of their time also, so disrespectful it’s disgusting. Congress is such bull.
Lunatica Iri
Lunatica Iri - 3 days ago
@Erick Gasca Just as I wouldn't like to be lied to. It is true that anyone should be respectful in general, but this is not how you made this point. "Talking to billionaires" sounds still the same to me..
Erick Gasca
Erick Gasca - 5 days ago
Irinuca Ioana i get what your saying but your letting your feeling get in the way of my actual point here. What im saying if you could step away from your self is that the congressmen and women are very condescending for other people’s time and value theirs more important. How can anyone expect to get valuable insight this way, how is this a discussion? Imagine i asked you a question, rudely interrupted you, and yielded my time. Im sure you would like that.
Lunatica Iri
Lunatica Iri - 5 days ago
@Erick Gasca How do you know how busy they are? And isn't a congressman busy too? I bet you are way more busy than any of those people have ever been. Just as most of the people are. Also, they work for themselves, not for me, not for that congressman. More so, they are suspected of monopoly and of collaboration with the ccp, among others. Only suspected because they have so much money, otherwise they would probably have to answer for it too. I can't have respect for somebody just because he earns a lot. Sorry!
Erick Gasca
Erick Gasca - 6 days ago
Irinuca Ioana did i say any of that after the billionaire part? NO. what im saying is they are as busy or even way more busy then this disrespectful congress women getting her question in and not even looking for a reply. You cant not agree that that’s disrespectful and thats how you treat someone who’s “less human”. Look at how bezos and all of them reply, how they talk, and then how the congresswoman talks. There you go. Show some respect you also
Lunatica Iri
Lunatica Iri - 6 days ago
Your talking to billionaires :))))) Sorry, but really? Are they more humans than the rest of us? Should we kiss their asses?
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