Trevor Chats with His Grandma About Apartheid and Tours Her Home, “MTV Cribs”-Style | The Daily Show

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Evan Imatlantis1
Evan Imatlantis1 - 41 minute ago
Such a beautiful woman.
T'Ahnse' Cunnningham
T'Ahnse' Cunnningham - 2 hours ago
Trevor is such husband material😭😭😭why do i have to be 17 but hey i turn 18 in march lol but besides that i love the fact that he still shows love for his country and how he cares for his grandmother💖💖💖💖💖🌺🌺🌺🌺😩😩😩😩😩😩
Yacqub Dublin
Yacqub Dublin - 3 hours ago
I can stop watching this is story
Yacqub Dublin
Yacqub Dublin - 3 hours ago
This is why I love old people🙌🏽
Nathaniel Mesekale
Nathaniel Mesekale - 13 hours ago
yo this the most precious thing I've ever seen... I lost both my grandparents last year, and I miss all the stories they told me about Ethiopia... this a real blessing!
tony la
tony la - 15 hours ago
Great Trevor... lots of love from AMSTERDAM
Olivia Sathyamoorthi
Olivia Sathyamoorthi - 15 hours ago
This just reminded me of my ma and o'ma and their experience.So sweet. 😍
I kinda died when she said the kids ran away from Trevor ba re 'Lekgowa'! 😂🤣
Mbazira James
Mbazira James - 18 hours ago
She is so smart
Dua'a Alsayed
Dua'a Alsayed - 19 hours ago
Oh my god we have shards on our wall too 😂😂😂
Nick Chen
Nick Chen - 21 hour ago
I will definitely go to Africa to meet those funny beautiful and kindly people.Btw Trevor is my favorite comedian ...Respect from Brooklyn !!!
Nick Chen
Nick Chen - 21 hour ago
God bless Gogo...
Camille Bancod
Camille Bancod - Day ago
This breaks my heart . 💔
K. Barnes
K. Barnes - Day ago
Mr. Noah, Thank you.. love and light to you.
The Onion Devil
The Onion Devil - Day ago
Awe this is the sweetest thing I have ever seen
This episode brought me closer to this black brother. Thank you for keepin it real. GOD bless Coco
Cow Boy
Cow Boy - Day ago
Well I'm sorry Mrs strange if this comment hit home at your house but if you don't appreciate Trevor for being a humble young man then your problems run deeper than any tone I could ever muster now how are your children raised ?
Leyla Abayhan
Leyla Abayhan - Day ago
Watching this brought me to tears..
Wow . Please help ur grandma in every way you can 😥
Nhlanhla MacG
Nhlanhla MacG - Day ago
Before i watch this i got to say I bought ur book yesterday n started reading it today, i found myself laughing non-stop within the first paragraph of the first chapter and gladly so far I've connected with the book. Thanks now let me see wat u got here
Margaret Williams
Margaret Williams - 2 days ago
Ano nymous Pri vet
Ano nymous Pri vet - 2 days ago
Just honored my gran at 95yr 10mtths. She is every bit as lively as Trevor's Koko.
LRaeM B - 2 days ago
* first thing you do when you come to an African house is you greet* OH HELL YEAH. Try to come to my mum house without greeting politely!! That’s the end of our friendship.
Haha Haha
Haha Haha - 2 days ago
I'm afraid to be manager on black people - love SA!!!
Her Majesty
Her Majesty - 2 days ago
That was absolutely enthralling to watch. Much love to you and your grandmother.
Mark Putin
Mark Putin - 2 days ago
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Freya - 2 days ago
as an indian i can relate
love to all the black people from india
jluckhun - 2 days ago
seriously, who are these 3.6k people who disliked this video?
Juraé Zion
Juraé Zion - 2 days ago
Lately25 - 2 days ago
She is absolutely lovely.
M C Smith
M C Smith - 2 days ago
Is your Grandmother looking for a granddaughter to adopt? I am available.
holygroove2 - 2 days ago
What a beautiful person she is. Straight honesty.
大豬豬 - 2 days ago
why his grandma can speak english?
Claribel Ngundu
Claribel Ngundu - 3 days ago
OMG I'm so obsessed with Trevor and now his granny. You can tell his family is his foundation and he has great love for them. I just LOVE this man
Mxolisi Vuma
Mxolisi Vuma - 3 days ago
"Inguuudu...ingudu vele!"
Trevor 😂😂😂
D Ashrielle H
D Ashrielle H - 3 days ago
ghaffir - 3 days ago
She is wonderful.
nannyslove777 - 3 days ago
I enjoyed watching this video and listening to the wisdom of Trevor's grandmother. However,Trevor, you must do better in making sure that your grandmother has the things she needs. Come on now Trevor how is it possible that her electricity and cable goes out? If it is due to a lack of money - Trevor, do better. Cherish her Trevor. I still enjoy watching your show :)
Life At Thirty
Life At Thirty - 3 days ago
I'm sorry Trevor you funny but gogo need her own show 😂😂😂
thecursed01 - 3 days ago
does anyone know if he also has contact with his father?
Nikhil Koranne
Nikhil Koranne - 3 days ago
D NaTasha
D NaTasha - 3 days ago
bluefolktronica - 3 days ago
This is beautiful!
visserswp - 3 days ago
I think I just cried a little on the inside... that was so moving.. just make sure you take care of that beautiful soul of your grandmother. god knows you got the $ for it. And give that old bat a kiss form all of us for beging such a great personality, she made me laugh like hell. btw you better do a follow-up, promises made promises kept and all that....
gabiluch87 - 3 days ago
"Those bog bumps... they know my slippers!" hahah
Catherine Hamilton
Catherine Hamilton - 3 days ago
I love your grandma l love your coco. In Kenyan she is Shosho. My parents and our grandparents experienced British colonization. In fact our first 3 siblings are just like you; they were around during the British colonies in Kenya. Just like you they don’t remember those days since they were young.
c0mpu73rguy - 3 days ago
What a lovely lady ^v^
Tv's Got Talent
Tv's Got Talent - 3 days ago
He should be a judge in South Africa Got Talent
InChrist - 3 days ago
No wonder he's so funny! You have to be optimistic being born of a time like that. His grandmother passed on optimism.
Lol i see why he is a comedian
Cassie Roux
Cassie Roux - 3 days ago
She is sooo cute i love how you talk to one another and have such a great relationship even with you living in the U.S
John Namutuwa
John Namutuwa - 3 days ago
Wow! She is so beautiful. 91 and she still look like shnack👑 She is queen.
Skeme Music
Skeme Music - 3 days ago
Getting shivers from hearing your Grandma. God Bless your family
M. Va'enuku
M. Va'enuku - 3 days ago
Tiffany McBride
Tiffany McBride - 3 days ago
Donald Bagwell
Donald Bagwell - 3 days ago
I’m both impressed and inspired in all of what I’m seeing, I usually watch this channel to laugh and kill time. Now I’m both appalled at everyone involved and putting mendella on a higher pedestal than I did before. And I’m honored that you shared this with us. Your grandma is awesome and a treasure. I now also know where you get your sense of humor and your good nature.
twardavid - 4 days ago
OHMYGOSH, I need "gogo" in my life, a beautiful soul. By grandma a house. We must go back to South Africa, Africa period, and rebuild. Amen...
maree isaacson
maree isaacson - 4 days ago
What a precious lady!
Paolo Liwag
Paolo Liwag - 4 days ago
Watching this episode makes my me cry 😢.
I miss my coco so much
Trevors coco is full of wisdom.
She is very respectful and polite.
But what amazed me a lot is that she is so grateful. When Trevor told her that he will give her a generator, you can see in her face and expression that is so grateful.
Not so many people are like that.
Renee Morris
Renee Morris - 4 days ago
Your Grandma is such a delight.
Steph Meh
Steph Meh - 4 days ago
Wow, Trevor! I just read/listened your audiobook and loved it so much I started to become obssesed with whatever you have to sayha ha ha Thank you for this video and thanks to your grandma for sharing part of her life to us!
Aneesah Y
Aneesah Y - 4 days ago
Amazing. She is soo adorable reminds me of every beautiful woman of wisdom in my family. She melted my heart. So nice of him to share and only made my desire to visit Africa stronger. Wow. Loved this!
pietreksz - 4 days ago
Dear Trevor, in my opinion you are the best! You grandma is amazing! Greetings from Poland!
Marissa Celaya
Marissa Celaya - 4 days ago
I love this so much.
East M.
East M. - 4 days ago
God bless Koko, she is amazing...
Afra Mohamed
Afra Mohamed - 4 days ago
Ana Maria Gamba
Ana Maria Gamba - 4 days ago
Havr to talk to my grandma
Maite Seale
Maite Seale - 4 days ago
"Like He'll!"😂😂😂😂Trevors gogo though. She's great and hilarious😆😆😆
Yuna Ko
Yuna Ko - 4 days ago
OMG she is an angel on Earth,so bubbly and so energetic Granny, reminds me my Grandma.She is amazing ♡♡♡♡♡
Valeria Dominguez
Valeria Dominguez - 4 days ago
Azania Pulse
Azania Pulse - 4 days ago
I just love uGogo, she is hilarious and sweet. She reminds me of my late granny, very special and loving souls indeed ❤️❤️❤️
Shawn Bailey
Shawn Bailey - 4 days ago
One of my biggest regrets in life was not talking to my gran enough, you are highly favored Trevor. Treasure her and all that she is.
The TalkesUg NyanaComedy
Am a fan Noar
Thanx for loving your family
Queen Bluntress
Queen Bluntress - 4 days ago
thank you your grandmother shared history with us. African history
Aftersin Records
Aftersin Records - 5 days ago
Maatla Lesole, God Bless You More And Please Invest In Soweto My Brother. We Still Struggling Here!
L.I.B LivelyIntelligentBeauty
"Those big bumps, they know my slippers" 🤣🤣🤣🤣
عبدالله عسيلان
Lovely grandma 👵🏾
Sincerely Nyx
Sincerely Nyx - 5 days ago
This was so cute!
Elaine Vega
Elaine Vega - 5 days ago
Grams is so cute Trevor!!
Christiaan A Robbertse
Christiaan A Robbertse - 5 days ago
Open your eyes
Deb Angerman
Deb Angerman - 5 days ago
Totally see where Trevor got his sense of humor from!
Rohlihlahla Mofokeng
Rohlihlahla Mofokeng - 5 days ago
Soweto must pay their Electricity bills...stop stealing ...eish Wena!
Henry Hill
Henry Hill - 5 days ago forgot what a shithole you came from..... Oh jobs, and Upheaval...Oh I thought things were suppose to get so much better once the Whiteman was chased away with all the Skills the black have.... and now how the Blacks MURDER the Whites, but that's ok right Trevor?
Keenen Pretorius
Keenen Pretorius - 4 days ago
Oh shut up and work on your halitosis
Steve Godina
Steve Godina - 5 days ago
i hope you read this trevor or it gets to you all i could think of was at least rebuilding the walls and inside to make the house as modern as can be but still blend in from the outside and fortifying the walls with stronger material and putting solar panels that are visible or easy to steal. i'm sure it's a lot cheaper that you are making american money and solar energy is cheaper if you get it from china all this incase she's one of those that don't want to leave their own home. don't take no as an answer man.
Steve Godina
Steve Godina - 5 days ago
trevor is trash what the fuck. he seems like a selfish ass person how tf is your mom still living like that when you got money now. when she was talking about getting her a generator fixing and installing stuff it looked like he got bothered. you got an interview outta your mom and a really good one at that the least she deserves is a freakin generator or solar panels fuck! ask akon for help you selfish prick
Ksonah Kson
Ksonah Kson - 5 days ago
This brings tears to my this convo..raw and touching with love and humour....hope you got Gogo that generator!!!
cheonsanity - 5 days ago
I'm wondering why they put subtitles when Grandma was speaking English but none when she wasn't. Trevor translated for us but just saying. :)
Bruce Roberts
Bruce Roberts - 5 days ago
You can tell there's a strong bond between him and his grannie. She's a riot.
Missy E
Missy E - 6 days ago
Your grandmother is precious. 💜💜
siben gerard
siben gerard - 6 days ago
srsw1971 - 6 days ago
I love 91 and nine months...completely adorable.
D W - 6 days ago
Matthew Lowry
Matthew Lowry - 6 days ago
That fucking house shown when he said "white people lived in certain areas" :) :) :) I mean, I'm a white South African. Did I miss the memo where we were all given 46 bedroom mansions :) stereotype much? lol
Sitha Nkwali
Sitha Nkwali - 6 days ago
I like her gangster swag🌹🌹🤣 awu gogo✊
thefirstborn - 6 days ago
The load shedding part... haha
Zed Isdead
Zed Isdead - 6 days ago
His whole career is built on race related problems. The guy isn't funny at all.
Mahmoud Abughoush
Mahmoud Abughoush - 6 days ago
I love you, but please take care of your grandmother she deserves everything from you.
SuperSonicMan - 6 days ago
Hilarious. Love her.
Cow Boy
Cow Boy - 6 days ago
This is just a example that black people don't have to be savages because there are still people that raise their children right thank you Trevor for being a solid young man Corp. U.S.N. 1998-2006
stirange - Day ago
I know you’re trying to say something nice, but I’d invite you to reread your comment and see if you can find a problem with it’s tone. Unless it’s implications are deliberate.
Gee Nahh
Gee Nahh - 6 days ago
She deserves to live in a castle! Awesome Woman!
Oraine Swaby
Oraine Swaby - 6 days ago
3:08 tf
Matthus8888 - 6 days ago
That was amazing
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