Trevor Chats with His Grandma About Apartheid and Tours Her Home, “MTV Cribs”-Style | The Daily Show

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FilMAD Camp
FilMAD Camp - Hour ago
Grammy Gogo is hilarious, expressive and very wise.
alex - 3 hours ago
i just fell in love with trevor 😔 help
positive people
positive people - 3 hours ago
Humble African man ❤
Gamer2000 - 3 hours ago
just as black people suffered every one else also suffered the same for white people and brown people there were many wars and captures of land were the people suffered.

But I really liked this video
BabyBoxer - 6 hours ago
Thank you for sharing your grandma with us!😊.
katthefantastic - 6 hours ago
Blessings to your family Trevor. Loved this history lesson!
ToyaTruly Robinson
ToyaTruly Robinson - 7 hours ago
😍😍😍😍😍 🤣🤣🤣🤣
razztazz - 10 hours ago
Your grandmother is lovely. What a beautiful bond the two of you have. Stay blessed.
Odorous Smegma
Odorous Smegma - 12 hours ago
man South Africa is fucked these days man the natives are killing white farmers and there boiling babies .... would have never happend under the Apartheid government.
Cheick Camara
Cheick Camara - 13 hours ago
👑 🖤
Zwakele Mthimkhulu
Zwakele Mthimkhulu - 14 hours ago
Gogo is so intelligent and so witty. It's clearly in Trevor's genes. I enjoyed this so much.
Elizabeth Nanteza
Elizabeth Nanteza - 18 hours ago
Sooo much love, sooo real
flowerchica01 - 21 hour ago
I can understand gogo. My weli was just like this. She was just a dimple on my terms now that saw the oppressions of Puerto Rican’s both on the mainland as well as the island and when she got old she just wanted to be home. She knew the wealth of our home. We are richer then. My weli died a year ago. This brought closure. Thank you Trevor and thank you gogo. Espero que viva gogo muchos años más
Hannah Genovea
Hannah Genovea - 23 hours ago
M a filipino n m a big fan yours , i enjoy listening to your grandma
Shamon Clark
Shamon Clark - Day ago
He looks just like her
soullyrics08 - Day ago
South African mamas use them slippers 😋
أم عماد العموري
Gogo is wonderful woman,I sadenly think of all the horrible things she suffer in the past,but she's still has a wonderful spirit and amazing smile,love u gogo
Ahmad Rama
Ahmad Rama - Day ago
Even his grandmother is funny. What a family
April Kincaid
April Kincaid - Day ago
This video is so endearing! My grandma just passed away at 91 (and 4 months). I love her sass and witty personality, she trained her grandson well. Lol🤣😂😅 and dealing with the heaviness of our reality. Thank you Trevor Noah 💕
Nayana Savio
Nayana Savio - Day ago
God bless you Trevor ! I watched this video twice since i began missing my grandpa. Work from your heart always !
Florence Masule
Florence Masule - Day ago
This is. great but ; "who knows"! How do we expect this word from a grand child. For give us LORD.
Harry Ombeva
Harry Ombeva - Day ago
I love his grandma 👵 she is funny 😁
abdulrauf alhkras530
Her personality is golden 😃🙌 she's funny and sweet
Edit:loadshedding🙌😂😂😂 it's true in sa
Weird479 - Day ago
Trevor probably got his sense of humor from his Grandma.
hallobre - Day ago
Nice Patek on his wrist
good bless
good bless - Day ago
Trevor could be president there if the elite wants too ..we glad that he made lough at Malema for spewing hate .
feeding frenzy
feeding frenzy - Day ago
funnyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! LOOOOOOL
rabia pak
rabia pak - Day ago
That's what it is . Racism .ls the color decide what are we?He shows the sufferings inside of his eyes.we all are different thats the beauty of God's creation to understand each other.
Al Kindi Abu Yosef
Al Kindi Abu Yosef - Day ago
Why aren’t you upgrading your moms house.
i need nothin
i need nothin - Day ago
I live this.
D. Rice
D. Rice - Day ago
Such respect for his Grandmother. You can see the love. What a grand, honest lady.
John Smith
John Smith - Day ago
Gogo: “you were born a crime” Trevor: “write that down”
WAN Shah
WAN Shah - Day ago
The world can be a better place without the blue eyed devil
Menga mule
Menga mule - 2 days ago
Most old people they do not want beautiful hose that why , he did not buy her a house
spikychickify - 2 days ago
Your Gogo is so funny 😂😂😂 "your bum know my slippers" hahahahahahahahaha
Sandra Walker
Sandra Walker - 2 days ago
Trevor Noah TROLLS Malema; Black Twittter goes HAM!!!
CULOTTA MOORE - 2 days ago
Milfuelle100 - 2 days ago
This is an incredible video. You can see the pain in Trevor’s eyes and hear it in his voice. He suffered horrible racism. His existence was once illegal. You never recover from that.
Nanette - 2 days ago
Awwww soooo sweet woman
Jabrail Maharramov
Jabrail Maharramov - 2 days ago
Go go Gogo!!!
msvisualize - 2 days ago
Trevor you seem to be a very good grandson. Please fix up her house. After the generrator , please a new kitchen , roof, windows appliances. She is a solid , beautiful grandmother.
loveit - 2 days ago
LOVE IT! LOVE HER! Ive been a big fan of yours from the start!
Hlalubonga Mayisela
Hlalubonga Mayisela - 2 days ago
I am also African from a tiny country not a lot of people know called Eswatini
Denis Denchev
Denis Denchev - 2 days ago
08:16 me on a Friday night out
Nana West
Nana West - 2 days ago
I want to see more of this!
Mtee - 2 days ago
role model
tlg39 1982
tlg39 1982 - 3 days ago
She is so cute..😊
Rokia Beyond
Rokia Beyond - 3 days ago
Tkx you gogo for this story 😘😘😍 good health to you🙏
Toys Joy
Toys Joy - 3 days ago
Sonya - 3 days ago
My father built a mansion in my grandmother’s African village right next to her old rundown compound thinking she’d eventually move in . It’s been 7 years and she still refuses to move in. All she asked for was a proper toilet 😂
Boneclaw Walker
Boneclaw Walker - 3 days ago
you buy that nice grandma anything she wants, Trevor!
Also she's my gran now, I'm adopting her. She's amazing.
And the way she talked about Patricia "She would accept no defeat. No defeat, only you have gone against the wrong person."
Matshidiso Xaba
Matshidiso Xaba - 3 days ago
Wow what a beautiful story💗
Ammar Zaidi
Ammar Zaidi - 3 days ago
Lol she’s adorable
Deborah Huff
Deborah Huff - 3 days ago
Your Grandmother is an amazing woman.  Thank you so much for sharing that with all of us.  I felt her love for you through my computer.  God bless her....
Sabrena  Kincade
Sabrena Kincade - 3 days ago
Imax Ion
Imax Ion - 3 days ago
Hello Grandma!!!!
Qais Al Bulushi
Qais Al Bulushi - 3 days ago
McLovin Ravenclaw
McLovin Ravenclaw - 3 days ago
His gogo is the most wonderful human being, so funny
psychotic fairy
psychotic fairy - 3 days ago
yeah, but will he ever address what a struggle it is for white people in the current environment, it's basically, actually literally, reverse apartheid, and Trevor is biased.
Mel mel
Mel mel - 4 days ago
I love her grand ma! Shes so adorable just like Trevor. Such a sweet person. Love love!
Laura Johnson
Laura Johnson - 4 days ago
Thank you Trevor For introducing us to your grandma she’s a sweetheart reminds me of my grandmother who I miss dearly. You are one awesome young man and I pray for you always. One day I hope that I will have the chance to meet you. God Bless you.
Caruurta101 - 4 days ago
Quite painful but wnderful story she got pure heat
Ananya Chauhan
Ananya Chauhan - 4 days ago
Loved it from beginning to end ❤️
Mandisa Ngema
Mandisa Ngema - 4 days ago
U'v brought so many friends 😂😂😂😂 dic is why i love Gogoz from Soweto.. they are very funny tho... im so proud Trevor n I speak d same language ZULU/XHOSA .... We SAans so proud of u Broo
Philile Ntombela
Philile Ntombela - 4 days ago
You may love your grandma Trevor kodwa thina uyasloya mfethu
Olga Pogozheva
Olga Pogozheva - 4 days ago
Now it's obvious where Trevor got his sense of humor from. :)
Olga Pogozheva
Olga Pogozheva - 4 days ago
I love this woman. She is so full of self-esteem and self-confidence, I could learn a lot from her.
spanky arse
spanky arse - 4 days ago
Beautiful, a grandson visits his grandma (and has SERIOUS respect for her) who lives in a very modest (at best) house. Another example of how horrible we are when we tarnish people due to colour/belief etc. We all have gogo's, and very few of us would be disrespectful in front of them so why do it elsewhere. One of the best vids ever.
SGR - 5 days ago
i mean i get that she doesn't want anything new.... but damn that fridge makes a lot of noise
Sifiso Makamo
Sifiso Makamo - 5 days ago
Wow ❤️❤️❤️❤️
aida joe
aida joe - 5 days ago
Love the way he smile,he looks so cute 😍😍
Anon - 5 days ago
I think she was right in saying that trevor did his best by not knowing. Often times when your young your too ignorant to know what the reality is and that makes it all the better for all you know is low

"Darkness cannot drive out the light, only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate only love can do that"- MLK
Solia Lin Reyes
Solia Lin Reyes - 6 days ago
I’ve been to Soweto it’s really nice their
Authentically Nobody
Authentically Nobody - 6 days ago
91, sharp as a tack, clear as a bell. I want to know what she's eating.
hawwa badat
hawwa badat - 6 days ago
Ghesu Ndefru
Ghesu Ndefru - 6 days ago
Trevor Noah should be ashamed that his Grandmother couldn't get electricity regularly.
You can't tell me providing a generator, water tank, and even cable to his Grandmother's house is beyond his means.
That is the least he could do.
Alternative Facts Survivor
“The liberty of a democracy is not safe if the people tolerated the growth of private power to a point where it becomes stronger than the democratic state itself. That in its essence is fascism: ownership of government by an individual, by a group, or any controlling private power.”. ? Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Facts: Judaism against Zionism. Most of the CEO and exec are jewish zionist. The proportion on the coward invasion, occupation and apartheid conflict of israel and palestine, almost total media bias and control.
salim machila
salim machila - 7 days ago
Mlungu mean white man
Amber Knutson
Amber Knutson - 7 days ago
What a beautiful family moment. The connection is so real, reminds me of spending time with my grandma. She had an outdoor toilet too.
Athenkosi pulumane
Athenkosi pulumane - 7 days ago
Proud of you Trevor, you are smart.
clara ashley
clara ashley - 7 days ago
She's lovely
Jessica Sparkle
Jessica Sparkle - 7 days ago
I love this man
Laura Ereku
Laura Ereku - 7 days ago
Sweet memories
James Percell
James Percell - 8 days ago
So whites took over everywhere
Dakendra Waites
Dakendra Waites - 8 days ago
Trevor your accent got so African talking to your grandma 😂😂😍
Chantal Noisin
Chantal Noisin - 8 days ago
Your grandma looks soooo young & is very mentally SHARP.
*****Come on Trevor******
You can always modestly RENOVATE the house & landscape. Spend a cool $100K That will do wonderful thing for her current home.
Provide indoor toilet & upgrade kitchen... etc.
In addition to a generator, Provide a battery inverter that way she would be hooked up. When electricity & generator is on, it powers up the inverter.
PLEASE take care of this BEAUTIFUL & WISE Grandma.
Krysie - 8 days ago
Seems like he hadn’t visited in yearsssssss #humbleguythou
Melissa Q
Melissa Q - 8 days ago
The MTV Cribs spoof was the best part 😂😂 love you Trevor
Ahna Fryhover
Ahna Fryhover - 8 days ago
My American grandmother had those same magnets on her fridge.
mihovil peranovic
mihovil peranovic - 8 days ago
shameing his stuff for being born how he is is the same what happened tothe blaks .... hypocracy what a piece of c**p saying he is the manager of white people i wish i never saw this trevor lost all respect what a racist piece of c**p
Atukwatse  Albert
Atukwatse Albert - 8 days ago
thats what i want to do with my mum a few years from today since i have no gogo.... i asolutely loved this moment..
Ivanohe Martin
Ivanohe Martin - 8 days ago
Make a documentary while she's still there. People who call Trevor racist and whatever don't know what it's like.
Noman Tariq
Noman Tariq - 9 days ago
I miss my GoGo so damn much my dads mom is the only one left but moms mom was my heart and soul and I miss her warmth, her comfort, her resilience
Samantha Brown
Samantha Brown - 9 days ago
She's amazing ❤️❤️❤️❤️
rathernot say
rathernot say - 9 days ago
I like the grandma better than him
rathernot say
rathernot say - 9 days ago
So this American f****** going to buy her a generator so she can watch him but not going to buy her teeth or get her a better f****** place what a f****** douchebag I like the grandma but I can't stand this f****** a****** Trevor
rathernot say
rathernot say - 9 days ago
Can't this piece of s*** even by his f****** grandma some f****** teeth? He's f****** Rich yet only f****** complains about his f****** capitalism and he's against the Republicans and so he's for f****** welfare and all that s*** but he can't even help out is 91 year old grandma what a f****** douchebag
rathernot say
rathernot say - 9 days ago
What are no good f*** are you rich any f****** leaves his grandma living in this f****** s*** hole and doesn't upgrader? What a filthy a******
rathernot say
rathernot say - 9 days ago
This shitstain communist assholes your f****** go to Russia and or sting in South Africa no good f*****
Princess Amara
Princess Amara - 9 days ago
I love u Travor seriously this is my first time to watch u but ur incredibly awesome
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