Baywatch Abs with Alexandra Daddario | Gym Time w/ Zac Efron

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NELSON Ajuchan
NELSON Ajuchan - Hour ago
C mamo :v
Waffles with Burberry sauce
Alexandra: “Who inspires you the most”
Zac: “ToM cRuIsE”
Waffles with Burberry sauce
I knew Troy’s got them vocals
Shane Blair
Shane Blair - 2 hours ago
Her eyes are amazing.
Nardus Saayman
Nardus Saayman - 4 hours ago
High five her Zac
shikeridoo - 5 hours ago
"who gets lunch and .. a movie or something.." "get into the cryo thing with you" zac trying to suck on those beautiful titties hm. maybe.
shikeridoo - 5 hours ago
alex cheated when she did 48 of those ball thingies. her knees are supposed to be at an angle of 90° or more
sean bacchus
sean bacchus - 9 hours ago
At the end she speaks like her brother Mathew Daddario (Alec) "just do it, why wouldn't you do it, just do it"
Itz_ PsychøPøTaTø
Itz_ PsychøPøTaTø - 15 hours ago
For fav teacher she should've said Chiron😂😂😂😂
jookkertvza - 15 hours ago
I only saw her nipples all the time
Noe Uribe Juárez
Noe Uribe Juárez - 19 hours ago
Chapo Efron
Кадиша Асемкулова
you haven't invited Vanessa Hudgens yet, really?
renocloudstrife - 21 hour ago
Ok! Ok! Ok! I subscribed! Happy?
Isobel Lane
Isobel Lane - Day ago
Is it just me or has Zac shaved his hair to look like abs??
Jaydee Donnelly
Jaydee Donnelly - Day ago
I'm sorry... but she is utterly fucking beautiful! 😍
Safuan Ahmad
Safuan Ahmad - Day ago
Thumb nail looms creepy, love them bowth tho.
Safuan Ahmad
Safuan Ahmad - Day ago
Why zac look like a creep in the thumbnail, edit?
R Chaotic
R Chaotic - Day ago
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charles s. sturdivant
Rolling Angel
Rolling Angel - Day ago
He's got dip in his lip.
Tora Suzuki
Tora Suzuki - Day ago
haley rankin
haley rankin - 2 days ago
work out w/ zendaya .👏🏾
Pablo Mendez
Pablo Mendez - 2 days ago
to be cool under pressure... while not being cool under pressure lol
GiLucx - 2 days ago
2:30 Why won't he go with her🙃
Alassandros - 2 days ago
Alex told me to subscribe so I did. This is unprecedented.
Inprz - 2 days ago
One with Chris Hemsworth or Tom Holland would be amazing
Inprz - 2 days ago
Do one with Dwayne Johnson
Shubhrojit Choudhury
Shubhrojit Choudhury - 2 days ago
Every other work out video roughly 1M views, this one already 8M views as of 11/19/19. Mad love for both :)
Austin D
Austin D - 2 days ago
You should do a workout with The Rock
a one legged donkey
a one legged donkey - 3 days ago
baywatch moment
karayo k
karayo k - 3 days ago
Nice tits
Andres Muñoz
Andres Muñoz - 3 days ago
We want THE ROCK!!
Luiza de MELLO
Luiza de MELLO - 3 days ago
Is she his girlfriend?
Fathur Mauliano
Fathur Mauliano - 4 days ago
I think Zac letting Alex win 😅
DAVID A - 4 days ago
Werent they dating during Baywatch..
김윤호 - 4 days ago
She has great boobs btw
Mina Karam
Mina Karam - 4 days ago
Outlaw Immortal
Outlaw Immortal - 5 days ago
Please do one with zendaya
Ruth Chinzah
Ruth Chinzah - 5 days ago
Wow Zac your hair makes you look a lot older 😅😅😅. But im a fan not a hater, but still it's hilarious 😂😂😂😂
Justin Mcmanus
Justin Mcmanus - 6 days ago
I'd let her throw a medicine ball at my face... 😑
patlat gelsin
patlat gelsin - 6 days ago
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no te wua a decir xd
no te wua a decir xd - 6 days ago
Mark A
Mark A - 7 days ago
Definitely smashed 👊🏽
Alizee Nirvana
Alizee Nirvana - 8 days ago
I Love Zac
Seila Hy
Seila Hy - 8 days ago
Guy this is not sexy
Do not watch
justayanadim - 8 days ago
Paterno Baldemor Jr
Paterno Baldemor Jr - 8 days ago
Raul Lopez
Raul Lopez - 8 days ago
Dwayne Johnson!!
Ivanna Manzur
Ivanna Manzur - 8 days ago
I WANT A GYM PARTNER to do that hahah
Wolf - PUBG Mobile
Wolf - PUBG Mobile - 10 days ago
Look Like Leah Gotti
Amin Khalil
Amin Khalil - 10 days ago
Milly Vinilly
Milly Vinilly - 11 days ago
Was I the only one that saw nina at the beginning of the video?
Emma Cordova
Emma Cordova - 11 days ago
Aww hes so in love with her 🥰
Anthony Skidmark
Anthony Skidmark - 12 days ago
Make a baby?
Wolfie dembouz
Wolfie dembouz - 13 days ago
Best couple ever💓🔥😅
anecell jael
anecell jael - 13 days ago
2:23 😳
Russel Santomin
Russel Santomin - 14 days ago
Nightwing and Zatanna
DesertOne - 14 days ago
hentaiiiii i watch hentai too ❤❤😂😂😂
Miguel Gonzales
Miguel Gonzales - 14 days ago
Soy el 1,000,001 :3
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