Watchmen | Official Comic-Con Trailer | HBO

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DangerousDavies2008 - Hour ago
The first trailer excited me but this one has just left me confused?
Aa Bb
Aa Bb - 6 hours ago
How does this play in with Zack Snyder's 2009 version? Any continuity, or is this a re-boot?
Lazy Mitchell
Lazy Mitchell - 10 hours ago
I just hope this keeps to the themes of the comics and doesn't draw out the initial season too much. I feel like creative freedoms some studios have taken have really torn how good a live franchise can be. I love Watchmen, please let this be good.
Jaksee - 14 hours ago
OMG OMG OMG, thank you so much HBO, this looks so good
lukesta12 - 16 hours ago
Alan Moore is angrily stroking his beard somewhere
MenschMan - 17 hours ago
nowucknforry - 17 hours ago
danial lagrowsy
danial lagrowsy - 19 hours ago
guys that was Dr. new York at the end 2:54 LOOK VERY CLOSELY!!!!!!!!11????
spikebarnett - 21 hour ago
Looks like hot garbage. I think I'll give it a miss.
Suika Ibuki
Suika Ibuki - 23 hours ago
So....What does this have to do with the Watchmen?
Suika Ibuki
Suika Ibuki - 22 hours ago
comic that doesn't need or should have a sequel, especially one which ignores all it's themes and lessons?
Nerd Empire
Nerd Empire - 22 hours ago
Suika Ibuki It‘s a Sequel to the Comic.
TITANMAN251 - 23 hours ago
1:33 Silk Specter
Glenn Galili
Glenn Galili - Day ago
The Diplomat
The Diplomat - Day ago
i slept watching this.....Literally
TrueRomance - Day ago
just why HBO, haven't you done enough?
readme info
readme info - Day ago
wow really? even MORE cloaked propaganda against white people? specifically white men... so original.
Winnie Phoon
Winnie Phoon - 2 days ago
life on mars
Dio Brando
Dio Brando - 2 days ago
This seems like it has little potential to be good, but hoping Dr. Manhattan will say he came back to this universe cause he got beaten by some kind of "super man"
Ajay Dahl
Ajay Dahl - 2 days ago
Violent gang in masks attacking people sounds exactly like ANTIFA bet HBO spin it differently though huh.
ericisagirl4god - 2 days ago
Mr Moore will you sign my dvd of watchmen babies?
MaestrO Frags
MaestrO Frags - 2 days ago
too much boring talk and pointless punching
wiisalute - 2 days ago
Who will play Comedian, Nite Owl and Silk Spectre?
Nerd Empire
Nerd Empire - 22 hours ago
wiisalute no. This is going to be a Sequel Show to the Comic.
wiisalute - 2 days ago
@Tainted107 yeah I know the comedian is dead but are they like going to do flashbacks like in the comic and the movie?
Tainted107 - 2 days ago
Comedian is dead, not is Doomsday clock but in the original comic.
buz power
buz power - 2 days ago
This looks total pants to be honest I mean WTF is with rorschach's mask it has eyeholes hahaha Rorschach in the movie looked like an unhinged psychopath who could snap at any minute he was genuinely awesome.
………..and this muppet he looks like an idiot wearing a coffee stained balaklava .
Yoki Rivero
Yoki Rivero - 3 days ago
Wait. So I heard Laurie Blake?
So that was Silk Spectre II using her dad's last name now?
D. Anthony
D. Anthony - 3 days ago
This is not Watchmen 😕
Nerd Empire
Nerd Empire - 22 hours ago
D. Anthony It‘s a Sequel to the comic.
Sonny Crockett
Sonny Crockett - 3 days ago
This looks really good!
Jay Tree
Jay Tree - 3 days ago
So.. they just fuck every movie now.. these fucking dumb movie studio companies should go broke, i dont waste my money paying for this crap.. id rather not even watch it.. fucking shit thesefruads make.
Nerd Empire
Nerd Empire - 22 hours ago
Jay Tree It‘s a Sequel to the Comic. Not the Movie.
Henrik Jäkel
Henrik Jäkel - 3 days ago
This makes me wanna re-watch the original Watchmen to forget I ever saw this trash.
ZyloTheTinyTonTerror - 3 days ago
wtf is this?
Couch gaming news
Couch gaming news - 3 days ago
is this BET black entertainment
black people killing evil white man with guns and cult.
seriously though cringe
High End Reviews
High End Reviews - 3 days ago
Dhaval Patel
Dhaval Patel - 3 days ago
Looks like SJW crap!! At least have Silk Spectre or Jupiter do a lesbian scene
Anthony Dyrland-Marquis
R. I. P. Rorschach.
Anthony Dyrland-Marquis
"White man bad!"
Are you threatening me, Master Jedi?
Purely from a technical standpoint this has nothing that was great about the film or the source meterial. As far as the story, it looks like a confused mess that doesn't understand its own messa-- oh, it's Damon Lindelof? That makes perfect sense then.
Bulut Gültekin
Bulut Gültekin - 4 days ago
Paul Dorival
Paul Dorival - 4 days ago
Ed Ang
Ed Ang - 4 days ago
Any drama series are based on the Whole Quran ,Buddhist,Greek Mythology,Euro Mythology or the Whole Bible or something like The League of The Extrodinary Gentleman from UK.should be quite popular.
Ruben Pereira
Ruben Pereira - 4 days ago
Love it can't wait
Agent Of Vengeance
Agent Of Vengeance - 4 days ago
I didn't know Buzzfeed was making movies.
Elemental - 4 days ago
Well I now know what I wont be watching
Valentina Agelli
Valentina Agelli - 4 days ago
2:16 I love the way how she says "Oh, shit"...
johngalt857 - 4 days ago
Let da mothafuckin’ games begin!
FiveofHearts1 - 4 days ago
Watchmen: Complex moral examination of heroes and unsettling greys, or lack of greys from your viewpoints. Is it wrong to kill thousands to save billions? Is it right to expose a lie, if that lie means destroying world cooperation and plunging it back into a cold war? Are heroes doing it for whats right or a sense of inadequacy? Are the monstrous beyond redemption? Would a walking God care about you?
Biopunk - 4 days ago
"Watchmen is based on the graphic novel co-created and illustrated by Dave Gibbons and published by DC".
Trueblue4u22 - 4 days ago
This looks disappointing
Black Band
Black Band - 4 days ago
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Brandon Tolunt
Brandon Tolunt - 5 days ago
TheCausation - 5 days ago
Ethnic Europeans have a right to exist and not be mass replaced or bred out of existence in their own countries.
this sorrowful life
this sorrowful life - 3 days ago
TheCausation You're just angry that your black and latino neighbors fucking your sisters.
TheCausation - 5 days ago
@this sorrowful life Keep hating, anti-white.
this sorrowful life
this sorrowful life - 5 days ago
TheCausation Go fuck yourself.
TheCausation - 5 days ago
(((Anti-whites))) will anti-white.
Rupert J Tingles
Rupert J Tingles - 5 days ago
S R.
S R. - 5 days ago
What the fuk is this travesty and insult to Watchmen brand ?
Zero - 5 days ago
If it's true about the show being about white supremacy I hope that it just doesn't repeat "white people are bad" like most of left politics and shows.
Onslauhtphoenix39 - 5 days ago
Looks like shit
Milka - 4 days ago
Oh shut up your fucking mouth.
Honk Honk!
Honk Honk! - 5 days ago
Ahh yes the bad white guys vs the good black guys... im tired
TheFauxbulous - 5 days ago
If you watched Lindelof's last series, I think you'll know full well that things are definitely not what they appear to be. I think people are trying to hate on this series because they think it has an agenda when Lindelof never usually writes that way. His stuff is about bigger questions and themes beyond the surface and I find he does a great job at respecting different ideologies. Also, if you're doing a modern Watchmen series, how is it annoying to people to include modern issues? You're probably apart of the problem if doth protest too much, imo. Also, prematurely given to who is doing the series. This is what they do and if given the chance you'll probably change your mind, but we'll just have to wait and see.
Cameron Savage
Cameron Savage - 5 days ago
why is watchmen all about black people now wtf
Kaiju Addicts
Kaiju Addicts - 5 days ago
Woke Fest. Pass.
jardeus maximus
jardeus maximus - 6 days ago
Looks Boring.. Hollyweird on the rise...
Jonathan Nicholls
Jonathan Nicholls - 6 days ago
This looks insane and colourful and crazy and, mist importantly, new and different. It looks great something different than your bog-standard superhero show, and I really hope they push that crazy imagination that they seem to be showing in the trailer and strive to make something original, which takes the comic and creates an extension of it worth watching.
WunderWafer - 6 days ago
If you loved the actual Watchmen, watch The Boys. Whom are they trying to fool by slapping Watchmen logo on this shit.
A_Stoic_Master - 6 days ago
Craigs' sister from Friday.
Real WiLL
Real WiLL - 6 days ago
I’m so confused
The Wolverine
The Wolverine - 6 days ago
When rorshach went from bad ass too random cult for black lady too beat up 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻
Mann Made
Mann Made - 7 days ago
Adding Bowie's Life on Mars is genius!
Hannu Suoniemi
Hannu Suoniemi - 7 days ago
This will be very interesting tv-series.
S R.
S R. - 5 days ago
not at all
Dodec84 - 7 days ago
Sorry Alan Moore. We could not stop this.
Fear57 - 7 days ago
This looks worse than the borefest that was the movie. Do yourself a favor, only stick with Moore's graphic novel.
Isaac Vargas
Isaac Vargas - 6 days ago
The movie was near perfection fuck off
UDR I Ya - 7 days ago
2:50 HRK in thailand
0 0
0 0 - 7 days ago
in a nutshell doctor Manhattan is on mars
rorschach makes a fan base
and the heroes are taking laxatives
looks great
Michael Parker
Michael Parker - 7 days ago
I have lived in a big city for the last ten years and have never once encountered a white supremacist. Sometimes it feels like the media just tells us what is trending, and what to hate, and what to be afraid of, and how much to hate and fear it, and we all just nod our heads. It would be nice to have good storytelling instead of more indoctrination.
SistemaGaming - 7 days ago
This looks like its going to be a hit....
zeke145 145
zeke145 145 - 7 days ago
this looks fucking stupid
Ezekiel Glenn
Ezekiel Glenn - 7 days ago
This looks terrible. Watchmen 2009 was great but fuck this show
Art Fan
Art Fan - 7 days ago
The fuck. This is gonna suck
Todd Williams
Todd Williams - 7 days ago
light saberAddiCt
light saberAddiCt - 7 days ago
WTF did they do to the Watchmen?! Now I guess it is another SJW "evil white man" shit. We are all evil, and racist and hate black people! So not watching this shit.
swatbot2611 - 6 days ago
@Nerd Empire You know that meme of the idea flying over the guy's head as he says "wow cool superhero movie"? It's this guy
Nerd Empire
Nerd Empire - 7 days ago
light saberAddiCt „WTF did they do to the Wachtmen“ are you serious? Watchmen was always a political statement against racism
Kothar - 8 days ago
The boyz and now this, goddamn.
Dan TheMan
Dan TheMan - 8 days ago
this reminds me of the days of getting vhs cartoons that were not the official disney version.
TimeForAReview - 8 days ago
Looks just as shit as the movie was..
No thanks. The Boys makes this subpar show with a similar premise pointless
Jason Stroud
Jason Stroud - 8 days ago
Oh look, HBO went and f’d it up, neat-o
Parker Storms
Parker Storms - 6 days ago
Hey, they're bringing back some of the original team. Like, we saw Silk Spectre (Laurie Blake), Doctor Manhattan, Ozymandias (Jeremy Irons), and Nite Owl, Possibly* (Hence the Appearance of Archie)
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