Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® & Warzone - Season Five Battle Pass Trailer

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repz cthsq
repz cthsq - Day ago
Draydon Antypovich
Draydon Antypovich - 2 days ago
What’s the song
Infierno Infierno13
Infierno Infierno13 - 3 days ago
Visan Vlad
Visan Vlad - 6 days ago
I won two games today but on that animation when i'm going up in helicopter, my game freeze with black screen. On cod tracker app, i can see my win in history. But on record not! What can i do? I don't want to play for nothing. F.king game.
Veman Jadhav
Veman Jadhav - 7 days ago
Fun fact: Roze's actress also acted as Salter in Infinite Warfare.
Vaxs TV
Vaxs TV - 7 days ago
this season is bad pass
Nicky Cosio
Nicky Cosio - 11 days ago
I bought the hard copy but some glitch happened with my ps4 so the disc would just stop the downloading game
heleen stander
heleen stander - 12 days ago
I would like you to imagine an Elite Soldier getting demolished by a bird.
Smangaliso Zondi
Smangaliso Zondi - 13 days ago
When is split screen coming?
Jamesgaming8614 - 16 days ago
Plz ad fov slider plz fox xbox and ps4
Crazy Gamerz
Crazy Gamerz - 16 days ago
I can no other answer make but thanks, and thanks, and ever thanks to Call of Duty Gaming Creators for this great game (Call of Duty Warzone Season 5).”
The Death Defying Master
The Death Defying Master - 18 days ago
i cant even download the setup launcher ;(
Raymond S
Raymond S - 18 days ago
can we get 50 vs 50 battle royale back or 100 it was fun
Just John
Just John - 20 days ago
F’s in the chat for default who got killed but a bridge😢😢
Victor Murillo
Victor Murillo - 22 days ago
Where them snowy maps at
Timarlin McFadden
Timarlin McFadden - 22 days ago
LawrenzoXz - 24 days ago
My favorite game!!!
Campers the game!.
Brown nga Saging Lover
Brown nga Saging Lover - 24 days ago
I can't believe it
They release the shadow company
camille veret
camille veret - 24 days ago
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Aman Jasani
Aman Jasani - 28 days ago
Can i please have my Mini Royale Back
David - 29 days ago
Fortnite’s better
Pozzi - 29 days ago
no horses not buying
RickettsJr - 26 days ago
Horses ???
Shiv Bassi
Shiv Bassi - 29 days ago
Cod in Sara free pleas
SONY SINGH - 29 days ago
Whenever I see the trailer of call of duty new season I feel like there's more pollution is happening 😂😂😂😂
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SGT STINGER2584 - Month ago
Yes just so much yes shadow company is my favorite company
Егор Парнюгин
#ЕгорПарнюгин x #CallofDuty #CODMW/WZSeason6 #CODMSeason10
Fritz Arminius
Fritz Arminius - Month ago
500k klicks for a game that has how much million players?^^
Murk - Month ago
Remove PC from cross platform they cheat too much thats why I barely play the game
Captain John Price
Captain John Price - Month ago
Is this the ever first time a they don’t really abuse mil-sim in their trailers.
Matt - Month ago
Bring it back to Geforce Now!
khaled ahmad
khaled ahmad - Month ago
name of the song?????
voltzylol - Month ago
garbage game 10/10 :)
WOLF SERB Soldier - Month ago
Male call of duty Modern warfafe for android.
ty max
ty max - Month ago
HELLO?? Make stadium it's OWN MAP YOU $! $@%#! $! $!
Егор Парнюгин
Phoenix Attley
Phoenix Attley - Month ago
Will Modern Warfare Be on ps5?
Ngọc Nguyễn Hồng
Vladimir Diaz
Vladimir Diaz - Month ago
i hate the fact ghost gillie suit is not in the battlepass :(
REZ WARRIOR - Month ago
It would be cool if you let us take the hardest to get camo from game to game let us have Damascus in cod 2020 if we got it in modern warfare
Brielle Braun
Brielle Braun - Month ago
El juego va fatal no voy a comprar un cod nunca más, al equipo técnico le doy un 2, llevo 2 tardes sin poder jugar
xoQwablaze gaming x
xoQwablaze gaming x - Month ago
can u plsssssss make ghosts 2 plssssssss
Shoot them not me... You Muppet. 😂
Always makes me laugh.
KoalaBearPup - Month ago
Put back rumble dont fk the game
Snuggles Yt
Snuggles Yt - Month ago
Yo I just want say this game is the best I steam this game every day
Turtle Master
Turtle Master - Month ago
استفد - benefit
استفد - benefit - Month ago
Soracj - Month ago
Will you add breast physics to the game? Some females look like they are made of hard clay or something
Titan101 - Month ago
Can you add a social hub like call of duty ww2 in the next call of duty game and war zone and make it so people that don't have pan can still go to the social hub thanks
Yahumara Reyes
Yahumara Reyes - Month ago
The only thing I want you guys to do is I am not the CP to be free because I can’t get that much skins and I only got only two skins
Mr. Snow
Mr. Snow - Month ago
I really want in cod when the teamate is down u can pull them out of fire range to help them
Mr. Snow
Mr. Snow - Month ago
I hope that cod can do this
Shaun Riptown
Shaun Riptown - Month ago
Please take out cross play with all these PC cheaters
KR OR - Month ago
I cant play in this season on my pc
i5 10400k
Gtx ge force 1660 ti gigabyte
16 gb ram ddr4 2660 mhz
Psu 900w evga gold
Ssd 1tb kingston
Mother board gigabyte Z390
Hdd 10 tb because call of duty with her 100 gb updates
Cpu fan intel
And 5G wi-fi
Bennetonne 76
Bennetonne 76 - Month ago
Please try to fix these followed problems in Warzone : Cheater, Crossplay, and your Matchmaking
Martin Olah
Martin Olah - Month ago
Ale cav
mauro minu
mauro minu - Month ago
Warzone too Serious, Fortnite not Serious, Apex perfect mix
Arul Prasad
Arul Prasad - Month ago
I have a problem in call of duty in login in here is my problem 👇👇👇👇👇👇
after this update I can't login into the game 😭😭😭😭😭plz check what is the problem so that we can play
it is only loding 1%
Thanks yhjjjjmFuN
RED FLYERS01 - Month ago
Hey guys can I work for ya
DiScRiMiNaTeD - Month ago
Oh yes ! after upgrade 60 GB for season five , others 65 GB updgrade for xbox to fix an issue after updating to season five , I think possible sabotage against Xbox , sony pay for this
Captain Lobo
Captain Lobo - Month ago
Iw I got to tier 80 and got talon but when I went to see the talon bundle it didn't show nor the weapons in the armory. So I cant buy the bundle. Why ?
Your_local_MadJack - Month ago
will there ever be a way to get the operators like price and alex for people who didnt play other seasons? i really love the price skin but didnt play season 4
Like the op bundles you can buy but when you buy it you have to complete challenges to get the skins ( like the weapon challenges if you didnt get it during a season)
Mohsin Malik
Mohsin Malik - Month ago
Please MW4 and not emotional like mw3
Mason D
Mason D - Month ago
sasha chermoshentsev
sasha chermoshentsev - Month ago
W1 Games
W1 Games - Month ago
1.25 error in the game 🤮🤮🤢😠
Just a Girl.
Just a Girl. - Month ago
Yegor looks Like Badass Vector Form Despicable Me.
StopTheCapp 445
StopTheCapp 445 - Month ago
Bring back tdm
NW_Maqui - Month ago
Hola activison ya estoy harto de tantas actualizaciones tan grandes para su juego y lo entiendo pero al menos diferencien entre una pc y una Xbox no mamen
Lee Hanson
Lee Hanson - Month ago
give us an option to turn off players' cosmetics like forza
i dont want to see someone jump out of a gold car wearing neon tights, holding a purple gun with pink tracers
i want realistic like you promised
Imaweeb - Month ago
Why did they give Xbox 66.31 gigabyte update and it’s nothing
shreder75 - Month ago
Yay! A 66 gb xbox patch to fix warzone. Which i don't even play. F this game.
ui_gamer5456 - Month ago
Thx for the 66gb update just for a few bug fixes 👌
SanAnMan 1
SanAnMan 1 - Month ago
Dear COD Team maybe when you have a sword in the new boots off ground game it can charge up a light dash like your soul comes out and slashes a target in the new boots off ground game.
Simebag✅ - Month ago
Thanx for the 66gb update on xbox... You know how to do your work 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
Marko Kapušin
Marko Kapušin - Month ago
can u pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls put back warzone rumble forever pls
Wet Sawk VA
Wet Sawk VA - Month ago
That otter skin though
Zachary Bork
Zachary Bork - Month ago
hey call of duty, i have got shadow banned 3 times for no reasons and I contacted support but did not do anything I hope u can fix this soon
SanAnMan 1
SanAnMan 1 - Month ago
Currently talking to a alien species that are destroying the planet with fulcon. Jesus declared the planet dead for war when they have invade for peice and wear people they consider it war. To much nuke will destroy the planet because it's in the red for death. Are names are Gartha and Marie going at light speed makes your hair red. Halo has the right story of Humanity friends at the Military. Love all war leads to smoke, smoke is anger a disease in the brain, smoke leads to insanity.
clam_calzone - Month ago
for the next call of duty you guys really should to put it on switch, or maybe even this call of duty, that would sell pretty well
clam_calzone - Month ago
or at least cod mobile or even an older game like black ops 2, modern warfare 2, etc.
PONY - Month ago
Wait wheres the game on ps4?
COD Master
COD Master - Month ago
The Devil
The Devil - Month ago
This is pc graphics where's my pc master race at?
xxTopTigerxx - Month ago
Wow this looks nice
aircraft205 - Month ago
Can you make bounty tank as the next operator. He would be cool
CGS - Month ago
where's cod 2020 trailer
The Judge
The Judge - Month ago
Hey Call Of Duty devs, I have a very small request from a HUGE fan of MW2019, I was wondering if you could give us a free operator bundle consisting of a Bundeswehr mil-sim skin and maybe a sticker or two, or a blue print, either way, thank you for being such a great dev team this year. Also I'm super excited for COD2020
Faulty Man
Faulty Man - Month ago
Everyone else: Here for cod mw
Me: Waiting impatiently for Cod 2020
ReMGL - Month ago
ReMGL - Month ago
3S3 Fatuimoana
3S3 Fatuimoana - Month ago
Fix your game
luzio octo
luzio octo - Month ago
Can you plz stop with that damm gb is really dumb to waste so much gb for no reason. I love play this game but you need to stop more gb cause i have to delete r6s cause of you so stop putting more gb
Andy Kostera
Andy Kostera - Month ago
That tier 100 skin is trash af :(
name /
name / - Month ago
Where is the new step of cod 2020 reveal
Bob The Basher
Bob The Basher - Month ago
jorge silva
jorge silva - Month ago
Suddenly i can't use explosivos rounds with the rytec amor un warzone!!! Why is that!? Is it a bug? Am i the only one?
Slap-u-silly - Month ago
Sbmm should be a game mode not mandatory ! Mixed lobbies for the win ✌️
́ متــ ـو اجــد シ `
Please add a special mode for cars 😆⁦❤️⁩
YeeterFamGang - Month ago
I like the music with the game sounds nice sync
Harzzz - Month ago
Who else turned on notifications for black ops clod war!?
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