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4 850
yfloW - Hour ago
1:58 370z Nismo
Vladimir Overchenko
Vladimir Overchenko - Hour ago
Acton Treadway
Acton Treadway - Hour ago
I feel like Elon should have sat in the middle seat for the test ride.
James Bordon
James Bordon - 2 hours ago
A giant Prius made out of sheet metal at home, No I'll pass.
Clear Adventure
Clear Adventure - 2 hours ago
The interior with all that room and glass is absolutely stunning!
drumtwo4seven - 3 hours ago
#26,902 👍
Treyton 1738
Treyton 1738 - 5 hours ago
But if there was a apocalypse you cant store electric charge but you can store gasoline
Bilal Anarwala
Bilal Anarwala - 5 hours ago
This video made me realize just how cool of a person Elon is to be around
i dont know
i dont know - 5 hours ago
aww man, I wish I was smart, I like trying to create new stuff but I'm not smart enough to do anything academically.
Brad Smith
Brad Smith - 6 hours ago
Really, really, really ugly...
jose reyes
jose reyes - 7 hours ago
This vehicle looks as if someone built it in their backyard.
Stay Fit
Stay Fit - 7 hours ago
its so ugly, wuao, but seem like a lot of space inside.
ChefGiovanni - 8 hours ago
Cool prototype, but ....
Tesla No Longer Even A Growth Company; Going Bankrupt: Shortseller is in the news
LORD VADER - 8 hours ago
elon is flexing on other billionaires
Fabio Trucco
Fabio Trucco - 10 hours ago
Reminds me the homer vehicle taht send his brother company to broke
Yana Lasagna
Yana Lasagna - 10 hours ago
They got this right.
Mae Mae
Mae Mae - 10 hours ago
I wonder if Musk is too lazy to design this cybertruck to compete with traditional trucks.
YC Y - 10 hours ago
"1234*" to activate that elevator....interesting ...
Benjamin Moulton
Benjamin Moulton - 10 hours ago
There’s no mirrors
Minhaz Zaman
Minhaz Zaman - 11 hours ago
I think the World already saw this types of truck in sci-fi movies long time ago. This design suitable for Mars. Imagine Elon Musk driving this truck in Mars with wearing a leather jacket.
Oli Jono
Oli Jono - 12 hours ago
Jay: Why bullet proof?
Elon: Yes.
Zabirov Vitaly
Zabirov Vitaly - 12 hours ago
Херня какая то ((((
Blackberry Priv
Blackberry Priv - 13 hours ago
Respect to Elon!
Rinzler :.
Rinzler :. - 14 hours ago
Street legal bullet proof truck, I'm getting one.
WillWhiskey - 14 hours ago
Jy leno driving like the old man he is lmao
Андрей Иванов
Андрей Иванов - 14 hours ago
franko barressi
franko barressi - 15 hours ago
I drew one of they pick ups when I was about 3 years old.
Fun stuff
Fun stuff - 16 hours ago
Ugly truck
Paul Henri Tokwaulu
Paul Henri Tokwaulu - 16 hours ago
Elon is the future!
Peter F
Peter F - 16 hours ago
Musk knew in 2018 that civil war in US is coming.
Dirty Dee
Dirty Dee - 17 hours ago
Rod Korn
Rod Korn - 17 hours ago
They got Kevin Bacon? That’s it I’m getting one!
lemonlimelukey - 17 hours ago
c r i n g e
MmSignz - 18 hours ago
Elon is the next step in human evolution.
All Knowing The Specialist
X Jones
X Jones - 19 hours ago
This design was a mistake its actually a low render image of the cyber truck that Elon thought was the actual concept
Miles Rains
Miles Rains - 20 hours ago
I, for one, certainly want my truck to mimic the styling of a microwave. But the tunnel to the bat cave is pretty cool.
h nikolas
h nikolas - 21 hour ago
angus sinclair
angus sinclair - 21 hour ago
So where are you getting your electricity from to charge it up after the apocalypse?
Kunal Jain
Kunal Jain - 21 hour ago
There isn't an electric skate in the tunnel?
You Tube
You Tube - 21 hour ago
*Mirror: yes, yes, we are probably not needed here🗿*
Azntrutek2012 - Day ago
Ugly POS !!. Once he sit down in the driver seat. He see nothing but blind spot surrounded him. He couldn’t even see pass the speedometer and drove 1.5 lane almost the entire video.
jes wes
jes wes - Day ago
I wonder how it is to take a car ride with the man responsible for the extinction of the human race Elon Musk
jes wes
jes wes - Day ago
Elon musk is like guy from terminator 2 who Arnold show his metal arm to..but Elon musk smile of happines when he see it
okoekpen sullivan
okoekpen sullivan - Day ago
Batman: '' dont do me Elon ''
Behxhet hajdini
Behxhet hajdini - Day ago
No seatbelt for musk
Volkovich Timofey
Volkovich Timofey - Day ago
I don’t know if Mr. Musk would have created a beautiful pickup instead of this monster... This is insane.
RParmable - Day ago
This was thrilling! Don’t you want your pickup to be bullet proof ?
Arya THC
Arya THC - Day ago
'Why does the car need to be bulletproof?"

Elon: Because it's so ugly, people shoot at us all the time.
William Steenland
William Steenland - Day ago
I thought they canceled Leno
Rama - Day ago
One Badass Nerd
Garret Higdon
Garret Higdon - Day ago
tesla is cool and all, but that is one hideous piece of machinery
dkchen - Day ago
Why does it need to be bullet proof.... lol because it’s badass that’s an honest answer
Top Spin
Top Spin - Day ago
The ugliest car in the world.
AsuraKaonashi - Day ago
When did jay ditch the denim bodysuit???
Gamercatsz - Day ago
In this episode Mister Magoo accidentally drives in a tunnel and lands in Tesla headquarters.
wsattler - Day ago
When Jay likes the vehicle his enthusiasm is apparent, he's joking and having a good time, when he doesn't like it, he does this.
Vaughn Hart
Vaughn Hart - Day ago
change the key code. Boring machine. Yahahaha! Jay with zinger!
Lemao - Day ago
That is the first car to be on mars
SnazzyDazzy - Day ago
I mean, admit. We don't want it for the bullet proof windows, we want it for the magic trunk
Andrei Chete
Andrei Chete - Day ago
I like how they all wear matching jackets 😂
Tworottz72 - Day ago
Ugly af
Jesse - Day ago
It’s not ready yet, he said there is some improving to do
peter tomas
peter tomas - Day ago
jim san
jim san - Day ago
es igual al auto que diseño Homero Simpson xD
t3rminator09 - Day ago
Jay: People of Tesla!
Elon: 🤷🏻‍♂️
Lone Wolf
Lone Wolf - Day ago
Only My Opinion, But... Just 2 Noobs, That Talk About Silly Stuff No One Needs!
For that cost, just buy a much more trustfully V8 Jeep Grand Cherokee, that 'll never let you down!!!
ExtremeÑo WanChU
ExtremeÑo WanChU - Day ago
When lego builds cars = cybertruck, lmfao !
David Wang
David Wang - Day ago
Musk spoke too fast
Bobby Billy
Bobby Billy - Day ago
What about the rear view mirror
Sophal Bou
Sophal Bou - Day ago
Cambodia need many modern safety car taxis and many modern safety car taxis stations in Cambodia for tourists all around the world to Cambodia
Ali Mirhashimli
Ali Mirhashimli - Day ago
Sci-fi movies: Let's assume what cars will look like in the future
Future: Let's make cars as in sci-fi movies
gunday 7
gunday 7 - Day ago
God elon musk
Motorpsych0 - Day ago
isn't "cyberpunk 2077" ?
Ralph - Day ago
"Do you want your truck to be bullet proof or not?" Obvious answer. "YES!"
Demon Lord Gaming
Demon Lord Gaming - Day ago
So what if you crash it? If it can't dent, the deceleration will also be instant
Joel 1234
Joel 1234 - Day ago
Tesla trying to get a military contract
xxxGhoulxxx - Day ago
Thumbnail be looking like XCOM 2 mission
CrewRanger Gaming
CrewRanger Gaming - Day ago
Bulletproof, why?
Just see what's going on in USA.
casper - Day ago
It’s ugly
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