Three Kingdoms - OverSimplified

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Animesh Meshram
Animesh Meshram - 18 minutes ago
Dude make such videos on India's history plz
minh ho
minh ho - Hour ago
6:08 .is that Hitler's father
Toba Rivadenerira
Toba Rivadenerira - 2 hours ago
souten kouro ;3
Dio Brando
Dio Brando - 2 hours ago
Lu Kang?!?!
Rizal Disraeli Ramos
Rizal Disraeli Ramos - 3 hours ago
Shu Han territory is smaller than that
HisBaseness - 4 hours ago
As a YouTuber for over 10 years, this is by far my favorite channel. Please keep these coming!
Emerald Beast
Emerald Beast - 5 hours ago
“Can you tell what it is yet? TAA DAA it’s a little kitty cat, look at her little ears” 🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂
Thegamer2000 - 7 hours ago
6:18 (on the steps) the city burning made his dad angry, so he punished him severly
pop5678eye - 8 hours ago
The Chinese invented revolution thousands of years before Europe did.
Nightmare 02
Nightmare 02 - 9 hours ago
3:52 the guy with a baguette
Ethan T
Ethan T - 9 hours ago
“let’s get this Dong Zhuo out onto a tray. nice.”
Soap Mactavish
Soap Mactavish - 10 hours ago
9:10 guy on the right ))))
Hamil Squad
Hamil Squad - 12 hours ago
the eunuchs took over the young emperors rule and killed He Jin, which angered their father, who punished them severely.
Moody Goo
Moody Goo - 13 hours ago
Duolingo Bird
Duolingo Bird - 14 hours ago
Good job sima clan
elafin - 15 hours ago
14:50 Asian make out day
GUYS OF THUNDER - 15 hours ago
6:12 one is being severely punished by his father in the back
Skitgrurd Battlestompah
Skitgrurd Battlestompah - 16 hours ago
Definitely treacherous
Whale Nazi
Whale Nazi - 16 hours ago
6:08 dad is that you
BallisticBacon1 - 17 hours ago
Having a sudden heart attack? There's a tax for that!
Eden Ng
Eden Ng - 18 hours ago
This is honestly UNDERSIMPLIFIED.
Atharva Patil
Atharva Patil - 21 hour ago
6:09 Adolf Hitler's father 😂😂😂
KDUFF Radio - 22 hours ago
6:10: This enraged Hitler’s father, who punished the Eunichs severely.
Kaustav Kundu
Kaustav Kundu - 23 hours ago
history should be tlod like this
Kaustav Kundu
Kaustav Kundu - 23 hours ago
funny, good work guys
Khải Hoàng Đình Nguyễn
China is a idiot
David Crosby
David Crosby - Day ago
Holy crap, you did a better job selling Three Kingdoms than any of the ads did.
Xavier Locklier
Xavier Locklier - Day ago
6:09 hitlers dad severely punishing a eunic
M4TRF - Day ago
This is bullshit
wang zhengming
wang zhengming - Day ago
At, 3:52, why was there a rebellion who was holding a French looking sandwich in his hand and a modern yellow workers uniform?!?!?!? Dude, ...un cool
WimpyKid15 - Day ago
Alois spanking an Enunich
Rus the doge
Rus the doge - Day ago
In summary: 🎵China is whole again, then it broke again🎵
Michael Lappin
Michael Lappin - Day ago
Why is spanking hitler daddy there
Kicked Gaming
Kicked Gaming - Day ago
6:10 lol there’s Alouis Hitler in the background
DeadlyShooter10 - Day ago
3:51 nobody sees that man holding a baguette
WoTb Music Studio
WoTb Music Studio - Day ago
6:08 lol why is Hitler’s dad back xD
Ferox Schattenwolf
Ferox Schattenwolf - Day ago
We need still Shogun simplified! qwp
Chim Chady
Chim Chady - Day ago
Hitler's father punishing a chinese royal servant severely at 6:07
King Of Gaming
King Of Gaming - Day ago
I just started to play games on social media.. Help me to grow... Thank you guys..
Ролан9 Мустафин8
Пожкомплект Ferrari какой-то как это блин замена итальянская которая нифига не околица ещё какой-то Ёкарный ведро билет предлагает купить Нет я сказал я всё продам команда ёбанный
The ink Blot
The ink Blot - Day ago
So this whole video was an ad for a game...
Allen 88
Allen 88 - Day ago
Vishnu Divakar
Vishnu Divakar - Day ago
Please do Indian Freedom movement....
Julian yip
Julian yip - Day ago
The words on the hat of the friends with no dongs is flipped around, lol
katie wong
katie wong - Day ago
Americans: Our history is so complicated! I hate History
Me:(sends him this clip) This is a tiny fraction what I have to learn at school...
Osman E.
Osman E. - Day ago
Türkçe çeviren kişilik... Senin ben amk.
JACK Smith
JACK Smith - Day ago
Is it the story's of three kingdoms?
Benjamin Burns
Benjamin Burns - 2 days ago
Corruption and China what's new lol
Jennie Rose Trujillo
Jennie Rose Trujillo - 2 days ago
Ethan Farnsworth
Ethan Farnsworth - 2 days ago
Lmao I loved how you bridged the video to the video game that was so cool
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