I Tried the Viral Exploding Nail Polish Remover and OMG (DO NOT BUY)

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Maia Toscariu
Maia Toscariu - 10 hours ago
Hi Cristine! Could you please tell me a p.o. box adress ? SimplyMALElogical should be alive again :))
Jaylen Brown
Jaylen Brown - 10 hours ago
I laughed so HARD💀💀💀💀😂😂😂😂
Leena W.k
Leena W.k - 10 hours ago
U know u HOLO TOCO kit Nerdycrafter bought it i just saw it in the backgrounds of her last vid
Like if u agree👍👍👍
lidana san
lidana san - 10 hours ago
Can you test elastic gel nail art if you haven’t already
martinette handley
martinette handley - 10 hours ago
Priscilia - 11 hours ago
God bless ma ears 16:00 😂
OkayKK - 11 hours ago
Hi Cristine, do you read our comments? :0
lidana san
lidana san - 10 hours ago
I'm literally dying of laughter right now!😂😂 The timing of you leaning over to check it and it jumping off the plate was pure gold!
starry eyes sparking up my darkest night
I got a nail ad before the video started 😂
Ashley Ashford
Ashley Ashford - 11 hours ago
I would've screamed if my nail polish jumped too 😂
XxSavagePotatoxX - 11 hours ago
Jean-luc Chessher
Jean-luc Chessher - 11 hours ago
Paint stripper is not safe for nails it can brakedown the calsium sorry for any miss spelling
Jamie Bickford
Jamie Bickford - 11 hours ago
I've never commented on YouTube b4 ever but omg I laughed harder than I ever have in my life when you jumped!! I needed that and I love all your vids even if I dont comment!!
Savanah Polley
Savanah Polley - 11 hours ago
For a nail idea you should do nail art for different YouTubers
T Kemp
T Kemp - 11 hours ago
What’s your fave peel off base coat? I need one because I’m tired of fighting with my glitter polishes lol.
Also... Poor Ben really loves you to subject himself to potentially dangerous chemicals all in the name of science and curiosity lol 🤣
Sam Here
Sam Here - 12 hours ago
Lmao !!! I almost peed my pants when the paint jumped LMAO
13BJLA76 - 12 hours ago
The ad for this video was for personal injury lawyers. 🤔
Internet Cat
Internet Cat - 12 hours ago
4:57 *The taste is slight* excuse me what the fuck
Ana Hernandez
Ana Hernandez - 12 hours ago
On minute 16:00 I almost dropped my phone on my face
Aailyah Calkins
Aailyah Calkins - 12 hours ago
RIP us headphone users oml😂
Codex Studios
Codex Studios - 12 hours ago
Looks exactly like the paint stripper I used to get spray paint off my driveway and my guitar. Exactly like it.
Joe Stacks
Joe Stacks - 12 hours ago
pretty sure they are all just paint remover.
Avocado Toast
Avocado Toast - 12 hours ago
The nail polish remover jumped because itwanted your attention.
It’s a needy little bitch.
Taylor Blake
Taylor Blake - 12 hours ago
I'm literally dying of laughter right now!😂😂 The timing of you leaning over to check it and it jumping off the plate was pure gold!
Bella Tamar
Bella Tamar - 12 hours ago
Can you test elastic gel nail art if you haven’t already
Jessica Fredericks
Jessica Fredericks - 12 hours ago
Can she stop swearing
Cheylae - 12 hours ago
Imagine a nail mountain, with this on it🤔😂
Eatyour Chocolate
Eatyour Chocolate - 12 hours ago
The stuff you used at the body place for.your.dad.still might be organic
Christine Mae Rotia
Christine Mae Rotia - 12 hours ago
Bake that shit for a minute has been on my mind for 3 weeks now. Whyy 😫
Lissy London
Lissy London - 12 hours ago
Shipping from China Post can take time, but I just ordered a shirt and skirt and Jacket on Chicwish (with free shipping) on Wednesday... and it arrived FROM CHINA today. So China literally can ship faster than Amazon prime. So who knows...
Tegan - 12 hours ago
You need to collab with Jenna marbles!!!
HOTTWHEELZ s - 12 hours ago
So as long as you DONT do your nails correctly it works lol
DANGEROUS 1958 - 12 hours ago
Your so funny kristen
Megan Perring
Megan Perring - 13 hours ago
Troom Troom has another channel called woo hoo
V R P X20
V R P X20 - 13 hours ago
Sticky fingers
Jennifer Poo
Jennifer Poo - 13 hours ago
If the smell is what's familiar, I'm thinking at the very least, the nail polish remover shares a base solvent with car paint stripper, which appears to be dichloromethane. Dichloromethane is a skin irritant and carcinogenic (cancer causing), so along with everyone else, I would say don't touch the stuff
Source: https://pubchem.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/compound/Dichloromethane
Roy Rouell
Roy Rouell - 13 hours ago
There are labs that test things to tell you what is in them. If you live near an university with a thriving science degree program that would be a good place to start asking to find out what is in it.
Galaxywolf gaming
Galaxywolf gaming - 13 hours ago
' Is this human safe?'
'I don't know'
*continues to put on ben*
Lillian Fouts
Lillian Fouts - 13 hours ago
This looks like something out of stranger things


I mean the rats and heather
Deemed Unfit
Deemed Unfit - 13 hours ago
I just want to say dont go through wish. Go straight to the source, aliexpress.
Lia - 13 hours ago
Follow a bob ross tutorial on your nails, that would be cool 🙌🏻
Myley Bergeron
Myley Bergeron - 13 hours ago
Ben should recreate a tutorial of simply nailogical
Kayleigh&Mya - 13 hours ago
When she screamed I laughed so hard
Kat Fisher
Kat Fisher - 13 hours ago
Maggu Sxhlag
Maggu Sxhlag - 13 hours ago
cristine is that a new intro
jackybaby1999 - 13 hours ago
The screaming was hilarious.
Breeana Fifield
Breeana Fifield - 13 hours ago
You need to try the go glam nail stamp kids toy
LexiAndLyla Rblx
LexiAndLyla Rblx - 13 hours ago
ik this isnt nail related, but can you please turn your self into a vsco girl and a vsco girl i think is a teenage trend where you wear a baggy tear shirt, scrunchies, a hydro flask, crocks, socks, friendship bracelets, Shell chocker, lip gloss, and also Mario Badescu facial spray. Hope you see this know this isnt nail related but i think it would be great content!
aartadventure - 13 hours ago
Soooooo.... that stuff is a carcinogenic solvent/paint stripper. Poor Beyn :(
Lorelei Brown
Lorelei Brown - 13 hours ago
Imagine someone watching this with no context.
Christine: How do your nails feel?
Ben: Well, I didn’t really notice anything until I looked on the camera and saw that the pinky nail had completely popped off. I could see any of the bubbling until then.
Bethany Patrick
Bethany Patrick - 13 hours ago
I was interested in buying this awhile back, but I also saw the numerous listings on Amazon under different names. The reviews were mostly less than 3 stars, so I passed on it. I had no idea it might be dangerous. No ingredients on the packaging or websites is a red flag for sure. I don't want paint stripper on my skin or nails. You have provided a great service to your followers.
Phil Kriska
Phil Kriska - 13 hours ago
didn’t nail polish start as people painting car paint on their nails?
ava esmaily
ava esmaily - 13 hours ago
That’s paint thinner o.O
Tiffany England
Tiffany England - 13 hours ago
Haahaha!!! So entertainment.
Kimorra Buggs
Kimorra Buggs - 13 hours ago
You're like the Brad Mondo of the nail community. Gotta be honest
Alice Friedmeyer Vacek
Alice Friedmeyer Vacek - 13 hours ago
For the people here that don’t have a peel off base coat, what do you recommend for getting off gel polish at home? I still have scratch marks on my nails from them drilling it off at the salon.
F K - 13 hours ago
Holo there Cristine with no h! I've already seen this video a few days ago but for some reason I just wanna comment in this video. Haha tbh I'm just commenting here cause it's the most recent video so yeah. Rn I'm alone in my house and for the first time I feel like I have nothing to do. So I'm planning to binge watch ur videos now for the time being until my family comes home from 2 weddings that I'm too lazy to attend. Ok bye! Love You!
candy land
candy land - 14 hours ago
Warning for head phone users
Carmen Carlton
Carmen Carlton - 14 hours ago
You are so lucky to have someone to trust you with these products
Carmen Carlton
Carmen Carlton - 14 hours ago
With the time it takes to work you could have done all your nails
Carmen Carlton
Carmen Carlton - 14 hours ago
To me it’s like they are telling you if it kills you or makes one of your finger off do t use it on the remaining finger so you lose only one finger lol
Elioo_cringe Okay
Elioo_cringe Okay - 14 hours ago

No one:
(Wat ever her name is): *screams at nail polish*
qween bee
qween bee - 14 hours ago
ahhh i have those cat ears!!!!!!!! 😍🤪
Samantha Judy
Samantha Judy - 14 hours ago
How do I know if im allergic?! Idk the ingredients
Carmen Carlton
Carmen Carlton - 14 hours ago
So glad that you did this video it help many many people when it come to can you believe what they are telling you it’s not always a yes so thank you thank you
Katherine Hall
Katherine Hall - 14 hours ago
so next video u should try removing nail polish with paint stripper
Alicia Pineda
Alicia Pineda - 14 hours ago
Do a video comparing how the paint stripper reacts to polish compared to how this product reacts and see if it’s the same !
Dylan Smith
Dylan Smith - 14 hours ago
Can I have a BEYNNN
Marvin Guerrero
Marvin Guerrero - 14 hours ago
Imagine it is alien saliva😮
Bella Ibarra
Bella Ibarra - 14 hours ago
omg its mind flayer rat nails ~~14:29

melted ppl in stranger things 3 be like: 16:03
Gail Lewis
Gail Lewis - 14 hours ago
OMG, you seriously sniffed the bottle? 😨 Wafting is your friend!
TheTinyTerror - 14 hours ago
legally a company is required to give you the ingredients if requested.
Gabrielle Funk
Gabrielle Funk - 14 hours ago
Tyded Breeze
Tyded Breeze - 14 hours ago

Yes....yes I did
Kayley Meredith
Kayley Meredith - 14 hours ago
LA Colors nail polish remover pads are my go to. They even take off glitter polish in a hot second and glitter polish is a nightmare! You can do both hands with only 3 little pads! And it's cheap! I've gotten knockoffs from wish for like a dollar that work just as well. I love polish remover markers too, for getting off smudges on my skin when I screw up!
Sharky Clawfang
Sharky Clawfang - 14 hours ago
SAND MAN - 14 hours ago
DUDE!!! Im a guy and I dont know jack &%$# about beauty products but I DO know what I used to sell in the paint department of Home Depot for THREE YEARS.... this is straight up PAINT STRIPPER!!! You worry about OBJECTS you put this on getting damaged or melting.......let alone putting this on your skin!! And mind you, there is a difference between “remover” and “stripper”. Stripper is more powerful and makes paint coats bubble up exactly like this AND is sold at Home Depot as a gel precisely like this.
Bettina Butler
Bettina Butler - 14 hours ago
It reminds me a lot of the Hawley Acrylic Melt... Maybe it's the same kind of stuff?
김유냐954498 - 15 hours ago
lolol, you should try using that nail polish popper on dried car paint to prove your theory lmao
Çhäį Ëdįtś
Çhäį Ëdįtś - 15 hours ago
Beyn laughs like my dad.
Rylie Hawthorne
Rylie Hawthorne - 15 hours ago
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