I Tried the Viral Exploding Nail Polish Remover and OMG (DO NOT BUY)

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TrashLord Lord of the Trash
Cristine to Ben like:
“Some of you may die, but that is a sacrifice I am willing to make.”
James Guzman II
James Guzman II - Day ago
Why not do a side by side test with the aircraft stripper. Fake nails and car hood.
Goku- Samurai
Goku- Samurai - Day ago
15:57.... Jump sacre WARNING
Nadine Mudd
Nadine Mudd - Day ago
When she said you could almost hear it cracking I thought she said I am on crack
Ko Eun Yoo
Ko Eun Yoo - 2 days ago
Cristine , cherish ben a little more...
ms kittycat
ms kittycat - 2 days ago
Cristine: add a glossy top coat
Me: whats a glossy top coat?
Emilyrachel 0205
Emilyrachel 0205 - 2 days ago
Its nice to see that ben is developing a lovely yellow tinge on his nails 😂
Second account
Second account - 2 days ago
Watching Safiya Nygaard, Jenna Marbles, and Simply Nailogical has upped my standards for boyfriends
Grace _Playz
Grace _Playz - 2 days ago
15:57 christine shat herself 😂😂😂
jiji kirilova
jiji kirilova - 2 days ago
WE are all aware that nail polish is car paint in a small bottle yes? Like that's how it was created, to this day it still is. So yeah you used a car paint stripper on car paint ... XD
Tania Higuera
Tania Higuera - 3 days ago
15:59 Cristine's screech scared Ben lol
Pink Blobfishes
Pink Blobfishes - 3 days ago
Linkle Tinkle
Linkle Tinkle - 3 days ago
Meeehhhhhhh poorrr Beennn don't die omgggg XD Legit so worried for you both I hope you are doing fine! ❤️
Alaynie Shiflett
Alaynie Shiflett - 3 days ago
I was thinking that it looked like Stranger things too! I'm sad there's only 3 seasons though.
Jessica Brauns
Jessica Brauns - 3 days ago
I really want you to sue them
Rowan Mcnabb-Friedmann
Rowan Mcnabb-Friedmann - 3 days ago
She didn't file it on real nails
Too Trazy
Too Trazy - 3 days ago
Hey Beyn wedgie Cristine
F RC - 3 days ago
Erika Bursnall
Erika Bursnall - 4 days ago
If it is a solvent and you smell it you can die Christine be careful
dumb bee
dumb bee - 4 days ago
16:03 "aight, i'm bout to head out"
Sherrie Abbott
Sherrie Abbott - 4 days ago
I came here for the boom
M. J.
M. J. - 4 days ago
Welp that's a lot of consumer rights violations
Fish Flay
Fish Flay - 4 days ago
Fish Flay
Fish Flay - 4 days ago
Ashlyn612 - 4 days ago
This already looks like something dangerous and I don’t like it *AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA*
_ SANOLEY _ - 4 days ago
Are u 31 years old 🙄
Crazy Girl
Crazy Girl - 2 days ago
@_ SANOLEY _ trueee
_ SANOLEY _ - 2 days ago
@Crazy Girl yelll ,🥴 she look younger🤣
Crazy Girl
Crazy Girl - 2 days ago
Yes, she is
LPS SugarHeart
LPS SugarHeart - 4 days ago
Lakshmi Kiumbi
Lakshmi Kiumbi - 4 days ago
Is Ben her boyfriend 😂??
Cloudy Leafs
Cloudy Leafs - 5 days ago
I want to throw up.
Izzy D
Izzy D - 5 days ago
FLUBBER. Sorry, but it's heckin' alive. It reminds me of Flubber.
S Avgoulis
S Avgoulis - 5 days ago
Slime ASMR E
Slime ASMR E - 5 days ago
The fact that she recognized somebody’s nails
Tara Jackson
Tara Jackson - 5 days ago
I love that she kept referring the product to Stranger things❤️❤️❤️
Low-Brass Gang
Low-Brass Gang - 6 days ago
Seriously save Ben
joey alexandria
joey alexandria - 6 days ago
the fact that she said acetone like 20 times
Little Howler
Little Howler - 7 days ago
This my first video seeing her no haters peas as soon as I saw the coot kitty I subbed
ed_nygmas_foot - 7 days ago
WhT is ur pinterest simplyyyyy
moonxanime - 7 days ago
'looks like something from the upside down' Pink/ Purple and sparkly?? ok then..not gonna question-
Alison Aracena Medina
Alison Aracena Medina - 7 days ago
"I'm not gonna risk my nails"
*Proceeds to risk another human's nails like a douche*
Braw Lives
Braw Lives - 7 days ago
one of the ingredients in the stripper (xylene) is an 'aromatic' that means it has a strong distinctive (and sometimes really nice, benzene does) smell - that may be why the smell is so familiar to you, it mayb hints at the varnish popper containing xylene but I couldn't confirm
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