#597 | TRUMP OWNS NATO | Ted Cruz Guests | Louder with Crowder

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StevenCrowder - Month ago
When you look at all the traditional late night hosts, who do you feel is the most obnoxious when it comes to politics?
TheHolyGoat - 14 days ago
Colbert Jimmy Kimmel and t noah
Naomi Pleasant
Naomi Pleasant - Month ago
Samantha Bee
Mike Teally
Mike Teally - Month ago
Trevor Noah and Oliver are the ones I decide I don’t wanna watch due to just the condescending nature
Dustin Hoeppner
Dustin Hoeppner - Month ago
The firing pin is just a pin that crushes the primer cap on the back of a casing that detonates inside the waterproof round igniting the gun powder. Guns work underwater.
James Tapp
James Tapp - Month ago
All of them
J B - Day ago
Actually sings really good! I'm in tears from that music video. I have something new to crank up in my car thanks Crowder.
Adrienne Wootten
Adrienne Wootten - 2 days ago
Random thought for the “Does it Late” bit - the mannequin challenge.
Christina Inman
Christina Inman - 2 days ago
NATO is for Figs. France is full of figs and not much else.
expat2010 - 8 days ago
About Hopper, nobody and nothing lives forever. You helped him have 7 great years of not only happiness himself but also improving the life of others. Agreed that is something to be celebrated and thankful for.
expat2010 - 8 days ago
While it is not something I'd recommend, of course a gun will fire underwater. I'm kinda shocked you don't know something so basic as to what a round consists of and how it is fired.
Audrie Etheridge
Audrie Etheridge - 18 days ago
That song was Amazing!! hahaha
James Barnhart
James Barnhart - 18 days ago
Still would love to know how mrs. Clinton is not in jail? Seriously
James Barnhart
James Barnhart - 18 days ago
Honestly I believe if these other countries think that it is ok to cheap out when it comes to putting money into NATO and if they don't put their fare share into the pot they should be escorted out of the meeting and told that they are on their own simple as that. Would a bouncer or personal security guard stick around if they weren't getting paid? Hell no you'd be on your own fending for yourself in no time
James Barnhart
James Barnhart - 18 days ago
@stevencrowder you keep mentioning your walther but can I please recommend a gun for you to check out? I know everyone and their mothers have their own preferences for one reason or another but I really love my Ruger p94 .40 cal I swear if you haven't tested this one out you are doing yourself a great injustice!
RyDaddy - 23 days ago
Fire arms actually do work underwater, the powder is sealed and everything it needs to ignite is in the powder. But they don't work WELL; the effective range is about 2ft. WAY more resistance firing through water, a semi-auto won't reload, and having to push the bullet and the water out of the barrel means the energy is lost very quickly, again shortening the effective range considerably.
Nimajneb Yelah
Nimajneb Yelah - 25 days ago
I understand how you feel. I had to put mine down several years ago. I held him when he went. It is not easy, it does not feel good, but it is the right thing to do. God bless you Crowder.
dsptatanka - 26 days ago
Sorry for your Loss. It harder then most think
Thomas Langton
Thomas Langton - 26 days ago
State Sponsored Propagandist
Charly Hayes
Charly Hayes - 28 days ago
Thomas Schafer
Thomas Schafer - 28 days ago
Great opening song !
OnlyHuman StillAnAnimal
My GOD Crowder......not real sure what to say about the song.
I didn't know you could sing, guess I could start with that.
I love VervePipe, and Freshman was always a beloved song of mine. But I gotta be honest and say.....I think I like your version even better, lol.
That was amazing, lol. Keep up your wonderful, and oh so crucial, work. So many of us appreciate you more than you will ever know, or could ever imagine.
You have a shit ton of lifelong supporters, and gaining more every single day.
Final fantasy Forever
Final fantasy Forever - Month ago
first time seeing one of these, loved it
A Random pigeon
A Random pigeon - Month ago
Rest in peace hopper I can't imagine my dog going through that
Raisin - Month ago
I...That was one of my favorite 90's songs. LOLOLOLOLOLOL
BroncosBailey ‘99
BroncosBailey ‘99 - Month ago
12:23 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
21:06 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Promethian Projects
Promethian Projects - Month ago
Songs a banger not gonna lie
Nick - Month ago
I liked Ted during the 2016 primaries. I thought he was really well spoken and had very common sense policies. If he looked like JFK he would probably our president right now.
theducka1 - Month ago
Gender fluid. I use paper towel for that.
Juan Brits
Juan Brits - Month ago
If the US leaves Nato then they can actually use that money for a universal healthcare system but the same Leftists that want universal healthcare are also supporters of every foreign war.
Bruh Moment Guy
Bruh Moment Guy - Month ago
Universal healthcare isn't the best thing to do with the money we would save.
Wesi Wesmn
Wesi Wesmn - Month ago
Even if i not agree with you in most things, im sorry for youre loss RIP Hopper
Taragon Leaf
Taragon Leaf - Month ago
Poland and a few others meet their goal.
Lisa Sansone
Lisa Sansone - Month ago
You did the right thing, being the one to hold him as they put him to sleep. I did that with my first dog, because he was going to be held by someone who loved him best and not a stranger. Thank you for being a loving daddy to your boy.
James Watkins
James Watkins - Month ago
Best 7 + 1 to date
Matthew Belamont
Matthew Belamont - Month ago
NATO should be used to defend Europe and America we need to kick turkey out and add Russia and then start the mass deportation of the illegal immigrants and refugees. One of natos key functions should be to patrol the Mediterranean Sea 🌊
JustGarbo - Month ago
trump house got impeached LMFAO
timevampire83 - Month ago
R.I.P. Hopper
Mihai Oprean
Mihai Oprean - Month ago
firearms work under water... *flies away*
Peri Exile
Peri Exile - Month ago
You tried to ban us for these sins.....Now meet my half-Asian? bahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Deadbeat Gamers
Deadbeat Gamers - Month ago
In refrences to ww2 france, we do give them a lot of grief on that but if you think about paper thin walls in hotels, they were next door neighbors to the nazi army.
Saucey Sinister
Saucey Sinister - Month ago
Wow. What beautiful advice. I don't normally get behind on my LWC, but life got busy and I've caught up today with the news of Hopper. My heart grieves for your family, but when it's time for me to face the same situation I think this was the best advice anyone could hear. God bless you and your family, Steven. Thank God for the web extended for mug clubbers cuz the banter between you and Ted is always a fun time! I wish he could be on more often.
Riad Burctoolla
Riad Burctoolla - Month ago
1:06:21 I have been calling that song "If Skyfall was a computer game in 1988"
john rod
john rod - Month ago
Joshua Graham
Joshua Graham - Month ago
>Hey, Macron. You want some of your ISIS fighters back?
It's funny because France is the terror capital of Europe.
Eric Lawrence
Eric Lawrence - Month ago
14:10 LORDS OF ACID... I must increase my bust! +1000 points Crowder.
Theresa Peterson
Theresa Peterson - Month ago
Hopper was such a good boy.
dpchief117 - Month ago
What’s the opposite of progress?
Birch Williams
Birch Williams - Month ago
❤️❤️❤️Bye bye Hopper❤️❤️❤️
Hayden Smith
Hayden Smith - Month ago
Put Kamala Harris on crowder bits
Theodore Pinnock
Theodore Pinnock - Month ago
R.I.P. Hopper.
Serious Snake
Serious Snake - Month ago
why do you speak about France, who does not deserve the attention, but not about Romania, an important and loyal ally that made its 2%?
I'd like to hear things about Romania, rather than that shitass France or Germany.
James W.
James W. - Month ago
guns do work underwater...
Sum-Ting Wong
Sum-Ting Wong - Month ago
firearms work just fine underwater... though I have heard some rifles may rupture the barrel from the pressures? idk, but pull trigger=bang, sure thing.
Bob Smoot
Bob Smoot - Month ago
“...Would you like some nice ISIS fighters?” Troll move of the century! So priceless! I hope this one lives on for a LONG time because I break out in hysterical laughter when I watch it. XD
Jonathan Lunger2
Jonathan Lunger2 - Month ago
It's funny Crowder keeps trying to make fun of these songs but he makes them better
David Sims
David Sims - Month ago
Trump strengthened nato securing a one world government. So stupid. He should have left nato and bankrupt that mf.
Derka Derka
Derka Derka - Month ago
Dizzy Derwish
Dizzy Derwish - Month ago
(At a seaside beach)
“Shark! Shark!”
“No, that’s not a shark. It’s just Macron swimming on his back.”
Justin Bell
Justin Bell - Month ago
half asian boot right in ur face
David Coley
David Coley - Month ago
what am I grateful for and how do I contribute?
Health, Wealth, and Freedom
I lost 2 dogs this year...i feel ya
DocsDota - Month ago
Thank you Steven for explaining grief.

I think a lot of people in life are consumed by grief of one point or another, but they need to realize the world isn't about them. It's the reason why nobody cares if you cry after a certain age.
DocsDota - Month ago
Steven, please keep the Chunk Yogurt ads coming.
Andy M
Andy M - Month ago
Aristocrat elitists don't hate Donald Trump, they HATE the general population they feel superior to and are attacking their vote so as to not directly attack the voting population and exposing their agenda. These people favor aristocracy over a constitutional republic and they HATE that they are being smacked down by it.
thinkerly1 - Month ago
Watched a minute, garbage, good bye.
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