Zac Efron and Lily Collins Take a Friendship Test | Glamour

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victoria caballeros
victoria caballeros - 48 minutes ago
he really wants her dang
_ Isabela
_ Isabela - 10 hours ago
_ Isabela
_ Isabela - 10 hours ago
Lily reminds me of Nina in the time of TVD ♥️
DaBrauni - 11 hours ago
if u are looking at someone more then 3s... You are in Love with this Person xD
Nasasha Harvey
Nasasha Harvey - 15 hours ago
She loves you
Paul Ligon
Paul Ligon - Day ago
is she even real? so beautiful holy!
Dracarys - Day ago
The music really made the moment sweet
Nikka Gerona
Nikka Gerona - Day ago
Did they just exchange vows? Hahaha
Britney Dau
Britney Dau - 2 days ago
Is it just me or does she look like Nina Dobrev
Elizabeth Marie
Elizabeth Marie - 2 days ago
Every time he’s talking about her he’s smiling 🥰
Briana - 2 days ago
Now I want to see Zendaya and Tom Holland:)
RICKOY AKOY - 2 days ago
yeah when you are handsome, perfectly in great shape and cute, doing this awkward stuff will make you look adorable.. if I'm the one who did this, she will throw up..
Emily - 2 days ago
I’m not crying you’re crying
Juliette German
Juliette German - 3 days ago
Marry each other. Now. Please.
Wesley Silva
Wesley Silva - 3 days ago
So, where is the kiss???
Desiree Lynn Covarrubias
chris ro
chris ro - 3 days ago
All that things you have to do as an actor nowadays to sell movies...
Ryuk - 3 days ago
Whoever marry Lily Collins might have save a country in his previous life.
Georgia Rae
Georgia Rae - 4 days ago
i feel like zac has a crush on her
Marza Man
Marza Man - 4 days ago
They didn't say these two passed the test tho...
Valeria Betancourt
Valeria Betancourt - 4 days ago
For me lily is the most beautiful, nice, everything thats good, actress in the worlds, and zac the same so if they starts a relationship ill be so excited lol
Sarah Boon
Sarah Boon - 4 days ago
I felt like they could Kiss at any moment
Classic Bodybuilding
Classic Bodybuilding - 4 days ago
I think it's more than friednship :)
Mourad Maimen
Mourad Maimen - 4 days ago
Vamos a la playa
C-FU gaming
C-FU gaming - 4 days ago
friendzoned for 10 minutes straight
Lazada Philippines
Lazada Philippines - 4 days ago
My cheeks hurt..😊😆😂
Evin Drews
Evin Drews - 5 days ago
"friendship test"
Maria Bernal
Maria Bernal - 5 days ago
they genuinely actually look like they're in love how i-
Gem Jello
Gem Jello - 5 days ago
Why the thumbnail so awkward
hannibalking10 - 5 days ago
He loves her and is in a friendzone. That is so obvious to me.
Mathilde - 5 days ago
idk why but i literally cried during the complementing round wow
vijay deepak
vijay deepak - 5 days ago
Why the heck I'm crying....
ExNoobzy - 5 days ago
Im sure they banging each other off screen . No string attached
Khalishah Al Marwah
Khalishah Al Marwah - 5 days ago
petition for zendaya and tom holland to take this test
Lizzie - 6 days ago
Couples therapy? He said that
Lizzie - 6 days ago
6:37 am I the only one who thought he was coming in to kiss her
Gaming With Christian
Gaming With Christian - 6 days ago
Perfect age difference of only 1 year apart.... They sure make a good couple
Mark Hogan
Mark Hogan - 6 days ago
She's ridiculously gorgeous. It's absurd.
Joshua Thompson
Joshua Thompson - 6 days ago
My god, Zac get the f out the friend ship zone
KEEGΛN JOHANSON - 6 days ago
this was so uncomfortable
king of games
king of games - 6 days ago
I Wish Zac Efron Will Make His Hair Black It's So Much Better Looking.
Eyerusalem Tsehayou
Eyerusalem Tsehayou - 6 days ago
GET MARRIED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Victoria Ty
Victoria Ty - 6 days ago
That is no Friendship test at all! That was too deep! He literally Stared at lily's lips the whole time , couldn't stop blinking while looking at her then shared deep deep compliments to each other let's talk about how smiling they were while looking at each other! Lily couldn't even look at him without having That Big Smile.... The way they talked about each other and held hands... My best guess is they're truly & madly in love. They're right for each other they literally exchanged vows for 10:39 mins straight :).
Lara De melo
Lara De melo - 6 days ago
The more i look at her The more she looks like nina dobrev when she smiles
Mia Garcia
Mia Garcia - 6 days ago
Can’t they date already?😩
ken ho
ken ho - 6 days ago
Glamour knows exactly what they're doing. This whole thing was set up to be a date
Amanda Bennett
Amanda Bennett - 7 days ago
so they are together right?
Ify Glorious
Ify Glorious - 7 days ago
OMG was he leaning in unawarely 🥰 @ 6:35
Its almost like he had to stop himself.
Chickin Who Makes Video’s
Just date already lol
jing bay
jing bay - 7 days ago
I don't know what it is between them but I love it
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