Zac Efron and Lily Collins Take a Friendship Test | Glamour

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Jon Snow
Jon Snow - 42 minutes ago
2:18 ❤️
Takaruichi - 3 hours ago
at 2:02
You're looking at are lips, aren't you Zacky? ;)
WhatTheHell - 4 hours ago
Zac constantly looking shocked. While obviously really crushing on her. SORRY, I'm not buying the friendship thing. He is crushing hard. And she knows that but tries to act classy and "friendshippy".
Caterina Denice
Caterina Denice - 6 hours ago
Mônica Carvalho
Mônica Carvalho - 6 hours ago
they are so in love in this video
David Howard
David Howard - 7 hours ago
This disgusts me.
Olga Anoshkina
Olga Anoshkina - 12 hours ago
This is so good and beautiful
Juh Graciolli
Juh Graciolli - 15 hours ago
i didn’t know about this friendship, i love it
Reaper FPS
Reaper FPS - 15 hours ago
Me watching this video :
So they are together, right ?
Vanessa Valdez
Vanessa Valdez - 17 hours ago
OMG this is so lovely!
Honey X Lavender
Honey X Lavender - Day ago
ok for my fellow french citizen: Soyez honnêtes, le gars il ressemble trop à Cyprien, ou c'est juste moi??
sunkid86 - Day ago
It like she knows what up, but he still has some self-appreciation issues, so he needs to deal with that. He kinda pushes her away but obviously just can't handle the opportunity.
John Pothews
John Pothews - Day ago
Does this kid have gray hair already or is just something to be cool?
Sanae Bendaif
Sanae Bendaif - Day ago
He is a kind person really
Vikas Hakda
Vikas Hakda - Day ago
Breaks my heart 💔
Martin Richter
Martin Richter - Day ago
Loved it.
KofuahKnows - Day ago
WhAt about Gabriella😢😢
Jude Gustilo
Jude Gustilo - Day ago
welcome to Glamour: if you want to ship two celebrities, This is the video for you!
Helene Hanssen
Helene Hanssen - Day ago
"Friendship test"
Penelope Yonemoto
Penelope Yonemoto - Day ago
troy bolton got ugly
NoBody - Day ago
Maha Khan
Maha Khan - Day ago
PLOT TWIST: they planned on him trying to hint to her his 'love n affection' and we all get fooled drastically XD
Din Bach
Din Bach - Day ago
Zac Efron reminds me of a NPC.
magpieandtea - Day ago
He has THAT look when he looks at her
rick24lb - 2 days ago
The first 7 minutes are amazing I could have cried.... then what the crap?
Rob C
Rob C - 2 days ago
Oh they tally banged. They both look like Mannequin.
apoorva rao
apoorva rao - 2 days ago
That whole video was them just flirting. So cute
belle nomad
belle nomad - 2 days ago
Is this a friendship test or a how quickly they fall in love test?!
Andrea Neksa Rodriguez
Andrea Neksa Rodriguez - 2 days ago
iHoneyBlossom - 3 days ago
We know Zac, you love her.
Marilyn - 3 days ago
Do you guys realize that they are reading scripts? Just pay attention
P.artoza - 3 days ago
The two people that don’t age
Literally Shawn's Wife
Literally Shawn's Wife - 3 days ago
Where’s her accent tho
Myliah Korsmo
Myliah Korsmo - 3 days ago
Ahhhhh they are so cute!! I want them to get married lol
Aian Io
Aian Io - 3 days ago
Omg they'd be the loveliest couple and produce the most beautiful children if ever
TheRVisions - 3 days ago
"That's all I really want in life...I just want somebody who likes cookies and maybe wants to watch movies..." He basically just asked her to marry him.
Just for fun Edits
Just for fun Edits - 3 days ago
Please do this with sarah and wentworthh
Isidora Oliva
Isidora Oliva - 3 days ago
They are not even a couple and I want a love like theirs
K Friday
K Friday - 3 days ago
Why is everyone saying oh there perfect just no there meant to be long life partners!
domna maria
domna maria - 4 days ago
Well, they failed the test. This ain't no friendship YOU SNEAKY GLAMOUR
Nadine - 4 days ago
zac dying his hair should be a crime
Nadine - 4 days ago
Lily doesn’t look real
Freda English
Freda English - 4 days ago
He looks like his friends uncle 🧓
Léa Le Pellec
Léa Le Pellec - 5 days ago
2:20 the winking part😍
Maria - 5 days ago
Is this a friendship test or a cupid's test? xD
Spine Grinder
Spine Grinder - 5 days ago
oh and she's clearly attracted af to him :3
abc ___
abc ___ - 5 days ago
Isabella Diaz
Isabella Diaz - 5 days ago
hes so in love w her omg
Izabela - 6 days ago
They look at each other with so much love, that's so beautiful
Marissa Murdock
Marissa Murdock - 6 days ago
He seems like he loves her
Uh Oh
Uh Oh - 6 days ago
4:59, he literally he said, “I love you because”
Eve A
Eve A - 6 days ago
She’s so pretty wow
Shayan Ahmed
Shayan Ahmed - 6 days ago
the video is super corny
clearly, they need to date and clearly, they like each other
Amy Salah
Amy Salah - 6 days ago
Please date
Ayy Khay T
Ayy Khay T - 6 days ago
Zac is in love with her. He loves her and we all can see it. Lilly might already know it but she is escaping on purpose.
Ayy Khay T
Ayy Khay T - 6 days ago
This is a soul mate test. Definitely not friendship test.
Gabriella Rodrigues
Gabriella Rodrigues - 6 days ago
vei ele ta muito apaixonadinho
Nik Rose
Nik Rose - 6 days ago
Zac is literally in love with her he’s hinting at it SO hard
Nik Rose
Nik Rose - 6 days ago
I know that I’m like so late to this video but how are they not married yet they look in love like
Wicked - 7 days ago
she's so cute, oh my...
v - 7 days ago
They are married but they don't know 👉👈🥺
Lar Nica
Lar Nica - 7 days ago
The way Lily looks at him tho
diamond dot
diamond dot - 7 days ago
his blond hair makes his eyes POP even more!!!
Toto Me
Toto Me - 7 days ago
If I stare at my friend, I wouldn't be looking at them with heart eyes like Zack and would just deadass start laughing until we both collapse on the floor...still laughing at each other.
Mochi_19 xD
Mochi_19 xD - 8 days ago
whoa they would make such a CUTE/HOT couple like dayyyyyuuuummm
Meg K
Meg K - 8 days ago
This was not a friendship test this was a couple test. their compliments were like vows😂
Meg K
Meg K - 8 days ago
Can they just get married please?! 😍😍
Brianna Coronado
Brianna Coronado - 8 days ago
Lily got a lazy eye
Rass Man
Rass Man - 9 days ago
i hope they get married
Kimia A
Kimia A - 9 days ago
That music is good for walking down the aisle.. just saying
Trusted Flagger
Trusted Flagger - 9 days ago
As a guy I can say Zac definitely sees her as wife material
Roses Blue
Roses Blue - 9 days ago
They seems really friendly
Rubel Jan Samis
Rubel Jan Samis - 9 days ago
You know theyll hook after. Theres no explaining but you just know it.
Daniela BS
Daniela BS - 10 days ago
They have that...chemistry
Clown Man
Clown Man - 10 days ago
If given the chance I would really marry her.
Gaia van den Broek
Gaia van den Broek - 10 days ago
I mean friendship is a great base for a romantic relationship. No pressure Zac&Lily just a suggestion ;)
WeiLan Soul
WeiLan Soul - 10 days ago
What i loved was that when they were doing the looking into each others eyes challenge it was literally like a drama u know when the two characters their in a situation and like suddenly they look into each other’s eyes I’m mean like y’all can see they enjoyed it😏😜💍🙈❤️
Maria Fernanda
Maria Fernanda - 10 days ago
Why aren’t they dating?
Merit Hallang
Merit Hallang - 11 days ago
It’s so random but in the beginning when Lily is talking, the way she holds her hands and the sleeves of the dress really reminds me of that one episode of Hannah Montana where Hannah has to accept the award while being cuffed to Lilly 😂😂😂
madhuka laksara
madhuka laksara - 11 days ago
Don't scroll down. girls are dying down there
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