Zac Efron and Lily Collins Take a Friendship Test | Glamour

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Monroe Kaye
Monroe Kaye - 46 seconds ago
I literally think they are soulmates
del - 3 minutes ago
the title of the video has a typo in it
Tom Cruise
Tom Cruise - 9 minutes ago
6:36 come onnnnn
Bay W
Bay W - 20 minutes ago
This is so precious❤️ I’m crying
Taemar Lancaster
Taemar Lancaster - 23 minutes ago
I’m sorry but how can you not ship them
Charlee Irving
Charlee Irving - 36 minutes ago
New celebrity ship
Amelia Mariani
Amelia Mariani - 43 minutes ago
i never thought i wanted him to be with anyone besides Vanessa until now
Andrea Fernández
Andrea Fernández - 55 minutes ago
What they said to each other totally made me cry, omg.
I think we can maybe wait for a relationship. 🙊
Peter Price-Patrick of Penkridge
Great until the camper than camp guy.
Isabella Ruiz
Isabella Ruiz - Hour ago
Lily’s blouse is beautiful! And they both make an adorable duo!
Noor 777
Noor 777 - Hour ago
I mean … is this how soulmates look like? cause im swear on god their connection felt soooo SEIRIAL :O
Chanel Simone
Chanel Simone - 2 hours ago
Glamour out here being Cupid! Y’all ain’t slick.
Riley Fields
Riley Fields - 2 hours ago
I have never wanted two people to date more
Mauro Rebottaro
Mauro Rebottaro - 2 hours ago
just go to a motel
Tini Walter
Tini Walter - 2 hours ago
How hot he looks 🔥
Ericka De Franco
Ericka De Franco - 2 hours ago
I need in spanish
Pearl M
Pearl M - 2 hours ago
He told her she’s the woman of his dreams.
Jordan Laffernis
Jordan Laffernis - 2 hours ago
god just get married already
Pearl M
Pearl M - 2 hours ago
I feel so awkward being here. They’re so clearly in love with each other.
K Grace
K Grace - 3 hours ago
5:00 I LOVE YOU BECAUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Anna Maria
Anna Maria - 3 hours ago
If anything they just seem like they're attracted to each other. Unfortunate how easy it is to mistake that for love.
Jaspreet singh
Jaspreet singh - 3 hours ago
Did they hook up or what ?
Keaira Craft
Keaira Craft - 3 hours ago
Ummm. Can someone plz explain why ZACH
Holy Shnitzel
Holy Shnitzel - 3 hours ago
If u mix lily collins and Victoria justice you got Nina dobrev
evander - 4 hours ago
I feel like he already tried some moves with her but he's not exactly her type of guy
Sara Rabah
Sara Rabah - 4 hours ago
Please get Demi lovato and Nick Jonas here
Katiemegan - 4 hours ago
Ship that
idk bro
idk bro - 5 hours ago
just get married
Lio Murdest
Lio Murdest - 5 hours ago
Okay, you people have to stop writing what I'm thinking, I have literally liked comments with out skipping one. xD
Momo Gillispie
Momo Gillispie - 5 hours ago
i hope that anyone who disliked this video disliked it for the fact that they called it a 'friendship test' lol
Elysa Martinez
Elysa Martinez - 6 hours ago
Why don't yall get together??❤️🤗
Arguments and facts
Arguments and facts - 6 hours ago
I need them one more time!!!
Frank -E Muckbang
Frank -E Muckbang - 6 hours ago
she looks like Nina Dobrev twin !
Dhanashri Awade
Dhanashri Awade - 6 hours ago
Omg they are so adorable. Get married you guys
Dhanashri Awade
Dhanashri Awade - 6 hours ago
I don't know the background score also makes it lovey dovey
Dhanashri Awade
Dhanashri Awade - 6 hours ago
Geeez they are in love .
Lainie Woo
Lainie Woo - 6 hours ago
Glamour: Hi we just wanna get a video of your relationship pre-marriage
Ug Buga
Ug Buga - 6 hours ago
They're like in a real life situation of Love,Rosie
Rebekah Anderson
Rebekah Anderson - 7 hours ago
2:58 6:42 I relate to him so much XD
Rebecca Quist
Rebecca Quist - 7 hours ago
_ 27
_ 27 - 7 hours ago
lol what is this music
Jovana Kraljevic
Jovana Kraljevic - 8 hours ago
Zac Efron looks like a Puerto Rican singer Pedro Capo
Natalie Tietz
Natalie Tietz - 8 hours ago
“Friendship test” uh huh...we see you glamor, we ship it too dont worry
yazmin ramos
yazmin ramos - 8 hours ago
i ship!!
이여iyey - 9 hours ago
nourhane berrabah
nourhane berrabah - 9 hours ago
Loool is it me or they are totally into each other
Nurul Faezah
Nurul Faezah - 9 hours ago
Zac and lily should be a real couple 😭
Sylvia Jessica Sonita
Sylvia Jessica Sonita - 9 hours ago
I'm just amazed by how good looking Zac is. I mean look at that eyes and smile
Jannah Nazeeh
Jannah Nazeeh - 10 hours ago
so both of them in friend zone ?
Badre L
Badre L - 10 hours ago
Alright when's the wedding?
bo laynwe
bo laynwe - 10 hours ago
this is so cute omg
Potato twists
Potato twists - 10 hours ago
Zac and Vanessa now completely moved on... Tbh... I think Zac and Lily have a good chemistry together😍
liz holt
liz holt - 11 hours ago
and i oop-
Di Crz
Di Crz - 11 hours ago
Im in love.
Di Crz
Di Crz - 11 hours ago
La bisexualidad en un video.
tristian alaska
tristian alaska - 11 hours ago
Use me as an " aren't they together yet "button ! 😂😻
Nadia Syed
Nadia Syed - 11 hours ago
I’m literally witnessing love
Alliah B.
Alliah B. - 11 hours ago
that wink is everything
Fahad AlShammari
Fahad AlShammari - 12 hours ago
Nayops 18
Nayops 18 - 13 hours ago
Lily’s so talented and stunning like always❗️♥️
Disney Jazzcore
Disney Jazzcore - 13 hours ago
Brigitta Tóth
Brigitta Tóth - 14 hours ago
You mean watching Lily Collins and Zac Efron fall for each other in a matter of 10 minutes?
CptSaveABro - 14 hours ago
Definitely, Maybe, but IRL
Scott Crosby
Scott Crosby - 14 hours ago
She’s uniquely pretty
Wandering Android
Wandering Android - 15 hours ago
7:17 trust me, stop watching the video
Neo Matlou
Neo Matlou - 15 hours ago
i refuse to believe that they aren’t in love
felicia. - 16 hours ago
is this what you called as friendship,, duh too sweet
鍾毓展 - 17 hours ago
6:35 Who else thought he just didn't care anymore and tried to go for it?
asheley - 17 hours ago
i would not be surprised if they start dating, THEY ARE MEANT FOR EACHOTHER
PLV Consistent
PLV Consistent - 17 hours ago
That was awesome.... more love, more friendship, more , more more ❤❤
Ice 77
Ice 77 - 18 hours ago
"Kiss the girl" by Sebastian the crab(The little mermaid soundtrack) should be this video background music.
kaia jordan
kaia jordan - 18 hours ago
i want them to date
Putri Anggie
Putri Anggie - 18 hours ago
Just date already
Kateřina Lišková
Kateřina Lišková - 19 hours ago
They should be a couple not just friends! 💏
HAZƏY FLOWƏRZ - 20 hours ago
They hella cute together
Rose Venezia
Rose Venezia - 20 hours ago
Look how beautiful she is, and she's FULLY clothed- shes practically wearing a turtle neck. Ladies, take notes!!!
Nathalie Portillo
Nathalie Portillo - 20 hours ago
I ship them
Al-jeebar Dionga
Al-jeebar Dionga - 20 hours ago
they bangin
Brenda Vargas
Brenda Vargas - 20 hours ago
perhaps they must get married like NOW
Mariel Valentín
Mariel Valentín - 20 hours ago
I believe in love because of this 💖
Anna T.
Anna T. - 20 hours ago
They re in love... 100% ❤️❤️
Lu See
Lu See - 21 hour ago
“That’s just the shortlist” 😭😍
Simplymarty - 21 hour ago
I’ve never waned two co-stars to be together more than these two
Simplymarty - 21 hour ago
You may kiss the bride
Zoe - 22 hours ago
He seems so in love with her omg get married already
ester ferreira
ester ferreira - 22 hours ago
Oof this is some true love right there not in a best friend way
Destinee and Joe
Destinee and Joe - 22 hours ago
Literally perfect together...
brooklynvtc - 22 hours ago
Erin - 23 hours ago
I thought maybe they were already married.
nick - Day ago
Zac literally flirts with all of his pretty costars and y’all fall for it every time
Mage Front
Mage Front - Day ago
These guys are actors and actresses, I don't know it's love or act anymore.
Claudia J. Gil
Claudia J. Gil - Day ago
She has BEAUTIFUL skin.
Kameron Cook
Kameron Cook - Day ago
I need this to happen
b1rdkeeper S
b1rdkeeper S - Day ago
I think Zac is batting for the other team.
Carly Tanowitz
Carly Tanowitz - Day ago
Why am I crying in the club rn😪
Peeled Potato
Peeled Potato - Day ago
when he tried to hold her hand at 6:26 thu!
Katy M
Katy M - Day ago
Get with Kaya!!
Sydney Addison-Rudat
Why was this titled "Friendship"? Clearly they even edited this to be romantic
Unhealthy Obession
Unhealthy Obession - Day ago
didnt they like date or sum
Micksters - Day ago
they’re both confessing their love, hopefully they’ll take the next step .
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