Man City v. Liverpool | PREMIER LEAGUE EXTENDED HIGHLIGHTS | 1/3/19 | NBC Sports

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Azino Odhomi
Azino Odhomi - Day ago
It's the end of March and this is still Liverpool's only loss of the season. If Liverpool loses the title, it would be amazing that their only loss came at the hands of the eventual title winners.
Ivan Draginov
Ivan Draginov - 3 days ago
Why are we using different criteria for fouls inside the box, and fouls outside the box? A foul is a foul.
VTG - 7 days ago
Agüeros goal was magnificent
jonathan sotelo
jonathan sotelo - 19 days ago
This game had so much tension and Liverpool couldn't even land a goal on MU. This is why football is such a beautiful game.
jorge alvarez
jorge alvarez - Month ago
David Luis 7 - 1 brasil -germany Davis luis 6 - 0 chelsea vs manchester city
Shivani Lamichhane
Shivani Lamichhane - Month ago
pause @11:19
Gino Franco
Gino Franco - Month ago
R Sterling my favorite
Lam rof
Lam rof - Month ago
Reckless. Teams like Barcelona and PSG will put some surgery on these EPL teams. The game here is reckless.
Masoline - 5 days ago
Lam rof what
Shaochong Zhang
Shaochong Zhang - Month ago
So um, why's Pep so angry?
adom danquah
adom danquah - Month ago
Shaochong Zhang That little sequence before Salahs chance was what made him angry.
Marta Escobar
Marta Escobar - Month ago
Good game😃
Marta Escobar
Marta Escobar - Month ago
Wath us play
Marta Escobar
Marta Escobar - Month ago
Man city i play for you
Marta Escobar
Marta Escobar - Month ago
Chad vy
Tokyo Drift
Tokyo Drift - 2 months ago
1:24 rare save!
LuizGames 1
LuizGames 1 - 2 months ago
Kun aguero marca esos goles con la seleccion.
David Shevchenko
David Shevchenko - 2 months ago
I have a highlight CV soccer and have a few d1,d2,d3 soccer universities and wondering if yall could tell me where I could fit in. to leave a comment!
nowandzen7 - 2 months ago
No clean sheet for City
남영기 - 2 months ago
궁금한게 프리미어리그 경기장 사이드에 있는 간판애 한국어가 니오네여?? 왜 그런건지 아시는 분 가르쳐 주세여..
Onesimo Saenz
Onesimo Saenz - 2 months ago
4-4-2 my line up
Van dijk
Mostafa 2112
Mostafa 2112 - 2 months ago
Asia cup UAE 2019 week 1 (.....see
Thanh Pham
Thanh Pham - 2 months ago
Liverpool, the club of one season
Ruben BoyRobles
Ruben BoyRobles - 2 months ago
Only if Leroy Sane was on Germany National team in World Cup he would’ve made difference
Michael Perez-Alicea
Michael Perez-Alicea - 2 months ago
Bernardo silva left hanging at 5:20 Looooool
AdamTheTiger - 2 months ago
If you are reading this, I hope you have or had an AWESOME day 😊 AdamTheTiger 🐯
leejuro - 2 months ago
That was an obvious penalty on Sterling! The referee should be fined for this gross mistake!
George Gigi
George Gigi - 2 months ago
They pissed me off losing for man city.
Derrick Crumpton
Derrick Crumpton - 2 months ago
Cmon City!! Ratings should be going up on FIFA lol
Gaston - 2 months ago
No wonder hand of god was given😂😂😂😂
Tropical Girl
Tropical Girl - 2 months ago
1:22-2:00 on replay
Barry McCockiner
Barry McCockiner - 2 months ago
Bernardo had himself a day. Not necessarily a fan but man did he have a quality game.. won it for City in my opinion
IPKhalifa - 2 months ago
Aya_Rasool_Br. Aaad Enaya + Aya_Rasool_Br. Isa = Umar Aaadl Empire = NO Kingz starting with Sabah OUT
Gold Fish
Gold Fish - 2 months ago
Lovren went full loveren.
Melanin FIELDS
Melanin FIELDS - 2 months ago
Liverpool still Number 1 in my book!!
victor romero
victor romero - 2 months ago
Kompany won that game with that foul hitting salah's foot 😝 such a great game it almost felt like i was watching a madrid vs barca game with the amount/caliber of fouls committed
blown out
blown out - 2 months ago
ref gets shoved at 11:45 😂😂😂
Vcescyoga - 2 months ago
i am an Arsenal fan but i am still wondering why lovren can play for liverpool
Mustafe Ali
Mustafe Ali - 2 months ago
It could have been easily 5-1 for Man City..ohh my how many good chances they wasted..
Tramaine Terrance
Tramaine Terrance - 2 months ago
Hello, Humans. " I never lose sleep over my enemies. It's my friends that keep me awake."
~Carmine Falcone(Gotham TV Series)
jaywill4ever - 2 months ago
Aguero's teammates need better vision. They see him too late.
Nelson Fernandez-Ortega
Nelson Fernandez-Ortega - 2 months ago
Dammit man city 🤦🏽‍♂️
Adam Matan
Adam Matan - 2 months ago
Good job Liverpool
Mike N New York
Mike N New York - 2 months ago
What a game. Pep, you are the best. What way to manage the team t the end to get the result
Daniel Quinn
Daniel Quinn - 2 months ago
They have to be in great shape to play like that.
Prixxie7 - 2 months ago
inposebul save
Prixxie7 - 2 months ago
good goal
Extrust .
Extrust . - 2 months ago
Dragonboyair axel hawk
Dragonboyair axel hawk - 2 months ago
i love guardiola and all, but at 84th minute, that was a bit rage.
po lang
po lang - 2 months ago
The season is still long. Now there's suspense.
AD FO - 2 months ago
I remember when goal line tech came out the whole ball didn’t have to cross the line if most of the ball is over the line it’s a goal that should have been a goal
BARIS KAZAR - 2 months ago
i dont get liverpool like where is their game recently against arsenal
android boi
android boi - 2 months ago
what's soccer?
Big Chungus
Big Chungus - 2 months ago
Keegan Yocum
Keegan Yocum - 2 months ago
Why is premier league trending in America
James Butler Jr.
James Butler Jr. - 2 months ago
🤔..... unbelievable 😲🤓👽🤠😇!!!
Minty - 2 months ago
No one else can beat Liverpool Liverpool are the champion !!
Jack and Tyler
Jack and Tyler - 2 months ago
so where was salah?
do doo do doo do
I can't find mane mane
do doo do doo do
we all forgot about firmino
should have never sould coutinho
like pls
Albert Guerrero
Albert Guerrero - 2 months ago
That was a Red card for that Whale head Kompany, but alas, City buying help just like they buy their titles
CZAR Waddles
CZAR Waddles - 2 months ago
Klopp choking that water bottle was the real highlight.
Sajjad Naqvi
Sajjad Naqvi - 2 months ago
Wow!!! Manchester City are too good! Aguero is the best striker in the Premier League!
Cletus Abbot III
Cletus Abbot III - 2 months ago
Fernandinho and Silva absolutely killed it
AllStarChaos21 - 2 months ago
Upload Petscop 2 👏👏👏👏👏
MrEvldreamr - 2 months ago
explain to me that 1:59 is not a goal?
vincent fred
vincent fred - 2 months ago
The whole ball didn't cross the line
FierceDeityWarrior 92
FierceDeityWarrior 92 - 2 months ago
Liverpool ended City's undefeated streak last season so City got REVENGE and ended Liverpools undefeated streak. REVENGE IS SWEAT 😈
Obliterated - 2 months ago
the first one was a goal 99% of the ball is over the line clear goal
Lill Water Ninja
Lill Water Ninja - 2 months ago
Let's go Man City
xL0stKIlah - 2 months ago
I've been missing games :( but let's go liverpool!
Forrest Gorby
Forrest Gorby - 2 months ago
Very biased refs
A Google Reviewer
A Google Reviewer - 2 months ago
Kuns a beast! Awesome goal
Eric Johnson
Eric Johnson - 2 months ago
Blue Plastic FC vs. Red Plastic FC
EHD - 2 months ago
Allison vs Ederson 🇧🇷
Andrew - 2 months ago
Ederson plus early post vs allison lol.. would have ended up a tie.. but that being said.. I love Brazil so where do we go and not get robbed? Our friend want to go to Rio? I'm thinking with women not a good idea... thoughts?
Alim Suleiman
Alim Suleiman - 2 months ago
What a goal by everyone
David Yun
David Yun - 2 months ago
You ever seen anyone be so happy that he wants to squeeze a water bottle
Kue Moo
Kue Moo - 2 months ago
Sorry for the people who missed this game . What a game , both teams were brilliant !
Mobius - 2 months ago
*ahem* Yellow C-A-R-D!
Beeobo Boi
Beeobo Boi - 2 months ago
This is what the Liverpool fans deserved
Kiran Truter
Kiran Truter - 2 months ago
This type of play is very reminiscent of the 2010 world cup.
CHAD - 2 months ago
This is trending... first seeing that on one of these vids
Filthy Frank
Filthy Frank - 2 months ago
8:50 BLOODY #4
Filthy Frank
Filthy Frank - 2 months ago
stryker99HD - 2 months ago
Game had the hype of a champions league final, it was great
spunge bob
spunge bob - 2 months ago
The two best teams in the world by a mile. The two best coaches in the game. It will be a travesty if either don't win the champions league this year.
Aug - 2 months ago
Macosoto Vlogz
Macosoto Vlogz - 2 months ago
4:47 looks like karius in UCl final
kent amadi
kent amadi - 2 months ago
Raheem needs pispatched.
KingOne - 2 months ago
These videos are WAAY too long. UNACCEPTABLE.
SavageJose 36
SavageJose 36 - 2 months ago
I watched the highlights so many times and still gets me excited as if they are going to play again this season
Ella and Cutie
Ella and Cutie - 2 months ago
Midas Pigbeard
Midas Pigbeard - 2 months ago
Schizophrenic voices are actual people. They feed off of your fear. the simulation is real. dont trust anyone. you're only going to get betrayed and tortured.
LIL Clan
LIL Clan - 2 months ago
Natnael Tsegaw
Natnael Tsegaw - 2 months ago
Come on City!!
Seth Parker
Seth Parker - 2 months ago
I'm a Tottenham fan but this was one of the best matches of the season so far.
Milton Kazi
Milton Kazi - 2 months ago
Is it just me or Bernardo Silva has a very punchable face?
B King
B King - 2 months ago
It's only 1 loss for
Liverpool who Dominated last season... How many Manchester City have?
Alrighty then. Both teams supa talented
SO and every 'dog has it's day... It wasn't LP's day but their achievements speak for themselves.
Miss Ray Clemence £
Mariam Rodriguez
Mariam Rodriguez - 2 months ago
EthanCarter 29
EthanCarter 29 - 2 months ago
Agüeros goal was just like his one versus man united
Jerry H
Jerry H - 2 months ago
silky skillz
Alejandro Aguilar
Alejandro Aguilar - 2 months ago
Liverpool seemed to be scared/nervous while playing
Ikrom Akhmedov
Ikrom Akhmedov - 2 months ago
2:2 real game not 2:1
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