Man City v. Liverpool | PREMIER LEAGUE EXTENDED HIGHLIGHTS | 1/3/19 | NBC Sports

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Football News
Football News - 6 days ago
Can we just talk about how Robertson thought he scored that and he was celebrating. Plus there were others celebrating with him
Dalmonella - 7 days ago
gabriel jesus’s face is hilarious
Fred Tkach
Fred Tkach - 9 days ago
City got the decisions in the first half. Kompany could’ve been sent off for sure
Mayna K
Mayna K - 11 days ago
i feel bad for that yellow jacket woman at 5:03
Omar Sahibzada
Omar Sahibzada - 13 days ago
Every time I see it I smile. It’s beautiful
Gabe 1224
Gabe 1224 - 15 days ago
neutral fan says sterling was offside in the buildup to that 2nd goal for city.
TheDailyGamer12345 - 16 days ago
tbh dejan could have done way better
4G gamer
4G gamer - 17 days ago
6 month later even tho ik who’s gonna win I still get tht anxiety
Haytham Elshafie
Haytham Elshafie - 18 days ago
1:22 when the scripting ain't finna let you score
Murfad Peer
Murfad Peer - 22 days ago
I’m a city fan But Sergio Agüero a beast
Leo atherton
Leo atherton - 22 days ago
I’m a salty Liverpool fan why are city so good
Leo atherton
Leo atherton - 21 day ago
Robomonkey101 - 21 day ago
Oil money
Mr.Vlogs Btw
Mr.Vlogs Btw - 24 days ago
i thought liverpool would 100% beat manchester city but no this was a shocking match
MOE money
MOE money - 17 days ago
And y were u so sure Liverpool would win so easily? City got the better coach,and team.
Mahmud Masud
Mahmud Masud - 27 days ago
This match is yellow card match😂🤣
Myronne Langeveldt
Myronne Langeveldt - Month ago
Still watching this almost two months after city won it by one point. 98... To 97.
Ragnell Thani
Ragnell Thani - Month ago
God we would be out of our minds to sell Sane. Tell Bayern to eat it, and watch what he becomes
Tejas Rajan
Tejas Rajan - 2 months ago
May 10 man city win premier
Abu Naser Jaman
Abu Naser Jaman - 2 months ago
This defeat sealed Liverpool fate
Theophile Nofodji
Theophile Nofodji - 2 months ago
The game that gave city the title
Joseph - 2 months ago
Crazy that the title came down to 11 millimeters in the end
Christian oof
Christian oof - 21 day ago
@Robomonkey101 still got 2nd place, if you wanted to beat City you shouldn't have tied the games you did.
Robomonkey101 - 21 day ago
@Christian oof United or Arsenal could never amass 97 points anyways any other team would've faltered
Christian oof
Christian oof - 27 days ago
@Pablo Escobar because that was their only chance. Liverpool had more games in hand as it wasn't a tournament.
Pablo Escobar
Pablo Escobar - 27 days ago
Christian oof How is he crying or blaming??? Really ironic too, City fans wouldn’t stop about the VAR decision against Tottenham in the CL lol.
Christian oof
Christian oof - Month ago
@Teo Burca yeah, liverpool fans cry blame everyone else for their failure.
Cee Herbo
Cee Herbo - 2 months ago
Title decider ‼️
Samuel Cooke
Samuel Cooke - 2 months ago
Sterling to Sane in this game and Sterling to Sane in the United game 🤤
GoodNews4You - 2 months ago
Liverpool lost because of Lovren switching off for a fraction of a second on both goals.
If Gomez was fit we would not have lost it.
chris gaspar
chris gaspar - 2 months ago
GoodNews4You now say that without crying
kaziabir1 - 2 months ago
I knew this game would cost us the title
Kwamez Waye
Kwamez Waye - 2 months ago
Game of the season🔥👑
da da
da da - 2 months ago
1:59 that's what costed them the title literally
lee aaron
lee aaron - 2 months ago
crazy to think the premier league title came down to a goal that almost hit both posts
Pedro Villasenor
Pedro Villasenor - 2 months ago
I one man city or barca win and man city win yhea bro they are pro
pete gerow
pete gerow - 2 months ago
This is the game that decided the title.............Like if you are here after Man city won the PL
carlossg23_ - 2 months ago
Just here to reminisce :)
Josiah Guzman
Josiah Guzman - 2 months ago
Campeoooones, campeooooones OLE OLE OLEEEE!!!!
Pablo Salazar
Pablo Salazar - 2 months ago
Anyone watching now that City is champions. This was te turning point
Police-ka La daggaalama Like-ta
I knew the moment that goal didn't go in,City would be champions....
saurabh cr7
saurabh cr7 - 2 months ago
😂 John stones you are main hero who has been here after man city lift the title
Evan Michel
Evan Michel - 2 months ago
Had to watch this again after City just won the Prem
Evan Michel
Evan Michel - Month ago
Luis Galvan haha isn’t it great
Luis Galvan
Luis Galvan - Month ago
Evan Michel dude your profile picture has me dying
Kevo - 2 months ago
very entertaining.GO MAN CITY!!!
Jason Jerome
Jason Jerome - 2 months ago
I thought if the middle of the ball was over t it was a goal
football68541 - 2 months ago
No, whole thing or nothing.
Andy Baughman
Andy Baughman - 2 months ago
That Salah dive at 3:45 tho...
cherydembe 23
cherydembe 23 - 2 months ago
The Classico?
fernando lucero
fernando lucero - 2 months ago
Untamesoul5555 - 2 months ago
Reffs are honestly just as pathetic as the players when it comes to penalties
Tejas Rajan
Tejas Rajan - 2 months ago
Well in May 1st 2019, Man City is just 3 points over Liverpool sitting at first!! Let’s go Manchester City!!!!
Jamie O'Keeffe
Jamie O'Keeffe - 2 months ago
Sane ruined young TAA that night.
The Rat From Endgame
The Rat From Endgame - 2 months ago
I was at this game
Essan7 - 2 months ago
All the good luck went to City in this game, and all the bad luck went to Liverpool.
Essan7 - 2 months ago
@King of Class Liverpool could have easily won; did you see they hit theo post and then the ball was cleared off the line by less than half an inch? And no red card given to Kompany? The fair result would have been at least a draw if not win by Liverpool.
King of Class
King of Class - 2 months ago
Essan7 did you watch the highlights? City could have made it 4-1
Essan7 - 2 months ago
@T - Mac Liverpool Hitting the post, Man City clearing the ball off the goal line with less than half an inch of the ball left, red card not given to Kompany, Sane hitting the post - both of them - and the ball going in - no luck????
T - Mac
T - Mac - 2 months ago
Essan7 except there was no luck
DeoMor - 2 months ago
Beautiful. Artful. Tactical.
I had to watch this a 3rd time.
Top class football stirs up our deepest emotions
Sihong Lin
Sihong Lin - 2 months ago
By this ref standard, teams against Maradona would have had no more than 7 players left on the field at the end of a game.
shayan akbarnia
shayan akbarnia - 2 months ago
Batman dies in End Game
Ashok Subedi
Ashok Subedi - 2 months ago
Coming back to this!
Eric Nerenberg
Eric Nerenberg - 2 months ago
Only a couple centimeters is all it took for City to win the title over Liverpool
MasterNoob2344 - 2 months ago
My team scored a goal let me pull of my water bottle and squeeze it
kaz9781 - 3 months ago
Liverpools only lost this entire season?
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