I can’t believe Jaden is 21?!?!

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Enikways - 2 hours ago
3:18 that look is crazy tho
Pires Matheus
Pires Matheus - 2 hours ago
The truth is that this world is not prepared for him ... he was born too early for this time. The world will not understand this level of human evolution anytime soon.... a pity for us!
Dakota Jones
Dakota Jones - 8 hours ago
YEET MAN - 16 hours ago
Is Jaden Will's son?
Charli McNeal
Charli McNeal - 18 hours ago
Congratulations Jaden and family onbajother year forward ! LL&Prosper
Mael Sonco
Mael Sonco - 20 hours ago
Isn’t kids supposed to be taller than their parents what happened To Jedan
Marcus Marshall
Marcus Marshall - 11 hours ago
Have you ever seen Jada????
Ely Ankle
Ely Ankle - 20 hours ago
I wish my father did it to me... WOULD BE AWESOME!
Jovany Sandoval
Jovany Sandoval - 23 hours ago
Will is so proud to be his father 💯🙏
Huy Phan
Huy Phan - Day ago
Will Smith is the daddy of his son, he really loves his son, always stands by and supports him, even though whoever his son is, whatever his son does. I really respect and love the way he loves his son
El Don
El Don - Day ago
I just aspire to have a great relationship with my son in the future like this since I couldn’t with my father.
Việt Anh Trần
Việt Anh Trần - Day ago
what's the name song in 2;04?
PlumRose Dharma
PlumRose Dharma - Day ago
Brooo, I didn't know that he has done so much! I love your family. I haven't listened to his music yet, but I will def have to look into it. I'm so proud of him for creating the filtration system! I have so many things I want to do and so many brands that I want to work with. I want to become a Master Diver and learn as much as I can regarding aiding the environment; I just have to create my solid foundations, as we need money to create these things. I would love to be able to work with him one day.
Aaron Luke
Aaron Luke - Day ago
Shitty dads should watch this and learn how to be a dad.
Dark Boss
Dark Boss - Day ago
JADEN SMITH:I fell from my bike the other day

5:45 future bikes hell yeah
xr Jynx
xr Jynx - Day ago
Will Smith is for sure my favourite person alive
Sony Dell
Sony Dell - Day ago
I love how strong and close the Smith family is😍💓
queenislegend - 2 days ago
i dont eat fish .... 6:26
Alex Dykes
Alex Dykes - 2 days ago
Your pops is a awesome actor and hip hop artist! I liked your icon video! Big ups lil homie! Outsiders 4 life!
Nurazianie Abdullah
Nurazianie Abdullah - 2 days ago
Can't believe he's 21 now.
I mean.. 1998..im 19 yrs old. Still.. Long way to go.. He is very talented.. N creative. Love his movies.. Great actor.. N lots of great.. Great friends around him. Well.. So many people supporting his career.. I guess... Watch out for the.. Latest.. Updates. Or we may fall behind. 🍷.
teekah 15
teekah 15 - 2 days ago
He does not care about people and care at the same time.
Илья Uolly
Илья Uolly - 2 days ago
Ждём ,,Я легенда 2" с его сыном
Dubstep Prince
Dubstep Prince - 2 days ago
Wow what a impact in Jaden life
Lighting_Fox - 2 days ago
Where is jadens mom
Findal YT
Findal YT - 2 days ago
Aquí está el comentario en español que buscabas.
AnGeLiNa Jojoe
AnGeLiNa Jojoe - 3 days ago
Before that:
What 9+10

Isaac Irian Cedric Obera
Is it true that he's gay?
Best Video
Best Video - 3 days ago
Jaden in love with him 😃😃😃
BRIJESH RANE - 3 days ago
@Will Smith i was born on April 25 2001 what a coinsindence👍🇮🇳❤️
ki ki
ki ki - 3 days ago
he’s actually the coolest person to exist
TK Weber
TK Weber - 3 days ago
I wish I had a son that I cared about so much
Ausserkontrolle - 3 days ago
Will smith is such a good father
Bob Shap
Bob Shap - 4 days ago
I'm late ik
Bob Shap
Bob Shap - 4 days ago
Will it's almost my bday
Shiloh Bronne
Shiloh Bronne - 4 days ago
AT 2:01🦋
Rap HQ
Rap HQ - Day ago
Shiloh Bronne Again from the ERYS album btw I LOVE Jadens music
Gaming XD
Gaming XD - 4 days ago
Singa su maldita madrinaaa mamaguebooo perro por cambiar
MK11 SCORPION - 4 days ago
Will Smith is my nigga
Shiloh Bronne
Shiloh Bronne - 4 days ago
@MK11 SCORPION okayyy
MK11 SCORPION - 4 days ago
@Shiloh Bronne I don't know but I like it
Shiloh Bronne
Shiloh Bronne - 4 days ago
yow whuts the song at 2:00
Dog blues
Dog blues - 4 days ago
Brotdealer bra
Brotdealer bra - 4 days ago
ツLentejitasツ - 4 days ago
seattle manga6
seattle manga6 - 4 days ago
I’d be fearless too if my dad was will smith who can protect his son from almost anything which makes pretty much anyone fearless lol most of us have responsibilities and can’t afford to make many mistakes in life = fear = helps to make decisions not to make many mistakes. This kid can do anything and if things go wrong there is always the great will smith to fix his problems :)
cristina novac
cristina novac - 4 days ago
Willow smith where ia she?
Hunaizal Hussain 2
Hunaizal Hussain 2 - 4 days ago
Jaden is spoiled
Ulubey Yıldız Tozu
Ulubey Yıldız Tozu - 4 days ago
Şu çocuklarının haline bak aq
Vikzn 5182
Vikzn 5182 - 4 days ago
I look up to Jaden because he isn't afraid to be himself
Elijah Douett
Elijah Douett - 4 days ago
Hi jd you can tehah how to Do moon wo
mizics - 4 days ago
*Will:* Jaden is fearless!
*Jaden:* 4:59
SMOKE MACHINE - 4 days ago
CloutBacon - 4 days ago
he’s 21. he’s 5ft 7in at 21 right. I’m in 8th grade and I’m 3,11.
Dummy Thicc
Dummy Thicc - 2 days ago
Ur not 😂😂😂
Stephanie Garza
Stephanie Garza - 4 days ago
Omg Jaden looks so old with his hair shaved
Breanna Torres
Breanna Torres - 4 days ago
Jacket off jacket on
SleepySherlock - 4 days ago
Why does he look 15? :O
KlownKrieger - 5 days ago
wills lil princess is growing up
Daring Potato
Daring Potato - 5 days ago
he still looks like 16
Cô Ngốc Vlogs
Cô Ngốc Vlogs - 5 days ago
Andrew001 - 5 days ago
That's hot
Royal Flamo - PUBG Mobile
Oh.. Jaden Is So Cute,I Love Him & I'm Also A Big Fan Of Jaden☝️😎
George Ansah
George Ansah - 5 days ago
I love krate kid
Lauren - 5 days ago
They created more than just another artist they created an amazing human being
Sasha Williams
Sasha Williams - 5 days ago
The karete kid
Glazielli Barbosa
Glazielli Barbosa - 5 days ago
God bless 😇 yours Family 💎 Will 😍🌈💟🙌 🇧🇷
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