I can’t believe Jaden is 21?!?!

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Brandon Harlan
Brandon Harlan - 3 hours ago
I don't think I have ever watched a youtube video where about hallway through it I just start clapping my hands.
depressed bitch
depressed bitch - 3 hours ago
Yeah me neither
Denis Duursma
Denis Duursma - 4 hours ago
Whats the name of the song on 2:42
tomde0 - 5 hours ago
What about your oldest son? Never hear about him
Snickers _
Snickers _ - 5 hours ago
The title isn’t a fucken question dawg
Jolene Brown
Jolene Brown - 6 hours ago
This means a lot to me too.
1998 BABY!!
It’s takes me back in time Bc I too have a son that will be turning 21 in October. I remember when Will Smith came out with the song-‘Just the Two of Us.’ I was pregnant with my son Joey, a young mom not knowing what the future held for us. 21 years later, I have an incredible young man who’s serving his country in the United States Army!!
21 years goes by so fast people-enjoy every single moment!
Darkest World
Darkest World - 7 hours ago
2:02 what’s this song someone please tell me
Katie Louise Kenna
Katie Louise Kenna - 8 hours ago
Happy birthday
ThaRealJayJay - 8 hours ago
i love yall life ughh
Endo Fyed
Endo Fyed - 9 hours ago
Hey im in the midle of waching fresh bell air
Radi Ghazal
Radi Ghazal - 9 hours ago
It’s interesting how most of the likes go to comments saying that people’s fathers aren’t like Will Smith instead of the opposite. It’s true that he is a great person but don’t undervalue your Parents because of other “better” parents. You have only one father.
Seph S
Seph S - 9 hours ago
I'm happy that he realized he's gay. So cute and I'm happy that he connected the dots with his feelings.
Japhet Caramel Elandy
Japhet Caramel Elandy - 10 hours ago
Wow the father love is beautiful...... I wish I experienced such ❤️ big up Will
Amelia Culley
Amelia Culley - 10 hours ago
I try to imagine being this cool and amazing... as well as having a dad that cool raising me... ahhh I wish.
zélie - 12 hours ago
i cried watching this :(
Manaiya & Ellio
Manaiya & Ellio - 12 hours ago
literally this made me realize how great jaden is
Mike vlogs
Mike vlogs - 12 hours ago
My daughter is about to turn 21 and I am 10 yrs younger than you. lol and about 10 million less in the bank as well.I still relate lol
Van Helsing
Van Helsing - 12 hours ago
They grow up so fast! It is all about appreciating what we have while we have it :-)
FRIN WIN - 12 hours ago
Я наверно тут адин русский))
Tawseef Ameen
Tawseef Ameen - 12 hours ago
I can’t believe jaden kissed that girl
Kayla Bell
Kayla Bell - 12 hours ago
This video came out on my big sister's
Meg megie
Meg megie - 13 hours ago
Ugly kid. The sister on the hand is a true life beauty,
Meg megie
Meg megie - 13 hours ago
Saying that I am supper ugly myself, no where near good looking, but my siblings are really beautiful. Nothing wrong with being ugly. I guess I have that face only a mother and a father can love. I deeply connect with Jaden in that sense.
Along Imsong
Along Imsong - 15 hours ago
I wish my dad understand me this way😥
lol hallol
lol hallol - 16 hours ago
9:40 my uncle after letting me out the basement
Julie Eagle feather
Julie Eagle feather - 16 hours ago
Your kids are growing up fast on u will Smith enjoy it
The Invincible
The Invincible - 17 hours ago
I can not believe either
He looks 81
lesiba voice
lesiba voice - 17 hours ago
jaden looks like a 52 YEAR old junkie
That One X Fan-Gaming /Vlogs
Happy bday jaden sad that x couldnt turn 21💔 but happy bday
motivierter - 18 hours ago
Nope _
Nope _ - 18 hours ago
Does Jayden's childhood birthday

iTs rEwInD tImE
k0lyaz - 18 hours ago
Whats the song at 2:00?
Sharelle Street
Sharelle Street - 18 hours ago
This video made me cry. So beautiful ❤️
BBK BBK - 19 hours ago
Сын пидар пазорище
odhiambo john
odhiambo john - 20 hours ago
I'm 21 too ,,we are men dude!!!!!!
motsi ian daves
motsi ian daves - 20 hours ago
bring him back to victoria falls again n we give him a elephant ride# Zimbabwe
SHUT UP MOM - 21 hour ago
He looks better wit dreads
dave oneil
dave oneil - 21 hour ago
The wee man has no idea what its like to struggle financially
Avianna Reign
Avianna Reign - 22 hours ago
When you have the money to do what ever you want lmao. I don't feel like he's a spoiled rich kid but he's definitely a rich kid who just doesn't have a care in the world like I wouldn't care what other people thought too If I was just rolling in money I'd be like why do I care about your opinion of me I'm happy
krisspykrapper - 22 hours ago
How can Jaden be real if Area 51 isnt real?
Frankie Shan.
Frankie Shan. - Day ago
Jaden is Very special
BossMode121 - Day ago
Can somebody tell me the song at 2:07
E K - 22 hours ago
BossMode121 again
Oni Jay
Oni Jay - Day ago
I love this family! Jayden and Willow are amazing!
Jason Holman
Jason Holman - Day ago
im sorry
Lebarron McWhorter
Lebarron McWhorter - Day ago
4:35 Why does dude look EXACTLY like X
life is good
life is good - Day ago
Yow Jaden, you want more adventure? go here in Philippines.
Earl Shannon
Earl Shannon - Day ago
What he did for Flint I retract what I said that's amazing
Earl Shannon
Earl Shannon - Day ago
Strange kid!!! What a screwed up bunch of Idiots! Typical Hollyweird bullshit!
Dashawn Brownie
Dashawn Brownie - Day ago
Jaden is brilliant! 💞
Mmiselo Ndondo
Mmiselo Ndondo - Day ago
1998 shoutout!!!!
Miningzeus - Day ago
I watched the fresh prince and its so awkward that the actors are as old as my parents now. Im glad that Will hasnt changed, hes like a reminder of those times. Legend
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