Lil Peep - Life Is Beautiful

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nesfan8 - 7 minutes ago
Kurt Cobain of this generation
Maja Lps TV
Maja Lps TV - 9 minutes ago
Ty żyjesz?
dmitry loxerov
dmitry loxerov - 10 minutes ago
Petr Vanilov
Petr Vanilov - 12 minutes ago
korprate bidness
korprate bidness - 15 minutes ago
Rip 1 year with out you its hard
dani zuluaga
dani zuluaga - 19 minutes ago
el video cuando fue grabado por que no tiene tatuajes?
Cameron Tedrow
Cameron Tedrow - 23 minutes ago
The beginning to this should be the intro to the human centipede
Dominik Bednařík
Dominik Bednařík - 26 minutes ago
life is beautiful
Твой Братан
Твой Братан - 29 minutes ago
Life is beaftiful
AestheticSadboy - 32 minutes ago
where is his face tats?
Kristo V.
Kristo V. - 32 minutes ago
No, you are beautiful.
Артем Линник
Артем Линник - 39 minutes ago
Cayden Jarocki
Cayden Jarocki - 40 minutes ago
Is he alive
Zoe Stwk
Zoe Stwk - 54 minutes ago
Isn't life horrible?
ビアトリスÆ - 21 minute ago
I think that life is horibble
Nezájem *
Nezájem * - 57 minutes ago
is that realy Peep without tattoos ?
ビアトリスÆ - 20 minutes ago
yes. this was in 2015
Jayden willis
Jayden willis - Hour ago
Who still thinks lil peep is dead?
Ыыы ыыы
Ыыы ыыы - Hour ago
Заебали ныть , "прошел год , Рип , легенды не умирают , кококо" , блять год прошел до сих пор ноют . Ведь просто слушать его песни нельзя , неет
Kája Ošoustalova
Kája Ošoustalova - Hour ago
Your life would be beautiful :(
Janatech Gaming
Janatech Gaming - Hour ago
Life is beautiful but it's too bad he isn't here to see it anymore😔
Tisha Poosh
Tisha Poosh - Hour ago
Life Is Beautiful
Eryk Woźniak
Eryk Woźniak - Hour ago
Peep i miss
Kent Play
Kent Play - Hour ago
one love
이재현 - Hour ago
Zaccari Marsters
Zaccari Marsters - Hour ago
Rest in power bro😔😔
James Patrick
James Patrick - 2 hours ago
Bruh the lil head nod he does 😩
Fseven777 - 2 hours ago
Who’s in the background
ビアトリスÆ - 27 minutes ago
lil peep
Davi Pinheiro
Davi Pinheiro - 2 hours ago
Lil peep why are you gone? 😢😢💔
H0nz33k - 2 hours ago
Going into trends? 🤔💗
Taco Man
Taco Man - 2 hours ago
Hiro - 016
Hiro - 016 - 2 hours ago
pizza king
pizza king - 2 hours ago
What is dhis?? Lil peep is alive????
ビアトリスÆ - 26 minutes ago
this was written in 2015...
isabella bilic
isabella bilic - 2 hours ago
i cry every fucking time i hear peeps voice i think he is beautful hhhh i cry
Danny Mendez
Danny Mendez - 2 hours ago
Only rap I fuck with🔥😭😭💔 miss u peep
Приключения!!! и GamePlay!!!
lil peep didn"t die in our hearts
Swedish GoGannes
Swedish GoGannes - 3 hours ago
I hope u rest in peace or are in a better place then u were before. Life is beautiful and horrible and thats how it is ill miss u forever i wish u luck for ur future peep u will live forever in my heart
rfr Foglia
rfr Foglia - 3 hours ago
I miss the Lil "sesh" at the beginning
Link Dark
Link Dark - 3 hours ago
The most beautiful song ive ever heard.
Please please for gus, put up every video you got even if its just him. Im sure people would love to just see him.
léa, galzinus pour les intimes
i thik that life is beautiful
Saran DeLuna
Saran DeLuna - 3 hours ago
He look like chester here Rip Peep
GIRLS SHOU - 3 hours ago
Hes not dead
GIRLS SHOU - 18 minutes ago
But its just write how did you know that it’s true???
ビアトリスÆ - 26 minutes ago
check description
ビアトリスÆ - 26 minutes ago
he's dead bruh this was written in 2015
Petru Golban
Petru Golban - 3 hours ago
Dear You,
If you're here because you're looking for a feeling of comfort because you're hurting, please read. --
You are so beautiful.
You are worth more than any price and more than every star in this sky. Please, if you are suicidal, do not kill yourself. I myself am, and let me tell you this- Don't you dare say the stars would still come out, the seasons would still change, and the world would still turn. The world would never ever be the same without you simply for the fact that you wouldn't be here. You are a part of something beautiful and you absolutely deserve to be alive. Not for anybody else, most importantly for you. Because you are important, you are kind, you are meaningful, you are worthy, you are an absolutely gorgeous human being. I don't care what sexuality, religion, race, any stretch marks, scars, or body type you fall under. I don't care about your weight or your height or your face, I care about you. Even if I don't know, you as a human being are incredible. Please stay strong and remember, this too shall pass. Depression may never go away, those scars may never go away and those feelings may never go away, but you will survive. Life is not a situation of survival, it is about how you THRIVE. You only get one life, please cherish it. I know that lots of other people do. And most importantly, above all.
Don't be gone, love.
Chelsea Ellish
Chelsea Ellish - 2 hours ago
Gtfo 622
Gtfo 622 - 3 hours ago
You are beautiful Gas.. I love u so so so much 😢❤
Saira Nicol Méndez Carmona
R. I. P. LiL Peep 😭😭
Descansa en paz 💗
jean-marie MGA
jean-marie MGA - 4 hours ago
That's a good song exept I don't like the effect on his voice
Nando E
Nando E - 4 hours ago
I think that peep is beautifull
Emeline Renaud
Emeline Renaud - 4 hours ago
thanks dylan
Rerco the Kid
Rerco the Kid - 4 hours ago
*последняя бабочка твоя и падала твоя смерть*

Kai 0000
Kai 0000 - 4 hours ago
Henry Dasilva
Henry Dasilva - 4 hours ago
Peep still dripping
Why u never tell us u leaving life's beautiful rip bruhh
Jarrett Wolfe
Jarrett Wolfe - 4 hours ago
Love you PEEP🖤🖤
Garrim - 4 hours ago
Это же он сдох от передоза?
Bupsi Kitty
Bupsi Kitty - 4 hours ago
к сожалению(
Balázs Ujhelyi
Balázs Ujhelyi - 4 hours ago
KarpProdukcja - 4 hours ago
Life is beautiful everyday
тимофей Дубинка
R.i.p lil peep:(
姫Palhzz - 4 hours ago
can somebody tell me what font that they use for this video?
Antonio Moroño Moreno
Antonio Moroño Moreno - 4 hours ago
STAFF GDRMIN - 4 hours ago
r.i.p X
r.i.p Peep
r.i.p Mac
CHLNWR - 4 hours ago
getting milked hard
No Worries
No Worries - 4 hours ago
11. You
10. Can't
8. Peep
5. Of
2. Amazing
1." Life is beautiful"
Lil Naus
Lil Naus - 4 hours ago
*LIL PEEP* Будь рядом... Пожалуйста.
jim bob
jim bob - 5 hours ago
This song is beautiful rip peep
Glutt' - 5 hours ago
fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuhuuuuuuuuck 1:39 got me good. miss you lil jeep
Алексей Бузуев
lil pip he is my best idol rip lil pip(((((
Ahadov Diyor
Ahadov Diyor - 5 hours ago
Rest In Peace Little Peep💔
Michel michel
Michel michel - 5 hours ago
i like this song so much
Drenamow - 5 hours ago
These lyrics are powerful.
aria ibraeva
aria ibraeva - 5 hours ago
jxd ter
jxd ter - 5 hours ago
isn’t Peep beautiful? I think that Peep is beautiful
Rest In Peace💔
lul shorty
lul shorty - 5 hours ago
Elizabeth Mitchell
Elizabeth Mitchell - 6 hours ago
Gone too soon
Gautam Music
Gautam Music - 6 hours ago
Valox4942 - 6 hours ago
Legend never die...
Owen The Boy
Owen The Boy - 6 hours ago
“And if you ever need a friend then you got me...”
MichellePai ‘
MichellePai ‘ - 6 hours ago
Deep lyrics.
R.I.P Peep 👀😢
Umd Gaming
Umd Gaming - 6 hours ago
life is not beautiful bithes
Umd Gaming
Umd Gaming - 6 hours ago
CR4SH WTF - 6 hours ago
Harvey Waters
Harvey Waters - 6 hours ago
kolega gavrixa 55
kolega gavrixa 55 - 6 hours ago
Life is beatufiul! 😤😤😤
Princess Ellie
Princess Ellie - 7 hours ago
Daddy please 😓
x x x n o i c a t n e t
x x x n o i c a t n e t - 7 hours ago
so what happened to first son "life"?
KcStar 15
KcStar 15 - 7 hours ago
1 year without you....Damn
scoperope - 7 hours ago
it hurts to watch videos of him
Dani Dang
Dani Dang - 7 hours ago
1year rip Peep
unlovedlover - 7 hours ago
1year 😤 ❤️
おろzばえvあぢs - 7 hours ago
I miss you Gus :(
BadVibesAkaii - 7 hours ago
Late to hearing this but 2 days ago, One year ago, Peep really left us... This is beautiful but A life without you isn't... Miss you so much...
TheTawner - 7 hours ago
Fucking miss you peep
Midyis - 7 hours ago
Timur Nuriev
Timur Nuriev - 8 hours ago
00:00 ●━━━━━━─────── 3:29
Islam Alihan
Islam Alihan - 8 hours ago
lil peep - Life is Beautiful
00:00 ●━━━━━━─────── 3:29
Aagii shonbook
Aagii shonbook - 8 hours ago
Matix 565
Matix 565 - 8 hours ago
Who recorded this music?
Shane Potts Willier
Shane Potts Willier - 8 hours ago
Life isnt the same without chu.
Rene Felix
Rene Felix - 8 hours ago
"Welcome To América The Type Of Shit Is Typical" LIL PEEP, ONE LEGEND 👌🔥
David Miller
David Miller - 8 hours ago
How old is this video? He doesn't have some of his face tats
silentlxrd - 8 hours ago
this video is from early 2015 (this is in the description)
Space Vortex YT
Space Vortex YT - 8 hours ago
I’m in love with the beat🥺 🤤
Kinto - 8 hours ago
year without peep💔miss ya Gus..
Said So
Said So - 8 hours ago
Ma9rouna GAMING
Ma9rouna GAMING - 8 hours ago
JovusDoesStuff - 9 hours ago
Anyone realized the broken heart with “X” beside it?
Rip X and Peep.
Kristina N.
Kristina N. - 9 hours ago
Im stil in love with him
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