Being the Best/Worst Ever

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tips on hands? sos.
theCloutScout - 2 hours ago
thank you for doing ur part in rewind
a space cowboy waiting in the stars
bo burnham
Audrey Peterson
Audrey Peterson - 2 hours ago
I think mine is you
Britney VanS
Britney VanS - 2 hours ago
Remember the pet video well 2 months ago my cat died
Jhuwey Smartguy
Jhuwey Smartguy - 2 hours ago

Adrian Beachy
Adrian Beachy - 2 hours ago
Thank y for putting PewDiePie chair in YouTube rewind
Obbssy - 2 hours ago
Thank you for ultimately giving youtube the big middle finger
TheGrafster_Roblox - 2 hours ago
The Jake Paul references tho i wanna *DIE* now
Aliya Hisaishi
Aliya Hisaishi - 2 hours ago
kittencatfox is a furry pony
Yep, still got that wndigo song stuck in my head!! 😶😑 God I need help
Dawesome34 - 2 hours ago
jaiden did her part
TheGud BrosReturn
TheGud BrosReturn - 2 hours ago
Happy 5M Subscribers!
Been here since 1M
xFadedpastel - 2 hours ago
Fistbump for putting pewdiepie references in yt rewind :)
John Wick
John Wick - 2 hours ago
Mad respect for including Pewds Chair. You earned yourself a sub.
El scrublet
El scrublet - 2 hours ago
8:23 was so amazing and out of nowhere. The zap noise always gets me.
Gogeta _Blue
Gogeta _Blue - 2 hours ago
Im sorry you had to be part of youtube rewind
Banana Bread
Banana Bread - 2 hours ago
*when you put something with pewdipie even though they probably didn’t want you to*
Mangza Lian
Mangza Lian - 2 hours ago
Man she got me
Awokieh - 2 hours ago
good job you did your part :)
Anibal TV
Anibal TV - 2 hours ago
6:28 really
fauxpas - 2 hours ago
Ahh the 80s reference
Acarey Productions
Acarey Productions - 2 hours ago
Daddy Spluged
Daddy Spluged - 2 hours ago
Jaiden animations mvp for the chair in youtube rewind
Madelin Luna
Madelin Luna - 2 hours ago
8:23 love that
Wolfy Eve
Wolfy Eve - 2 hours ago
6:08 I am offended. ;-;
Chrishendo Allen
Chrishendo Allen - 2 hours ago
The Quadruple Dab got me
Phil - 2 hours ago
Just came to sub, the best part of YouTube rewind
Dakota Long
Dakota Long - 2 hours ago
I suppose I'm a freak for liking purple.
Abram Korfhage
Abram Korfhage - 2 hours ago
She could’ve added Mid roles in if she had one more second on her video! So close!
Johnny Horan
Johnny Horan - 2 hours ago
Let's be honest, 90% of the comments are thanking Jaiden for here part in rewind.
Lol, i was kind of kidding but its' actually true.
Kia The Dead
Kia The Dead - 3 hours ago
Abe HT
Abe HT - 3 hours ago
The only good youtuber in rewind
Thor - 3 hours ago
Did anyone else notice the submarine, picture with two fingers, and Pewds trophy? --- sub 2 Pewds..... Haha sneaky one, Jaiden. Thx and luv ya
Wolfie V
Wolfie V - 3 hours ago
Pshh I’m balanced

*relates to everything jaiden says not to do*
Flowerhoseokeu - 3 hours ago
Thank you for doing your part.
THEPLANETEARTH - 3 hours ago
Coming from a 30 year old male rock on for supporting the pewdiepie
The OuTcAzT
The OuTcAzT - 3 hours ago
You’re the only redeemable quality in youtube rewind 2018
The life of Jesse C
The life of Jesse C - 3 hours ago
Everyone comments about how she did her part in rewind going to her newest video 😂
Chris Gaming
Chris Gaming - 3 hours ago
How old are you?
Cactus - 3 hours ago
Congrats on becoming queen general of the 9 year old army jaiden
Steveneven - 3 hours ago
Amazing vid. I just subscribed Cuz of pewdiepies chair in 2k18 rewind. Hopefully he will mention u again. And I see you don't post vids that often but idc.
Nerd With Glasses
Nerd With Glasses - 3 hours ago
Welcome to the 9 year old army
Opertictheflyguy600 - 3 hours ago
Jaiden stole the show in YouTube rewind
Night Mare
Night Mare - 3 hours ago
Tobenna Okoli
Tobenna Okoli - 3 hours ago
Why can’t she say sociopath. Is it because people are really afflicted by this
TechDivision - 3 hours ago
Thank you for the Pewdiepie chair Jaiden, very cool
Reinaldo Hernandez
Reinaldo Hernandez - 3 hours ago
nightmare ุ
nightmare ุ - 3 hours ago
Good job onn hitting 5MIL and for getting in YT RWND 2018
WolfieEclipse :3
WolfieEclipse :3 - 3 hours ago
Jaiden you're a freaking legend :3
Turtle_Z - 3 hours ago
Legend says that if you say something nice a youtuber will pin you
You look nice today!

I’m not doing this for a pin, I’m doing this to show people to be kind. Saying anything nice to someone could make their day. You never know, I hope whoever is reading this has a good day/night. Please copy and paste this on ANY video to spread the word, who knows maybe this can change the world. Ps: I made this (Turtle_Z)
sasy1533 - 3 hours ago
I’ve never felt a video so much. The moment I achieve something I thought was imposible, it transforms in just “what I had to do in the first place” so frustrating
Zoom Jr
Zoom Jr - 3 hours ago
Who here didn’t have a tiktok add at the beginning
subscribe to pewdiepie
subscribe to pewdiepie - 3 hours ago
Thank you for doing your part
Shakira Khan
Shakira Khan - 3 hours ago
I love jaiden her animations are REALLY good and it's a long video aswell while she talks about important topics also she's really funny 😶😀
Pericat - 4 hours ago
Pssh, I don't even watch pewdiepie..
Taylon Taylor
Taylon Taylor - 4 hours ago
Taylon Taylor
Taylon Taylor - 4 hours ago
Are you gay or straight
Tiny Films
Tiny Films - 4 hours ago
Make a video showing your talent you cloud win a spot in my icon and a shot out in ever video
Eyeless Gaming
Eyeless Gaming - 4 hours ago
Selene Kera
Selene Kera - 4 hours ago
Jaiden you made it into the 2018 rewind
Syafiq Adli
Syafiq Adli - 4 hours ago
5:44 The board has a better rewind than Youtube Rewind 2018
Stephannie SKETCHES
Stephannie SKETCHES - 4 hours ago
Your just a hater and I *dab don't dab* need *dab* you *dab* in *dab* my *dab* life *dab*
Michelle Hill
Michelle Hill - 4 hours ago
She did say the s word
Lars Atticus
Lars Atticus - 4 hours ago
This was a great video! I think a balance of storytime and concept videos is an awesome idea, and I'm glad you're enjoying it. Self esteem is a really hard concept because it can feel like there's only two extremes and hating yourself is better. I believe there's hope for that in-between state of feeling reasonably accomplished but still humble. Thank you for the time and work you put into this video!
Joseph Stalin
Joseph Stalin - 4 hours ago
Good job with your PewDiePie subliminal messaging in YouTube Rewind.
The Master Block
The Master Block - 4 hours ago
NO WAY you snuck the pewdiepie chair on youtube rewind.
watisnay - 4 hours ago
Subscribe to PewDiePie, beat T-SERIES!
lusya The Furry
lusya The Furry - 4 hours ago
But but I like the color perple!
Indie Luna
Indie Luna - 4 hours ago
All Might + Jaiden = me dieing of laughter
Patty van Gelder
Patty van Gelder - 4 hours ago
Hey Jaiden thank you for putting Pewds chair in Youtube Rewind. It was the best part of the whole video ❤️
Bklass 11
Bklass 11 - 4 hours ago
Goth am 6:27
Starmon - 4 hours ago
At 1:06 , I deadass thought that Jaiden fell off of her legs.
Cesar Enrique Cano Vazquez
my favorite color is TEAL blue
Doris Marković
Doris Marković - 4 hours ago
Thank you for smashing that chair in the yt rw, massive respect!
Java javo
Java javo - 4 hours ago
6:00 this is the same that it's happening to me right now.
How did you get out of it?? Could you help me?
Levi Purl
Levi Purl - 4 hours ago
No that's an egg and a pan
- JonTron
Coby Brownlee
Coby Brownlee - 4 hours ago
Thanks for putting PewDiePie in YouTube rewind really that's the best part and you are the best for that
ULTRA GAMER 327 - 4 hours ago
Thank you for adding pewds chair in rewind it was the best part
Lily Lang
Lily Lang - 4 hours ago
Congratulations On Being On YouTube Rewind!
OOF 25
OOF 25 - 4 hours ago
Hey jaiden can you do this
affectaed_jules - 4 hours ago
Thanks for adding the PewDiePie thing in the rewind it honestly made it better. ;-;
Mateo Paredes
Mateo Paredes - 4 hours ago
You did your part Jaiden
Daniel Cameron
Daniel Cameron - 4 hours ago
Why the f*** is the guy at the start called Ruth? Bitch that's a girls name
CMaster 12
CMaster 12 - 4 hours ago
I just noticed that the person that represents up is bald you should give us hair JADIEN
Aubergine Man
Aubergine Man - 4 hours ago
fastesteash 4711
fastesteash 4711 - 4 hours ago
Coco Loco
Coco Loco - 4 hours ago
The intro was me tryna be skinny like my friends
Tho I’m fat
I do taekwondo
fastesteash 4711
fastesteash 4711 - 4 hours ago
DreamyPie - 4 hours ago
I need help I weigh 52 pounds Can you please help me after your song I'm coming out
sky 457
sky 457 - 4 hours ago
Make a being lazy video
Rebekah Bernal
Rebekah Bernal - 4 hours ago
Oh man, great video! My favorite part has to be 8:24 because it was funny and relatable! Great work! :D
Itzlucy x
Itzlucy x - 4 hours ago
*i like purple*
Jacob Lewis
Jacob Lewis - 4 hours ago
is there way togve two thumbs up???
Sutten Hughes
Sutten Hughes - 5 hours ago
What self improvement is easy you practice and get better and do things that are difficult it's simple
Michael Gelson
Michael Gelson - 5 hours ago
0:12 never do arm work outs for pitching it actually weakens your arm because you need to use your entire body to pitch
Merissa Cabonias
Merissa Cabonias - 5 hours ago
You were the best part of yt rewind
Fashionable Skeleton
Fashionable Skeleton - 5 hours ago
A lot of people are here because of YouTube rewind but I find this video very helpful. I just wanna say I love the topic u talked about in this video which is self-improvement. I lack that at the moment and I really really wanna start improving myself as soon as possible. Thank you so much for giving this important subject some attention :)
シRoyalnixonz - 5 hours ago
Jaiden everyone here is supporting u for pewdiepies chair u guys should hang out
シRoyalnixonz - 5 hours ago
Thank you so much for doing ur part in rewind freaking YouTube didn’t know u put pewdiepies chair in it love ya for that jaiden. The animators were the only reason YouTube rewind. Got 946k likes
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