March Milkness Taste Test: Sugary Cereals

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Good Mythical Morning
Good Mythical Morning - 11 months ago
SPOILER ALERT: This episode is now spoiler-free. Thanks for hanging in there while we fixed it! Enjoy.
Vo Van Thuong
Vo Van Thuong - 3 days ago
kyle john
kyle john - 10 days ago
Im weak
JC Official
JC Official - 28 days ago
Good Mythical Morning Costco food taste test?
Sprite Bonn
Sprite Bonn - 7 months ago
Cotton candy candy looks like somebody from Al-Qaeda🤣
Insertfunnynamehere 56
Insertfunnynamehere 56 - 7 months ago
That’s great but... WHY DID YOU PUT MINI WHEATS AHEAD OF FROSTED FLAKES!? Frosted Flakes will always be better than mini wheats!
N A I L - 21 hour ago
Sour cream and onion is the best chips got to be top 10 whitest thing I ever heard
Ive not watched 1 episode of Naruto
Link: I dont wanna force myself on everyone

*flashback* to him forcing mini wheat to the end
Meriki Jiya
Meriki Jiya - 3 days ago
Mini wheats!? Mini wheats are cereal for people who wear business suits and use pie charts and other graphs. I eat that Frosted Flakes and run around the house hopped up on sugar like all the other 25 year old adults in my neighborhood. Anthony the Tiger is upset 🐯 😡
Vo Van Thuong
Vo Van Thuong - 3 days ago
Tyler Waters
Tyler Waters - 3 days ago
You can tell they put milk first
Briggs XIII
Briggs XIII - 4 days ago
Frosted Flakes “tastes better” but you said Frosted mini wheats was your favorite, so that goes on? Huh?
ROBERT GIBSON - 4 days ago
I wish someone would send me some of the shirts and stuff. I would be reppin that daily lol I love these guys idk why lol
Eddie Heredia
Eddie Heredia - 5 days ago
Frosted flakes honey nut cherios and pops are my favorites
Youtube User
Youtube User - 5 days ago
0:45 Just try Lays Chilé Limon its even better, way better.
Sam Ordna
Sam Ordna - 8 days ago
Wonder how tall Rhett is, cause it's not much between them it looks like!
Everybody: ...
Absolutely everybody:...
Rhett: I'm HUUUGE
Brendan - 10 days ago
They gotta put more milk in those bowls
G Wiz
G Wiz - 11 days ago
What rise cripis not the treats
Cody Nguyen
Cody Nguyen - 11 days ago
Capn crunch and berries!!!
Joshua Martinez
Joshua Martinez - 12 days ago
Frosted Flakes are so much better like what
Dave McBroom
Dave McBroom - 12 days ago
Lucky Charms over HBO's!? You guys are nuts.
DurgleHypes11 - 13 days ago
Honey Nut Cheerios is sugary?
Thomas Calabio
Thomas Calabio - 13 days ago
Rice crispy treat cereal and coco pebbles are by far the best.
michael phelps
michael phelps - 14 days ago
I truly think capn crunch should have won it all buut......cinnamon toast crunch is magic too
Jacob Underwood
Jacob Underwood - 16 days ago
The fact that Honey Bunches of Oats was invented in Airsoft Fatty’s hometown blew my mind.
Miranda Flerx
Miranda Flerx - 17 days ago
I actually do not like Cinnamon Toast Crunch 😬 but I love Golden Grahams.
brenon whittington
brenon whittington - 17 days ago
Links pants are higher than my gpa
Channel goat
Channel goat - 20 days ago
Will Huey
Will Huey - 21 day ago
i loved captain crunch as a kid.
Mason Oaks
Mason Oaks - 21 day ago
battle creek is where i live!!!! ayeeeeeeeee
Legend of Mira
Legend of Mira - 21 day ago
Where is golden grahams? My fav cereal
Michael Defina
Michael Defina - 22 days ago
rice krispess in australia is called rice bubles
Bboy. Tony
Bboy. Tony - 24 days ago
Life cereal
Caley A
Caley A - 28 days ago
I feel like I like mini wheats too much to be happy with the comment section
brenbernhardt - Month ago
How is no one talking about Link’s pants?
Susanne Blankenship
Susanne Blankenship - Month ago
Captain Crunch hands down.....and mini wheats?arrgggggg
Tianna Kimmons- Catchings
I don’t think honey nut Cheerios is a sugary cereal 😭.
PrimeTime 91649
PrimeTime 91649 - Month ago
You guys should do drinks like sodas, juices, energy drinks, and something else
Jess Riooo
Jess Riooo - Month ago
Honey bunches of oats will always be my FAV 🍯
Adryanna Ruiz
Adryanna Ruiz - Month ago
I can’t believe my eyes...
Brandi Edstrom
Brandi Edstrom - Month ago
CAPN CRUNCH is a superior flavor.
Great Bricks
Great Bricks - Month ago
ok yeah cheerios are good and all but not better than THE CAPTAIN CRUNCH
James Mata
James Mata - Month ago
Cinnamon toast crunch is better soggy
Sam - Month ago
Looking at the comments, I feel like I’m in the minority (along with Link) of Frosted Mini Wheats being my absolute favorite cereal 😂
Tim Weldon
Tim Weldon - Month ago
Raisin bran has more fiber than mini wheats
SkyExplosion - Month ago
Too be fair Rice Krispies is the type of cereal you always put sugar on.
Dr McNugget
Dr McNugget - Month ago
I over here laughing about links short pants
EVC_PØST - Month ago
I love cinnamon toast crunch
Keto in Context
Keto in Context - Month ago
Link likes mini wheats more because he clearly has a higher milk to cereal per spoonful ratio than Rhett, who goes in straight to the middle of the bowl for the highest cereal to milk ratio per spoonful.
Green Gunner
Green Gunner - Month ago
Rhett has the same shirt as me
Zaid Vohra
Zaid Vohra - Month ago
Anyone else watching this while eating cereal ?
caylor sims
caylor sims - Month ago
Frosted Mini Wheats = BEST Cereal Ever
HoqaBoom - Month ago
Next October: Offbrand-October
Which offbrand item is most like it’s real brand item?
Jason Costello
Jason Costello - Month ago
Frosted mini wheats literally should’ve lost round one
Maya Ruffin
Maya Ruffin - Month ago
What are Link’s pants? And also Rhett and Link are the only people I’ve ever heard of to actually pronounce the s in Krispies.
Jay Perry
Jay Perry - 2 months ago
I worry about watching you and trusting you if you didn’t pick captain crunch
BlueMonster02 - 2 months ago
Dude cinnamon toast crunch and frosted mini wheats in the same bowl is mmmm it's delicious
Holly Roxy
Holly Roxy - 2 months ago
Cinnamon toast crunch is my least favorite cereal but it's my fiance's favorite. I just really don't like the texture when it gets soggy so fast, yuck 😝
Holly Roxy
Holly Roxy - 2 months ago
Rice crispy treat cereal is legit the best cereal I've ever had in my life & I can't find it anymore at any of my local stores 😭😭😭
Helfinda Putri
Helfinda Putri - 2 months ago
Before this episode, i always thought koko krunch and captain crunch are the same thing. They are apparently not.
killem817 - 2 months ago
Mini wheats should of been in the healthy bracket
Jay Maxwell
Jay Maxwell - 2 months ago
Everybody mad that mini wheat advanced but who tf voted it all the way in the top 8 in the first place?
hijacker457 - 2 months ago
I just rewatched this and randy got no marshmallows
Paul Strubing
Paul Strubing - 2 months ago
No Golden Grahams? Cmon bro’s
ajax - 2 months ago
sorry y’all but honey nut cheerios is the #1 cereal. it’s so fricken good - not so sweet that you feel like you’re eating dessert, but sweet enough that you enjoy it. and y’all i grew up on cinnamon toast crunch, that’s the taste of my childhood right there, cheerios is absolutely the superior cereal
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