Game Theory: YouTube is Ruining Gaming!

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The Game Theorists
The Game Theorists - 6 hours ago
#1 on Trending? It's almost like YouTube is calling our bluff...
Chase Network
Chase Network - Hour ago
Demonitized yet? xD
IAMBASILISK 232 - Hour ago
The Game Theorists yet ur posting it on USa-video ..... interesting
Stratego89 - Hour ago
The fact that extensive criticism of their systems is THE MOST POPULAR THING on their platform should tell them they need to change stuff, but they won't, because they're scumbags.
Indarivator Fraener
Indarivator Fraener - 55 minutes ago
So from what I understand, YouTube is being too strict to the point where games are starting to lose popularity because they never get heard of?
Random Bjork
Random Bjork - 55 minutes ago
This has got to stop. We need to get rid of Susan! Or one day, you may not even be able to say HECK.
Censorship is wrong! We have freedom of speech for a reason!
50 subscribers challenge with 2 videos
F FOR ...
TheDkmariolink - 55 minutes ago
Both YouTube and Twitch. Discovery in gaming is completely gone now.
roblinssen88 - 55 minutes ago
How big are webforums these days? Are there general gaming sites or group pages on Facebook that drive enough traffic to be considered owned media?
As a film fan I wasn't aware E3 was happening last week, but I did learn about Keanu Reeves being in Cyber Punk 2077. Gaming companies could earn themselves enough owned media with popular Hollywood stars in the game to still get a big audience. If they end up making memeable moments (I'm looking at you, Arrow To The Knee or Press F to Pay Respect), the project will be relevant to the big audience which could earn them a large owned media base despite YouTube.
Goldenboy Sam
Goldenboy Sam - 56 minutes ago
The more awareness made to topics like this, which by far are serious to us gamers and watchers of content; the more attention and well thought out processes can be made. If everyday people like us wanted to watch gameplay to see if we were interested to buy a game, we probably wouldn't, simply BECAUSE of YouTube's approach on suggestive and violent content which is what mattpat stresses.
If we want change, we better start now otherwise this nostalgic oasis of a media platform will continue to CRUSH not only the gaming industries, but the communities that derive from partly due to the fact that most fans are exposed to youtube where the developer's content (used to) gain views and lead to more purchases....All I'm saying is we need to do something to save our developer's and communities content we love.
RandomPhail - 57 minutes ago
Play Dead or Alive 6; it has violence and attractive characters by default, but it has all the options to turn off that violence and censor costumes that show anything more than like 60% skin, so Youtubers are safe to stream it. Plus, it’s just a good game (despite its rocky PR/launch campaign, and its content-lacking start, which has left people thinking the game is bad. But, just like No Man’s Sky, it's all fixed now and it’s a great fighting game)!
Balázs Makai
Balázs Makai - 57 minutes ago
At this point the only reason youtube is allowed to exist, is because it would be too difficult to replace it with something better.
Jacqueline Conroy
Jacqueline Conroy - 57 minutes ago
i wonder how Dead Meat gets good sponsors for his kill counts
SidePro Panda76
SidePro Panda76 - 58 minutes ago
One like for skate 4 to be made
Click it
RescueScout - 58 minutes ago
God matt you make me wet when you get fired up.
Koteshima :
Koteshima : - 58 minutes ago
I think this impacts indie devs more.
Big game companies would still make good profit.
PorkchopMcFlop Froggo
PorkchopMcFlop Froggo - 59 minutes ago
Ok PaL for one you are asking a child friendly platform to advertise M for mature games and content creators that are mature understand man
Jonathan Vela
Jonathan Vela - 59 minutes ago
Hey a thing I just want to say is that you did know Google owns YouTube right and that they are the ones doing all this right?
Nova the Wusky
Nova the Wusky - 59 minutes ago
True. No, truth.
ColderOrange - Hour ago
So does this mean no more violent video games then?
Emperor llamaneck
Emperor llamaneck - Hour ago
Plz YouTube do something I'm sick of fortnite and Minecraft and roblox your platform is bad now they need to fix this
Ziero - Hour ago
Thank you MatPat for this video. This video has opened my eyes to why a lot of my favorite YouTubers suddenly just stopped playing games, and moved on to vlogs or other content.
SidePro Panda76
SidePro Panda76 - Hour ago
Fortnite: I am inevitable
Minecraft: bitch wo da fucks u
MIKEY VEE - Hour ago
They’re gonna have to remake doom into a reboot sequel of Chex quest
B4TT3RY - Hour ago
I mean he was only level 2, I just didn’t wanna lose on-screen y’kn
シTokyo - Hour ago
Ok so I just got a *playstation sound* mature content included ad on this video
Molten Freddy
Molten Freddy - Hour ago
12:22 the 3 people who laugh at oneanother (sorry for bad english)
Diamondsword pro
Diamondsword pro - Hour ago
fortnite made 3 billion once
SidePro Panda76
SidePro Panda76 - Hour ago
Minecraft will be the warrior who takes the thrown from fortnite.
Minalia - Hour ago
YouTube ruining gaming? Well, that needs to be switched "Corporations" are ruining gaming :P
Perfectplayer Gaming
Nothing is gonna be able to beat fortnite well i got New for you minecraft is beating fortnite
The Organic Hologram
Youtube is ruining everything
Simon's Crap
Simon's Crap - Hour ago
I miss the YouTuber first money second YouTube from the past
MireRestless 1
MireRestless 1 - Hour ago
MatPat: Youtube ruins gaming!
YouTube: Quick hide the evidence!
#1 on trending
Hiccup Haddock
Hiccup Haddock - Hour ago
So wait half naked girls dancing on songs isn't censored?
Mathalamuel - Hour ago
This video is treating #1 not only trashing YouTube oh the irony that lies within but also trying to open people’s ears because not only is this the case in gaming on this platform for also other types of videos. All I can hope for is that someone at YouTube HQ sees this and wakes up a bit, or makes someone that actually cares about not just the ad friendly content but all content and it’s creators try and become the CEO. Thank you for listening to my TedTalk.
Banana Phart Meems
Banana Phart Meems - Hour ago
Next video
YouTube demonitized me
Ziddy - Hour ago
It's cool that Mat mentioned Max. His channel is really struggling and he does amazing content.
Wraith Animations
Wraith Animations - Hour ago
what if we use a different color for blood , would the AI recognise it?
Nomads cheap-n-nerdy!
long winded explanation tldw... youtubes dead
I'm stuck in a endless loop of video recommandations of people i'm already subsribed to and video's that i've already seen or clicked not interested.
Kaptain Riflebeard
Kaptain Riflebeard - Hour ago
Ok well.... hmmm.... as an indie game designer, I'm extremely worried now. How am I gonna get exposure for my games now? Lookin' at facts and numbers, if big companies aren't doing so well, indie developers who make aggressive games are just gonna be straight out invisible. I'm actually genuinely worried and I refuse to change my style of games before anyone asks cause it's who I am
Yves Aubry
Yves Aubry - Hour ago
We gotta stop getting mad at the AI, it's not it's fault that its masters programmed it that way. Be angry at the people making it do those things!
Amara A.
Amara A. - Hour ago
so basically people who had no business complaining whined like children and youtube went to far trying to appease people who probably don't even watch youtube
Darkassassin 07
Darkassassin 07 - Hour ago
I'm really curious if this video was put #1 trending manually....
DragonHunter - Hour ago
Just doing my job! #1 trending! make youtube notice!
Future TV
Future TV - Hour ago
“YouTube Ruins Gaming”
Ya think
Jo Ropitini
Jo Ropitini - Hour ago
I knew about mortal kombat but I wanted to watch people review it but there were barley any
Blight of Lords
Blight of Lords - Hour ago
Matpat: Diet Coke's number one source of Earned Media
Ham24brand - Hour ago
This is very sad
Artcore - Hour ago
About MK11, while it is true that the price was dropped, it still ended up selling more copies than any other game so far this year. The popular franchises that might not conform to YouTube's rules will remain popular, because people already know them and like them. I didn't need to watch a YouTube video to make me buy MK11, I was going to do that regardless because I'm a fan of the series.

I'm not concerned for the future of violent games.
Bobo 1025
Bobo 1025 - Hour ago
i’m cool with minecraft
PlushBoi! - Hour ago
Why cant they have a option for your youtube channel where you option what age your viewers should be to see your content? I dont make sense lol
RaptorM82 - Hour ago
yeah and also what the hell is this new font in the comments
I'm Leymann
I'm Leymann - Hour ago
*Bold Move, Matthew.*
Alex W.
Alex W. - Hour ago
s u m m o n i n g s a l t r e f e r e n c e
SamTheWayne - Hour ago actually plausible analysis and theory that I can reasonably get behind. Haven't seen that on this channel for quite a while. Then again I haven't watched a video you've made since I unsubscribed about over a year ago, so I've probably missed out on quite a lot.
Jams n' Memes _
Jams n' Memes _ - Hour ago
Why do I like green screen matpat more than any other version of matpat.
jay Kay
jay Kay - Hour ago
Can you Stop complaining for a sec?
Jordan Walton
Jordan Walton - Hour ago
-Youtube strongly influences which games consumers purchase/play
-Youtube is getting very strict about which videos can be monetized/viewer friendly and is especially(specifically) targeting gaming on their platform.
-Video games get their game advertised for free by youtubers, and youtubers don't want to make videos of gameplay or cover a topic that doesn't get $views.
-Gaming channels only do reviews or subjects surrounding a game now instead of actual gameplay.
-Father company, Google, is releasing a product, Stadia, that's supposed to utilize their child company, Youtube. The way Youtube is set up is possibly going to cause Stadia to crash and burn at launch.
--Perhaps Stadia will be intentionally designed to monetize all the gaming content that the Youtube core itself does not since it's a separate 'platform' (you know...if we're lucky)
Christy Guerrero
Christy Guerrero - Hour ago
yikes! why did I think this dude was cody ko lol
Unknown YT
Unknown YT - Hour ago
Nuke_Lord 1998
Nuke_Lord 1998 - Hour ago
im sorry but fortnite needs to die already... its literally the only thing any new gamer talks about.
Spencer Barrett
Spencer Barrett - Hour ago
It’s time for the LEGO games series to rise up
Nikhil Pinto
Nikhil Pinto - Hour ago
Ironically, as demonetisation appeared on screen, I was hit with an ad....
Walking Internet Stereotype
ironically got an ad in the middle of him saying DEMONITIZATION
shakezulas - Hour ago
look at mortal kombat 11 on youtube. demonetization left and right
Chandeh - Hour ago
I've watched so much Game Theory that i understand things that aren't intended to be understood. nice.
Nevelion The Spoony Bard
MatPat, this was a very thought provoking video. I have to admit that though I had long suspect this to be the case, it's good that youtubers have the courage to comment on these systems. I'll happily share that on my own social media platforms as I think all followers of the industry ought to discuss this. Another issue which might have contributed which I'm surprised wasn't mentioned was the recent EU approach towards copyright royalties which may have had at least some part in the decision for youtube's algorithms to act this way. Personally, I believe that it's time that mainstream tech industries started realise their superiority in the entertainment industry. While there don't seem to be available stats comparing the profitability of the videogame industry to spectator sports, it is true, as you pointed out, that among digitally available media, videogames hold a dominant position (if not, the intro to my dissertation 6 years ago is effectively outdated T_T). I hate to come across as elitist but if the industry really wanted to flex its muscles (which would likely never happen because finis mercatorum est lucrum) they would go into open competition with spectator sports. That would hopefully motivate tech giants like Google and Youtube to stop calling videogames "fringe". Admittedly this will never be the case but I like to think that slowly, those of our generation are starting to go more mainstream with their hobbies as can be clearly seen with platforms like Youtube and Twitch.

On a lighter note... How sick was that Square Enix conference right? FFVIIR all the way.
Franklin Clinton
Franklin Clinton - Hour ago
GTA sa best game ever
Solar Core
Solar Core - Hour ago
Makes me appreciate reddit a lot more.
blue wolf gaming and GD
This is why charmx is scared
策略玩家Gusion - Hour ago
(Insert #1 trending comment)
*Instantly gets top comment*
Nabraktiang S
Nabraktiang S - Hour ago
welp #1 on trending is gone
Oh Cassiopeia
Oh Cassiopeia - Hour ago
Oh wow i realized I haven’t heard Keanu talk since I watched all his old movies. Oh my this poor old man.
Torodes23 - Hour ago
as German I have a lot of experience with game censorship, and its so stupid sometimes. Changing Humans into robot's in C&C or Changing the intestines into bicycles and burgers in TF2. Please stop this I get so annoyed with this.
Kaluga DaKing
Kaluga DaKing - Hour ago
I watch every vid of game theory . Keep up the support pls. I love game theory.
BickTingle - Hour ago
Correction, mainstream media and "journalists"
are ruining youtube *and* gaming
chris boy
chris boy - Hour ago
that rainbow 6 siege update rainbow is magic is finna be the only mode you can play on the Google Stadia
Coral’s Nonsense
Coral’s Nonsense - Hour ago
Long time fan on a different channel here:
With the whole “On the couch, I’m serious” thing I propose a petition to name these Theories-That-Pertain-To-Real-Life...
The On-The-Couch Theories
Coral’s Nonsense
Coral’s Nonsense - Hour ago
Alternatively: Couch Theories
Kaluga DaKing
Kaluga DaKing - Hour ago
And its a really cool game youtube is ruining it
Harley smith
Harley smith - Hour ago
Metadata too meta LMAO good ish matpat
Kaluga DaKing
Kaluga DaKing - Hour ago
I even pre ordered it
DIERSTEIN Julien - Hour ago
But it's highly logical.
Stadia videos will bypass some of youtube's filters.
Which means the only way to get MK11 content will be by playing it on stadia.
Owned media at its best.
Franklin Clinton
Franklin Clinton - Hour ago
Kaluga DaKing
Kaluga DaKing - Hour ago
I love mk 11
rikshit deka
rikshit deka - Hour ago
I swear I've been seeing some really sexual game ads here on youtube recently. Please like this and make mat know of this situation with sexual ads on youtube.
Hopesedge - Hour ago
5:33 nice shitty graph
Hernando - Hour ago
Mobile gaming is destroying Gaming.
Llyn Hosuh
Llyn Hosuh - Hour ago
Even when you talked about Minecraft, and showed search results... There was a FNAF SISTER LOCATION music video... I just thought that was really funny.
Mayu - Hour ago
As MatPat said demonization, I got an ad about a mobile game.
d.w. king
d.w. king - Hour ago
Dont fall for my genjustu

Read more.....
Nabraktiang S
Nabraktiang S - Hour ago
20:33 that illegal meme playlist always pop up when i watch any video and i can't remove it haalp
zues99 - Hour ago
I would say more than likely Google is using harsh demonitization to convince big names in the medium to come together under their new product before they turn the settings down and bam there you go look how successful that Investment was then suddenly it the only way to make a mature game. It the same with youtube music, with the new 2 ad system and the ability to litter your videos with adds its impractical to listen to music on YouTube, but then suddenly there is a platform that solves all the issues caused by youtube also owned by YouTube. Its not hard to see what they are doing and i don't blame them its good business sence, if you have some over a barrel you should capitalize on it by making it seem like innovation or good will, which ever is trending at the time.
Michael Mastromauro
Michael Mastromauro - Hour ago
Great. Another adpocalypse
Noah - Hour ago
and mk11 flopped because youtubers pointed out stupid microtransactions for ingame benefits
Mark Poulin
Mark Poulin - Hour ago
Tone it down Matpat, you're gonna get a cease and desist.
Billy Walsh
Billy Walsh - Hour ago
#1 on trending
you have become the very thing you swore to destroy
The Ungovernable
The Ungovernable - Hour ago
#1 on Trending. Well this is uh... awkward.
Pokémon Sword and Shield ruined Pokémon itself hahaha
Super cringy Narutox24
yo I forgot I was watching a GT video and thought I was watching a meme compilation
Ashton. F.
Ashton. F. - Hour ago
If you go on Xbox fortnite is only in top free games #7
John Holtzhausen
John Holtzhausen - Hour ago
youtube is not nice or smart
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