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Emily - 10 hours ago
[ About Trader Joes ]

Jen: oh we know him
Kristen: Yeah we know that guy
Jen: Had a terrible threesome with him *sips tea*
Kristen: *chokes*
Jamas Dinial
Jamas Dinial - 11 hours ago
smells like her dirty vagina!!
Brittany Williams
Brittany Williams - 18 hours ago
Mike killed me 😂😂
JerseyGirl0081 - 22 hours ago
Manchego cheese is so good! Especially with some red wine! Yum! 🧀🍷❤
Jai Yea
Jai Yea - Day ago
I love the editing in this video lmaooo *le smack*
Needs HolyWater
Needs HolyWater - Day ago
Cheese is basically like spoiled milk lol so either way youre kinda eating mold
abezoneID - Day ago
Did LadyLike just step up their "video editing" game or something???
No Name
No Name - Day ago
"Had a terrible threesome with him" lol
iris van kranenburg
So funny houw amaricans says gouda
Johanna Pipoli
Johanna Pipoli - Day ago
I will now refer to my cheese as milk loaf😂
juju beans
juju beans - Day ago
I hope they all know that cheese is made with mold
Anna Beck
Anna Beck - 2 days ago
"look at this milk loaf"
Carrie Krout
Carrie Krout - 2 days ago
Yess Chantel I LOVE your shirt
soldiersis25 - 2 days ago
So there's a town in Wisconsin that has Cheese days, and the mascot's name is Wedgie!
Melany Meyer
Melany Meyer - 2 days ago
I want Chantel’s shirt!
Meg Johnston
Meg Johnston - 2 days ago
mike should make asmr
Marla Horn
Marla Horn - 3 days ago
Ok but like I got wayyy too excited when the Dubliner cheese came out bc I love it so much
Yanely Bautista
Yanely Bautista - 3 days ago
Mike needs to create an ASMR channel dear lord
eXpReSs yOuR dEpReSsIoN
What they hear “cheese’s”
What my caption hears “Jesus”
Laura Ausbrooks
Laura Ausbrooks - 3 days ago
Why are you on your phone? I'm trying to tell you my love of cheese.. millennials
Lola's Corner
Lola's Corner - 3 days ago
*Gets* *another* *samsung* *add*
Mr0011011 - 3 days ago
These are the rubbish American versions of cheese.
lillalachrimae - 3 days ago
American Cheddar is so different to Cheddar everywhere else
Ella Pardy 01 (STUDENT)
can we get wine testing?
Sun Ny
Sun Ny - 3 days ago
Chantel hates asian foods. Saaad!!
Katherine McGarvey
Katherine McGarvey - 3 days ago
So you guys won't be pooping for awhile.
Sheridan Hall
Sheridan Hall - 4 days ago
This video is my worst nightmare lol. I hate cheese
Dagmar g
Dagmar g - 4 days ago
Hahaha how you say Gouda is really funny😂 it’s not g o da or something like that. It’s like gauda. Idk if this is right but ye
Katia Wisniewski
Katia Wisniewski - 4 days ago
*crying in french*
Heidi B
Heidi B - 4 days ago
TILLAMOOK does not rhyme with TOOT, SCOOP or ROOF. It's TILL-uh-muk like BOOK, LOOK, SHOOK.
Mariangel Romero
Mariangel Romero - 4 days ago
Ok, I hate -whoever this person is- the editor of this video goddamn, make them stop
SaltynotSour - 4 days ago
damn taking that editing up a scale guys!
Sunday 1
Sunday 1 - 4 days ago
Cat lady like
Lucybird87 - 4 days ago
*whisper* Chantel...all cheese is mold
alphabrenna - 4 days ago
Where’s your merch? Sold out?
Rockabyebecca - 4 days ago
Some of this A N N O Y S me
Marie Goodner
Marie Goodner - 4 days ago
Yay Jen !
Anya Wilson
Anya Wilson - 5 days ago
Kitchen&Jorn and Freed&Chant
Maria Petrarca
Maria Petrarca - 5 days ago
So...what happened to fashion and beauty related content? We're not doing that anymore? Y'all might want to check your numbers when you did...
Addison Mcdonald
Addison Mcdonald - 5 days ago
And the two girls that got the Wisconsin cheese right are my favorite because they got the Wisconsin part and I’m from Wisconsin so it’s like hello you know it but I love all of you
Larissa Andrade
Larissa Andrade - 5 days ago
Erniebyrd1214 - 5 days ago
“Why are you on your phone? I’m telling you about my love of CHEESE”
Angie Vendette
Angie Vendette - 5 days ago
Whoever told Kristin that her hair looked fine, it doesn’t. Stop using so much dry shampoo 🙄 waaaaash yourself.
twentyonedonuts - 5 days ago
The lack of brie makes me sad
Eden Buchanan
Eden Buchanan - 5 days ago
This is like they've run out of original content and are just copying GMM... 🤷‍♀️
MinnesotanSyrup - 5 days ago
Trader Joe's has an apricot stilton that is amazing!
Elizabeth Kenerley
Elizabeth Kenerley - 5 days ago
Everyone upset about gouda not being made in Gouda needs to do some research; also why does everyone assume the gouda American's get doesn't come from the Netherlands??? https://www.liveeatlearn.com/gouda-cheese/
Kaitelyne Sam
Kaitelyne Sam - 5 days ago
Why does Kristen know so much about cheese? lol
Herbie- Gem
Herbie- Gem - 5 days ago
Audrey Garrett
Audrey Garrett - 5 days ago
I loved that they used Wisconsin cheddar because no one ever talks about Wisconsin ever!!!!!!🤣
Amy Guy
Amy Guy - 5 days ago
Where's Devin?? I miss when they did videos with all of them in it. 🙁
Maddie Briggs
Maddie Briggs - 5 days ago
Milk loaves...yes.
Caroline Laman
Caroline Laman - 5 days ago
“Manchengo Cheese” 😂😂 it’s Manchego (no second ‘n), just ya know...read
Kayleigh R
Kayleigh R - 5 days ago
Ireland isn't in the UK, but go off I guess.
Demi Soetens
Demi Soetens - 5 days ago
As a Dutch person it's very funny to hear how you say gouda XD
Jacq & Jord B
Jacq & Jord B - 6 days ago
KRISTIN your glasses suit you! LOVE THEM!! 🤓🤓🤓
Jacq & Jord B
Jacq & Jord B - 6 days ago
And your hair looks FAB
Marissa Wingender
Marissa Wingender - 6 days ago
Milk loaf 😂😂😂😂 I’m never calling it cheese again
Adam Tatarsky
Adam Tatarsky - 6 days ago
I love this especially the jingle at the end??
Jazmin Alonso
Jazmin Alonso - 6 days ago
Jen and her haircut 😩😍
m.ellen - 6 days ago
I’m hungry now😂
Notesonpretty - 6 days ago
I can’t stop watching this show!
Bunny Boop
Bunny Boop - 6 days ago
God I hate gruyere
Katelyn Gunter
Katelyn Gunter - 6 days ago
What is the diff. between as is and ladylike
Rhonda Roberds
Rhonda Roberds - 6 days ago
This look on Kristen is B-E-A-utiful!!! Red is SO your color!
Despicable Penguin
Despicable Penguin - 6 days ago
Why do these ladies know so much about cheese or I know so little?
Manon Dean
Manon Dean - 6 days ago
THE NETHERLANDS. Holland is not a country
Sarah Palmer
Sarah Palmer - 6 days ago
Milk loaf is the only way I'm referring to cheese from now on.
K.I. R
K.I. R - 6 days ago
*whew, CHILE...*
Toothsome Discoveries
Toothsome Discoveries - 6 days ago
This is such a fun idea for a video! I probably wouldn’t do much better with guessing what cheeses were though LOL!
Mady Harvey
Mady Harvey - 6 days ago
Stilton with honey is 👌🏻
Rowan Quinn
Rowan Quinn - 6 days ago
It's been a really long time since all of them have been on camera at the same time... I'm starting to wonder if something is wrong..
Joe Yazbeck
Joe Yazbeck - 6 days ago
The edits are on point
Solar Kitty
Solar Kitty - 6 days ago
I wonder if somebody new edited this video? I noticed the addition of a lot more cutaway images/ effects than usual.
Theoneandonlyesmewhalda 2056
Do wine next!!!
Paula Kelly
Paula Kelly - 6 days ago
I enjoy watching you girls so much! Lady tested
Bianca Enchanted
Bianca Enchanted - 6 days ago
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Meri NZ
Meri NZ - 6 days ago
love that new zealand is mentioned 😍 hello all the way from nz 😊
pootybottom 182
pootybottom 182 - 6 days ago
I love the way they did blue Stilton to represent England when they could of done Red Leicester what would of blown American chedda cheese away.
Our Frugal Travels
Our Frugal Travels - 6 days ago
Ten? 😂 By the way ( no Holland) The Netherlands 👍🏾 and yes we have the best cheese😋
MYTHICAL EM - 6 days ago
Anyone else see Chantelle is like Gina in Brooklyn 99 lol
Eena B
Eena B - 6 days ago
Gruyère is my favourite cheese 😋 🧀
Angelo Manalansan
Angelo Manalansan - 6 days ago
U should try quesong puti from philippines it tastes good
Sho Minamimoto
Sho Minamimoto - 7 days ago
Ahmed Mubarak
Ahmed Mubarak - 7 days ago
Im out here seeing all these cheese experts when i don't know a single one of them.
Eleanor Bleharski
Eleanor Bleharski - 7 days ago
I wish I worked at buzzfeed. I mean srsly, they get paid to eat food, surprise eachother, and sometimes meet celebs!
Grace U.
Grace U. - 7 days ago
How do you guys know so much about cheese
LilMissDiscord - 7 days ago
I was in Ireland last March and we stayed at this wonderful cottage on a dairy farm, and the milk from the cows on that farm made Kerrygold cheese! We got to try some of the cheese and butter that the cows helped make... so delicious! It was like you could taste how happy and loved the cows were. Dairy products in Ireland are just better (I live in Canada, and the dairy here is quite good, but Ireland was just much better)
Das Glüxkind
Das Glüxkind - 7 days ago
Sad to see you didn't try German cheese :(
Emily Hill
Emily Hill - 7 days ago
Totally saying Tillamook wrong by the way.
Cassidy S.
Cassidy S. - 7 days ago
No no no no they're saying Gouda wrong
Vlogging with AJ
Vlogging with AJ - 7 days ago
I know so many people who hate dubliner but I love it also I have a pretty wide palette since I try a lot of cheeses (I eat too much cheese) and so whenever they don’t know a cheese that I would know instantly or so I think I’m like commonnnnnn😂😂 but I’m ok with it because cheese videos are great
YarrowPyxie - 7 days ago
pickle [ickle PICKLEEEEE
kpop/anima 4 life
kpop/anima 4 life - 7 days ago
I can't eat most Cheese's because I am lactose intolerance I am also severely allergic to mold so I really feel left out😔✊
Jolie Cook
Jolie Cook - 7 days ago
Sniffs ... Pickle!
Bianca Brooks
Bianca Brooks - 7 days ago
Sheryl Jacob
Sheryl Jacob - 7 days ago
Michelle Pearson
Michelle Pearson - 7 days ago
The editing on this is great! I’d love to see more videos like this!
Nic_rescue_Diver - 7 days ago
Wer is the HALLOUMI!!
Elandra Molina
Elandra Molina - 7 days ago
did they get a new editor or sum
rachel hornung
rachel hornung - 7 days ago
So my dad works for WMMB (Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board) and he’s kind of sad you guys didn’t try Sartori Cheese lol
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