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Nat C
Nat C - 2 days ago
I love Jen she’s makes me smile when I watch Ladylike
Ryan A Wilson
Ryan A Wilson - 7 days ago
Trader Joe's should be a sponsor for the channel if it isn't
freya disrud
freya disrud - 11 days ago
Wisconsin has the best cheese
e.aCamilizer - 14 days ago
Kristen: This is the brand i f*** at home.
Jen: mhmm
Jen realizes what she just said and tries to hide
Yodele Ladejobi
Yodele Ladejobi - 18 days ago
why do people like cheese???? 😩😩😩
Boone Nolan
Boone Nolan - 25 days ago
Kristin is a cheese BOSS but it’s pronounced “Tilla-muk” 😂😅
Sophia Salazar
Sophia Salazar - 26 days ago
I am only calling cheese milk loaf from now on.
Ayla Hughes
Ayla Hughes - Month ago
I feel like somebody should let Chantel know that parm (among a few others) are not vegetarian cheeses :0 they use an enzyme from inside a calf's stomach in part of the process so they're technically not cruelty free.
tracy martel
tracy martel - Month ago
when a cheese from your country is in a video, but kristin just keeps yelling pickle
YoRo! - Month ago
Chantel and Freddie are funny together. LOL Since they are both single what if they were married for a week???
Kiva Graves
Kiva Graves - Month ago
Billie Love
Billie Love - Month ago
06:19..... you're welcome
Caitlyn Skowronek
Caitlyn Skowronek - Month ago
I love Wisconison
Lady Pearl Joyag
Lady Pearl Joyag - Month ago
Chantel: I'm trying to think what New Zealand was like when I was there.
Mike: Did you eat anything like this?
Chantel: I hate asian food, so no.
Me in my head: Now I'm confused about continents 😅
Yellow Umbrella
Yellow Umbrella - 2 months ago
The fact that you pronounce Gauda like "Guuda" gives me Anxiety :'))
Queen Kate Rose the vampwerehog
my dad's family came from Holland
Risty Notohadiprawiro
Risty Notohadiprawiro - 2 months ago
Chantel: *went to new zealand*
also Chantel to Mike: "i hate asian food so, no"
also why do you hate asian food Chantel???????
Fiona Daly
Fiona Daly - 2 months ago
I love you Mike, but Ireland is not a part of the UK. Northern Ireland is, but not the Republic
Carol Ilse Anne
Carol Ilse Anne - 2 months ago
You can't call it Cheddar unless it's from Somerset!
Carol Ilse Anne
Carol Ilse Anne - 2 months ago
Goooda?! is not the only cheese from The Netherlands
Andrea Joklová
Andrea Joklová - 2 months ago
What about tvarůžky from Czech Republic? :DD
Gabriela Martinez
Gabriela Martinez - 2 months ago
Cheese I know from eating them Havarti, Mozzarella, Cheddar, Gorgonzola, Blue Stilton, Gruyere, Manchego, Parmesan and I love all of the cheese.
redfly3768 - 2 months ago
It makes me sad how much wonderful cheese y'all are missing out on! *lives in Wisconsin and ships cheese all over the US*
taylor - 2 months ago
did anyone else hear jen say “rockefeller?” 😂😂😭
Stacy Camacho
Stacy Camacho - 2 months ago
Where is the Limburger cheese?
Nova Kremers
Nova Kremers - 2 months ago
The Netherlands ≠ Holland
F Morgan
F Morgan - 2 months ago
Ladies, if you mistook gruviere for parmesan, you never tasted parmesan 😅 They're totally different cheeses!
Mackem - 2 months ago
Kyla Lynn
Kyla Lynn - 3 months ago
Wisconsin nearest where are you app
princess 45880
princess 45880 - 3 months ago
Stephler - 3 months ago
Kristen looks like she was in that sitcom Dinosaurs from the 90’s 🤣🤣🤣
isobel giblin
isobel giblin - 3 months ago
woob woob
woob woob - 3 months ago
If stilton is making you scrunch your face up, it's too fresh - it needs to be left to go a bit yellow, then it tastes SO creamy. Heaven. Also, no-one tell Chantel how yoghurt is made XD All cheeses are basically tame mould :)
ella - 3 months ago
Mike should do voice recordings for books or hypnotize people. His voice is so soothing omg I love it!
Miranda Cunningham
Miranda Cunningham - 3 months ago
I live in Wisconsin
manjusha pawar
manjusha pawar - 3 months ago
Kristen is so funny.
Sinara Simone
Sinara Simone - 4 months ago
I’ve watched this about 6 times all because of Mike 😭
Lucas Da Costa
Lucas Da Costa - 4 months ago
Holland isn’t a country but ok
Kelly Anne
Kelly Anne - 4 months ago
Bleu cheese is so good though!
Kelly Anne
Kelly Anne - 4 months ago
Manchego is my favorite cheese ever. It’s a little nutty, a little bit of a bite back
Kelly Anne
Kelly Anne - 4 months ago
Comte cheese is basically butt hole cheese. That’s what it smells like 😂
Ainsley Zirkle
Ainsley Zirkle - 4 months ago
I’ve been to gruyares
Kevie CJL
Kevie CJL - 4 months ago
Chantel:*casually living off of Asain food in Switzerland*
aFICTIONado - 4 months ago
"Rockefeller?" omg lol
Avery The cat
Avery The cat - 4 months ago
Everyone’s hating on the cheeses. WHYYYY?????
Avery The cat
Avery The cat - 4 months ago
Look at this milk loaf
ThePastelFox - 4 months ago
So.... real cheese is illegal here in America because America doesn’t allow unpasteurized cheese made with raw milk as of the tiny health risk
Sharise - 4 months ago
The havarti cheese did not have dill pickle in it. Lol Dill weed and dill pickles are two very different things. 😂 Kristin is a trip!
minecraft gamer girl
minecraft gamer girl - 4 months ago
God I got a sargentio add before this
The Randomest moe
The Randomest moe - 4 months ago
wow they know their cheese!
Emily_Infires - 4 months ago
I rlly love blue cheese, just me? Ok
Софья Акишева
Софья Акишева - 4 months ago
Yeah, I am like Chantel, I also don't like blue cheese because it has mold and it just meh :-( Quite specific cheese.
Jasmin Jensen
Jasmin Jensen - 4 months ago
im from denmark and ive NEVER, i mean NEEEEVER seen the havarti cheese with dill
Carrie Krout
Carrie Krout - 4 months ago
I’m wearing the same shirt as Chantelle 😂
Laura Swanson
Laura Swanson - 4 months ago
i love wisconsin because i live there
Anthony Sumlin
Anthony Sumlin - 4 months ago
You all should go skydiving or shark diving or idk something extreme I’d love if y’all did something extreme I know it’d be great to watch with all your different personalities
Ivy Foster
Ivy Foster - 5 months ago
It cracks me up that everyone hates the blue cheese but here in buffalo NY we put blue cheese dressing on pizza and wings
GossipGirl16 - 5 months ago
How is Kristin? What?? A genius, a freaking cheese genius!!
GossipGirl16 - 5 months ago
Is Ashly the Asian food, Chantel?? 😂✌
Ava Berry
Ava Berry - 5 months ago
1:10 is the best part of the viedo
Naomi Jones
Naomi Jones - 5 months ago
She burned her tongue I burnt mine and couldn’t taste for 3 days
Caitlin Mendenhall
Caitlin Mendenhall - 5 months ago
The funniest thing is I take culinary so I guess what all of these cheeses were just by looking at them
Max Leong
Max Leong - 5 months ago
Love ladylike's inside jokes and humour and Mike's soothing voice ❤
miahsa channal
miahsa channal - 5 months ago
You should do one more and take Norwegian brown cheese😋
Yesenia Placencia
Yesenia Placencia - 5 months ago
I love Jen!
Pickle! Lol
Mr.Plouf - 5 months ago
Mhlmm c’est mal dit ....... compté en prononçant le m 😂😂
Lonely Potato
Lonely Potato - 5 months ago
I hate cheese
Emilee Borowski
Emilee Borowski - 5 months ago
Kaia Catherine
Kaia Catherine - 5 months ago
Devin and mike must be Lactose n tolerant
Hannanater Disney
Hannanater Disney - 5 months ago
Rachelle Benge
Rachelle Benge - 5 months ago
"Chow!" Fred Is so retro 😂
Alani Vasconcelos
Alani Vasconcelos - 5 months ago
Bria F
Bria F - 5 months ago
Kristin’s knowledge of cheese is the level I wanna achieve
Daria Rose K
Daria Rose K - 5 months ago
Now vegan cheese! :D
Jasmine Ward
Jasmine Ward - 5 months ago
Kristin knows so much. Ugh I want to be her
Audie Lauf
Audie Lauf - 5 months ago
Mike has a good voice for voiceovers of a sociopath serial killer that questions his actions and is trying to turn his life around.
xX Ramen Shiba Studios Xx
xX Ramen Shiba Studios Xx - 5 months ago
Can everyone explain to Chantel that cheese itself is a type or mold? They way the create cheese is made through a molding process. So chantel cheese itself is mold but some will sit in the cheese cellar longer create more mold of other species that are edible. Cheese is milk mold kids!
Sygga Syg
Sygga Syg - 5 months ago
Did you know it is actually really easy to make your own cheese? Dunno if that would be a video idea.
Heat whole milk (not UHT) to 160-180F. Remove from heat and add 60ml acid (lemon juice or vinegar) per 1 litre of milk. Different acids give different flavours, so Lemon gives a faint citrus tang. Stir and leave for 10mins until it clumps. Pour through a muslin cheesecloth. Add a bit of salt, herbs etc, then hang it up for a few hours to drain. Fresh is crumbly and tastes like a cross between unsalted Feta and Wensleydale, and aged in the fridge for a few weeks it starts to go a bit cheddar-y.
Cecilie Allermann Stausholm
I freeking LOVE havarti but I never tried it with dild
chaempagne.p - 5 months ago
"Is it from France or Switzerland?"
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