Good Omens - Official Teaser Trailer I Prime Video

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Nick Dillon
Nick Dillon - Day ago
New Tori Amos Song YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS Bring it on!
Luna Who Loves Blue Things
David playing Barty Crouch Jr. was literally his audition for playing Crowley. The hissing tendency- wow.
Ann Ika
Ann Ika - 2 days ago
One of my favourite books. Can’t wait to see it!
James Salinas
James Salinas - 2 days ago
I wonder if the finale will be cut at the climax.
Daffy - 4 hours ago
That's what Neil has implied.
EarthShake Spear
EarthShake Spear - 2 days ago
This is going to be trippy.
Bru- Me- Neander- THALL
Supernatural S14 = British Interpretation (In My Smart *ss Unsolicited Opinion)
dat Gazeebo scene...thingy tho~
Oct. 6, 2018??? Why did I just get a notif in my email about this? What the ACTVAL FVCK YOUTUBE ALGO?!!!!!!!
Rsobregon52 - 3 days ago
Yes yes yes finally a Castile and Crowley buddy movie
Idonea Kw
Idonea Kw - 3 days ago
Benedict Cumberbatch is in this!! I can't wait
David Baca
David Baca - 3 days ago
Have they come up with the release date yet?
Daffy - 4 hours ago
May 31
Kagome 194
Kagome 194 - 3 days ago
Where's Cas?🤔
Leamick - 3 days ago
About goddam time!!
Ellen Khan
Ellen Khan - 3 days ago
Im a simple Girl.. I see David Tennent... I watch😂
FlorinC - 3 days ago
These 2 actors are gods.
Mica Z
Mica Z - 3 days ago
This looks so stupid, doesn’t seem to do justice to the book, Neil Gaiman, or to Terry Pratchet. True disappointment…
Daffy - 4 hours ago
Neil wrote the screenplay and is the showrunner in accordance with Terry's wishes.
Fraya Fauzia Rudiaty
Fraya Fauzia Rudiaty - 3 days ago
I need to read the book again..
K. Nessa
K. Nessa - 3 days ago
So... when's it releasing then?
thedoldrummer - 3 days ago
atm Shuvo
atm Shuvo - 3 days ago
so getting excited, miller?
David Conway
David Conway - 3 days ago
GODDAMN IT! Now I need to get a Prime subscription.
CatalinaThePirate - 4 days ago
THIS is going to be incredibly delicious! Whooooooooooooooooo!!! XD
Leandro Kapellu
Leandro Kapellu - 4 days ago
Michael Sheen is what you get if you mix Simon Pegg with Andy Serkis xD
The Birdman and Rooster Show
David Tennant looks like Bill Nighy. He literally talks like him too!
Norah Guevara
Norah Guevara - 4 days ago
Idonea Kw
Idonea Kw - 3 days ago
Dorottya Geiszl
Dorottya Geiszl - 4 days ago
This looks amazing, can't wait 😱😱
Çiğdem Köse
Çiğdem Köse - 4 days ago
I may be on the side of the angels, but don't think for one second that I am one of them. -Sherlock Holmes. AND BENEDICT IS INCLUDED IN THE SQUAD. Cmonnn man why are doing to us?
cryingbutinacoolway - 4 days ago
I'm here after finding out that Benedict Cumberbatch is going to play the voice of the devil. Can't wait!
Idonea Kw
Idonea Kw - 3 days ago
Same lmao
Timothy Jay Dy Ning
Timothy Jay Dy Ning - 4 days ago
Do Notte Buye Betamacks
Sunset Rider
Sunset Rider - 4 days ago
Wasn't this a season of Supernatural?
Game FOR Speed
Game FOR Speed - 5 days ago
Amarican Dr.who
J G - 5 days ago
Could be good or could be this:
J G - 5 days ago
This reminds me of Dr Who and Tron for some reason.
Steven ross
Steven ross - 6 days ago
Holy crap. This looks really good. Like a genuine, heartfelt adaptation that gets the source material. Didn't even know they'd started filming on this. I am truly excited.
Anca Irinel Radu
Anca Irinel Radu - 7 days ago
Every time I watch this I want to give it one more like. I can’t wait to finally see the series
Indigo RAINBOW - 7 days ago
Any release date yet?
Christina2291 - 7 days ago
Gosh, I'm so, so, so, so, so excited!!! Read the book recently and it's gorgeous! Perfect cast; but where's David's great scottish accent? D:
Charlotte Frantz
Charlotte Frantz - 8 days ago
This looks like a mix of supernatural, the good place, and seasons 5-7 of doctor who
Luis - 8 days ago
Please bring him back
Luis - 8 days ago
Oh my God I just finished season 4 of doctor who I miss him(David) soooooooo much the new guy(Matt Smith)is good to but not like David he is PERFECT for the role of doctor for me HE'LL ALWAYS BE THE DOCTOR 😭😭😭😭
the phoenix 315
the phoenix 315 - 8 days ago
I cannot wait to watch this.
ALDCharm 2
ALDCharm 2 - 8 days ago
The song in the background was in Dance Moms. Did anyone notice that? It was in Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves
Lewys Cousins
Lewys Cousins - 8 days ago
Oh my god yes I so looking forward to this show!! Perfect cast and perfect director!
Jamie Hague
Jamie Hague - 9 days ago
Can't wait
Dee8Bee - 9 days ago
I saw the Doctor, so I’m interested. Then I heard Queen, now I’m definitely watching this.
Georgia Q
Georgia Q - 10 days ago
Talia kooper
Talia kooper - 11 days ago
I wholeheartedly believed this was Simon Pegg.. I feel cheated. 4 months ago I watched the trailer and I've been waiting for the show starring David Tennant and Simon Pegg.. I discovered today its Michael sheen 🙈
werter yerter
werter yerter - 12 days ago
I genuinely started reading th book yesterday
Bob Schaaf
Bob Schaaf - 12 days ago
The joy of seeing Michael Sheen and David Tennant working together! I can't wait.
Elwood M. Buel
Elwood M. Buel - 12 days ago
Luciferian agenda right out in the open. Angels and demons working together against the creator God.
Edoardo Manzi
Edoardo Manzi - 11 days ago
I don't see any harm in that. You know, thankfully a work of fiction is not required to stick with religious men's beliefs.
#Gtavonline [Dizel-crew]
#Gtavonline [Dizel-crew] - 13 days ago
сверхъестественное курильщика. Просто красивая комедия со спецэффектами.. Посмотрим
Maria ILIUȚĂ - 13 days ago
If only Terry Pratchett could have seen this...
Noel Thomas
Noel Thomas - 15 days ago
I read the book in prison...I was innocent....but we all say that x
Seamus O'Morain
Seamus O'Morain - 15 days ago
Uuuuhh it’s 2019, when is it out??
But also, I honestly CANNOT wait for all of this. The monks coming out of the ground, the telephone chase scene, Adam and co saving the world, THE BEST BITCHING BIKER GANG EVER and literally everything about this.
Daffy - 13 days ago
Now they are saying "spring." They are still editing it.
Paige - 14 days ago
I honestly can’t wait for the line (if it was kept in) “Not just a Southern Pansy Sargent Shadwell, *THE* Southern Pansy.”
Zelotbe - 16 days ago
Anyone know which song the first 50 seconds is?
leeleeturn - 17 days ago
Looks almost as fun as the book! I love the casting! At least for these two.
J Pretorius
J Pretorius - 17 days ago
A shame there is PC in here with eve. At least the main cast is white like its supposed
Paige - 14 days ago
Please explain tell me when in the book Pratchett or Gaiman wrote “Everbody was fucking white” because I seemed to have missed it in my *seven* readings of it.
Shahaneh Limonadi
Shahaneh Limonadi - 18 days ago
Release date is hinted as Spring, by the Director himself via this Teaser Trailer.
Kostadin Stefanoff
Kostadin Stefanoff - 18 days ago
I hope they skipped every second page or so from the book when making the movie. There is too much clutter and useless words in the book...
Kayra Cowan
Kayra Cowan - 19 days ago
First bit of trailer be like
My friends : We have nothing whatsoever in common. I don't even like you!
Me : You do
Artem Davydov
Artem Davydov - 19 days ago
so05ify - 19 days ago
Whennnnnnnnnn???? I want to watch it QAQ
Paul Dixon
Paul Dixon - 20 days ago
Makes me want to re-read the book. Looks Excellent!!!
AlexNovarro - 20 days ago
At the end, which actor is the Cop? The same actor that was on Fringe?
Giulio Angelis
Giulio Angelis - 22 days ago
ok now this is epic
Turtlezen - 26 days ago
Holy crap I loved this book!!!
Wendy Weber Céspedes
Wendy Weber Céspedes - 26 days ago
Release the show Amazon l!!! If you get it to Latin America at the same time I might get a premium account, just for this!!!!
ArcanumV - 26 days ago
FAIL. He has a blue police box, not a red phone booth.
Jennifer Elizabeth Edwards
I can't wait for this
When does it come on to Amazon Prime video?
The music that's used is in series one of Young Dracula.
Daffy - 15 days ago
@drmuig and @neilhimself
Jennifer Elizabeth Edwards
What's their twitter handles? There's too many
Jennifer Elizabeth Edwards
+Daffy Nope
Daffy - 16 days ago
Do you follow Neil and Douglas MacKinnon on twitter? They are pretty good at updates. The most recent official thing said "spring."
Jennifer Elizabeth Edwards
+Daffy thanks
Christina2291 - 28 days ago
The end of the world in 2018? Yes, we call it Brexit 🤨
Ducky Devilry
Ducky Devilry - 29 days ago
Two of my favorite have no idea how happy I am about this
Turquoise Dragon
Turquoise Dragon - 29 days ago
The four comments on this vid: I was nervous about the casting but am now excited, tennant is now ginger and in a phone box, the book was amazing, and release it now you coward.
Davros Concord
Davros Concord - Month ago
detective foxley
detective foxley - Month ago
An angel who did no fall so much as saunter vaguely downwards.
Spen trav
Spen trav - Month ago
I may subscribe to Prime Video just for David Tennant being in this series.
n ye
n ye - Month ago
wow i actually cannot wait for this to come out! i wonder when they'll tell us the release date?
Ziaw Purple Jacket
Ziaw Purple Jacket - Month ago
Okay I'm watching
Furagata - Month ago
Oh my God, I only just realised the importance of Queen playing over this trailer. I must have watched it ten times now and I only just realised!
Ricks Americana
Ricks Americana - Month ago
Every piece of music Crowley is around morphs into Queen's Greatest Hits. Fucking brilliant.
Cocktales Band
Cocktales Band - Month ago
i'm 99999% in
Charles Jones
Charles Jones - Month ago
This is some brilliant casting. I can absolutely see David Tennent and Michael Sheen as Crowly and Aziraphale.
Nilanjan Das Gupta
Nilanjan Das Gupta - Month ago
*Dials phone *

"Hello..... is this the winchesters ??"
Paige - 14 days ago
I mean they existed before the Winchester’s and aren’t related to each other But seeing as you are a SN fan, I think you’ll be delighted to that they seem very gay for each other (even though it is never stated, but what do you expect from a story written in the 1980’s/1990’s)
Annele555 - Month ago
Ooooooh. I am excited!
Guapamolee e
Guapamolee e - Month ago
im working on an essay for this book rn for english class and all i have to say is: kids writing an essay for this book after 2019, yall lucky af
shastapurpledaisy - Month ago
Will this end up on DVD.
Shivam Raj
Shivam Raj - Month ago
Anyone from Books on Toast?
AutumnHour - Month ago
I'm a simple person.I see David Tennant,i click.
theTrigant - Month ago
Downvote for spoilering the entire trailer even before it started... You guys @ Amazon shouldn't do that much cocaine. That's not good for you apparently
Paige - 14 days ago
Oh please, if you read the book, you know they’ve spoiled 1% *at most*
darkwing dirk
darkwing dirk - Month ago
Dasha River
Dasha River - Month ago
caveman Versace
caveman Versace - Month ago
Sheen should be the demon and Tenant the Angel.
M6nst6r6 - Month ago
Hope it's gonna be good!
And hoping it's lead to more good Terry Pratchett adaptation of the "Diskworld", or at least adapt Gaiman's "Sandman" series.
josh taylor
josh taylor - Month ago
Way to turn an excellent book by two authors into a money grabbing, big name actors, tv adaption disaster.
Paige - 14 days ago
Gaiman did this as Pratchett’s final request, since he personally wanted to work on and cameo in an adaptation. Seems pretty disrespectful of you to assume that money is why this was adapted 😤
Laura Kay
Laura Kay - Month ago
One of those authors is the writer and showrunner who also cast the series personally ... so... I guess he can do whatever he and Terry wanted him to do.
josh taylor
josh taylor - Month ago
Wow... that's who they have playing Crowley and Aziraphale, Dr. Who and welsh actor Michael Sheen .. I'll stick to the book, thank you. Way to ruin a good thing. Not who I had imagined playing these characters, at all. Whoever was the casting director, ahem, "Suzanne Smith", should have casted actors who weren't already big names. With a book adapted to film with a script this good you should always choose lesser known actors. Needless to say, this will not be something I look forward to watching. Unlike the American Gods adaptation, which actually turned out brilliant, this does not have my high hopes.
Laura Kay
Laura Kay - Month ago
There are plenty of videos on line with Neil talking about why he personally wanted the actors he chose to play all of the leading parts. He wrote the screen play. He was on set the entire time. It's his baby, 100%. He said that was the only way he could fulfill Terry's dying wish.
Michael Iv
Michael Iv - Month ago
Exotic_Ghoul - Month ago
Michał Szklarski
Michał Szklarski - Month ago
"Welcome to the End Times"? So what, is Age of Sigmar coming?
Koshikurio - Month ago
My favourite book!! Finally!
Jebediah Kermin
Jebediah Kermin - Month ago
Johanna Knakal
Johanna Knakal - Month ago
how the h*** does this guy look so good with white hair???
Bewee BW
Bewee BW - Month ago
Yes. YES.
Viktor Funk
Viktor Funk - Month ago
Will probably watch, big David Tennant fan, though disturbing that the angel seems to act gay. If it turns out he's too... flamboyant... I'll tune out
Paige - 14 days ago
Oh dear, I have some dreadful news for you... both Tennant and Sheen have said they’d played their characters with a stronger relationship than just friends. I’m sorry to inform you that these ethereal/occult beings are in fact “Gayer than a tree full of monkeys on nitrous oxide” 😇😎🐍🏳️‍🌈
Laura Kay
Laura Kay - Month ago
Did you read the book? It says, “Many people, meeting Aziraphale for the first time, formed three impressions: that he was English, that he was intelligent, and that he was gayer than a treeful of monkeys on nitrous oxide." Sounds like he got it right.
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