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Amazon Prime Video
Amazon Prime Video - 17 days ago
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Pauline Junker
Pauline Junker - 6 days ago
Thank you :-)
John Smith
John Smith - 9 days ago
This show does not contain any Identity politics or SJW rhetoric. Thank you Amazon! ENJOY!!
Keep mocking the Bible, you will only laugh for so long and then your laughter will turn to crying, then regret.. Jesus is coming, WE ARE LIVING IN THE LAST DAYS . If your smart, you will repent and give your life to Christ.
Christian Clement
Christian Clement - 2 days ago
Repent!, accept and turn to our lord and savior Jesus Christ
Malikah NakamotoLeeJungTuanParkByun
I literally shipped them from the moment Azir let Crowley stand under his wing when it started raining
Cetegus79 - 3 days ago
Watched it. Loved it.
alexey yurevich
alexey yurevich - 6 days ago
Великолепная история.. снимите продолжение.
Matt Foster
Matt Foster - 6 days ago
Welcome to the end times
BullyLifetv - 7 days ago
Omg ii luv this series can’t wait til the next
🍎🐍😈😇🕊 🗡 🤩
Genie likes to paint a lot
Omg now im thinking that the director of this show and the writer of the book is a big Queen fan with all the soundtracks im crying
Megan Grindelwald
Megan Grindelwald - 8 days ago
The way Crowley says “you do”
Levi Agbon
Levi Agbon - 9 days ago
*This is probably the CLOSEST thing that we’ll get to the second season of THE MESSENGERS😭😂*
Bini 03
Bini 03 - 10 days ago
00:56 what this music?
i am cheeese
i am cheeese - 11 days ago
I thought he was gonna say
"Welcome to the endgame"
STAR ANIMATION Studio - 11 days ago
gina928 - 12 days ago
Excellent series! Binged it in one day. Totally worth it.
Jenniflower65 2.0
Jenniflower65 2.0 - 15 days ago
Aziraphale: oh F@#K!!
Lydia d'Angelo Sailer
Lydia d'Angelo Sailer - 17 days ago
I love this show!!! Luv it!
Belnick6666 - 17 days ago
the only real doctor is the 10th one
he looks great in this :P
Anthony Fanchin
Anthony Fanchin - 18 days ago
Best frenemies due ever.
zorvic08 - 19 days ago
First under pressure by queen and David bowie now your my best friend by queen
Mia Palmer
Mia Palmer - 21 day ago
Queen song
Darth Vestius
Darth Vestius - 23 days ago
Thoughts and prayers to the Angel, but my money is on the Demon.
Oh, H-E double hockey sticks...
We all knew the end is nigh...has been for 6000 years.
So say good bye, stick your head between your legs and ...well you know the rest!
KoolAidtheRED - 26 days ago
Finally something I want to watch on Amazon Prime.
Hat-Eating-Cthulu-Goat - 29 days ago
So are they a couple?
kennedy made real
kennedy made real - Month ago
i'd like to point out that "You're My Best Friend" is a love song,,, John Deacon wrote it about his wife :) so, nice and accurate choice.
Ekaterina Lis
Ekaterina Lis - Month ago
Очень жду сериал , это что-то невероятное💕
Ekaterina Lis
Ekaterina Lis - Month ago
Ммммм Майкл Шин💕
Camila Rossini
Camila Rossini - Month ago
The little quote about restaurants that I believe is (almost?) word-for-word taken from the book made me excited.
Camila Rossini
Camila Rossini - Month ago
I've been mispronouncing Crowley's name this whole time.
alex rubio
alex rubio - Month ago
Does anyone know who is doing the weird dancing at 0:03?
alex rubio
alex rubio - Month ago
Daffy omg yes I’m so excited to see the context!
Daffy - Month ago
In the mustache? That's David Tennant.
A Anddone
A Anddone - Month ago
Huh... that's weird & kinda annoying * scrolls down to comments * Ooooh it's based on a book. No wonder/that explains a lot.
Dr Watson
Dr Watson - Month ago
I think the funniest thing is that in the book Crowley has black hair,but,here he is,ginger.Congratulations to The Doctor.😂
Lina M.
Lina M. - Month ago
Aziraphale :We are on opposite sides!
Crowley :We are on our side!
Just Briliant !
A.N. Van Maastricht
A.N. Van Maastricht - Month ago
Hadnt realised before but 1:04 is a different clip than the one before and after it (though they seem to be having a conversation) if you look at crowley's glasses and hairstyle
Renan Alves 》
Renan Alves 》 - 2 months ago
Emily Busse
Emily Busse - 2 months ago
Do I spot a continuity error at 1:04? Different glasses and hair??? Also very excited for this!
Daffy - Month ago
Time jump
Jin The Harvester
Jin The Harvester - 3 months ago
“It won’t be the war to end all wars, it’ll be the war to end everything!” Best line in the trailer
Bunty Bunny
Bunty Bunny - 3 months ago
Loved the book, can't wait to see this. Hope it comes out on DVD
구민영cinnamonbreeze - 3 months ago
im sorry but aziraphale holding on to the car handle things cuz of crowley's reckless driving and him sheltering crowley under his wing are the two most adorable things ive ever seen   - oh and also the post-birthday party one XD
catssweaters - 3 months ago
wait hang on are you shitting me i didnt realize that you’re my best friend was playing over it oof that is a love song lmao
The Venetian Harper
The Venetian Harper - 3 months ago
See, this is why I love Good Omens, the unlikely and sweet friendship between Aziraphale and Crowley. I need more stories with demons and angels being great friends, despite how different they are.
Mecurian - 3 months ago
Aziraphael always struck me as an English professor who would stop the lesson and glare at you if you dropped a pencil in his class, all the while volunteering at a homeless shelter when no one was looking. This incarnation is a little too girly and excitable for my liking.
Crowley and Aziraphael essentially portray agents from two opposing countries that have been in the field for too long and discovered that they have more in common with each other than they have with their remote bosses.
Aziraphael is Crowley's equal on every level. I'm not sure I like the way he is being "gayed up" here.
Gnome de Plume
Gnome de Plume - 2 months ago
“Many people, meeting Aziraphale for the first time, formed three impressions: that he was English, that he was intelligent, and that he was gayer than a treeful of monkeys on nitrous oxide.”
Alex Thornton
Alex Thornton - 3 months ago
Summer Doctor Who withdrawal SORTED.
Jacqu J
Jacqu J - 3 months ago
I might have to get Prime just for this T_T
Shadowhunters Unite
Shadowhunters Unite - 3 months ago
David got what he always wanted... he’s finally ginger
HarleQueen - 3 months ago
Why do I feel like this is gonna be the next Destiel?
Kepano 808HI
Kepano 808HI - 3 months ago
David Tennant, I'm in
John Von
John Von - 3 months ago
I thought the other guy was the one that played the scottish vampire from Preacher 😂
Hot Nazi Death
Hot Nazi Death - 3 months ago
I read this book over ten years ago.
Ginny Weasley
Ginny Weasley - 3 months ago
I am going to get so much hate for this comment, but I am extremely happy to see Michael Sheen in another work. And this time, the roles are reversed. The majority of the time I see David, he's fun and bubbly, but now he's a freaking demon. Michael Sheen (yes, I'm aware I'm behind) played a dark and twisty vampire (IM SORRY), but now he's playing an agent of the light.
Laura Kay
Laura Kay - Month ago
I'm guessing you haven't seen much of David Tennant's work if you think he is usually fun and bubbly. He often plays dark and tortured characters. He's played murderers, rapists, stalkers. He cries a lot. Violent head trauma survivor. Sad, overburdened single dad. Antisocial detective. Sarcastic alcoholic father. Vengeful widower. Angry politician. Frustrated genius. Alcoholic drug-taking psychologist. Hamlet, Richard II. So many good dramatic roles.
M o B
M o B - 3 months ago
This is really sadistic. Making a mockery out of tradition, you think this is entertainment ? You will be entertained for eternity.
Hot Nazi Death
Hot Nazi Death - 3 months ago
It's fiction... much like the bible.
Timilehyin Hussain
Timilehyin Hussain - 3 months ago
Did crowley get a new body or what?🤔🤔🤔🤔

If you're reading this comment and are confused, crowley is also a demon from the tv show supernatural and the demons are clouds of smoke that possess people.
Khushi Shah
Khushi Shah - 3 months ago
Where is Benedict??😂😭😭❤️❤️
Pragati Kumar
Pragati Kumar - 3 months ago
Finally Sherlock and Doctor who will meet
Bi$harp - 3 months ago
Why did no one tell me they're making an adaptation of my favorite Terry Pratchett book?
Charlotte London
Charlotte London - 3 months ago
I’m just going to say it the book will be better
Smashing Blouse
Smashing Blouse - 3 months ago
I've never been so excited for a show in my life
Joshua B
Joshua B - 3 months ago
Well then..........welcome to the End Times!

And it's REAL!
Norton Sega Hippie
Norton Sega Hippie - 3 months ago
This looks lovely amazing and a new classic rolled into something great and unforgettable
inconceivabledark - 3 months ago
this I must watch!
UthersonL - 3 months ago
A trailer for an adaptation of Good Omens without the Them or the Horsepersons? Worrisome.
Himax9 - 3 months ago
One thing I could never figure out: Where IS Elvis...?
Bangtan For lifeu
Bangtan For lifeu - 3 months ago
Anne Marsh
Anne Marsh - 3 months ago
honestly, the book gives so much ship fodder as it is, but with the show promising an extra episode just about their relationship through history... I'm excite
Sam Jones
Sam Jones - 3 months ago
This is giving me Dirk Gently vibes
Remaster Perez
Remaster Perez - 3 months ago
lookin good..looking forward to watch this series
Matilda Muller
Matilda Muller - 3 months ago
This has everything I need and more
crystalhearts1 - 3 months ago
Anyone else first thought was THE DOCTOR IS FINALLY GINGER!!!!
Nick Dillon
Nick Dillon - 4 months ago
New Tori Amos Song YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS Bring it on!
Lulu Who Loves Blue Things
David playing Barty Crouch Jr. was literally his audition for playing Crowley. The hissing tendency- wow.
Ann Ika
Ann Ika - 4 months ago
One of my favourite books. Can’t wait to see it!
James Salinas
James Salinas - 4 months ago
I wonder if the finale will be cut at the climax.
Daffy - 3 months ago
That's what Neil has implied.
EarthShake Spear
EarthShake Spear - 4 months ago
This is going to be trippy.
Levels; Devils New
Levels; Devils New - 4 months ago
Supernatural S14 = British Interpretation (In My Smart *ss Unsolicited Opinion)
dat Gazeebo scene...thingy tho~
Oct. 6, 2018??? Why did I just get a notif in my email about this? What the ACTVAL FVCK YOUTUBE ALGO?!!!!!!!
Rsobregon52 - 4 months ago
Yes yes yes finally a Castile and Crowley buddy movie
Idonea Kw
Idonea Kw - 4 months ago
Benedict Cumberbatch is in this!! I can't wait
David Baca
David Baca - 4 months ago
Have they come up with the release date yet?
Daffy - 3 months ago
May 31
Kagome 194
Kagome 194 - 4 months ago
Where's Cas?🤔
Leamick - 4 months ago
About goddam time!!
Ellen Khan
Ellen Khan - 4 months ago
Im a simple Girl.. I see David Tennent... I watch😂
FlorinC - 4 months ago
These 2 actors are gods.
Mica Z
Mica Z - 4 months ago
This looks so stupid, doesn’t seem to do justice to the book, Neil Gaiman, or to Terry Pratchet. True disappointment…
Mica Z
Mica Z - 3 months ago
That’s why I specifically explained that I’m not saying it’s bad because it’s not how I imagined it, just that it doesn’t look that great to me, and (AHEM KEY POINT HERE) everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I don’t think it looks good, you do, and there’s no need to get worked up about it
Daffy - 3 months ago
@Mica Z It's just a short trailer and one that was thrown together for NYCC. Not sure how you can form a judgement based on it that the (six hour) series is missing key points. Neil Gaiman did say talk about how this is "*A* Good Omens" and that the *best* Good Omens may very well be the one you yourself picture in your mind. No one can replicate that.
Mica Z
Mica Z - 3 months ago
I think that you are right, that part of my displeasure has to do with the fact that I didn’t imagine it this way. I do usually have a hard time with movies and shows based on books, because I get so attached to my imagination of it, and it’s wonderful if this looks good to you - everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I still think though, from a relatively objective point of view, that it seems to miss a few key points. Something can be good in and of itself, but may not really adhere to what it is that is being replicated. For example, My Fair Lady is supposed to be a movie adaptation of Pygmalion, yet it doesn’t get Bernard Shaw’s main message across. It is good, but as a stand alone (again, I’m not saying that you or anyone else is wrong or that I or anyone else is right, I do think I was being a bit closed minded, but that this is my opinion)
Daffy - 3 months ago
You mean it doesn't seem like the way you imagined it to be. It looks terrific to me.
Mica Z
Mica Z - 3 months ago
Well then it’s a bit disappointing on their parts, because this doesn’t seem at all like the book
Fraya F Seiei
Fraya F Seiei - 4 months ago
I need to read the book again..
K. Nessa
K. Nessa - 4 months ago
So... when's it releasing then?
thedoldrummer - 4 months ago
atm Shuvo
atm Shuvo - 4 months ago
so getting excited, miller?
David Conway
David Conway - 4 months ago
GODDAMN IT! Now I need to get a Prime subscription.
CatalinaThePirate - 4 months ago
THIS is going to be incredibly delicious! Whooooooooooooooooo!!! XD
Leandro Kapellu
Leandro Kapellu - 4 months ago
Michael Sheen is what you get if you mix Simon Pegg with Andy Serkis xD
The Birdman and Rooster Show
David Tennant looks like Bill Nighy. He literally talks like him too!
Norah Guevara
Norah Guevara - 4 months ago
Idonea Kw
Idonea Kw - 4 months ago
Dorottya Geiszl
Dorottya Geiszl - 4 months ago
This looks amazing, can't wait 😱😱
Çiğdem Köse
Çiğdem Köse - 4 months ago
I may be on the side of the angels, but don't think for one second that I am one of them. -Sherlock Holmes. AND BENEDICT IS INCLUDED IN THE SQUAD. Cmonnn man why are doing to us?
cryingbutinacoolway - 4 months ago
I'm here after finding out that Benedict Cumberbatch is going to play the voice of the devil. Can't wait!
Idonea Kw
Idonea Kw - 4 months ago
Same lmao
Timothy Jay Dy Ning
Timothy Jay Dy Ning - 4 months ago
Do Notte Buye Betamacks
Sunset Rider
Sunset Rider - 4 months ago
Wasn't this a season of Supernatural?
Game FOR Speed
Game FOR Speed - 4 months ago
Amarican Dr.who
J G - 4 months ago
Could be good or could be this:
J G - 4 months ago
This reminds me of Dr Who and Tron for some reason.
Steven Ross
Steven Ross - 4 months ago
Holy crap. This looks really good. Like a genuine, heartfelt adaptation that gets the source material. Didn't even know they'd started filming on this. I am truly excited.
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