Voice Of Lisa Simpson Tells Us What She Buys On Amazon

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The Ask Trixie Channel
The Ask Trixie Channel - 16 days ago
Making Lisa buy dongles = that's a paddlin'.
Ay B
Ay B - 19 days ago
I change my toothbrush every month too. Twinsies!
musiclover6842 - Month ago
I don't hear it....
Mikedawg - 2 months ago
Shooting a movie did she just confirm the simpsons movie 2
yuirts - 2 months ago
*sHe Be FlOssinG*
Vimala Ganesan
Vimala Ganesan - 2 months ago
Roses are red
I got a like
But why is it blue
Char Blinn
Char Blinn - 2 months ago
Keep doing whatever you are doing!😊 You look youthful and vibrant!💜
flaminghotcold vlogs
flaminghotcold vlogs - 2 months ago
wow amazing great
IamEfraim - 2 months ago
Who laughed when video started
l. estevan
l. estevan - 2 months ago
I could watch and listen to her all day
ღSwnsasyღ _
ღSwnsasyღ _ - 2 months ago
I have loved her for so damn long... I clicked fast when I saw her!! My girl ! I would love to meet her so bad... I'm actually getting this list and buying everything she bought!!! 😆
Jan Cowell
Jan Cowell - 2 months ago
This video is a weird combination
Rainレーイン - 2 months ago
She actually looks like Lisa lmao
Börk Music
Börk Music - 2 months ago
Is this relevant or just for views?
Figgy Newton
Figgy Newton - 2 months ago
She’s an older lady but her voice resembles a teenage girls. I think I’m in love.
YeEtUs oN YoUr fOeTuS
YeEtUs oN YoUr fOeTuS - 2 months ago
2:03 i swear to god I thought she was gonna say anal beads🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Prince Poverty
Prince Poverty - 2 months ago
ayhdiv84 - 2 months ago
Great video for dental promotion 😄
Ral Deaver
Ral Deaver - 2 months ago
So they retired Mrs. Krabapple when the voice actor died...I wonder what would happen if one of the main cast died? Would they retire Homer or Marge or Maggie? Or would they just hire someone who sounds just like them?
Andressa Hoese
Andressa Hoese - 2 months ago
Humm had a sudden urge to brush my teeth
chimi changa
chimi changa - 2 months ago
She looks so adorable lol 🥰
Sarah Ross
Sarah Ross - 2 months ago
What were the last 3 items *you* bought on Amazon?
Mine are a plague doctor mask, a wireless PS3 controller in black and blue, and a pink/purple/blue popsocket!
LoverOfCornOnTheCob - 2 months ago
An advert for AMAZON. Spare a thought for this struggling corporation, buy generously. Lisa Simpson would totally not do this
Dustin Henderson
Dustin Henderson - 2 months ago
She’s so pretty!!!
volvoplz - 2 months ago
Kelsey Cheng
Kelsey Cheng - 2 months ago
Vice: Voice of Lisa Simpson tells us what she buys on Amazon
Chris Glisson
Chris Glisson - 2 months ago
This video is so random
Siena B
Siena B - 2 months ago
Not a single cell:
INSIDER: WhAt ThE VOicE oF LiSA SiMpSon BuYs oN AmOzon
Alexander Eaton
Alexander Eaton - 2 months ago
Why... just why...
Just what was the point of this video
Doctor White Black
Doctor White Black - 2 months ago
I reaaaaallly realllly like channnel but im sorry I HATE LISA that s why thumbs down
Cory Obrien
Cory Obrien - 2 months ago
Big ass horse dildoes... thats wut she buys on amazon
Airwipe - 2 months ago
Seriously? Who the actual HELL cares?
gangster moon
gangster moon - 2 months ago
Isn't she Scientology?
kartaphilos - 2 months ago
Okay. I'm done. See u guys
TENGIL TM - 2 months ago
Who gives a shit? How much did Amazon give you guys to make this?
deroytanaka - 2 months ago
Put Yeardly Smith in the title people will still watch
KingLevi - 2 months ago
Loved her in the Legend of Billie Jean!
Danny - 2 months ago
Jeeez her face looks painfully stiff.
Bryan L. Morrison
Bryan L. Morrison - 7 days ago
glossymilk - 2 months ago
Danny well thankfully she’s a voice actress right 🤷🏻‍♀️
Dope nyan Cat
Dope nyan Cat - 2 months ago
Where is the 🎷
Ralph Theodori
Ralph Theodori - 2 months ago
Close your eyes or scroll through the comments while watching. I can see Liza in my head hahah
KingKhanAbz - 2 months ago
I can't look at her! 😂 I have to keep looking away to visualise Lisa. Dammit.
MackMcMillan - 2 months ago
Didn't think I'd be looking at so many different things today! Nice!
MackMcMillan - 2 months ago
It doesn't NOT work, so there's that! hehe, good silliness!
Devante King
Devante King - 2 months ago
I thought she said rejuvenating vibrator
thebamboozleking97 - 2 months ago
She looks angelic. :)
Olivia Mohr
Olivia Mohr - 2 months ago
This is a random video that happened to pop up in my notifications :/
FL 380
FL 380 - 2 months ago
500th like
Dre Carlton
Dre Carlton - 2 months ago
who asked...and why did i watch the entire thing
Aubbyd Shafiq
Aubbyd Shafiq - 2 months ago
idrc about what’s she buys i just wanted hear the voice tbh
Curtis - 2 months ago
Daniel Keith C
Daniel Keith C - 2 months ago
EggCr0issant - 2 months ago
She is so precious
ALI BLUFF - 2 months ago
All the things she bought sounds amazing and I'm just sitting here questioning my life
NyesO - 2 months ago
Yh I guess
Yh I guess
Noni Mulyana
Noni Mulyana - 2 months ago
This video is so random 😂
Max - 2 months ago
I love that she's hella rich but isn't "spendy".
Groo t
Groo t - Month ago
I don't like if you got money use that money unless it's for really stupid things
small nibba 89
small nibba 89 - 2 months ago
Maybe she is Lisa Simpson
Lauren Rangel
Lauren Rangel - 2 months ago
Hi I am I weirdo
Ben A
Ben A - 2 months ago
You know lady you have so much money. Skinmedica is not that expensive.
Dylan Klebold
Dylan Klebold - 2 months ago
Ben One of the keys to maintaining wealth is realizing when a product is overpriced despite how much money you have. 9/10 there’s a cheaper dupe that works the exact same, don’t buy into the hype.
Jennifer Cushman
Jennifer Cushman - 2 months ago
At one time I used to really love The Simpsons. I can still remember when that show was first shown on The Tracey Ullman Show. I like Lisa but Bart has always been my favorite character.
Random Stuffs
Random Stuffs - 2 months ago
"I floss all the time"

Eight year olds- IS THAT A CHALLENGE?
ExPoSe sMiLeZ
ExPoSe sMiLeZ - 2 months ago
Random Stuffs 🤣
Julia Meler
Julia Meler - 2 months ago
Random Stuffs I’m 8 so and I can agree with that
Violet - 2 months ago
Im eight.. I feel insulted Lol dis is a joke comment btw but im actually 8
Greg Jack
Greg Jack - 2 months ago
I love your voice and sexy lips ! 😘
Swag Brother S
Swag Brother S - 2 months ago
Hello my namn is Ted
Im bullied
Every like i get
Its stoppning a bully
So help Ted win over bullies
BeSpokenFor - 2 months ago
I cook with turmeric & take a capsule every day. If it helps me avoid dementia, I'll try it.
olives peppers
olives peppers - 2 months ago
first a heart is needed to have a mind, water holds memory there is no exit door. my view
Lewis Ingram
Lewis Ingram - 2 months ago
we love a sassy queen
Lewis Davies
Lewis Davies - 2 months ago
the fool
the fool - 2 months ago
Oml am early!1!11!11!1!1!1!1
xXScarlet_RoseXx - 2 months ago
Giana Lee
Giana Lee - 2 months ago
Loftt Far
Loftt Far - 2 months ago
I really wanted her to say she bought a new saxophone 🤣🤣🤣
Deet - 2 months ago
Voice Of Lisa Simpson: I have an obsession with hygiene
Deet - 2 months ago
Ricky I never have done before
Ricky - 2 months ago
Deet personal hygiene is like washing your face, brushing your teeth and etc
Deet - 2 months ago
Ricky what’s hygiene
Ricky - 2 months ago
Deet a lot of people do
cassidy kent
cassidy kent - 2 months ago
She seems like such a precious lady 👍
Roblox Gaming
Roblox Gaming - 2 months ago
Took you this long for someone from the Simpson’s

1 incredible

2 toys story

3 lion king
That Girl
That Girl - 2 months ago
She'll be flossiiiin'
Emily Hosking
Emily Hosking - 2 months ago
"What if he wants to hold jands"=Lisa
"Im prepared to sacrifice"=bart
"What if he wants to kiss"=lisa
"Im prepared to sacrifice"=bart
"Whar if he-"=Lisa
"You dont know how far ill go!!!"=bart
Vixky Gacha
Vixky Gacha - 9 days ago
When tik tok is your life:
Elise Wendy
Elise Wendy - 2 months ago
When your addicted to TikTok
Hi Tek
Hi Tek - 2 months ago
Scientology stuff I guess
Ariaa - 2 months ago
I'm mad because she didn't buy a saxophone.
Jack Horsley-Green
Jack Horsley-Green - 2 months ago
•• A r i a a 何 Yeardley does not actually play the saxophone, but because of Lisa a lot of her fans think she does
Tųcá Mőţě
Tųcá Mőţě - 2 months ago
Turbo Bitch
Turbo Bitch - 2 months ago
As a musician, I'd be mad if she did, because all the saxophones on Amazon are awful.
Jay ImHere
Jay ImHere - 2 months ago
*Woah Lisa really grew old didn't she*
Owen R
Owen R - 2 months ago
I wonder why she cares so much about ORAL hygiene 😏
Mizzy The Mermaid
Mizzy The Mermaid - 2 months ago
For her teeth to be bright and shiny 😁
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