Simone Biles Stuns With New Triple Double on Floor | Champions Series Presented By Xfinity

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eticketgirl - 2 hours ago
So many chills I gotta shave my legs again! You go girl!!!!
Alexandra Sandy Jaworski
She is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo  great
Anne Garcia
Anne Garcia - 2 days ago
OMG beutiful
Alexandra Sandy Jaworski
Yes I now
john ugochukwu
john ugochukwu - 4 days ago
I got ankle and neck injury watching this.
Even magnificent is an understatement to this performance.
Cinthya นิวศศิธร
*0:39* Did she go blank for a second?
Alissa Burge
Alissa Burge - 5 days ago
Simone Biles will possibly perform a triple twisting double layout on her tumbling pass on floor exercise in women’s artistic gymnastics and she will be doing it in Tokyo summer olympics had postponed until 2021. She will a first to do a triple twisting double layout and most of men’s artistic gymnastics.
American gimnastics never rrached to russian gimnastics neither rumsnian o checoeslovaquian gimnastics, NEVER. Although juices give them ten each time They doing routines in Olimpic games.
Joseph Bar Paulo Moises
Hope simone has biles 2, moors, chusovitina, or dos santos 2 or silivas
Cookie_Bookie - 9 days ago
Lol watch this at x2 speed
William BROWN
William BROWN - 12 days ago
Some say her vert is 53 inches. If it is that's simply amazing.
Montrel Harper
Montrel Harper - 12 days ago
Francis Nguyen
Francis Nguyen - 13 days ago
Nice triple twisting double back, Simone Biles.
Bassoka beats
Bassoka beats - 15 days ago
Chloe Cordero
Chloe Cordero - 15 days ago
Justin Headley
Justin Headley - 16 days ago
The triple double was first performed in competition by Ri Jong Song and is named after him in 2004. Kenzo Shirai in 2018 performed triple double in the layout position called Sharai 3 on floor.
Sanika Bhor:D
Sanika Bhor:D - 19 days ago
pet peeve: her leo started coming up!
Sara Finley
Sara Finley - 19 days ago
I was there but a guy walked in front of me while she was doing her first pass😪😪
mikey grace
mikey grace - 25 days ago
Simone is awesome
jenn torres
jenn torres - 26 days ago
Andrew Gill
Andrew Gill - 29 days ago
It doesn’t even look real she is sooooo good!!!!
Sam Efevwerha
Sam Efevwerha - Month ago
If you love Simone Biles gather here for a selfie :-)
Sankofa NYC
Sankofa NYC - Month ago
A legend
Brian S
Brian S - Month ago
Chael sonnen sent me here. She's superhuman. Awesome
IhatesaladbutIloveyou - Month ago
Seeing Simone being so amazing is so inspiring. I used to do a lot of gymnastics and I used to win competitions but slowly I had an iron deficiency and my blood was really thin. It was really sad, my stability was terrible. Once my classmate lighty pushed me as a joke and I just toppled over like a piece of paper and we were both shocked bc the push was so small.
Shante McIntosh
Shante McIntosh - Month ago
The icon the best gymnasts that ever walked the planet !!!
Shante McIntosh
Shante McIntosh - Month ago
1000 fool's really gave this A thumbs down somebody is jealous 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
GyuHyeon Choi
GyuHyeon Choi - Month ago
Is she the first human (women and men) who did Triple Double on Floor?
Catherine Hiu
Catherine Hiu - Month ago
1:07 imagine doing your bar routine and no one cares you finished because everyone is watching simone
Queen of Nevers
Queen of Nevers - Day ago
ahhh I felt so bad for this girl. It's just unfair.
Chocolate Beauty
Chocolate Beauty - Month ago
Nothing but that best
Osler Benjamin
Osler Benjamin - Month ago
Summer Shines
Summer Shines - Month ago
She's an unmatched powerhouse! I love it! 💪
Markel Owens
Markel Owens - Month ago
Not bad at all.
dcdddddd1 - Month ago
It's very disappointing that I won't see that amazing gymnast compete this summer because of the pandemic. But I understand.
Lionheart Mind Explosion
It’s like she’s figuring how to fly, what incredible ability:)
Miguel Costa
Miguel Costa - Month ago
0:19 😁
tracy - Month ago
Imagine being the judges in the back trying to focus on the girl on bars
Erika Daubner
Erika Daubner - Month ago
I don’t like her skills.Ok she Is strong she Is good jumping but doesn’t have the feminine grace....
LaDonna Coleman
LaDonna Coleman - Month ago
She is good at gymnastics...period!
Bonnie Hall
Bonnie Hall - Month ago
bammaz - 2 months ago
Incredible athlete. Probably the best ever.
But she aint the perfect gymnast. She needs a few dance lessons from the Russians.
She’s a very powerful cheerleader.
C Williams
C Williams - 2 months ago
She's definitely the "Queen" of gymnastics! "NO ONE" can do it better!!
Keely Rollins
Keely Rollins - 2 months ago
A feel sorry for the girl on the bars, like no offence honey but no one is watching u because the greatest gymnast alive is doing her floor routine
Tameika Rease
Tameika Rease - 2 months ago
Very curious as to why anyone gave a thumbs down🤔🤔
Billy Lopez
Billy Lopez - 2 months ago
There should be 4 medals awarded. Platinum, gold, silver, and bronze. Simone Biles deserves Platinum!!!
Cassandra Brown
Cassandra Brown - 2 months ago
She’s Overrated ... the first tumbling pass is very impressive they all are... but she just looks like she’s in a hurry ... gymnastics is so rushed and it’s not graceful anymore...Simone looks more like a pro cheerleader on espn then a gymnast. And she looks a tad bow legged to me or pigeon toed... the girl is powerful no doubt and I’m not saying she doesn’t have skills. But she’s not the goat.
LaDonna Coleman
LaDonna Coleman - Month ago
No one wants to see that anymore it's all about the SImone BIles and Nia Dennis' now.
dennis osei
dennis osei - 2 months ago
I like this girl she is amazing
Vivek Vishwakarma
Vivek Vishwakarma - 2 months ago
She got powerful legs
Rich Johnson
Rich Johnson - 2 months ago
The bottom line , she is just phenomenal and a treat to watch ! If the 2020 Olympics are cancelled i'm gonna be pissed because i have been counting the days to see her performance in Tokyo !
Marcus Decius
Marcus Decius - 2 months ago
Sorry, but men do the same with other harder elements ( some of them standed or without handspring ) and combinations she can not execute... Plus she needs twice momemtum . I would like to see her in a Men's Flips Competition Big Air !!
Marcus Decius
Marcus Decius - Month ago
@molly bartley I'm Really Sorry Molly, But i do comment and i'll keep commenting in every video i consider necessary ! Have a good day and Stay Home !
molly bartley
molly bartley - Month ago
Marcus Decius well this video isn’t comparing women with men’s gymnastics so go comment on a video that actually does.
Marcus Decius
Marcus Decius - Month ago
@molly bartley Yes Molly, You are right in a way. But on USa-video i always fall on ( i mean constantly ) videos comparing women with men in gymnastic and other sports. For example, on youtube you can very often see videos of womens gymnasts entitled :" The best vaulter" , "The best that", "The best this" etc... and etc... Why ?? I call that feminist propaganda and it harms the place of women. That's why i'm against this strategy !
molly bartley
molly bartley - Month ago
Marcus Decius ok and? What does men have to do with this? Why compare?
Justin Headley
Justin Headley - 2 months ago
Kenzo Shirai does triple double in layout/straight position. But you know he’s not American and is a male so gets no recognition sigh:/
Anthony Calarco
Anthony Calarco - 2 months ago
Now Mkayla skinner is thinking about doing that tumbling pass too.
The Mujin Windrusher
The Mujin Windrusher - 2 months ago
Has this girl ever been tested. Not for steroids, for alien DNA. Just incredible..
Sandra Virgalitte
Sandra Virgalitte - 2 months ago
Does anyone else just like to watch the triple double over and over again? It’s just amazing and Simone make is look effortless.
Azza hssn
Azza hssn - 2 months ago
Its time for nia dennis
kamaksh Sharma
kamaksh Sharma - 2 months ago
that was flawless
Andy Raheja
Andy Raheja - 2 months ago
I think she could win the women’s high jump too!
This could be a new way of doing the high jump than the Fosbury Flop
Christina Douglas
Christina Douglas - 2 months ago
Sim;one Biles is really all technical and no style. Gymnastics really needs to go back to the days when artistry took precedence
David Basa
David Basa - 2 months ago
For some reason I thought it was supposed to be a triple back double twist but then I was like that’s not correct
Alyssa Jacobsen
Alyssa Jacobsen - 2 months ago
the girl on the bars are so so so so so good
Don tom
Don tom - 2 months ago
DM 50 celebrities //
VIVIANNE CIANI - 2 months ago
Simone is a great American girl, she makes us proud 🇨🇦⚘
The Magical Unicorn565
The Magical Unicorn565 - 2 months ago
I know absolutely nothing about gymnastics. Why was there a mat at the beginning of her program
Book of Katherine
Book of Katherine - 2 months ago
Best announcing job by this team! The most silence back to back! YES! Simone got to shine!
Book of Katherine
Book of Katherine - 2 months ago
She's a genius. He's paid insane money to say, "money"????
Linda Lyons
Linda Lyons - 2 months ago
Grant Rollan
Grant Rollan - 2 months ago
Kenzo Shirai has been doing this skill for years I don’t know why they named it the Biles
c.c the fox FNAF
c.c the fox FNAF - 2 months ago
God job Simone!!!!! We love you!!!!!
L1 - 2 months ago
Imagine doing your high bar routine with simone biles making history right next to you
L1 - 2 months ago
Take a minute to appreciate being alive to witness this GOAT athlete in her prime. Her only competition are her past records
ebgbjo2025 - 2 months ago
Goodbye ankles is all I think lol
These young ladies are incredible and it is amazing to see how much the sport has changed and been pushed over the decades.
Starla Simmons
Starla Simmons - 2 months ago
She's so overrated 🙄🙄
Siboniso Ndlovu
Siboniso Ndlovu - 2 months ago
She is amazing
Ezra Von Hindenburg
Ezra Von Hindenburg - 3 months ago
All they need are the same opportunities like everyone else...and they'll show you they're not only as good, but even better. This scares some people...
ToxicWaste - 3 months ago
the fact im a gymnast a few years younger than her just amazes me of how much better I could be in a few years, but holy crap..what a powerhouse
Lizbeth Juan
Lizbeth Juan - 3 months ago
She is such a beast!
Merry Panda
Merry Panda - 3 months ago
She is without any doubt very good.
But, as much as I would like to enjoy watching her, I just can't. She is way too agressive and almost angry, and she looks like a sack of muscles.
I honestly miss how graceful and delicated gimnasts used to look, cause that was the beauty of this sport.
MissTia777 - 2 months ago
Jealous! Weak hag scared of aggression! Flimsy snd soft is what put people on the backburner!
Jarrod Geikie
Jarrod Geikie - 3 months ago
bloody hell... that explosion of the floor for that first jump was unbelievable! A freakish athlete
Georgia Collings
Georgia Collings - 3 months ago
Who needs gravity anyway?
Adam 1982
Adam 1982 - 3 months ago
I prefer Katelyn Ohashi
Enika Urbonaitė
Enika Urbonaitė - 3 months ago
Athyna Alexandra
Athyna Alexandra - 3 months ago
Why does she always play the same song..
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