The Strokes - Brooklyn Bridge To Chorus (Audio)

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Liz - 50 minutes ago
Oh my god please never stop making music! missed you xx only gets better
Brit Feeling
Brit Feeling - Day ago
Lo mejor que va del año, sin duda!
Abraham Nicholson
Abraham Nicholson - 2 days ago
Gracias por la buena música y sobretodo el buen rock
Robert King Comico & Scrittore
TOP 😍😍😍
SCH - 3 days ago
this is the best song of the year so far!
Antonio Angelino
Antonio Angelino - 4 days ago
2:55 do I hear The Smiths?
Tony Carney
Tony Carney - 5 days ago
Mati Grume
Mati Grume - 6 days ago
i cant stop clicking replay god dammit
Priyanka Dasgupta
Priyanka Dasgupta - 6 days ago
Love them! Old school feels
Priyanka Dasgupta
Priyanka Dasgupta - 6 days ago
Love them! Old school feels
adrct - 7 days ago
Nice tune, but the arrangements are terrible.
Carl Plumley
Carl Plumley - 2 days ago
Besides, the Morissey throwback, what other arrangements are there?
Ceto Cabahug IV
Ceto Cabahug IV - 8 days ago
They sounds like IV of Spades
Arch Stanton
Arch Stanton - 8 days ago
God, I've missed The Strokes!
Joel araujo
Joel araujo - 8 days ago
Caramba gosto muito dessa banda 😌👍 stonks do meme né ?
ola d marそれを吸う
"I want new friends but they don't want me."
all the days of my life ✌😔
Noah Warner
Noah Warner - 8 days ago
brilliant first verse...what happens in the vocal with the 2nd melody starting at "first he would tell me im his friend..." such amazing variation. thanks for being generous jules. overall this song is so packed with instaclassic sugary hooks its insane. this shit was basically designed in a state of the art lab by one of the greatest pop thinktanks of all time to be perfectly balanced between being as cool as possible and as catchy as possible. and we get to be there when it happens.
Fabián Barahona
Fabián Barahona - 8 days ago
Love this song
Dottman56 - 9 days ago
I really love the 80's vibes this song gives off.
Nyu Valverth
Nyu Valverth - 9 days ago
rimbaud C
rimbaud C - 10 days ago
Isn't the intro line like Don't You Want Me from the Human League
Mike Deonarain
Mike Deonarain - 10 days ago
Does anyone else hear "Beautiful Life" by Ace of Base mashed with "This Is Your Night" by Amber when during the intro?
Dinobot - 11 days ago
I dont know if this song makes me feel sad and melancholic and/or happy and euphoric. Anyway. I am grateful anyway about its existence.
Sylvie Busseron
Sylvie Busseron - 12 days ago
belle découverte pour moi , tout ce que j'aime , quel bonheur ! mais quel bonheur , tellement c'est excellent ! pourquoi n'ai- je pas eu la curiosité de les entendre avant ces derniers jours ??! dégu
Ballistic Ball
Ballistic Ball - 13 days ago
Mosquitoes when social distancing ends: 1:28
vale KRRNZ
vale KRRNZ - 13 days ago
Sofija Curcic
Sofija Curcic - 13 days ago
i keep switching to "you take my self control" whenever i hear that guitar riff from the beginning idk why
Mr Memek
Mr Memek - 13 days ago
i just died in your arms tonight, who else hear it? ^^
Joaquín Blueboy
Joaquín Blueboy - 13 days ago
Ad Da
Ad Da - 14 days ago
Mario Kart cumbia version
Dr. Jak
Dr. Jak - 14 days ago
*When Julian gets a power up*
Pierre Gomeca
Pierre Gomeca - 14 days ago
Its my life - Dr Alban
Garrett Sheehan
Garrett Sheehan - 14 days ago
"Hostile give me a break, dont say ____________"?????? someone halp i need to know
sinplus - 14 days ago
"Escape" by Sinplus -> Alternative Rock 2020: @5M64 +
Trent Pelletier
Trent Pelletier - 14 days ago
"And the 80s bands, where did they go"
I keep asking myself that but the strokes are the best answer so far
The hour glass has few grains of sand
Always liked these boys music. Class.
Fernando NÁJERA
Fernando NÁJERA - 14 days ago
Best song of the album, a la verga si no estás de acuerdo Mijares
ColesPortOfSports - 15 days ago
Who else thinks the hook sounds identical to Rockwell - In A dream?
Verzahs - 15 days ago
Regular show vibes
Lief the Red
Lief the Red - 15 days ago
Does anyone else hear the sample of Amber- This is Your Night?
cantforgetyou - 15 days ago
Love the melody, guitars, combined with synths and electronic bleeps.
wo0p - 16 days ago
the strokes' new album for quarantine listener in whole around the world while practicing " The New Abnormal"
Juan Belmont
Juan Belmont - 16 days ago
alguien sabe que modelo y marca de auto es? xD
Bam - 16 days ago
A perfect song and the definition of a Strokes song. Familiar in feel but still new and interesting. It is excellent sound and music that fully expresses so much emotion at an indiscribable level. The lyrics equally capture all the depth and dynamic range and motion of emotion and music. The Strokes are music, they are absolutely a modern muse, being new and timeless at the same time.
Ami Knaflič
Ami Knaflič - 17 days ago
Love this band❤️❤️❤️❤️
sting at will i already know
mix colours with this band!
Gisela - 17 days ago
Esta canción está dentro de mis favoritas
bjrey21 - 17 days ago
Haven't seen anyone say the beginning reminds them of Haddaway "What is Love" idk maybe just me?
Pablo Choke Torramorell
Pablo Choke Torramorell - 17 days ago
00:55 un capo Anga
Samuel Powell
Samuel Powell - 18 days ago
sounds very influenced by Daft Punk, reminds me of Julian's first solo album, gotta love the keyboards staccato stabs, very strokey lol, my friend who is a music producer reminds me of the strokes, he's guitar playing is heavily influenced by Albert hammond, I wanna throw him some love as he's been there a lot for me over the years, he's just released his second track, please try searching Lonely Gimmick - Pessimistic Weather ,you may be in for a surprise and he would love to hear your opinion
Roberto Meza
Roberto Meza - 18 days ago
I don't know why but this songs gives me a 2000s rock song vibe.
Jacqueline Hernandez
Jacqueline Hernandez - 18 days ago
Sigo sin superar esta joyita de album ❤
icebox 5146
icebox 5146 - 18 days ago
Miss this guys. Jullian I miss you
ALI ANALISA - 18 days ago
KarlGmusic - 19 days ago
I just diieeedddd in your arms toniighhhttt
Elawelo - 19 days ago
The Stroker es lo mejor
xd - 19 days ago
i want new friends but they dont want me same
German Jimenez
German Jimenez - 19 days ago
Chris Carmona
Chris Carmona - 19 days ago
"You were working as a waitress in a cocktail bar!" — oops sorry wrong song 😚
Gordon Gregory
Gordon Gregory - 19 days ago
Thanks to the Chris moyles show for making this the record of the week.
Stuart Gillies
Stuart Gillies - 20 days ago
It's Dr Alban it's my life... But I think it's a sped up intro to a doors song 🤔
Star_Lord85 - 20 days ago
I heard this song on the radio it feels different. Inside the song There is something about my past. I liked especially tune instruments
Todd Marshall
Todd Marshall - 20 days ago
do do do dodo do dodo do
georgina barlow
georgina barlow - 20 days ago
Is the whole album absolute fire 🔥🥰
clairro - 21 day ago
I’ve never met another strokes fan irl but I hope I do one day
Richard de Ruijter
Richard de Ruijter - 21 day ago
🎵I just died in your arms tonight 🎵
Travis Bickle
Travis Bickle - 21 day ago
Pure eargasm
Wicked Crypto
Wicked Crypto - 21 day ago
Classic Stroke Vibe for sure
Anne - 21 day ago
Is it just me or the beginning of the song sound like “i just died in your arms tonight”?
p.s. i love it anyway
Anne - 17 days ago
Whoever Me i just listened and it really does
Whoever Me
Whoever Me - 18 days ago
Yes. And doesnt it also sound like ROCKELL IN A DREAM?
Emilio Ortiz Ugarte
Emilio Ortiz Ugarte - 19 days ago
wow thats right, didnt realise that
Nanda Sagras
Nanda Sagras - 22 days ago
Matheus Batista
Matheus Batista - 22 days ago
Where's the official video??? It's time.
Paul Monar
Paul Monar - 22 days ago
it´s a good band strokes very, very amazing
they are showing the better disc of the 20!
ALCUDA - 22 days ago
love the strokes
Chris&doug Gutierrez
Chris&doug Gutierrez - 22 days ago
The melody sounds like " in a dream by rockell"
Livio Diaz
Livio Diaz - 22 days ago
Excelente the strokes
Lgcars - 23 days ago
Edward Advanced
Edward Advanced - 23 days ago
The car in the picture is my car. Only mine's grey lol
Tristin Mount
Tristin Mount - 23 days ago
Getting a megaman x vibe!
Olivier AUDRAS
Olivier AUDRAS - 23 days ago
Juancho Couso
Juancho Couso - 24 days ago
Now everyone would like The Strokes...we r not "cool" anymore
Cynical Kidz
Cynical Kidz - 24 days ago
I just wanted to be one of the strokes
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