STEPHEN KING'S DOCTOR SLEEP - Official Teaser Trailer [HD]

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Andrew Cranford
Andrew Cranford - 3 hours ago
lorry beaks
lorry beaks - 10 hours ago
The Best🎥🎬
Isabella Aguiar l-/
Isabella Aguiar l-/ - 11 hours ago
This was an amazing movie and I recommend watching it
Neno Tech
Neno Tech - 20 hours ago
Jack Nicholson still alive, why he didn't act in this movie as a ghost of his father ?!!
Rizki Pratama
Rizki Pratama - 20 hours ago
Can I watch this without watching The Shining first?
siasti - Day ago
Abra is a blonde white girl in the book. There's no credible reason for changing her to a black girl in the film. I presume it was done to attract black viewers but why not make her Asian to attract Chinese viewers? (The young black actress was good but I'd have preferred someone who reflects the real character)
Marlin Castillo
Marlin Castillo - Day ago
Bruhh I seen the movie in theaters it’s SOOO GOOD
Whaleoilbeefhooked - Day ago
Why did they make the little girl in the book so different again? In the Book she was constantly described as blue eyed with blond hair... It's the same thing when they had Roland the blue eyed Gunslinger (described as Clint Eastwood crossed with Steve King) in the dark tower Played by Idris Elba. This isn't a race thing it's about subverting the expectations of the literary audience and it kind of pisses us off the the directors and the producers don't give a shit about continuity.
Sue Wojciechowski
Sue Wojciechowski - Day ago
I cant believeits hete!!! Ive been waiting for MR DANNY TORRANCES RETURN
Jiao Tang
Jiao Tang - Day ago
I really liked Uncle Dan
BabyyDogee News
BabyyDogee News - Day ago
BabyyDogee News
BabyyDogee News - 13 hours ago
@Samuel Tourigny Yeah baseball boy
Samuel Tourigny
Samuel Tourigny - 13 hours ago
The killing scene?
Hussain Alamara
Hussain Alamara - Day ago
Im i the who read murder redrum 😹?
Tina - Day ago
I think this is one of those movies that will have me more confused than anything.. 🤔
Andrew McCutcheon
Andrew McCutcheon - 18 hours ago
If you read both novels it would clarify the confusion.
Vladimir Stoilov
Vladimir Stoilov - Day ago
I saw it last night at sneak preview. Great movie!
at. ya_
at. ya_ - Day ago
I just watched this yesterday .. honestly this movie is really great .. you should go and watch it !
Toxic_waste Entertainment
Like=Doctor sleep/The Shining.
Comment=hate :/
997,879,657 views - 2 days ago
When does it come out to buy
Henrique 14
Henrique 14 - 2 days ago
2:24 i've been wanting to see that theme
John Axel Villahermosa
John Axel Villahermosa - 2 days ago
Jack: Heres johnny
Dan: Hello there
April Z
April Z - 2 days ago
Sad that this bombed at the box office, just saw it and it was so good..the trailer does not do it justice. I am a huge fan of the original and was skeptical, but it truly worked. Thoroughly engaging throughout, and the acting was so good. Go see it!!
Dead Dodo
Dead Dodo - 2 days ago
For anyone wanted to see this movie it is faultless. I have chills throughout the entire film similar to how I felt during hereditary. One of the greatest movie plots I’ve seen in a long tome with superb acting. 10/10 I would highly recommend it.
April Z
April Z - 2 days ago
I just saw it, and I have to say Bravo. Such a great cast and story, best movie I have seen in awhile.
Marc C.
Marc C. - 2 days ago
I just want to see them go all out with The Dark Tower show with a bunch of fuckin' Narnia type shit with the Taheen having every kind of talking animal head.
Stirling Bobaloo
Stirling Bobaloo - 2 days ago
Great movie!!!
Paul Genovese
Paul Genovese - 2 days ago
When the wall broke,

It wasn''t your classical screamer that isn't really scary, but it makes you jump while it sets a threading mood

I love it, so well done
acarofilm - 2 days ago
I loved this movie!
Murad Kerimov
Murad Kerimov - 2 days ago
Doctor sleep is good chapter in the shining story
Fanat of the shining movie must watch this movie and experience
EMILY WEISZ - 2 days ago
This movie is THE SHINING, right? Why are they calling it DOCTOR SLEEP?! Don't do that!!
Abs Meow
Abs Meow - 2 days ago
It's a sequel to The Shining. Stephen King named the book Doctor Sleep, they are both based on his books. Dan gets a job at a hospice for dying people. They call him Dr Sleep because he uses his powers to help them die peacefully, but they call it sleep forever. He and cat can tell when people die.
stylish tamizhan da
stylish tamizhan da - 2 days ago
Who else after seeing redrum trailer
Anthony 135Yt
Anthony 135Yt - 3 days ago
Sad when the guy dies
Max and Fabrice
Max and Fabrice - 3 days ago
wait... is he the kid who's in the bicycle?
Fiel Pales
Fiel Pales - Day ago
ozeir suhaimi
ozeir suhaimi - 3 days ago
This movie deserve more credit and money. It's probably one of the best horror this year. Save this movie guys.
Steve Dwyer
Steve Dwyer - 10 hours ago
Itll become iconic later like the Shining did. 1980 movie didnt either, price in 1980 5 dollars. I went to see it when it returned and a 1980 price .
Tobias Riga
Tobias Riga - 3 days ago
The worst movie ever.
hmeadb - 2 days ago
Tobias Riga say it without crying
Tobias Riga
Tobias Riga - 2 days ago
@sultan akbar I wathed it. Even if i didn't watched it it's still bad. Bad acting, bad story, nothing is scary. Just disgusting scene of killing a boy...
sultan akbar
sultan akbar - 3 days ago
You should watch the shining
By Mystique
By Mystique - 4 days ago
i'm gonna watch this later in the cinema. just wondering, should i watch the shining first? people keep on mentioning that movie
April Z
April Z - 2 days ago
Yes, you will love them both.
neogigo - 2 days ago
Yes very much so
Ryan Timcoe
Ryan Timcoe - 3 days ago
Yes. It's a great movie. And if you're interested read the books too.
Andrew Pouncil
Andrew Pouncil - 4 days ago
Good movie scary 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Bran3eyedraven - 4 days ago
This movie is truly amazing!!!! one of the best Ive seen in forever ... Stephen King is a literary genius...
Rocco Rattlebag
Rocco Rattlebag - 4 days ago
Nidge Morphie
Nidge Morphie - 4 days ago
Garbage Hollywood horror nothing like the original that was a real original. That was a disaster of a film.
Tukul Arwana
Tukul Arwana - 4 days ago
my prediction to this movie :
Tatyana Gerasimik
Tatyana Gerasimik - 4 days ago
Not a bad movie. But just a movie. The shining looks like an art.
Andreas A
Andreas A - 4 days ago
This is one decent sequel to the Shining.
Terrance Harden
Terrance Harden - 4 days ago
What a good movie, I think I'll see it again today
George Miller
George Miller - 4 days ago
This is a great movie. One of the best this year, behind Joker. I highly recommend it to everyone.
hmeadb - 4 days ago
Movie was 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Micah Cohen
Micah Cohen - 4 days ago
supposed to look scary? yawn
Mr. Marcus
Mr. Marcus - 4 days ago
Not enough jump scares for ya?
L Ryuzaki
L Ryuzaki - 4 days ago
This is the type of movie that you wished you had your memory erased and rewatched it again. God damn good
Farishtajee Khan
Farishtajee Khan - 5 days ago
What did I just watch? I was searching for some spooky ghosts here 💀😈
Ayatollah Beats
Ayatollah Beats - 5 days ago
A Great Sequel To The Shining
Paz Sincethe80's
Paz Sincethe80's - 5 days ago
I dont know about magic.....
Daehong Kang
Daehong Kang - 5 days ago
God this movie was so fucking good.
Renato Klisman
Renato Klisman - 5 days ago
the movie is a fucking masterpiece
Orphan Topic
Orphan Topic - 5 days ago
The shining is the same glow that scares the kids to death or makes them float where they all float,you’ll float too
Jamie Cronin
Jamie Cronin - 5 days ago
I saw this movie yesterday. I saw the Shinning back when I was young. I was feeling irritated cause I didn't really remember too much other then Jack Nicolson went nuts and they lived in Haunted Hotel. And I was annoyed cause it was confusing. They kept jumping around so much. When they kidnapped that Baseball player, and did what they did I got up in DISGUST and was going to get money back. But then I sat back down and said I have to see what is going to happen next, this was OUTRAGEOUS! And then the movie got GOOD! I HAVE to see it AGAIN. I am actually going to watch it again. But first watch the Shinning again. Doctor Sleep was a DAMN good movie.
Andrew McCutcheon
Andrew McCutcheon - 18 hours ago
I noticed someone walk out too. The film was an adaptation of the novels so if no one read the book they would probably be confused.
lea ._.
lea ._. - 5 days ago
How scary is it? Because my friend doesnt want to watch it if its too scary
mohd hazrin bin hamzah
mohd hazrin bin hamzah - 4 days ago
@lea ._. normally i wont see any horror movie , but this one i fell like want to go cinema see again , especially the last part in the hotel , very good story and ending
hmeadb - 4 days ago
More psychological. Not many jump scares. The movie is brilliant, definitely drag your friend to it
lea ._.
lea ._. - 5 days ago
@mohd hazrin bin hamzah I saw trailer and its doesnt seem scary at all but she doesnt even want to watch trailer :I
mohd hazrin bin hamzah
mohd hazrin bin hamzah - 5 days ago
I just see this nice movie, for me it is no very scary and in reasonable way
Pennywise Gaming007
Pennywise Gaming007 - 5 days ago
I loved Annabelle,it 1and2 ,conjuring,insidious still more, keep it up guys u r best for horror movies,i really love this
Pennywise Gaming007
Pennywise Gaming007 - 5 days ago
Warner bros pictures is good for horror movies i am eagerly waiting for james wan horror movies so plz.
Robert Chan
Robert Chan - 5 days ago
1980: Here's Johnny.
2019: kept you waiting huh.
Gandalf LOTR
Gandalf LOTR - 5 days ago
If you love Stephen King try support the Lego ideas Plymouth fury here the link
Jacob McNatt
Jacob McNatt - 6 days ago
It almost feels like I was the only one who got super hyped from this trailer, then I look at the comments and everyone is talking about how it’s going to be shit before it even came out, well I’m glad to say it was a great movie and definitely a worthy sequel
acarofilm - 2 days ago
Gail Lessard no it’s Danny Torrance all grown up, he becomes an alcoholic after his dad tried to murder his family
Gail Lessard
Gail Lessard - 3 days ago
Is this guy one of the twins from the shining grown up? I'm not understanding the connection.
Wild Gavin
Wild Gavin - 6 days ago
Why is it like the shining
I mean look at the thumbnail it looks like
The part when Johnny said here’s Johnny
And ind the trailer it said something about
It will shine again
Sammy Rose
Sammy Rose - 6 days ago
I really like this movie I thought it wa sgreat
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