AirPods 2 & 3 Leak! Release Date, Rumors & Concept!

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willem newhouse
willem newhouse - 16 minutes ago
Lol the bit rate won't mean shit because the headphones sound quality is so god awful.
Alexxus Davis
Alexxus Davis - 47 minutes ago
I just gave my friend my old AirPods, just to give me a excuse to get the new ones lol
Ryan Gradek
Ryan Gradek - 59 minutes ago
would the new airpods work with android phones like the old one?
Bool01 Guytr
Bool01 Guytr - Hour ago
he talks to much
Kennii Kalonji
Kennii Kalonji - 2 hours ago
Watching this on my brand new iPhone xs gold 256GB. Meanwhile my S8+ is in the room on the wireless charger. Feels like a weight has been lifted off me now that I’ve moved to iPhone. (8yrs on Android)
YungKeemThaDream - 4 hours ago
I’ve been putting off buying these for months because I felt that as soon as I bought them new ones would come out and would you look here
Claudio M.
Claudio M. - 4 hours ago
You said „hey Siri“ and my siri goes on😂😅
ROB URG - 6 hours ago
is it gonna be like iphones you can trade the first one for those
NomadApe - 6 hours ago
Why no Airpods? 1. too expensive and too easy to lose
2. It's nothing to be paranoid about, but if there is even a slight risk of health problems (tumors, sterility...) with Wifi+Bluetooth, it hardly seems like the best idea to put it on both sides of your brain (for long periods of listening to music!)
John M
John M - 6 hours ago
It’s the price lol.
Michael Gutierrez
Michael Gutierrez - 9 hours ago
these are the best idea for headphones... to bad they dont fit my ears...
Random - 10 hours ago
why don't they just release airpod 3 instead of releasing airpods 2 first
Uhc Nairb
Uhc Nairb - 11 hours ago
No one want to know why his shows the black Airpods on the iPhone?
aH Xaviee
aH Xaviee - 13 hours ago
Can we just get a volume button 🥺
300k subscribers with no videos
I have 3 pairs of AirPods at my house
Jonathan Rosales
Jonathan Rosales - 18 hours ago
dislike for being a greedy hoe and repeating yourself to damm much
Dysphoric - 21 hour ago
Too bad the sound quality sucks. You can get something like the sr5bt for less.
1,000 Subs without subscribers?
Only me who ordered AirPods right after AirPods 2 are coming!?!
Joey SosaBeats
Joey SosaBeats - 22 hours ago
I love my airpods. amazon has the cheapest price
g2vin !
g2vin ! - 23 hours ago
I want AirPods I’m getting them for Christmas
Ethical Mind
Ethical Mind - Day ago
Not anyone can buy
Tony Kwon
Tony Kwon - Day ago
samsung galaxy s8 and above can have two airpods working at once on one phone
hollaholiday - Day ago
3 in video commercials in under 5 minutes. thanks but I'll find content elsewhere. I don't need the click through ads.
Ale2510 - Day ago
hollaholiday I didn’t get a single ad 🤷🏽‍♂️
JMK2005 - Day ago
fuck i just ordered the first ones...
Joey Flare
Joey Flare - Day ago
I just bought my AirPods not even a month ago :(
JustNoV4 -
JustNoV4 - - 6 hours ago
Life with Z
Life with Z - 20 hours ago
Joey Flare I got mine 2 days ago!
Nick Donnelly
Nick Donnelly - Day ago
Dude sound SUCKS,. did you record the audio in a bathroom?
9LK - Day ago
Are you fucking kidding me I legit just bought my air pods yesterday ffs
Gaming Geek
Gaming Geek - Day ago
Is there an official date ? I need to know ASAP !
Salvador Seixas Clemente
They be able too function in the iphone 6?
Javier Acosta
Javier Acosta - Day ago
Next iPhone should come with AirPods
Presley Emerson
Presley Emerson - Day ago
Armond Luckey ikr!
Armond Luckey
Armond Luckey - Day ago
Have you met Apple?
Cole Hussey
Cole Hussey - Day ago
then that makes the phone way more expensive
Patrick Dougherty
Patrick Dougherty - Day ago
I just bought them and my biggest complaint is that they don’t come in black, if they come out in black I’m gonna be pissed
9LK - Day ago
Patrick Dougherty same I just bought mine yesterday
Dylan Klepk
Dylan Klepk - Day ago
how many ads are you gonna put in
Logan jush
Logan jush - Day ago
Can you learn to stop repeating yourself? Jesus Christ.
Splash - Day ago
They should inclue noicecancelling
Cocaopowder - Day ago
More ads please you need the money
Lukas Haderer
Lukas Haderer - Day ago
You can buy the Bose QC35 2 instead of the airpods 2 and safe more than 50€.
Priscilla - Day ago
I wish Apple AirPods 2 would come out in December for the holidays.
Simon Wilson
Simon Wilson - Day ago
I hope that they will provide coral ones... so excited with this color
michael sorokin
michael sorokin - Day ago
I have the AirPods now, love them, but as an audiophile if I don’t see noise cancelling features I may switch to something else. I had jay bird Bluetooth speakers and while they aren’t as convenient with a charging case, they more than made up for sound quality. At what point do the scales of convenience and performance outweigh each other ?
Maggie Zoerner
Maggie Zoerner - Day ago
I’d love to see more functionality within the airpods themselves, like being able to adjust the volume or skip the song by tapping the airpods instead of calling out to Siri in the middle of a workout. I personally don’t see that as a practical option. I also would love to see water proof airpods, as I am a swimmer. There are hardly any products out there for listening to music underwater that also fit comfortably under a swim cap.
Maggie Zoerner
Maggie Zoerner - 23 hours ago
Nicole Meighan didn’t know that, thank you!!
Nicole Meighan
Nicole Meighan - Day ago
Maggie Zoerner you can make so you can change the song here: Open Settings on your iOS device. Tap the Bluetooth menu and look for your AirPods. Tap the “i” next to your AirPods name. Underneath the “Double-Tap On AirPods” function, choose to which option you'd like to switch between “Play/Pause” and “Off”
Jorge Andres De La Torre M
How do you get the AirPods 2
Maldito666 - 2 days ago
If they don’t have volume control and new colors then not worth upgrading
TRYzSHOT - 2 days ago
Who is watching this laying down in Their bed with no socks
Gabriel koutin
Gabriel koutin - 2 days ago
Just got AirPods yesterday lol
jules - 2 days ago
take a shot every time he says“airpods 2 in 2019 and airpods 3 in 2020
Harrison Bandy
Harrison Bandy - 2 days ago
I just gotta say. Android been doing dual audio with any Bluetooth earbuds (listening to one phone from two sets of earbuds) for like almost 2 years now.
Melissa Schmitz
Melissa Schmitz - 2 days ago
I guess Hey Siri would be cool on them but I really don't need that feature on every device. I turned it off on my phone because I am more likely to use it on my watch. That being said, thanks to this video, I'll probably wait for the AirPods 2. Especially if they will match my Space Gray products!
David Zafra
David Zafra - 2 days ago
sound reducion
devilsoe - 2 days ago
are you become propaganda for apple now ?
LUIOFFICIAL - 2 days ago
I remember getting my phone taken away in class yet still playing bluetooth through my headphones lmao. Earpods gonna do kids wonders in these schools
Johan-Petter Bekken
Johan-Petter Bekken - 2 days ago
Lol how much can you talk. Just get to it!
T.J. Kolberg
T.J. Kolberg - 2 days ago
Everyone at my gym (Planet Fitness) has AirPods.
Corentin Jeanneret
Corentin Jeanneret - 2 days ago
Why would not they put something in touch that would increase or decrease the volume on the long end of the AirPods? It would be super convenient and totally invisible !
John Robinson
John Robinson - 2 days ago
I still want a gloss black set
iVirtualPlays - 2 days ago
Does that thing stay in your ear?
Josef A
Josef A - 2 days ago
I hope the new Airpods deserve it
Keith Whisman
Keith Whisman - 2 days ago
I wonder if AirPods 2 or 3 premiums will be made out of metal or ceramic? My oldest boy has a set of ceramic earphones and they are exquisite.
Keith Whisman
Keith Whisman - 2 days ago
Hey Siri! works just fine with my first generation AirPods and iPhone XS Max so I don’t understand why you keep hoping that will be a feature added to AirPods 2 when it’s already working for AirPods 1. Perhaps you don’t have the feature turned on in the settings. I’m addicted to your videos, your videos keep this old red neck entertained and informed. Thank you.
Dirty-D JDM
Dirty-D JDM - 2 days ago
Lol headphones w/o wires

I’ve never seen that before 🙄.
Jake Technology unboxing
Your name is Philip
Antonio Diaz
Antonio Diaz - 2 days ago
who's watching on airpods?
TheDogsfan4714 - 2 days ago
None of this is confirmed, until Apple schedules some type of press event don’t hold your breathe. How many times thru 2018 did we head that “they’re coming Q2” “they’re coming Q3” “they’ll be there for Christmas” and we’re still waiting and we’ve been waiting sense 2017 (I think) for the Air Mat. Just saying don’t get your hopes up
Гусь Белолобый
11 minutes of bullshit
OZYY GAMER - 2 days ago
Will the Airpods 2 possibly be compatible with PS4 because that would be amazing!!!!
Ug Ak
Ug Ak - 2 days ago
too much hot air
thatprimarykid - 2 days ago
I hope we don’t get brain cancer though
Noah Campbell
Noah Campbell - 2 days ago
There needs to be some way to turn the volume up and down and answer calls as well
Hara kurōku No sanka III
Taehyun Hong
Taehyun Hong - 2 days ago
Do u think the airpods 2 will be able to work well with iPhone 7?
hotcheetodream - 2 days ago
Shitttt idk I might wait for the 2nd AirPods ONLY if they release it on Christmas or buy the 1st ones
Assasin 106208
Assasin 106208 - 2 days ago
Real question : how much they cost 😂
Cole Davis
Cole Davis - 2 days ago
4 fuckin ads what a legend
Haruchio Pagani
Haruchio Pagani - 2 days ago
1:30 It's not the price. It's mainly the fit/comfort and the design. They are some of the most uncomfortable to wear, loosely fitted and ugliest earbuds (personal opinion) that I've ever used. It looks hideous on people. Price is not a problem as long as those boxes are ticked. Otherwise products like Sennheiser Momentum TW wouldn't exist
Thomas Troutman Jr
Thomas Troutman Jr - 3 days ago
They don’t buy them bc they don’t stay in everyone’s ears
Ellery Burgess
Ellery Burgess - 3 days ago
I totally agree, I’m more hyped about AirPods than a new iPhone
ralph kenneth Antigo
ralph kenneth Antigo - 3 days ago
Your the best
YeeHaw - 3 days ago
Really hope AirPods 2 come out so i can get them from Christmas deals, the Black looks very slick
MinorJamz - 3 days ago
them greens are calling me
Seem U
Seem U - 3 days ago
I need waterproof for swimming
APS APS - 3 days ago
John Benjamin
John Benjamin - 3 days ago
Apple makes everyone believe they are the tech-markets visionaries, while in truth they hardly ever have invented something themselves.
Alec Toole
Alec Toole - 3 days ago
Bought yesterday the one’s 🙄
Sander Evers
Sander Evers - 3 days ago
I feel like this video could be at least 10 minutes shorter..
Emma Taveras
Emma Taveras - 3 days ago
I hope they release it before March 2019 cuz I really want to get Airpods for my birthday :)
The_Joker340 - 3 days ago
I just went to Best Buy to buy AirPods but they where out and I asked when they will be getting new ones and they said not until 2019 because the AirPods 2 where coming out
Squidy - 3 days ago
Bro shut the fuck up make a 10sec video dumb cunt
Renaissance Fitness
Renaissance Fitness - 3 days ago
If they didn’t sound like complete garbage I would buy them. Although you see cuck’s wearing them at the gym.
Tiago Freitas
Tiago Freitas - 3 days ago
i really want a skin like him's to my airpods. Does anyone knows the link
dark xtern
dark xtern - 3 days ago
I can't afford an Iphone I'm still stuck with a Samsung Note 3 😭
Erdem Özdemir
Erdem Özdemir - 3 days ago
aynısı amk
Angela Dixon
Angela Dixon - 3 days ago
I washed mines in the wash machine and they did NOT work after lol
Equilibrium Gatekeeper
Equilibrium Gatekeeper - 3 days ago
So the new airplugs NOT AIRPODS are just a different color ?? Woowwww apple is really innovative!!! My god please give me my 11 minutes back because this video is really crapp like apple is
Henry Crick
Henry Crick - 3 days ago
I would hope that because air pods 2 come out normal air pods prices would go down this would boost sales and many people would consider buying into air pods 3 in the future also I’m broke so apple make them cheaper pls
CREAM ONE - 3 days ago
LMAO Air power is dead ! Why are you taking about it ?
Elisa Guevara
Elisa Guevara - 3 days ago
I’m coo w my air pods I just get high and listen to music so it automatically sounds 100% better
Xan - 3 days ago
PlakkieKaas - 3 days ago
I won't buy them till audio quality and loudness increases, i've tried them many times.
the fit is fine, it's just that even their max volume is kinda shit, and the bass isn't that great even with an eq setup.
Tomkanplay 2
Tomkanplay 2 - 3 days ago
I’m sorry but this is just a waist of you buy the air pod2 if you already have air pods
Ivan Petrovic
Ivan Petrovic - 3 days ago
How much will they cost?
Ali Ghazian
Ali Ghazian - 3 days ago
R u russian?
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