Charles C. Morgan - Q+A

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Charlotte Eggers
Charlotte Eggers - 6 days ago
C. C. Tinsley? No, I only know C. C. Morgan
Tarrie Revenant
Tarrie Revenant - 29 days ago
“How dare you start that with Disney land cadence. How dare you.”
t j
t j - Month ago
Theory: He was undercover agent for treasury investigating money laundering etc. almost like an undercover cop. Someone found out he was government official and had him whacked. CIA did not like journalist reporting the crimes Morgan was involved in since it was secret stuff Morgan was investigating. CIA had journalist whacked (and whacked the wrong dude lol)
lolly sefina
lolly sefina - Month ago
I only like hotdaga when it doesnt cover Ryan's face
Marissa Melendez
Marissa Melendez - Month ago
Maybe it was something hidden in bible verse.thats what fbi was looking for
Dread Pirate Robin
Dread Pirate Robin - Month ago
R0sie Purple
R0sie Purple - Month ago
I adore the hotdaga! Such beauty!
A Desiree’
A Desiree’ - Month ago
Go to Chicago guys. You’ll love their “funny corn”
Joud Tadros
Joud Tadros - 3 months ago
Am I the only one that notices how Shane stares into nothing at the beginning of the video
Kat Kat
Kat Kat - 3 months ago
Shane 'the legs' Madej
Ryan 'guns' Bergara 💪
A Coop
A Coop - 3 months ago
Guys. There’s no ADDITIONAL fingerprints on the gun. His are on it. It was suicide.
Jessie 4242
Jessie 4242 - 3 months ago
I love how hot daga has random story lines and doesn’t seem to make sense I find it funny can’t stop watching #shaniac
Kayley Paiz
Kayley Paiz - 4 months ago
does shane do this every episode lmao
Maxxie Maria
Maxxie Maria - 4 months ago
My grandma pops the popcorn with coconut oil so it is amazing and the best thing ever
I'mDaddyCool UwU
I'mDaddyCool UwU - 4 months ago
Shane realized at 0:04 hes left his bath running.
JRGaming - 4 months ago
Whoever dislikes the Hot Daga needs to disappear like Bobby Dunbar
vee is a bee
vee is a bee - 4 months ago
he could have found the sunglasses on the road/bought them at a garage sale. maybe he found them in his house!! there's a billion other things to be worried about than some sunglasses
anti socializing
anti socializing - 4 months ago
Green chili is definitely better ❤️❤️❤️👌👌👌
Savannah Maree
Savannah Maree - 4 months ago
toffee encrusted popcorn is amazing
Mail Man
Mail Man - 4 months ago
"Fly you foods" is the best gandalf misquote
aminoacidcereal - 6 months ago
Oh the lotr reference in hotdaga
Cotton Candy Sharks
Cotton Candy Sharks - 6 months ago
I have just discovered this and hotdogga and I am delighted
Quindlyn - 6 months ago
Wait did they find an absence of fingerprints or only his fingerprints which weren't relevant bc it was his gun so if course they'd be there
BrookLynn Paulson
BrookLynn Paulson - 6 months ago
Why does everyone hate the Hotdoga so much? That’s my favorite part of the PM!!
Justine C
Justine C - 6 months ago
"Fly you foods!" HAHAHAHA i'm dying!!!! Nicely done Shane #shaniac #wasntsureabouthehotdagauntilnow
Jocelyn Martinez
Jocelyn Martinez - 6 months ago
I agree with Ryan, funny corn is kinda mehhh
Dailym Desdemona
Dailym Desdemona - 6 months ago
Joblet was my favorite character :'(
jazwragg - 6 months ago
I'm so gripped by the hot daga, I was legitimately shocked by this episode
Will Camick
Will Camick - 7 months ago
"how has it come to this?" ROFL
GammaRaz - 7 months ago
Omg- Shane's Coffee Fox shirt
XxQueenxiexX - 7 months ago
I'm kinda concerned Shane always does that zoning out then slowly shaking his head at the beginning of these videos
Faith - 7 months ago
kay but i don’t trust anyone who says red chilies are better than green chilies
Mrs.Alfred Nelson
Mrs.Alfred Nelson - 7 months ago
2:30 - this person knows wtf they are talking about!!
And congrats on making the post mortem!!!
Kelli - 7 months ago
I'm glad Ryan said green chili or I would had to stop watching
Leo Myers
Leo Myers - 7 months ago
“Most of the time the cases are unsolved” Well, Ryan, that’s the entire show
Estela Mira
Estela Mira - 7 months ago
Is there really no one in the US that eats popcorn with sugar?😅
whimsical trash
whimsical trash - 8 months ago
it bothered me how green eyes mentioned ecclesinstes 12 1 to 8 and the cops didn't connect it or like put her as a suspect, even if they don't know who they are, like oh wow there was a call to the wife of the victim that says the exact thing as what shows up on the victim, it must be a suicide... but hey, it's most likely a coverup and I'm not gonna fight them on it in case I get murdered
I. Wynn Wynn
I. Wynn Wynn - 8 months ago
Shane please pick real questions like Ryan to make the most out of postmortem.
I. Wynn Wynn
I. Wynn Wynn - 8 months ago
Wow a Morgan postmortem!
kristy deng
kristy deng - 8 months ago
14:08 : watching lance voltron season 8
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