Key Glock - Look At They Face (Official Video)

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John Beer
John Beer - 9 hours ago
Tulsa show finna be litty no cap
Ceaser Puta
Ceaser Puta - 9 hours ago
Chris Hughes
Chris Hughes - 9 hours ago
Song made me big madd & happy at the same time like when my bitch wanna cuddle after fucking. 😊 😠
Johnathon Colbert
Johnathon Colbert - 9 hours ago
Memphis Jookin , TN
Memphis Jookin , TN - 10 hours ago
This Mane on Lamar & South Parkway....this mega lit!...HUAH
Bram Copermans
Bram Copermans - 10 hours ago
hard song but that begin sequence is weird af lmao
Shon De'Niro Don
Shon De'Niro Don - 10 hours ago
MoneyRico Bag Man
MoneyRico Bag Man - 10 hours ago
Finally something from Key Glock that I actually like. 🔥💯🎶
Eddie Thegreatestofthemall
Armin Ozman
Armin Ozman - 10 hours ago
They wanna see you down when you're up
Andre Reid
Andre Reid - 10 hours ago
Yea thts it there glock
DBx254 DBx254
DBx254 DBx254 - 10 hours ago
This shit hard!
T Busy
T Busy - 10 hours ago
Lmfao video was lit 🔥😂
King Budah
King Budah - 11 hours ago
Bravus36 - 11 hours ago
Very Good Flow Beat!
Saucefam_Green - 11 hours ago
this shi was dead heat♨️
Já peguei sua irmã hoje
Já peguei sua irmã hoje - 11 hours ago
Remix with juicy please 🔥🔥🔥🔥
wylinondaisland - 11 hours ago
Memphis rappers got the best flow word to my bro
BRIGHTLIGHTS - 11 hours ago
American rap these days smh. Rapping a whole song but not really saying anything
Tom Ford1
Tom Ford1 - 11 hours ago
Benji nolasco
Benji nolasco - 11 hours ago
Hard ass beat, repetitive ass song
EastWarren Fredo
EastWarren Fredo - 11 hours ago
Fire visual I gottta watch it again to hear the song 🥶💨
EastWarren Fredo
EastWarren Fredo - 11 hours ago
Update the Song a 6anger
Layla Allison
Layla Allison - 11 hours ago
This song is very lovely going viral without using *AUTHENTIC VIEWS COM* thumbs up who agree
Zahfeer 786
Zahfeer 786 - 10 hours ago
What is that exactly nvm my ignorance
Trulaman TV
Trulaman TV - 11 hours ago
dope video!!!!
Yanz - 11 hours ago
Tim Beyret
Tim Beyret - 12 hours ago
Slaps hard
Crackh 0412
Crackh 0412 - 12 hours ago
This bitch hard as fack
Breexe Picasso Music
Breexe Picasso Music - 12 hours ago
Glock stupid 😂😂😂💯
Blue Wolf
Blue Wolf - 12 hours ago
Shhhh be quiet Your life is a disguise💯💯
Jada - 12 hours ago
No girls in the video not too much I love him
Harry Siackasone
Harry Siackasone - 12 hours ago
Fuc em
marshmullow - 13 hours ago
I saw the thumbnail and thought 'That looks like Memphis'. I skimmed the comments and now I know. There's no place like home. Good day
Александр Пруняк
Retro Da Vinci
Retro Da Vinci - 14 hours ago
Glock make straight bangers
Von Doom
Von Doom - 14 hours ago
All I hear is young dolf part 2
Khalamari Pompey
Khalamari Pompey - 14 hours ago
Defly coppin those DMP 6’s
E PD - 15 hours ago
Fucking noise pollution. Degrading and morally decaying music, context and lyrics.
ImSoWavy41 - 15 hours ago
Touchdown 💪🏿 my favorite fucking rapper.....
KEY Glizock
Sham 7
Sham 7 - 16 hours ago
I call this Zeus Glock
JUSTICE POTA - 16 hours ago
This fire af
Haidy Bug
Haidy Bug - 16 hours ago
When you got no friends and you’re family hates you so you gotta be them
Aj Pearson
Aj Pearson - 16 hours ago
I tried.. Dis guy iz Azz 🙉.. Lets b real ppl.
Juan Syas
Juan Syas - 17 hours ago
G 4 R
G 4 R - 17 hours ago
Glock getting better again on yall
Rogelio Hernandez
Rogelio Hernandez - 17 hours ago
I will be at the concert in L.A .
L I L V C I F X R - 18 hours ago
bruh this is fuckin lit lmao
xGod - 18 hours ago
I knew Key Glock was a rapper but I didn't know he was an actor too. Lol
RYAN DE'OR - 18 hours ago
Horace Johnson
Horace Johnson - 18 hours ago
Taliban Figueroa
Taliban Figueroa - 18 hours ago
Glock and Herbo collab tape would be too hot for my ears mane
Taliban Figueroa
Taliban Figueroa - 18 hours ago
I remember dem days i used to pray for a buss dwn
OG Asiago
OG Asiago - 19 hours ago
Homie showed me glock, and I've been sleeping. Ion know why I never really listened and vibes I fucked with Dolph
Hristo Atanasov
Hristo Atanasov - 19 hours ago
Glock.. yeah yeahh yeaahhh
MidWayTheMutt - 19 hours ago
This reminds me of how rap videos were done back in 2000-2005🤣 ✅
Inin Out Then Back In
Inin Out Then Back In - 19 hours ago
all that money yet you still cant cut your goddamn fingernails?? gross.
Thaddus MayberryJRR
Thaddus MayberryJRR - 19 hours ago
This shit had me rolling lmao
Godskin gz
Godskin gz - 19 hours ago
Money counting music 10up10dwn see us all around
Tramaine Terrance
Tramaine Terrance - 20 hours ago
Hello, Humans.
Sinestro : [sparring with Hal Jordan]  I do believe I smell fear. I am a Green Lantern; I fear nothing.
(Green Lantern 2011)
RedEagle - 20 hours ago
Loved this videp man, man sum outa nun 😂⛽️‼️
Kheanan’s Korner
Kheanan’s Korner - 20 hours ago
The setting of this feels so authentic
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