i play “ain’t no sunshine” but the intro is a bit different

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SethEverman - 6 days ago
hey guys i'm back
PenaGelada - 6 days ago
Bald guy
4aid3r lol
4aid3r lol - 6 days ago
Nullstein - 6 days ago
KardTrickKid - 6 days ago
Guess who's back
ひろよし祐吉 - 5 hours ago
Ok im done now
Feli Langone
Feli Langone - 6 hours ago
Glenfiddich101 - 6 hours ago
I liked that 👍👍 subscribed and liked too

Glen 🎹
Casey Matthews
Casey Matthews - 6 hours ago
Can i have a full cover of this
Pixle - 6 hours ago
How come he's never sung on camera before when he's such an amazing singer??
ThatDani Thoo
ThatDani Thoo - 6 hours ago
Ain’t no sunshine when his voice is gone
Neptune Anden
Neptune Anden - 6 hours ago
Make a full version! Please!
Sophia Anderson
Sophia Anderson - 6 hours ago
Oh my lord his voice tho, VIBING, SOMEBODY LOOP THIS!!
lonely turtle p
lonely turtle p - 6 hours ago
What's the name of the song that's starts at 0:27 (not the rocky song the little riff)
Lau Benot
Lau Benot - 6 hours ago
If you make a song where you sing im gonna have to put it on my playlist
Chapa - 6 hours ago
welp, a week from this, where is the full version?
Kyo Shin
Kyo Shin - 6 hours ago
Can you drop a new album plz so everybody else stops being gangsta
Kiingxsthe - 7 hours ago
I can’t stop watching this it’s amazing
Jayfeather 269
Jayfeather 269 - 7 hours ago
Dude this shtuff is awesome. You need to put it on Spotify and other music platforms
FoalanAzrael - 7 hours ago
Pierre Champoussin
Pierre Champoussin - 7 hours ago
Sophia Marin
Sophia Marin - 7 hours ago
SETH do more singing!
Mizza Pan
Mizza Pan - 7 hours ago
He dang he's a good singer too?
hrt sgwr
hrt sgwr - 7 hours ago
not gonna lie this is better than YT rewind 2019
Jake Weber
Jake Weber - 7 hours ago
He lives
A Ellis
A Ellis - 7 hours ago
We stan a King of the Swedes
Karlee Polon
Karlee Polon - 7 hours ago
Bruh when he MmmMmMmmed in the singing part I —

Please send me baby food, diapers, a car seat, baby wipes, etc because I’m pregenart
Omar Gramunt
Omar Gramunt - 7 hours ago
Oh shiiiiit new subscriber xd
that Guy
that Guy - 8 hours ago
now I need a seperate video titled "still dre goes with everything"
LemonHDfilms - 8 hours ago
I unironically wanna hear more SethSings... Highkey beautiful
desmond mike
desmond mike - 8 hours ago
ĐANI GAMES - 8 hours ago
Is hitman
Drafting Punk
Drafting Punk - 8 hours ago
Oh shit. It's been so Long. Also i didn't expect that work out routine lmao.
Jayda Smiles
Jayda Smiles - 8 hours ago
I love how he is bald by choice
Jay Nye
Jay Nye - 8 hours ago
Full song with singing please!
Jack Liu
Jack Liu - 8 hours ago
What's the Yamaha keyboard Seth plays on? I'm inspired to get one myself and play!
-Nia- - 8 hours ago
He needs to make a cover of this song or I'm gonna pass away
Christian Berg
Christian Berg - 8 hours ago
Holy fuck. Seriously, your voice is absolutely amazing! I wish you would record an album so I can grind that all day long
chübbz - 8 hours ago
Bro seth needs to make a complete song of this
samira inostroza
samira inostroza - 8 hours ago
I watched this while in depression and It made me laugh, I love you
Skyler Rose
Skyler Rose - 9 hours ago
PleaseBeHappy - 9 hours ago
Please release full song, what a soothe to my ear.
Mano De ZzK
Mano De ZzK - 9 hours ago
i need a full version.
OrangeIsOrange - 9 hours ago
Things have been tough lately, but hearing you sing has made things a little better. I really, really want to hear you sing again, and I just want to let you know much I appreciate your content. Good to see you again, Seth.
Edit; Seriously, I’m tearing up at the singing portion. I’m really glad your back.
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