Dr. Phil WRECKS 12-year-old Fortnite Kid

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Ryan Trahan
Ryan Trahan - 11 months ago
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marin bitri
marin bitri - 10 hours ago
bowser is bae
Lightning Falcon
Lightning Falcon - 2 days ago
Lightning Falcon
Lightning Falcon - 2 days ago
Ava plays Roblox
Ava plays Roblox - 3 days ago
bowser is bae
Hannah McCormick
Hannah McCormick - 3 days ago
True words🙂
I play gaMEs
I play gaMEs - 4 minutes ago
20 hours, those are weak numbers
Tiger Tooth Ninja
Tiger Tooth Ninja - 28 minutes ago
Ys Youngan
Ys Youngan - Hour ago
As I watched this I was beating a hooker with a golf cart in gta
Colton Martin
Colton Martin - 2 hours ago
Kairyn Kerr
Kairyn Kerr - 2 hours ago
I see the hidden comment
XOT BombZ - 3 hours ago
3:45 they look deadly
forgvn70x7 - 3 hours ago
Some parenting advise:
- You NEVER bring food to them when they ask for it(except if they are sick or cripple), Have them get up and get it from the counter
- Don't have phones at the dinner table, Its a chance for family bonding
- Have regular family movie/game nights. Make it fun for the kids so that they will look forward to it.
- Have them go outside every once in a while.
- Read to them before bed at a very young age. This will encourage them to read more when they are older.
- When they are a little older (9,10, 11 or so) teach them how to cook or how to do the laundry or dishes/
- DON'T give in to their "I hate yous" or "You don't love mes." They are only using that to get their way.
And the rule I think is most important
- NEVER give them everything they ask for, (e.i. "I want this toy.") have them do chores or other things around the house to earn money and buy their own things.

I hope this helped. These were a couple of things that my mom and dad did to me, :D
Changed? - 4 hours ago
Send him to jail for a week so then when he comes back say “ Who’s the pesent now” and then destroy and burn all off the Xbox game, console and tv + Xbox accessories like controllers and make him walk dogs
Changed? - 4 hours ago
Kdon29 Mini Gs
Kdon29 Mini Gs - 4 hours ago
My dad always wonder why I raged at games.
Then my dad started playing his video games (mobile) and if he lost he would rage.
Snico thegreat
Snico thegreat - 5 hours ago
Bruh 0:05 = *earrape...*
rizqs has crocs
rizqs has crocs - 5 hours ago
“jiggly jiggly, I’m comin for da booty” -Bubba
rizqs has crocs
rizqs has crocs - 5 hours ago
I could clap that kid in Fortnite he’s probably garbage 😂 🗑
DJLazer - 6 hours ago
8:42 Mega RIP headphone users
SnowyTheBread - 6 hours ago
"Grand Theft Auto"
*shows some undeveloped crappy looking game*
Person one-hundred thirty-four
bowser is bae or else
Sameen Abbasi
Sameen Abbasi - 8 hours ago
"pAuSe!" Lol morgz
Muaaz Gaming
Muaaz Gaming - 8 hours ago
"20 hours a day..."
Bro you gotta pimp those numbers up.
Goji Fan 1954
Goji Fan 1954 - 9 hours ago
Ya got a nice house.
Danny Wilson
Danny Wilson - 9 hours ago
Dude he looks 8 at most- ... I'm not buying he's 12 XD
safiyyah f
safiyyah f - 9 hours ago
6:00 - 6:02 jIgGly jIgLy
MartinPlayZ - 10 hours ago
That's not how a 12 year old looks and sounds, he looks about 8.
Monsterz Chill beats
Monsterz Chill beats - 11 hours ago
He’s 12 he looks and sounds lik e 7
Shoto Toderoki
Shoto Toderoki - 11 hours ago
Bruh this kids going to cook a *sandwhich*
Stazj da boss
Stazj da boss - 12 hours ago
If I called my mom a pesent I would be out of the house in a snap! I would be DEAD
Josh Cunningham
Josh Cunningham - 13 hours ago
funny yup just great
Jackson Miller
Jackson Miller - 14 hours ago
I can and will make you that sticker!!!
Mckeyla Mckallister
Mckeyla Mckallister - 14 hours ago
Bowser is bae
Noah Fluegel
Noah Fluegel - 15 hours ago
I wanted the razor kraken mic you have
OssifiedTuber1 - 15 hours ago
Title says dr. Phil wercks the 12 yr old kid but he deserves it
OssifiedTuber1 - 15 hours ago
Ok no offense but did bubba make hubba mubba bet u ain’t even tough
Pallumax - 16 hours ago
“yo dr phil what smacked you in the face last night?”
Dr Phil: 12:27
•Moon Light•
•Moon Light• - 16 hours ago
Lol im playing inocent gmes yet my mum plays call of duty and ghost reckon lol
emil rye-holmboe
emil rye-holmboe - 16 hours ago
I was 12/13 ish when gta came out, played that and COD without developing ANY of these issues, this is just bad parenting, nothing else
Ellisproductionz - 16 hours ago
8:03 top ten Ellis from lfd2 coice actors
Ceniza 13
Ceniza 13 - 17 hours ago
Bowser is bae
Lucija Bravec
Lucija Bravec - 17 hours ago
Im 12and i play fortnite and i never speak to anyone like that
Eddison W-B
Eddison W-B - 17 hours ago
Maybe she shouldn't let him play for 20hours at a time
Hello there, stranger.
Hello there, stranger. - 18 hours ago
If this kid had asian parents, this kid would not make it out alive.
Atrik 1st
Atrik 1st - 19 hours ago
Wait?you gamers shout @#$/$@$$#@@/ I never shout them while playing
Cuthulus Eye
Cuthulus Eye - 19 hours ago
!!This kid goes to my school!!
DCS - 19 hours ago
It is the parents fault
Normal Gamer
Normal Gamer - 20 hours ago
I would say games were always violent from the starting to this day and we enjoy it and all but... Isn't fortnite a little too violent because of being so cringy and making people do it's fucking cringy dances?
Normal Gamer
Normal Gamer - 20 hours ago
3:41 If you say this is not violent then you are the next joker.
TechObsessedgamer - Day ago
àaagh no more loud headphone! stop do!
Supreme Luck
Supreme Luck - Day ago
If someone tells me "get me that peasant" I'll make sure he never tells me that again in his life and make him regret it
Maxi TaxiTerraria
Maxi TaxiTerraria - Day ago
mineecraft is violent it has weapons
W - Day ago
im a ggameeer
Nobro 47
Nobro 47 - Day ago
Bubba: I can cook sandwiches
Me: boi you are noob I can cook a full 3 course balanced vitamins and protein meal
Gannon Durkin
Gannon Durkin - Day ago
this man talks too much
Bowser is bae
Broccoli Dog
Broccoli Dog - Day ago
hello person
hello person - Day ago
I'm a gamer
Osian Rees
Osian Rees - Day ago
Cook a sandwich wtf ahhahaha
《aesthetically aida》
*bowser is bae*
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Marc Romano
Marc Romano - Day ago
Warning 8:43 EARRAPE 🟥🟥🔴
Snickerzzz - Day ago
The fact of the matter is that they aren’t raising him right. If I were to ever disrespect my parents all hell would be thrown my way. Sometimes you gotta show them why they shouldn’t mess with you
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