This Tucker Carlson Clip Will Creep You Out

H. Ellis
H. Ellis - 5 days ago
that seriously grossed me out!!!!!
MaliceInCandyland - 5 days ago
Tucker is gay as hell.
Katt Hudson
Katt Hudson - 9 days ago
The first questions one should ask themselves about candidates should be - What are their policies? Have they been consistent with their policies? Do their policies have the best interests of ALL Americans in mind? and finally, How long have they been espousing these policies? Do proper research, don't trust the media to hand you FACTS. Find out for yourselves!
s4ss - 13 days ago
Almost every negative comment about Buttigieg starts with calling him establishment shill and ends with praising Sanders.

You people seem hellbent on proving Pete right about that comparison he made between Trump and Bernie voters :)
Rich Ed
Rich Ed - 22 days ago
He was mocking Nicole Wallace made me laugh
john smith
john smith - 24 days ago
who care about tucker we know his weird. talk about Yang
steve beard
steve beard - 24 days ago
Tucker C is a gaping butt hole !!!!!
Zipemova - 26 days ago
Why would this Carlson clip creep me out more than any other?
Ross Breckenridge
Ross Breckenridge - 26 days ago
Tucker Carlson did not creep me out. The reason why he did say that in that way was because he was making fun of the liberal media pleasuring themselves over the guy. Think the next time.
Brandon M
Brandon M - 27 days ago
Julian Castro, mayor of a city with 1.5 residents lol
Steven McCall
Steven McCall - 25 days ago
I was wondering about that too ha
Signa Brooks
Signa Brooks - 27 days ago
I am sitting with popcorn watching the LGBTQ and White Jesus worshipers duke this out. I have no dog in that fight. I like folks with policy, not platitudes. No tangibles for ADOS?? Kamala Harris or Cory either. The Obama pixie dust ran out years ago. Get serious about what we want or no vote from us.
horsepanther - 27 days ago
People aren't focusing on Pete because he's a slim, well-educated white man. What an idiotic thing to say. People are focusing on him because he is a very unusual mixture of characteristics, he's much more authentic than we are used to with political candidates, he is virtually the opposite of Trump in every way, and he's incredible at connecting with his listeners. People are comparing him to Obama and even Bobby Kennedy. He is special. Even his peers in high school voted him "Most likely to become president." He may not end up being the best candidate, but he is amazing. THAT is why the media is talking about him.
tom thecasual
tom thecasual - 27 days ago
ehh i dont like him anyways. it feels like when he speaks, he is choosing his words carefully to appeal to his listeners. on the otherhand those words dont really have political substance. after listening to a few interviews i still have no good idea what his policies are, they rather felt like a waste of time. compare it to Yangs appearence in those situations. brief introduction of himself -> promoting policies -> pros and cons -> details and numbers.
Jason Le
Jason Le - 28 days ago
Damn... I just pictured Tucker Calson sucking a dick while he's wearing a bow tie.
cicada - 28 days ago
Bootigeg 2020. If you don't like Bootigeg, you're a homophobe!
Dame DOLLA - 26 days ago
Robert Lindeman
Robert Lindeman - 28 days ago
The news media isn't alone. Voters too.
JOHN KMETZ - 28 days ago
Tucker wants him some of that BUTTigieg
Jeanne 54
Jeanne 54 - 28 days ago
It means EVERYTHING NOT TRUMP! Tucker’s a moron.
Vijay Singh
Vijay Singh - 28 days ago
Pete is dumb he doesn't have any policy , another establishment guy😂yang,tulsi, Bernie far better
Queen of Moderation
Queen of Moderation - 22 days ago
He have a long record of throwing poor color people on street and giving them homes to investors to build luxury come, and about not fixing lead contained in the drinking water of South Bend. So yea, he dont care about anyone but 1%
urduib - 25 days ago
When media like him so much you know he is horrible
Vijay Singh
Vijay Singh - 25 days ago
+horsepanther oo hell yeah ,a corrupt guy from Harvard who is with the corporate will gonna help 😂
Weird cat
Weird cat - 26 days ago
horsepanther speaking 7 languages has no correlation to how you run a country
horsepanther - 27 days ago
Oh yes, great argument, Pete is dumb. He's a fucking Harvard grad, a Rhodes scholar, and speaks 7 languages, but definitely dumb.
Bill Reichold
Bill Reichold - 28 days ago
You sad pathetic swamp water drinking fucking loon idiot morons are completely loony tunes loser assholes.
Garry Burgess
Garry Burgess - 28 days ago
Buttigieg will crush Trump like an insect, and the putrid evil green juice will ooze out of Trump's ugly eyes, and Trump will vomit up his green burgers and his head will explode into an ugly disgusting mess.
Queen of Moderation
Queen of Moderation - 22 days ago
They both have similar racist history of throwing colored people outta their home to allow rich investors build luxury condos
horsepanther - 27 days ago
That's pretty repulsive, but I like the way you think.
The Happy Camper
The Happy Camper - 28 days ago
Tucker likes Trump , who lies daily, and cheated on his wife with a porn actress no less.
I won’t mention all the other goodies associated with Trump.
Buttigieg ... intelligent , articulate, Harvard , Rhodes scholar. A man of integrity.
Yes, Tucker , Buttigieg IS the real deal!
Jerzygirl - 28 days ago
Tucker fucker is such a slimey creature.....
Walter Higo
Walter Higo - 28 days ago
Walter Higo
Walter Higo - 28 days ago
These two actually AGREE with Tucker. They're just badmouthing him because he is a conservative that works at Fox.
There is absolutely nothing "weird" about Tucker's comment. The "Chicken Soup for MY SOUL" comment though.... Now THAT was WEIRD and CRINGY beyond belief.
Bryan G
Bryan G - 28 days ago
Mayor Booty judge is a young white educated gay corporate-centrist with no agenda & no track record of accomplishments who appeals to the corporate media and boring upperclass neo-libs who care more about identity politics instead of actual ideas that benefit everyday Americans. He's basically a queer version of Obama & Beto.. which isn't surprising to see why so many corporate media hacks are so fascinated with him. He's probably a nice & smart fella, and most likely a fraud too.. who, if somehow were to become the Democratic nominee, wouldn't stand a chance against trump in 2020! Didn't the dopey Dems learn anything after 2016?? I guess not!! I'm convinced 100% that they'd rather give imbecile trump another 4 years in office than to see real change happen in this country!
horsepanther - 27 days ago
​+Toby Langdale Well, then, you are the problem. If your candidate doesn't win the nomination you'll take your toys and go home and out of spite let Trump destroy what little of our country is left by then. Great plan.
Toby Langdale
Toby Langdale - 28 days ago
I couldn't have said it better, the last thing we want is another corporatist tool like Obama, I hate Trump and everything about him, but if it's not Tulsi and Bernie I'd rather see Trump finish this bad joke of a government off.
Taylor Manes
Taylor Manes - 29 days ago
Tucker Carlson wants the Bootyjudge cock.
Jonas E
Jonas E - 29 days ago
The secret is that there is no secret, Buttigieg is a media whore (pardon my French) while the rest of the candidates are not willing to take the risk. The notable exception is Sanders which is not surprising because he doesn't have anything to hide or someone else to be. This is Trump 101: if you don't have money go to anyone willing to host you and possibly be good at it.
carol Lund
carol Lund - 29 days ago
Tucker Carlson is unbelievably ignorant. Chicken soup for the soul is the name of a book of inspiring stories. It has nothing to do with eating. What an idiot.
Timmy the Poker Warrior
Timmy the Poker Warrior - 28 days ago
He makes millions a year vomiting shit, so he's probably not actually ignorant.
peachesandpoets - 29 days ago
I'm not for Pete, but you people are seriously still Bernie or bust? You're going to shun anyone that isn't Bernie? Again? Really?
Jonas E
Jonas E - 29 days ago
It's about virtue singling and PB is not one of their own i.e. he's religious, from flyover country, speaks of more than one issue (as there is more than Millionaires and Billionaires!), and accounts for the complexity of governing (because things won't be solved immediately when he's elected). Don't worry, they can play their impossible purity tests as long as Biden (which was a horrible candidate and associated with Obama) is not on the ticket it will be fine. Trump will get the voters against him out and time will kill more of his base all the Dems need to do is produce a candidate that isn't widely hated like Clinton. It's a very low bar, hopefully there will be some excitement though it's not necessary.
Luke Angelo
Luke Angelo - 29 days ago
+peachesandpoets He ran as a Democrat in accordance with the rules of the dnc you fucking moron. I really have no interest in relitigating the 2016 primary but, as a long time Democrat and Bernie volunteer who personally audited my polling place, I can assure you that it was absolutely not a matter of HRC simply getting more votes. The DNC repeatedly violated the rules of their own charter and used every right wing voter suppression tactic they could avail themselves of and, in doing so, managed to alienate enough voters that they actually lost to fucking Trump. It was an epic miscalculation on the part of the DNC but keep victim blaming Bernie supporters with your gratingly childish tone. You losers had your chance and you fucked it up now fall in behind the frontrunner Bernie Sanders so we can get rid of this orange pile of shit you idiots got elected.
peachesandpoets - 29 days ago
+Luke Angelo What fair play? The DNC and RNC pick faves. The same way they faved Obama in 2008. He isn't even a democrat so they didn't pick him. But nobody was confused as to his positions or who he was. He was on the ballot, people picked someone else. Like, sorry, that's what you get in a 2 party system. What you all need to do is shun the evil democrats and start your own party. But you won't, you'll be like the MAGA people, and Trump will win again in 2020. Shrug.
pbtube58 - 29 days ago
+Luke Angelo So, it is again “they and us”. Hopefully, DNC does not do anything unfair, but it seems that Bernie Bros already call unfair play with “media is shoving this guy down our throats”, which is ridiculous.
Luke Angelo
Luke Angelo - 29 days ago
If they disregard fair play in the primary, definitely.
rudy van buren
rudy van buren - 29 days ago
buttigieg speaks 7 languages BUT bernie speaks the language of the people!!!!!
Jan-Tony Vatne
Jan-Tony Vatne - 29 days ago
im Norwegian i can tell you its no special "perks" he gets from speaking my languish, i cringes when he speaks....i like Tulsi Gabbard and Bernie Sanders are my hope for the rest of the world the time to take charge inn doing something with Global warming is someting we should have made priority nr.1 yesterday
horsepanther - 27 days ago
To be fair, he doesn't claim to speak Norwegian, he primarily learned how to read it (not speak it) so he could read a particular book that wasn't available in English.
Jonas E
Jonas E - 29 days ago
Sanders and Gabbard?! In a field of dozens you come up with two candidates that don't even remotely share the same values? Oh, boy. Where are the good old days when trolls had some respect for the occupation? #MakeTrollsGreatAgain
peachesandpoets - 29 days ago
Should people judge the way you speak English?
Jan-Tony Vatne
Jan-Tony Vatne - 29 days ago
You need someone who is at least SANE that he/she knows where Aleppo is.....and who understands the importance of tacling big oil and gas before its too late i have kids and im terrified we are living the cost of our GREED i know my country is one big oil exporter and i must say the politician where i live are planning to start drilling in the most delikat place on earth its where almost all fish are reproducing we know they do it in the same spott like since the dawn of their life, if there where to be some minor tragedy in LOFOTEN we are talking about extinsion. sorry for some mispelling im Norwegian and we love the American people but not so much your goverment and that is what i think most sane people mean when they say stupid things like"death too the us" i think they mean your STATE not the man/women in the street just my opinion from talking with some native folks here we call them Samer annyway sorry for all the bla....bla....:-) All the best To All Americans you will always have a special place inn my heart for your sacrifice in WWII and freeing us from the facists.
Marco - 29 days ago
Right wing is everything freedom isn't
incomparablySequacious - 29 days ago
Yup , that's why they constantly have to remind people that they're the "freedom party". Propaganda tactics..
Jacques Nomdefamille
Jacques Nomdefamille - 29 days ago
It's obvious the establishment wants to push this guy. What scares me is that it appears to be working. People are so gullible.
Angel Vega
Angel Vega - 29 days ago
Yes Pete yumm!! Lol 😂
pbtube58 - 29 days ago
It is so simple. The purpose of corporate media is to make money, and they do this by making a sensation of events. Unfortunately, The Damage Report is falling for the same thing by covering Tucker covering the media covering Pete Buttigieg. So, The Damage Report is superficially covering superficiality of others. Can we all grow up and be more serious?
Just because corporate media covers or is even excited about somebody does not mean that the person is not a good candidate. Can we talk about substance? In my opinion, Pete Buttigieg has goals similar to those of Bernie, but he has better strategies for accomplishing those goals. Most people do not see this yet at the intellectual level, but they often feel something intuitively. Some people talk about him speaking languages, playing piano, or being gay. I am not against mentioning this, but those things are not really that important. The important part is that Pete Buttigieg has the ability to change the narrative of a conversation about the most important issues we are facing now. Read and listen more to him with an open mind. If you already know exactly how to solve all the problems we are facing with our fucked-up political and economic system, and you think other people’s ideas are all wrong, then I cannot help you much.
Firefly Guitar
Firefly Guitar - 29 days ago
Mainstream media is selling him big time. Maybe that's because he'll sign all the blank cheques for Right Wing Netenyahu's Israel too.
Shawn Smith
Shawn Smith - 29 days ago
I wanna see him campaign in Omars district. Maybe they'll throw him off the roof.👍
horsepanther - 27 days ago
What the fuck kind of thing is that to say, you asshole. You think it's humorous that gay people still have to fear for their lives in most of the world?
Zogca - 29 days ago
A little bit weird? Why does TYT not admit what is happening? Main stream media is working for DNC and DNC wants to push one of their donor sponsored candidates on us? They tried Harris, would not work, Beto, would not work, now this one. Anyone but Bernie. It's not weird, it's planned and obvious, if you want to see it. TYT obviously doesn't want to.
horsepanther - 27 days ago
FFS you Bernie bots sound as unhinged as the far right, bullshit conspiracy theories. The guy has APPEAL. Simple as that. Don't freak out about it, there are a lot of months til the primaries, who knows where he'll be in the polls by then.
peachesandpoets - 29 days ago
Guess what the DNC can't do? Vote. You still have your vote in the primaries. They can't "push" anyone into voting a certain way. Don't like him? Vote for Saint Bernard.
Opus Love Productions
Opus Love Productions - 29 days ago
You can see anything if you want to.
Willem DaFuckedUp
Willem DaFuckedUp - 29 days ago
No, this is just lunacy. Progressiveness taken too far into fringe conspiracy nonsense. Media loves ratings, that's it.
Some Juan
Some Juan - 29 days ago
The media being corporate corrupt goons in favor of pete "weird". slime ball tucker making a fail point while being foolish "weird" The damage report reporting on this stupid shit while being clowns about it "weird"...
fuckfannyfiddlefart - 29 days ago
#BUTTINeolberal is just a identity politic candidate to try to undermine Sanders, I hope LGBT+ won't fall for this game.
It's good to support gay people and how progressive candidates, but vote four ECONOMICALLY progressive candidates or you just loose because the Republicans will split of the WHITES, identity politics is game that suits the Republicans and neoliberal democrats not working people.
horsepanther - 27 days ago
+Andreas karlsson Clearly he/she doesn't know ANYthing about Mayor Pete...
Eric Wall
Eric Wall - 29 days ago
😂😂😂 at that forced hashtag
Andreas karlsson
Andreas karlsson - 29 days ago
lol, do you even know where Mayor Pete stands on the economic topics? xD
Sheryl Ferraro
Sheryl Ferraro - 29 days ago
Pete is not going to happen this time around. He's pretty young. His time will come. So many people will simply not vote for him because of his personal life. That seems to be the climate of now.
Sheryl Ferraro
Sheryl Ferraro - 27 days ago
+Brandon M Oh yes. That too. That's a biggie.
Brandon M
Brandon M - 27 days ago
I don't think it's about his personal life. What I hear more about is how he seems to shy away from having actual policies, at a time when we're interested in specific policies. Maybe that's just the media cherry picking certain clips, but that's the reputation he has.
horsepanther - 27 days ago
+Zogca Watch a couple of his interviews--IMHO yes he is very special.
Sheryl Ferraro
Sheryl Ferraro - 29 days ago
+Zogca His time will come (may come) when our society heals from directed hate towards people who are perceived as being deviant in their personal lives. We would have hoped that at this point in time that we as humans would have grown towards each other by now instead of further apart. It's pretty bad right now. There are plenty of people who would not vote for a female, a Musim, a Jew, a gay person, or someone of color. As examples. Is he special? People seem to think that he has something important to offer. I have listened to him in interviews. I liked what he has to say. But my focus is on the person I believe is who we need now, Bernie Sanders .
Zogca - 29 days ago
Why would his time come? Is he special in any way?
IcantSeeReplies - 29 days ago
LOL so TYT agrees that the media has unjustified obsession with Pete Buttigeg, but then they attack Tucker because he points that out.
dana chell
dana chell - 28 days ago
+Walter Higo"obviously" ha
Walter Higo
Walter Higo - 28 days ago
+dana chell Tucker was obviously mocking the media and there wasn't anything "sexual" about it. TYT is simply playing the "gay" card here. I actaully found the "CHICKEN SOUP FOR MY SOUL" comment way more WEIRD and CRINGY.
IcantSeeReplies - 29 days ago
3:04 Yeah that explains why the media was totally ignoring Obama in 2008.
IcantSeeReplies - 29 days ago
The media I saying him being gay is a positive trait. That makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.
IcantSeeReplies - 29 days ago
Tucker is just reacting to that. Perhaps he is dog whistling to his conservative audience, but I see nothing wrong with that.
EFF U - 29 days ago
Tucker is fantasizing about the guy. I saw right through that shit Tucker.
smonyboy - 29 days ago
beto's smarter brother, now that was funny
Bjarke Stemann
Bjarke Stemann - 29 days ago
It is not strange Pete is popular, he is obviously intelligent, decent and polite. But in the USA that is bad. When they Can have a hateful, gunloving, criminal, ignorant fascist
Sam Lewis
Sam Lewis - 29 days ago
Maybe Fucker is losing his mind. There is only so much Trump ass kissing a sane person can do with a straight face ....
victor coutinho
victor coutinho - 29 days ago
Yes. Tucker has OD on Trump rimming.
DDanksey - 29 days ago
The damage report is covering Tucker covering "the media" covering booty judge. Whatever point there was to any of this was lost long ago.
Karl - 26 days ago
That's hilarious! Great observation.
Mike McTighe
Mike McTighe - 29 days ago
“The media”
People have been showing up by the thousands to his rallies. He raised 8 million dollars from regular people almost all online through twitter, YouTube, and Facebook. The media just reports things. Going from 1% to, now, 17% is unprecedented.
And he’s gay, quit pretending he’s “just a slim, well educated white man”.
Dude couldn’t get married until three years ago.
He’s not a front runner because of “the media”, he’s a front runner because people want to vote for him. Just because YOU don’t doesn’t mean other people do. Get out of your dumb, reinforcement bubble.
Luke Angelo
Luke Angelo - 29 days ago
+James McPherson Exactly 💯
James McPherson
James McPherson - 29 days ago
Yeah and he's a lackey for democratic for the establishment being invited to shady backroom dinner parties
Coolio ajp
Coolio ajp - 29 days ago
Pete buttigieg is the future! We love Pete buttigieg because he is highly intelligent very clever and most importantly the most open and honest politician I've ever seen! We need him! Vote Pete buttigieg 2020! Pete buttigieg restores my faith in America!
MyQueenFreddieMercury - 29 days ago
Bernie had a band. How’s come no one talks about that? Btw, Cucker is definitely a closet gay. The way that pressure on coal makes a diamond, the pressure on the right wing to not be gay, brings out their gay.
TempestZ - 29 days ago
Maybe because many people in the media are gay or have gay friends so they are interested in him because we usually don't have gay people on the front of the political stage often. Most often they leave the political stage when they are discovered to be gay lol. He also is a mayor who thinks he's qualified to be President (that's nuts). He got 80% of the re-election vote AFTER coming out in a small conservative town (even MORE nuts!). Also his name is somewhat difficult to pronounce. Many different things play into why he's become the center of attention lately. I'm gay, so I watched his interviews months ago just cause I thought it was cool a gay guy was running for office. He seems to be very good at making things that are scary for the average American, like socialism, less so. I especially like his talking points on freedom. I don't think he is the best person to nominate, but I think he does a good job representing the Democratic party and communicating the values. Also, he has spent a lot of time in the Midwest, so he knows how to woo them. I think its important for people to see a gay guy who is ambitious, hard working, and intelligent. Many portrayals of gay people in the media are Jacks -- and we need more Wills.
River Ach
River Ach - 29 days ago
John and Brooke...I think you'll get a kick out of this. In Australia 'Tucker' means food. Historically Australia's itinerant workforce walked between job opportunities (shearing sheep, butchering, wool classing etc) carrying a 'swag', in the swag was a 'Tucker Bag'. Australian's ate tucker...for breakfast.
Patrick Kilduff
Patrick Kilduff - 29 days ago
You guys miss the point on this one. The media loves Buttigieg because he is a centrist, corporate democrat that doesn't want to rock the boat...he thinks the Justice Democrats are just 'angry liberals' that want stuff....and Fox is just anti Democrat no matter what qualifier it is attached to. Nothing 'creepy' about it really...just another partisan hack making hacky points with no policy discussion to fall back on...also, what does it mean that 'no wonder America likes a slim, intelligent white guy...' ...what is the point there?
horsepanther - 27 days ago
When did he say Justice Democrats are "angry liberals"? I believe you just made up that quote, it would be completely out of character for Buttigieg to have that attitude or say anything like that.
Elaine Mickley
Elaine Mickley - 29 days ago
Latent homosexual attraction to him...HMMM Tucker...jealous or attracted to him????
Don Benedict
Don Benedict - Month ago
Why do we give Carlson any credibility? He defends and endorses an immoral president. They obsess over him. Act like he's the second coming of Christ. Trump is a horrible, disgusting person. Has ZERO intellect. And I do mean ZERO! Tucker is a trump tool.
toomuchtime - Month ago
I like mayor Pete and you guys have to stop stop attacking him in order to endorse Sanders witch is so ironic given the fact that either candidate are running negative campaigns
Brent Showers
Brent Showers - Month ago
That’s creepy as fuck 😂😂. He wants his semen. Yum yum. I’m for bernie all the way the media is salivating over Pete and beto is sick. And trump culty
Brent Showers
Brent Showers - 27 days ago
horsepanther I’m saying the media slobbering all over him is sick. It’s culty how they salivate over centrists and conservatives and deify them. As for why beto is a asshole I point you to the fact he takes almost as much big oil money as ted Cruz and doesn’t believe in a Medicare for all model. Beto takes the second most oil money in congress
horsepanther - 27 days ago
Why do you say Beto is sick?
joe aragon sepulveda
joe aragon sepulveda - Month ago
San Antonio1.383 million (2012)
joe aragon sepulveda
joe aragon sepulveda - Month ago
Hey guys I do like your show but I must tell you you're off on how many of us are here in San Antonio by allot to include our brothers and sisters dropped off by Homeland and ICE
1.383 million (2012)
Ken Tinman
Ken Tinman - Month ago
Well I can tell you this.
If the Corperate owned media is fawning over him then he's only good for Corperations.
Jeff C
Jeff C - Month ago
What is this city that has "1.5 residents"?
stama9 - Month ago
All tucker carlson clips creep me out
fastermx - Month ago
Mr. Buttigieg seems to be a brilliant man, and a decent one, too. He may have a glowing future, but he's too new to be our nominee. Plus, America really isn't ready for a gay president, though they'd take that over a woman president. Women lag far ahead of gays in terms of the hate they get. They are the "most hated" group in the country.
I'd like to see this gentleman's star rising, but I don't think we can risk nominating him. We MUST WIN in 2020. He would be dragged into the mud, as they'll do to anyone we nominate. But they can't sling mud at politicians who have already survived the deep vetting Rs do to politicians they feel threatened by, like Bernie. They've used up their ammunition on him. With Mr. Buttigieg, they haven't even started.
By the 2024 election, though, he might be a fine choice. Not this time, though. The stakes are simply too high.
We have to keep our focus sharply on nominating someone who, realistically, can WIN. That means a white male, but he'd have to be a straight one. Even among Dems, there are misogynists, racists and LGBT haters. Dems can't afford to risk those votes. I wish Al Franken would run. He's a perfect choice. Sanders is excellent, but I think Franken has a better chance of winning.
Please, Mr. Franken, RUN!
horsepanther - 27 days ago
I wish Al Franken would run, too. It's a tragic loss that he was hounded out of the Senate--he was an incredible force for good there. I would totally vote for him for president.
billy j
billy j - Month ago
Pete is a main stream candidate so I'll never take him over Bernie. But very true video. Vote Bernie tho
Mike F.
Mike F. - Month ago
Tucker is a narrow-minded imbecile.
Lazar Puhalo
Lazar Puhalo - Month ago
We hate most in others what we fear most in ourselves.
ivyshaolin - Month ago
sad media is like a reality show
Dudeist Priest
Dudeist Priest - Month ago
Every Tucker Carlson clip creeps me out.
ivyshaolin - Month ago
lol yumm i’m dying
ivyshaolin - Month ago
how would he be the second coming of obama????
RegCostello - Month ago
That was Alex Jones stuff!
objectivity gate
objectivity gate - Month ago
wow tucker actually reacted properly to the ridiculous fatuous endorsement of him. whats wrong with you
Mike Roady
Mike Roady - Month ago
cucker tarlson, hannity's in-bred brother.
Bob Dunkin
Bob Dunkin - Month ago
I don’t think people like him because he is white, there have been plenty of white people that ran before him that haven’t gotten this much attention.
jgonzo 44
jgonzo 44 - Month ago
You guys are a bunch of clowns. At least tucker carlson is reasonable and entertaining. You guys are just propaganda.
carol Lund
carol Lund - 29 days ago
Carlson reasonable and entertaining! In what way? He is the opposite of both. Most unpleasant man on TV besides Trump.
Jaquin Hamdan
Jaquin Hamdan - Month ago
Be careful..must unite the left. Bernie can win...this guy will not win.
AnIsH KaRiA - Month ago
yo what the fuck is this bullshit.? You're making a mountain out of a mole hill, Tucker didnt say shit!! Fuck you, fuck "Buttychug" and fuck Tyt. I'll stick to Kyle, Jimmy and Mike.
gryphon.fl - Month ago
Chill man
Shawn El Bucho Loco
Shawn El Bucho Loco - Month ago
When you are incapable of understanding metaphor, and think that eating a person like a stew is sexual, make a YouTube video to put that mental disability on display. Great job 👍.
Ricky Rick
Ricky Rick - Month ago
You just shut your mouth. And take what the establishment gives you libtards!
STAR TREKKIN - Month ago
lol the left really doesnt know how to have fun
shingshongshamalama - Month ago
Pete Bootyjudge is just a woke white boy. He says a lot of things but doesn't follow up on them with any actual substantive policy.
Tucker Carlson, meanwhile, is a racist toxic sexist piece of shit who's never had to work a day in his life because his daddy is rich. He is a worthless spoiled brat who loves to tell the working class how every time they suffer, it's because of women or black people or heaven forbid, black women.
jgonzo 44
jgonzo 44 - Month ago
Classic, libtard, "that's racist." "You're a Nazi." "You're sexist." What did you get that from, and out of context media matters video? Lmao. You far lefties are a joke with no facts.
jgonzo 44
jgonzo 44 - Month ago
You're stupid lmao.
I am God
I am God - Month ago
I don't like tucker but then his scepticism about this Pete guy is legit. The left and its lying media has been known for screwing things up, so it is justified to be skeptical of this new leftard in town.
Shubhanshu Jain
Shubhanshu Jain - Month ago
So the only criticism you could come up with is that Pete is a slim white man. C’mon gal, go get a life.
horsepanther - 27 days ago
Their MAIN criticism of Pete is that he's not Bernie. Anyone who's not Bernie must be smeared. I used to really like TYT et al but they're really being biased assholes about the 2020 candidates.
Shubhanshu Jain
Shubhanshu Jain - Month ago
Bob Dunkin I’m telling y’all if Democrats keep bashing white straight man, they ain’t winning. This is coming from someone who ain’t white or straight either.
Bob Dunkin
Bob Dunkin - Month ago
Thank you
Suzanne Bennett
Suzanne Bennett - Month ago
Tucker Carlson proves he has never seen a book, much less read one.
Robert Lavelle
Robert Lavelle - Month ago
Tucker Carlson channels Jeffrey Dahlmer's fantasies as his own ???
Peter Roberts
Peter Roberts - Month ago
But he is the new establishment candidate.
hughtubecube - Month ago
If Buttigieg wins the nomination... every opponent of Trump HAS to vote for him. Sorry. That’s reality. It’s not pretty, but it’s what we have to do to get rid of Orange Hitler. Everyone who voted Stein in 2016 because they didn’t like Hillary put Trump in the White House. That’s reality, and if we do it again, then we all lose, and I’d rather have a corporate non-Trump politician in the White House than four more years of the existential threat he poses. Get the only candidate who can beat Trump (the Dem) into the White House regardless of who it ends up being, and if we think they’re too corporate, then let’s vote them out from a position of national existential safety in four years.
hughtubecube - 29 days ago
Forrest Whaling - It’s not necessarily the pro-Bernie slant on this channel, I think they’re quite up-front with that and I can sort of respect it. Look, I probably fit into the Bernie-supporter mould anyway based on my personal policy preferences. It’s the assumption that in order to be pro-Bernie you need to actively seek to damage the rest of the field rather than simply seek to convince people why one particular Dem platform is superior to another: not only does that do harm to a potential non-Bernie GE candidate, but it also opens you up to accusations of hypocrisy if, for instance, Biden ends up opposing Trump.
Luke Angelo
Luke Angelo - Month ago
Forrest Whaling
Forrest Whaling - Month ago
This is exactly how I feel. This channel is clearly pro-Bernie, but they fail to realize how the average voter thinks, and I fear they will lose entirely, and that will suck hard.
Damian Müller-Nordhorn
Thanks for a some reason in place like this. That said, I'm out of here (biased self-proclaimed progressive puritan propaganda mess claiming to be sort of journalistic but being nothing but commentators on other people's work shit channel)
comedy of errors
comedy of errors - Month ago
This Pete guy is a phony! He is a white gay version of Obama and he will disappoint you! This dude is pushed in by the corporate dems to get LESS votes for Bernie and get him under 50% so then the Dems can bring in their super delegates and push him out again! This guy is more full of shit that Obama was.......Pay attention!
comedy of errors
comedy of errors - 27 days ago
+horsepanther That is what they said about Obama! Yes I have heard him talk many many times! Think about it! A nobody, again out of no where rises to the top on Main Stream Media! Does that ring a bell? He is a phony!
horsepanther - 27 days ago
Have you even heard the man talk? He may be many things but "phony" isn't one of them.
A.E. Jabbour
A.E. Jabbour - Month ago
The thing with Mayor Pete is very simple: He comes off as a very likable guy. I have no idea for whom I'm voting in the primary, but Mayor Pete seems like a guy who'd be great to go to a ballgame with, or something like that. He's smart and seems like a good guy.
A.E. Jabbour
A.E. Jabbour - 21 day ago
+Jack Burton First, please don't tell me when or for whom to vote for. It's rude. Second, yes, Biden made many political miscalls in the past. But he's owned to most if not all of them. Third, I seriously doubt you could find many Rrepublicans who would consider Biden to have "basically being a Republican." And you DEFINITELY would find any MAGA-wearing nut jobs would agree with that statement.
Jack Burton
Jack Burton - 21 day ago
+A.E. JabbourHA! Joe Biden? I'd rather you voted for your buddy Pete, at least we don't have any clue as to what his platform and policy ideas are. Biden on the other hand, we have decades worth of material on him basically being a Republican. Please sir, at the very least do not vote in the primaries and just vote for whoever the Democratic nominee is, at least then you will be be fulfilling your civic duties without being one of the people who votes the wrong way in the primaries.
A.E. Jabbour
A.E. Jabbour - 21 day ago
+Jack Burton As I just said, I was just trying to explain why it is people like him. Look, he's not going to win, and he probably even knows that. It's like Tulsi Gabbard: She may be appealing for various reasons but her candidacy is going nowhere. Even she must know that. Maybe in future? Who knows, but not now. Same with Mayor Pete. Even people who are aware they can't win still run, just for different reasons than winning.
A.E. Jabbour
A.E. Jabbour - 21 day ago
+Luke Angelo I was just trying to explain why people like him. I'm voting for Biden now anyways. And Joe can, and will, beat Trump.
Luke Angelo
Luke Angelo - Month ago
What the hell are you talking about? We're talking about electing a president who will fix this shit not auditioning a new best buddy for ya. Come on guy.
WordsAreLikeRivers - Month ago
Hah! That joe biden in the elevator reference was perfect.
Btouhy1 - Month ago
This Tucker segment made me a fan actually. It’s brilliant
ChaoticAngelKitten - Month ago
Just proved Tucker probably doesn’t read because most avid readers at least know what chicken soup for the soul is even if they don’t read it.
Tucker’s creepy comments are only creepy if he’s straight. They’re inappropriate either way but if he’s actually bisexual, or a closet gay, that wouldn’t be quite so surprising and it wouldn’t be abnormal or weird... either way, though, still inappropriate.
Youtuber Trump
Youtuber Trump - Month ago
Mayor Pete is a Corporate Democrat. A Republican in Democrat clothing. He’s already come out against Medicare for All and debt free college. He’s about as far away from being a Progressive as he can get.
WordsAreLikeRivers - 27 days ago
+horsepanther There's no point in trying to explain it to this guy, he's extra dense. Or a troll.
Youtuber Trump
Youtuber Trump - 27 days ago
horsepanther It’s not Medicare for all. Thanks for backing me up on that
horsepanther - 27 days ago
He didn't come out against Medicare for All. He proposed a system that is based on Medicare for all.
Youtuber Trump
Youtuber Trump - 29 days ago
WordsAreLikeRivers And you have no idea what a conservative is. Educate yourself
WordsAreLikeRivers - 29 days ago
+USa-videor Trump lovely, you don't seem to know what a conservative is either. feel free to add that to your list.
Lanwarder - Month ago
Why media is focusing on Buttigieg more than Castro? Because Buttigieg is higher in the polls, because he went from practically unknown to third in a race, because he is charismatic, obviously intelligent, young and yet experienced in multiple fields. Now, I don't have anything against Castro and the race is far from over. We're at a stage where there are so many candidates that media pretty much can't do anything else than focusing on candidates that have surprising developments around them. By the way, playing the discrimination card to say that the media hate Castro for his family's origins is a bit hypocritical here. If you liked Buttigieg, didn't like Castro and Castro was suddenly third in the race, you'd say that they don't talk about Buttigieg because of his sexual orientation. If Castro starts climbing up in the polls they'll talk about him. Remember how they covered Beto O'Rourke and how we almost never hear about him lately? There are at least 18 potential candidates, how do you expect anyone to talk about all of them equally even if nothing significant is happening about them? The race is far from over, it hasn't really begun in a way. We'll get a better feel of who is who when debates will start. I love TYT but sometimes you are so supportive of a specific candidate and so against other candidates that you end up doing exactly what you reproach to traditional news networks. Yes it's good to have a progressive source of information but if all you do is promote and cover who you and your audience like best, are you really independent? It's not a critic that applies to everyone at TYT and I really appreciate when you're covering case by case with an open mind regardless of who's behind the specific project, declaration, proposal, etc that you are covering.
Jay Carter
Jay Carter - Month ago
Slurping every drop???? Pretty amazing you would turn that into sexual? You are creepy, Dude.
ChaoticAngelKitten - Month ago
Jay Carter Ya, that sets my gaydar off a bit. I have nothing against gays by the way unless the individual one is a jerkoff like Tucker.
Charles Kyte
Charles Kyte - Month ago
LIKE reduces your IQ.
Charles Kyte
Charles Kyte - Month ago
Please stop using LIKE.
Alvaro Cabrera Villalón
Tucker Carlson is an imbecile can he make such idiot statements ...I thought it was only the Orange Agent!
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