Supreme Court Strikes Down LA Anti-Abortion Law In Surprise 5-4 Ruling | The Last Word | MSNBC

Robert Radford
Robert Radford - 19 hours ago
Psalm 7:11 
God is a just judge,
And God is angry with the wicked every day.

 Aborting babies is wicked, so expect to be judged severely.
i love cops
i love cops - Day ago
9 masons in robes pretending to be importanbt.
Cornelius Antonius
Cornelius Antonius - Day ago Willie Nelson - Vote 'Em Out (Audio)
Biden 2020
Biden 2020 - Day ago
A woman's right to choose is A WOMAN'S RIGHT TO CHOOSE. Don't impose your own will on women who perhaps have no choice but to have an abortion due to their own health problems. Jesus, would you rather have both the mother and the child die in childbirth or let the mother live and perhaps she can have another child later? This is what happened to my Science teacher, the chromosomes of her unborn child were so damaged that she and the child were probably going to die if she gave birth, so she HAD to have an abortion. And guess what? She gave birth to another healthy child two years later! It was a hard choice for her to have an abortion but she had no other choice except to die?!
Tom AW
Tom AW - Day ago
Roberts is a monster. His hands are dripping with blood for his role in killing children.
A Ghost Without a Past
A Ghost Without a Past - 9 hours ago
Good, he needs to spill some blood in his life to understand how precious and fleeting it is.
i love cops
i love cops - Day ago
He is a mason and does as he is told.
Loon - Day ago
The reason that women's right keep going backwards, is because white women keep voting for Republicans and having their own rights taken away. 54% of WHITE WOMEN VOTED FOR TRUMP BECAUSE OF THEIR BIASES AGAINST OTHERS.
Puff’n Snorts
Puff’n Snorts - Day ago
Liberals are on the left... and they’re always doing what’s right. 🤔 Funny how that works... 😉 So many rulings against Republican oppression these days... 🤭 Can someone please show Trump this is what WINNING really looks like... 😏
C Love
C Love - Day ago
Go judge. Keep hoping alive
Leroy Gibbs
Leroy Gibbs - Day ago
Kavanaugh has been on the side of Trump in all of these cases, he has shown where his loyalty's lie and where his beliefs lie and they are not those of the American people
Jon Jones
Jon Jones - Day ago
Brett is just creepy
Leroy Gibbs
Leroy Gibbs - Day ago
Is it me, or does Brett Kavanaugh look REALLY creepy when he's smiling in this video of the Supreme Court Justices?
ruth depew
ruth depew - Day ago
Bret Kavanaugh and Clarence Thomas care nothing for the Constitution or the American people. They are both cruising for impeachment.
Billy Bloggs
Billy Bloggs - Day ago
RBG must die soon. Leftwing Demotardic Dystopian Nightmare will be over
ObamaGate and QuidProJoe
O. B.
O. B. - Day ago
Never forget: during his tearful hearing, Kavanaugh declared his will to take revenge on the Democrats.
Andrew S
Andrew S - Day ago
Black Lives Matter! (except unborn black lives)
Chronic Crypto
Chronic Crypto - Day ago
Just the fact that the so called party of freedom wants to control what everybody can and cannot do.
Christian Xander James
Kavanaugh boofed his opportunity to be a human being
Kelly Andrews
Kelly Andrews - Day ago
Democrats are more than happy to have more black babies aborted.
Dodgy Trump
Dodgy Trump - Day ago
Hey tRump, sick of losing yet?
Prasad Pavitram
Prasad Pavitram - Day ago
The term of the justices should be limited to two terms to reflect the will of the people.
ChannelSurfer 2020
ChannelSurfer 2020 - Day ago
Crybaby Kavanaugh has no place on a baby chair let alone the supreme bench. Impeach in 2021!! 😭😭😭😭😭”I like beer”😭😭😭😭😭
Dan M
Dan M - Day ago
A Ghost Without a Past
A Ghost Without a Past - 9 hours ago
Your entire country is being torn apart by a virus and you're still on this nonsense?!
Dan M
Dan M - Day ago
Tonny Stalk well. You called me a nazi and a racist right off the bat. You probably throw those words around pretty easily. So that disqualifies you from any type of rational conversation in my book. Because it tells me that you know nothing about either of them.
Tonny Stalk
Tonny Stalk - Day ago
@Dan M first off I have no political affiliations surprise this is just mental stimulation I like people to argue their points on why they believe this or that most fail .Grade F Dan M
Dan M
Dan M - Day ago
Tonny Stalk waste of time. Your brainwashed. It would like arguing with a mental patient. You need treatment. Then we could talk possibly.
Tonny Stalk
Tonny Stalk - Day ago
@Dan M Try me racist like you always underestimate the other guy this pompous behavior usually leads to embarrassment or your part .now back to language you understand see Dan run.
Ozetwo - Day ago
I think Roberts is saving up for his future vote in ruling Trump the winner in November after cheating his way into a second term. I am tipping now that US deaths will be around 250,000 by November I wonder how the yellow ones Whitehouse are going to spin that. They will be working on their gaslighting strategy now.
Vote to Count
Vote to Count - 2 days ago
Susan Collins is on her last leg trying to repair what she did to women with the Kavanaugh vote, and now voting "no" to remove Trump. Maine, VOTE HER OUT!
Vote to Count
Vote to Count - 9 hours ago
@@Lisa Simpson: so true!
Lisa Simpson
Lisa Simpson - 18 hours ago
She was so sure he'd respect precedent after meeting with him. She quite apparently doesn't have sound judgement when it matters!
Cornelius Antonius
Cornelius Antonius - Day ago Willie Nelson - Vote 'Em Out (Audio)
bella roja
bella roja - 2 days ago
Anyone who is "surprised" by ANYTHING right now needs to wake the -- up.
Stephen Tomsky
Stephen Tomsky - 2 days ago
Please remember Kavanaugh is anti-investigation and a known perjurer
MVVpro - 2 days ago
If you don't vote out every Republican candidate, your basic human rights will be trampled upon by the beer drinking abuser appointed by Trump.
wattlesong - 2 days ago
Best news of the last four years.
Best wishes to the women of Louisiana, for your continued ability to determine your own health and reproductive needs.
Susan Stace
Susan Stace - 2 days ago
Republicans can not be pro life when they want to sacrifice grandma and grandpa for the economy,
Carine Zitella
Carine Zitella - Day ago
They're only pro life before it's born, once it is born and grown up, they couldn't give a flying fcuk .... what they really want is controlling women's bodies so that women are kept subservient and obedient to men
Nicholas A.
Nicholas A. - Day ago
Especially what they are doing to the ACA in the middle of a pandemic
Brad Gies
Brad Gies - Day ago
So True, and they don't even really deny it
wattlesong - 2 days ago
That's Trump's Death Panels.
Ro G
Ro G - 2 days ago
Everyone: Wear a mask please!
t'rump supporters: You can't tell me what to do with my own body.
Everyone: So, you're pro-choice.
t'rump supporters: **stares back blankly** You can't tell me....
Everyone: Sigh 🤦
d bc
d bc - 23 hours ago
@Ali B so you don't believe in natural rights and the Constitution. okay. Iran or China might be a better fit for you.
Ali B
Ali B - Day ago
@d bc Good. I support mandatory organ donation.
d bc
d bc - Day ago
@ruth depew " If you want to assert your rights to control your body, go out in public stark naked below you mask. " note this advice only applies to hot chicks and studs.
ruth depew
ruth depew - Day ago
We can certainly tell you that you are not allowed to murder true living breathing human beings. Wear a mask. If you want to assert your rights to control your body, go out in public stark naked below you mask. It would be the more appropriate choice.
d bc
d bc - Day ago
funny but there's a big truth there. if they can force you to have children, then they can force you to donate organs. trump needs a tough luck, Ro, you're the chosen donor.
norman mckenzie
norman mckenzie - 2 days ago
ConTroller - 2 days ago
Right wants to protect the life of unborn and then stay in silence of killing the born down to our own 130000 dead. We should laugh them off any stage
Laura Lafauve
Laura Lafauve - 2 days ago
It will decrease need and desire for abortions.
Maxmartin - Day ago
@Laura Lafauve There is no grey area in the pro-life movement. They will demand that 100% of any funds allocated to "reproduction rights" within any legislation is removed. I have suggested that people can opt for "reproductive rights insurance." It is an optional, small premium paid into a seperate, non taxpayer funded pool of funds. The pro-life crowd will have to resort to trying to shut down the clinics again. The past 4 attempts to do that have ALL failed in State/Fed courts including 2 SCOTUS rulings. They will have to revert back to marching with signs. That's a 20 year step backwards. Here's a fact. The evangelical Christians wanted nothing to do with the abortion issue until Reagan convinced Ralph Reed to create the Christian Coalition Republican block of voters in the 1980's. They needed a single rallying cry so Pastors were all told to rail against abortion. Up until that point there was NO opposition from evangelicals to the Roe V Wade decision. The only opposition was from the Catholic Church heirarchy. Most Catholic voters were indifferent. The whole movement was a sham and is a sham.
Laura Lafauve
Laura Lafauve - Day ago
@Tessmage Tessera your comment does not make sense here. I am trying to reach anti abortionists and get them to think outside the box they currently confine themselves to. I am advocating for M4A, and in this case pointing out how it would help pregnant women and infants, something I hope we all can agree on.
Laura Lafauve
Laura Lafauve - Day ago
@Maxmartin actually I am trying to get anti abortionists to think outside their very small box. If all pregnant women and all children were insured some women/families would feel less pressure to have abortions for financial reasons. This aspect of abortions and pre and post natal is pretty much ignored by everyone.
Maxmartin - Day ago
@Tessmage Tessera You worry about that. I'll worry about defending Roe V Wade without your amphibian/mammal "science" bull💩.
Tessmage Tessera
Tessmage Tessera - Day ago
@Maxmartin Trump is going to die in prison, just like his close friend Jeffrey Epstein.
Bunker Baby dRumph
Bunker Baby dRumph - 2 days ago
What the left Democrat hand giveth the Repugnant RepubliKKKlan right hand clenched & balled up fist taketh away & is no more! This is a famous quote & I bet you don't know who sayeth first!
Somme Tinonme
Somme Tinonme - 2 days ago
What are they NOT doing ?? He will do Nothing ....
Bob Newman Knott
Bob Newman Knott - 2 days ago
Kavanagh lied to Congress he needs to be removed. As does Susan Collins let her take her concerns into retirement with her
Eyehayt Apricots
Eyehayt Apricots - 2 days ago
Trumpanzees aren't American.
jacq danieles
jacq danieles - 2 days ago
5-4 ... if Trump gets another SCOTUS pick ...
Rhovens Belizaire
Rhovens Belizaire - 2 days ago
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