How Did The NBA Let This Happen

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Dante Lopez
Dante Lopez - 4 hours ago
So we gonna avoid the real reason on why the NBAs ratings went down?
Michael Walker
Michael Walker - 4 hours ago
Michael Jordan took a break to play another sport. Yeah, that counts as a break.
vetto B
vetto B - 4 hours ago
So much more goin on in the world thats much more important then sports. The nba is no where near as good as it was in the 90s and early 2000's............ Way less dunks way less crossovers and people falling way less defense way more calls. way more travels and Carry's that are not called .... Alot of bad calls
ChuTV - 4 hours ago
Jeremy H**
Jeremy H** - 4 hours ago
It's not just covid. It's the political stance of painting black lives matter on the courts and all the players supporting BLM that turned people off.
Daniel Magnuson
Daniel Magnuson - 4 hours ago
Kyrie: toxic and insane, KD: insane, James Harden: toxic..... so basically that’s double the insanity and toxicity and if those 3 players combine then they will not be good
koonkaketv - 5 hours ago
Christopher Jackson
Christopher Jackson - 5 hours ago
And Jordan didn't retire to take a break from "playing too much".... When he played, he played nearly every game. Did you hit some rock before making this video?
Christopher Jackson
Christopher Jackson - 5 hours ago
Competing with the NFL is not the reason why nobody is watching.. Has a lot more to do with moving their games to paid television channels and being too political.
LGND APOLLO - 5 hours ago
Well, I guess WNBA should be really complaining about their check, thats full on money made by LeBron, Donćić, Lillard, Westbrook etc
john loft
john loft - 6 hours ago
Go woke go broke
Vlada Sahovic
Vlada Sahovic - 7 hours ago
The average of the 1998 game was 25.666... not 29 million. That is, if you're going by these six games, and there wasn't a game 7 that 49 million people watched. But yeah, the difference in viewership is striking regardless.
3rdEye - 7 hours ago
9 in 10 comments about Jxmy's Klay comment. Well, sheep will be sheep!
MrJamesCleveland - 8 hours ago
I love basketball but honestly it’s so boring to watch now. I was praying Miami would upset the Lakers just to have something interesting to watch.
Where’s the joy gone? It’s all overexcited young men with too much money. I don’t blame them; but it seems to me the money really effects the focus on winning mentality and focus on the game.
Let’s all just jump on the one best team and ride into the finals. LeBron is a hugely talented player but so dull to watch.
BLM? Vote? Yeah sure but can we maybe just play basketball for a while? No. Apparently not.
CodyOsteen5 - 8 hours ago
The video didn’t age well with Kay Thompson. Also, you focusing on the 10 weeks on off time for playoffs teams like that’s not plenty of time to recover. Those teams will be fine.
CodyOsteen5 - 8 hours ago
Jordan retired to go play baseball. Wasn’t like he was sitting on a beach getting fat for a year and a half. Lebron going to cherry pick first half of season? He has been load managing his entire career. MJ hardly missed a game through tour his career. No comparison.
CodyOsteen5 - 9 hours ago
It’s hilarious people think that the nfl is the reason why the nba had god awful numbers but ignore the fact that most of the finals games weren’t played head to head with the nfl.
Samuel Koshy
Samuel Koshy - 9 hours ago
Hey guys check out this video
100 Nation
100 Nation - 10 hours ago
This is a result of forcing there political BLM bs down the prominently white fan base. Thank Muhammad "Lebron" Ali for destroying love of the game.
Chris Diegel
Chris Diegel - 11 hours ago
Do on demand games. $19.99 a game.
V'shawn London
V'shawn London - 12 hours ago
tbh when kobe died the league did as well
Harrison Rice
Harrison Rice - 13 hours ago
Ayyyyy I peep the Yum Center @1:08
Locoballer - 13 hours ago
LeBron has not the Jordan effect i guess
Valley of Salt
Valley of Salt - 13 hours ago
Dude if you add all viewers across the globe during 11th Oct games, I think NBA still has more viewers right? NFL is not popular like in Asia unlike basketball and soccer..
Utd 4 the league Utd 4 the league
go woke go broke
Evan Kirton
Evan Kirton - 14 hours ago
NBA ratings are down because the stars are bringing politics into it. People watch sports to get away from politics. And the NBA’s man in star (LBJ) can't keep his mouth shut smh
BruceReeee - 14 hours ago
doesnt help that a lot of people are just done with all the political bs that the players are constantly puking out.
Omar Valencia Orozco
Omar Valencia Orozco - 14 hours ago
Anybody notice how he skipped #5 on the contenders list.
philip martin
philip martin - 15 hours ago
It wasn't Covid that lost the NBA 1.5 Billion. It was their BLM shit that a lot of people don't care to see. People wanna watch sports to get away from all that stuff, only to have it shoved down their throats more, especially when the cause they argue is statistically false.
yuitr loing
yuitr loing - 15 hours ago
Most of the NBA's 2019-2020 revenue were from sales of Kobe merchandise.
Miggie 2210
Miggie 2210 - 15 hours ago
Warriors? Nah man klay just injured he's achillies.
Unforgiving 28
Unforgiving 28 - 15 hours ago
Could have swore Jordan took a break cuz his dad died
dnites - 16 hours ago
Get your info right. Some teams ARE bringing in fans.
yuitr loing
yuitr loing - 15 hours ago
gws klay, be back stronger than ever
Dany Mosqueda
Dany Mosqueda - 16 hours ago
Lebron (and everyone else who was part of the NBA restart) had a 4 month break during covid, and the offseason between the 2020 finals and the start of the 2020-2021 season is the same length as the offseason in any normal year. They need to quit bitching and just go earn their money.
WRDZ FromNewJerz
WRDZ FromNewJerz - 16 hours ago
I mean they traded 3 months off in the middle of the season for a bubble and a small offseason.
Mujtaba Ali
Mujtaba Ali - 16 hours ago
bro woke up thinking about which chart format to use
Ohh Twist
Ohh Twist - 16 hours ago
Gonna be a while till we really see klay 😭
Big Ol' G
Big Ol' G - 16 hours ago
also because of blm the revenue went down
Jack Howley
Jack Howley - 16 hours ago
The main reason their ratings are dropping are because people are sick of the nba’s political bull crap
Jeremy Dipego
Jeremy Dipego - 17 hours ago
I hate to be that guy but why Marvin Bagley on that stars list and Zach Labine not
Jahfet Clarke
Jahfet Clarke - 17 hours ago
Srry bro but kay Thompson out again he's the next john wall
Xavier Vogrig
Xavier Vogrig - 18 hours ago
If they halved the price of league pass I would buy it... at the moment I stream it illegally but if it had a somewhat decent price I would buy it, at the moment the price is just way too high...
1blackone - 18 hours ago
6:21 Hit different after hearing about Klay
Ian K
Ian K - 18 hours ago
You really passed over the 98 Finals ratings. Interesting. Considering there was just a documentary that discussed it. Comparing that to anything today is what it is. There are 0 professional athletes that controlled America like Jordan did in 98.
Ian K
Ian K - 18 hours ago
How much time did MJ have off after the 92 Olympics and still 3 peated? F Lebron
DB 42
DB 42 - 18 hours ago
Mentioned how the social justice stance cause them to lose revenue and views. Jordan and Kobe grew the league. Steph and Lebron ruined it. Make are chart bout that please
MyFriendlyPup - 19 hours ago
Marxist NBA of china
Roo - 19 hours ago
gws klay, be back stronger than ever
BFB-DanceySteve - 19 hours ago
The viewing figures from years ago was when people were limited to what to watch on network TV. Now we have instant on demand highlights minutes after the game ends, so it's not really a fair comparison
Jonny Era
Jonny Era - 20 hours ago
When Lebron retires the NBA will loose rating and viewership.
MRB 7804
MRB 7804 - 20 hours ago
the klay thompson thing didn’t age well
AdrianTheHomie - 21 hour ago
Looks like the nba is losing a lot of money that’s what they get for bringing in politics 🥱
juratovac c
juratovac c - 22 hours ago
views went down cuz they brought politics into sports. that is why
Alan Sawyer
Alan Sawyer - 22 hours ago
Not only do I not watch the NBA anywhere near as much as I used to I am not even goi g to watch this whole video. Stop the political garbage and sucking up to China NBA and your viewers might come back.
sounddoctorin - 22 hours ago
when they put their real name on the shirts/ take communist shill group slogans out...lemme know...otherwise to heck w/ it
TheVisigoth - 22 hours ago
LeBron is a whiny loser too. He had the whole pre-bubble time off and he doesn't try in the regular season anyway. All he does is make excuses for his trash, egotistical attitude, and it's ruined the league. That's why Harden thinks he can backstab Houston, because LeChoke made fans the least important part of the league.
Antonin Combrie
Antonin Combrie - 22 hours ago
bro literally. Who watches the NFL instead of the NBA finals.
TheVisigoth - 22 hours ago
Not watching the NBA until LeBron is gone. Not interested in another year of rigged garbage and lecturing from Chinese billionaires.
Yo Mammas Boo
Yo Mammas Boo - 22 hours ago
Jxmy: Drops video about the inevitable death of the NBA.
Comment section: “ThErE’s So MaNy ChArTs!🤪🧶”
Young Twam
Young Twam - 22 hours ago
i don’t understand the problem with the league starting in late’s their job to play basketball and they’re under contract to play (hold outs are bullshit btw) and 72 days seems, to me an outsider, like plenty of time, especially considering i’d imagine that nba players enjoy playing basketball. so i really don’t see the problem. personally i’d rather go 72 days without playing competitive professional basketball than over 200 days
Young Twam
Young Twam - 23 hours ago
we all know why the views were down so low this year it’s just that no one wants to admit it
chitownsuperfan - 23 hours ago
They're struggling because Adam Silver has worked with LeFraud to go out of their way to completely destroy the League. I have no sympathy for those commie clowns
Isaac Tane
Isaac Tane - 23 hours ago
"A rejuvenated and well rested Klay"
Too bad he just tore his Achilles, it really makes me sad and drops the warriors chances of winning the chip. And poor Klay just sat out a whole season and now has to sit out another.
3rdEye - 7 hours ago
Dont feel too sorry for poor Klay, hes living a wonderful life!
annag cocl
annag cocl - 23 hours ago
Jxmy's wife: How was the bj? Jxmy: pulls out a bj performance chart
Brendan ODonnell
Brendan ODonnell - Day ago
POV: u came here from Flight
Tenseyyy - Day ago
Imagine if harden was traded to the raptors in 2012
Doctor Doom
Doctor Doom - Day ago
NBA lost fans when the players started painting all the police as evil dudes and gals.
slimekhan - 21 hour ago
Not true
annag cocl
annag cocl - 23 hours ago
Klay not comming back 😢😢😢
Anurag Vattipalli
Anurag Vattipalli - Day ago
Jimmy really baited us with that thumbnail
Jack Jones
Jack Jones - Day ago
8:02 . ☹️😓☹️😓☹️😓☹️
Negritis - Day ago
Hopefully Jokic has no time to get fat on big mac
Em San
Em San - Day ago
Klay Thompson : Hold my 37 points in a quarter record.
Lotus - Day ago
I thought this was one of your old vids
Michael Jordan
Michael Jordan - Day ago
people think the league needs lebron.. they need curry! he's the one people watch nowadays, stats don't like so don't come at me
desser - Day ago
Youtube getting real comfortable with these double ads
kwalex - Day ago
Would love to know how many millions of people stream NBA games for free. Gotta take that into consideration. Especially overseas not many people will pay for league pass, but will stream games for free.
Breezy Hyuuga
Breezy Hyuuga - Day ago
The loss was also because the hear were there instead of the bucks
Carterisgoat23 - Day ago
Really miss the og music 😪
Nick - Day ago
I live in Canada and it's impossible to watch the NBA games I like even with a paid prescription so fuck the NBA.
Rayan Elsaadiny
Rayan Elsaadiny - Day ago
Um about Klay
N Marbletoe
N Marbletoe - Day ago
I don't believe it wasn't competing with the NFL that tanked the ratings. Was the NFL competing with itself, that's why it dropped also?
Stephen Brooks
Stephen Brooks - Day ago
@ 2:33 There definitive proof of who the NBA G.O.A.T. really is!
Alikay - Day ago
Klay not comming back 😢😢😢
Douglas Hero
Douglas Hero - Day ago
I wish you would have put in the number of days Jordan was actually retired for comparison.
Dillon Jennings
Dillon Jennings - Day ago
Painting BLM across the courts and jerseys certainly didn’t help the NBA’s viewership and ratings
slimekhan - 21 hour ago
just hurry up and say ur racist
da king
da king - Day ago
Bro love the vid but tell me are you gonna start back basketball ever
Timmy Dacheese
Timmy Dacheese - Day ago
Yeah about klay...
Taylor Gaston
Taylor Gaston - Day ago
Let’s quit acting like a 72 day offseason isn’t enough time to recover. Cry me a raging river. An over 2 month vacation. If I get a week I’m lucky
Taylor Gaston
Taylor Gaston - 5 hours ago
@Timmy Dacheese you can’t be serious. I think some people just have to take an opposing opinion to everything they read . Whether it makes sense or not
Taylor Gaston
Taylor Gaston - 5 hours ago
@Timmy Dacheese again it’s 72 days. That’s enough time for any occupation in the world . Name another occupation with a longer vacation
Timmy Dacheese
Timmy Dacheese - Day ago
Yeah but u aren’t an NBA player and u probably don’t work out like they do at all. They also have to get a mental rest as well
Emanuel Washington
Emanuel Washington - Day ago
Clickbait as hell.
Taylor Gaston
Taylor Gaston - Day ago
Just quit blacking games out . More tv ad revenue
Anthony LaPiana
Anthony LaPiana - Day ago
i think the reason why views are going down is because of steaming services, you have to pay a bunch of money just to get the right combination of streaming services to watch all the nba games you want and fans really don’t like that
Kanye Westbrook
Kanye Westbrook - Day ago
The star power just ain't there no more. Too many injuries and uninteresting matchups.
NationJJ - Day ago
The NBA isn't losing the 4 billion, it's just not making it. So imagine not making 4 billion and still being a billionaire. Only problem is that financially poor workers will have to find jobs elsewhere.
Davide Gozzi
Davide Gozzi - Day ago
Rip klay
Kostantinos Eleytheriadis
yeah because the problem is nba has more international fans but we cannot watch games at 3 am at midnight so although they don't get as many viewers they actually have more fans
cooach - Day ago
views were way down for the finals because everyone knew the lakers were going to win with no doubt. I deff didnt care to watch the finals at all this year.
3rdEye - 7 hours ago
Numbers dont include unnofficial streams which more people are watching for more sport due to the greed of these mother fuckers at the top.
Jakir Malik
Jakir Malik - Day ago
Seprate BLM from the NBA and watch the ratings go up...
Jakir Malik
Jakir Malik - Day ago
I dont give a rats ass...When you making that type of money you should play 365 days a year...
4skinwrld - Day ago
And the nets are going to get James harden apparently so the nets will be the best team in the league Bc of the rest kd and kyrie have then James harden having like average rest
Jose Rivas
Jose Rivas - Day ago
When you go woke you go broke
Bartosz Wójcik
Bartosz Wójcik - Day ago
Go woke, get broke. Simple.
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