Luke Combs - Does To Me (Official Video) ft. Eric Church

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Luke Combs
Luke Combs - Month ago
Appreciate y'all tuning in! Hope y'all loved the video. You guys mean the world to me, and I hope some of y'all saw your picture in the video - if you did, let me know! Y'all stay safe and I will see y'all on the other side!
William Hester
William Hester - 18 hours ago
Great song!!
Ross J. Wick
Ross J. Wick - 2 days ago
Luke = legend
Karli Schreffler
Karli Schreffler - 7 days ago
Love it
Timothy Kanode
Timothy Kanode - 15 days ago
Me and my brothers love for my birthday I want to see you :-)
Breanna Cory
Breanna Cory - 17 days ago
Hey sweetie
Up the Ante
Up the Ante - 3 hours ago
That hit me right in the feels Luke !
Sthembile23 Maphumulo
Sthembile23 Maphumulo - 3 hours ago
Ngryt Ngryt wena ukuthathaphi 3million ÷÷3÷3÷3÷window ÷3÷3÷÷33333e33è
Pam Speer
Pam Speer - 5 hours ago
Love ❤️ this tune 🎹🎸🎤🎼🎧.
The War of the Words Podcast
This guy is incapable of making a bad song
LTCAproductions - 15 hours ago
2:38 your grandma’s recipe is mine now 💅
Mike H
Mike H - Day ago
최윤 - Day ago
미쿡은 역시 칸트리 음악이지
Cathy A
Cathy A - 2 days ago
For me it's the little things being there for my best friend keeping not only the dog alive after his injury but also for very crazy feral kittens in our backyard alive and well it's those that matter the most and I'm grateful for them
Lacey Richardson
Lacey Richardson - 3 days ago
Aww I needed this today
Matt Moore
Matt Moore - 3 days ago
Heard one of your songs on the radio in the UK and man, I can't get enough! You sir are so talented.
Mary Wealth
Mary Wealth - 3 days ago
I hear some George Harrison influence in the lead guitar.
RIVAL BROS - 4 days ago
thumbs up if you have listened to this song more than 50 times 😂😂😂
Chris England
Chris England - 4 days ago
This song is about the common people in this world. Just because you don't make a million dollars etc. Your life can still have meaning. If you leave this world better, you are a success.
Kermit Karzon
Kermit Karzon - 6 days ago
So... is this like farm emo?
horse782 - 6 days ago
Just heard this today on the radio damn good driving song. Well done Luke to
Sameer Sawant
Sameer Sawant - 6 days ago
Exceptionally outstanding and quite appealing song... 👌
Linda Walker
Linda Walker - 7 days ago
Luke I think this song will always be seen as your signature song .
Marie McCarter
Marie McCarter - 7 days ago
This man,s got it going on,.AWESOME 👍
Crystal Fowler
Crystal Fowler - 7 days ago
Its means the world to me
Crystal Fowler
Crystal Fowler - 7 days ago
Calvy Schoen
Calvy Schoen - 7 days ago
I love this duet
Thomas Knotts
Thomas Knotts - 7 days ago
Keep on getting up bro u doing one hell of a job stay safe out there
somebody special
somebody special - 7 days ago
I don't have to watch music videos to see songs because and can just listen to it on the radio but this music video is nothing I've ever seen before so why not comment I asked myself
Kendra Daniels
Kendra Daniels - 8 days ago
You are such an amazing talent!
CAROLINE HUNTER - 8 days ago
So beautiful!! Made me cry ❤️❤️
Dawson Angel
Dawson Angel - 9 days ago
im 13 my dad passed when I was 7 and my mom when I was 12 it sucks that's why we all have to be grateful for what we have my auntie took me in when I was young and I'm very grateful
Michael Moffat
Michael Moffat - 9 days ago
Luke Combs gives me hope for celebrities he’s a down to earth man with an amazing talent and he uses it to not only put out great music but to spread positivity to others. Truly he deserves his successes and I hope not only he continues and has an amazing career but that other famous people strive to be like him
wickedbigpuffeduphai - 9 days ago
Dang, Luke Combs videos ALWAYS make me cry. He is amazing.
Lee Vincent
Lee Vincent - 9 days ago
Good idea on the video, but some images/phrases should have matched drop points in the song better. Like for the damn good brother verse parts of the video should have been devoted to just that, brotherhood. Still loved it. Just something I noticed
Clayton Dyer
Clayton Dyer - 9 days ago
This is an amazing song, great job on it and I hope I get to see you out there, stay safe everyone
Fabrizio Lunelli
Fabrizio Lunelli - 9 days ago
N.1 song on Mediabase and Billboard Country Airplay charts. 8 chart toppers in a row! Congratulations Luke.
Carin Cilliers
Carin Cilliers - 10 days ago
This man has the voice of an angel...crazy about your music!!!!
Johanna Armybrat
Johanna Armybrat - 11 days ago
Beautiful song!!!!🔥
WGOL - 11 days ago
This is hands down the best new country song of the year. We are usually an 80-90s country station, but we play a few new releases, and Does to Me is the best of all of them. My wife and I saw Luke perform in Huntsville several years ago before you made it big. I think you opened for the Bellamy Brothers. Knew then you would be a fixture in country music. Great job!
KA Brook
KA Brook - 13 days ago
Such an unselfish way to release your new song!🎶💜
Ryan Smith
Ryan Smith - 14 days ago
LISA' DavIS - 14 days ago
Love the song you are awesome
stevensc76 - 15 days ago
The rock my kids painted when they were younger for Father’s Day is at the 2:40 mark ❤️ Haven’t seen it in a few months since it’s at work and I’m working from home due to the COVID-19 craziness. Thank you Luke Combs and crew for being so awesome!
Sand Farms
Sand Farms - 15 days ago
best song ever
Kaitlin Blake
Kaitlin Blake - 16 days ago
Ok Luke Combs.
Mike McAnally
Mike McAnally - 16 days ago
I was a JV wrestler on a second place team and i had that head of steam that led to a state placement and captain of my team senior year. Changed my life and Luke made me think about it in this song. Thank you!
Larry Bean
Larry Bean - 17 days ago
Breathe of fresh air! Thanks. Brother!!!!
Esmeralda Rodriguez
Esmeralda Rodriguez - 19 days ago
I love how country artist include regular people in their videos💕
Jennifer Widner
Jennifer Widner - 19 days ago
I am sure glad to see your videos in my song list of Alan Jackson Jamie Johnson and uncle kracker I just can't wait till this play list gets done it may have carry Underwood Reba Hank & red divine before I get done with it :)
Cameron Desrochers
Cameron Desrochers - 19 days ago
Huntin with a dad might not seem like much but it makes my week to hunt with my dad thanks luke!
Jenny G.
Jenny G. - 20 days ago
3 years fighting. 3 kids. Stage 4 cancer, home hospice care and I'm still here fighting for my kids. My husband had 2 tours in Iraq fighting for our country now he's on my team helping me fight 🙏🏼❤
Might not mean much to you, but it does to me 💪🏼 Luke, you're an amazing artist. All the blessings to you!
Kevin Wilson jr
Kevin Wilson jr - 21 day ago
People might not see but can we please get you and rod wave plzzzzzzzzzz
_Diesol_gang_ - 21 day ago
But I don't have social media
_Diesol_gang_ - 21 day ago
I wish i as in it
Anime Wolfie_YT
Anime Wolfie_YT - 21 day ago
When you can’t go do a music diet with other people so you make a music video from other pics
TheMatFratRealityTV - 22 days ago
Every Combs' song grabs my heart and makes me value what we have.
Aria Charmley
Aria Charmley - 22 days ago
hi i'm a big fan Luke I've been sing your song in front of my family from 4 years all ready
Cat. a. corn
Cat. a. corn - 25 days ago
anyone else feel VERY happy for that grandpa?? like if you do!!
Kailee Zola
Kailee Zola - 25 days ago
This is my favorite country song
Richard Kelly
Richard Kelly - 25 days ago
Cindy Friend
Cindy Friend - 26 days ago
Love him
Mark Schnurr
Mark Schnurr - 27 days ago
Honestly, this guy is a throwback. Who needs autotune. Just a man and his guitar. Luke Combs and maybe John Pardi ate gonna revive country.
I love all your music, but this one sure feels like my life
Ming Melton
Ming Melton - 28 days ago
Nice fish 🐟 😇
⛪️ Loves
bill box
bill box - 29 days ago
I try my best I know I a pain I love u all
bill box
bill box - 29 days ago
it makes me proud
Mathew Jones
Mathew Jones - Month ago
Love this guy got me through so much and such a geniune man and artist!
Alfredo Castro
Alfredo Castro - Month ago
This needs more views talented individual
Armybrat 4life
Armybrat 4life - Month ago
I have cried from 2 of your song because they have been that impressionable on me!!!!!! Thank you for loving us all and thanks for your support for my brothers and sisters over seas and here at home!!!!!
Stone Cold Country
Stone Cold Country - Month ago
Luke, thank you for continuing to carry the country music torch. "Who's gonna fill their shoes?" 🙂
Nick Adcock
Nick Adcock - Month ago
Not sure who the lady at 3:27 is but Missouri Valley College is in my home town! Pretty cool!
Pacerman24 - Month ago
Love it luke
Michael Belcher
Michael Belcher - Month ago
This is a great example of real country music
priscilla sousley
priscilla sousley - Month ago
i love the song luke
Kenli Shaw
Kenli Shaw - Month ago
I love seeing even Mama Combs amongst the fan photos. The most humble, real-country singer of our time.
James Paterson
James Paterson - Month ago
Austin Owens
Austin Owens - Month ago
I believe you're wrong brother Luke your not the midd;e of of The road but as Roger would say king of it
missylks123 - Month ago
Good job! Taking all those Coachella goers and transforming them into Stagecoach folk! Keep going!
Austin Owens
Austin Owens - Month ago
Thanks Luke country fans now again know what it feels like too weak in tall cotton
soccertl - Month ago
Would love to see you if you get to come to Florence, AZ in November. Can't get tickets yet so we shall see.
Fabrizio Lunelli
Fabrizio Lunelli - Month ago
N.1 song on Canada country Airplay chart! Now i hope it will go at the top of Country Airplay charts in Usa.
Box of chocolates
Box of chocolates - Month ago
I absolutely love this song. The photos being shared brought tears to my eyes.
Shannon Sweeney
Shannon Sweeney - Month ago
#MAGA !!!!!!
Kimberley Darr
Kimberley Darr - Month ago
That was beautiful Luke, you always make me cry...x
Eric Church
Eric Church - Month ago
The Boone,NC connection. So awesome.
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