Singapore MICHELIN STAR Food Tour $4 NOODLES vs. $300 BBQ | BEST Spicy Mapo Tofu!

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My salivary glands are sweating
Rohan Kabadi
Rohan Kabadi - 5 days ago
Mike you missed out by not eating at candlenut chef Malcom Lee’s take on traditional peranakan food is amazing.
Chandu Vamsi
Chandu Vamsi - 8 days ago
0:27 name of the background song plz?
lilflowercat - 9 days ago
We usually don't stand in line ourselves for those noodles 🤣 Evil but we will send an intern or the lowest ranking family member to do the job and just appear at the right time. Alternatively, we go at off-peak hours. No line!
tom betty
tom betty - 12 days ago
I watch these videos when I eat. So I pretend to be mike and pretend my food is his food.
selenfrida - 14 days ago
That mapo tofu 🤤
Ricky Ng
Ricky Ng - 15 days ago
OH I GET IT, royal tea, royalty
guess people back then just loved tea so much that they wanted the name to go along with it
Sarah Kennedy
Sarah Kennedy - 17 days ago
What flavour is 'numnum'? Sorry if I have spelled that incorrectly. Thanks.
Michelle Diane
Michelle Diane - 26 days ago
Joke Assasin
Joke Assasin - 26 days ago
You're the reason I convinced a coworker to try the black pepper crab while visiting our factory in Singapore.
modelchickny - Month ago
Mufasa dies in Lion King! Oh my, you just ruin this movie for me as I did not watched it yet! LOL, just playing, LOL, food looks so delicious!
StormBreaker - Month ago
That Dan Dan looked exquisite I love Dan Dan like that but I like mine more numbing then spicy
Mittelfinger92 - Month ago
spoiled the lion king ending disliked unfollowed jk
Jonathan Cao-Nguyen
Jonathan Cao-Nguyen - Month ago
I loved my experience at Burnt Ends. One of my favorite restaurants when I visited Singapore
Angela Calhoun
Angela Calhoun - Month ago
I would LOVE to meet this guy! But he would have to come to Shreveport, Louisiana. 😁
Kristina Blaylock
Kristina Blaylock - Month ago
Don’t talk about mufasa...
george fisher
george fisher - Month ago
10:06- My man just finna roasted all of the girls in his life with one line
Alex - Month ago
Lmao that isn’t no tea, my mans put some of da good good in there
Pendre3 - Month ago
The next time you go back to Singapore, you must try the crispy rice hot and sour soup at Min Jiang in the Goodwood Park Hotel. It is AMAZING! They also have a durian festival every year, which is wonderful (if you like durian).
mdjcsmith - Month ago
As an Aussie, even I have to begrudgingly admit, the South Africans and Brazilians are better at BBQ than we are.
Yel Marie Foodie
Yel Marie Foodie - Month ago
You can also feel the taste how Mikeee lavishly describes each and every food he ate \( ^O^ )//
Anthony Bortolazzo
Anthony Bortolazzo - Month ago
I cracked up at the hogworts hat comment. Thanks dude...
Amy Daniel
Amy Daniel - Month ago
I always watch this while im eating...😍😍😍
Lucy - Month ago
You have the best job!
Riya B
Riya B - Month ago
A horse does not go with a carriage Mike. They should be free.
meestaShin - Month ago
Wagyu means Japanese beef. Not sure how they got Australian wagyu. :P
Greta mmm boi
Greta mmm boi - Month ago
meestaShin doesn’t wagyu just refer to a breed of Japanese cow???
Jens Garcia
Jens Garcia - Month ago
Come to australia dude!
HannahDeeerp - Month ago
I really want to know how to make those dun dun noodles
Memo Cabrera
Memo Cabrera - Month ago
I don’t know why chines people like to eat a lot of sqweeshe food
xXKira _thebadgalXx
xXKira _thebadgalXx - 2 months ago
WAHHHH I AM HUNGRY AGAIN Time for my strictly diet get it???
SeouL - 2 months ago
What is the recipe for Roasted Pineapple Sabayon ?
Angela - 2 months ago
The noodles place have been my fav since small, there’s always a line 1. My fav is the dumpling noodles, SO GOOD 😋😋
Keng Oei Quek
Keng Oei Quek - 2 months ago
FYI, the Japanese 2 Star restaurant is opened by the son of Ken Kenichi, the original Chinese Iron Chef. His strength has been Sichuan cooking if you had seen those episodes so it is not surprising that his son carried on the the tradition.
Ng Kiệt
Ng Kiệt - 2 months ago
I’am pick 4$
James Casse
James Casse - 2 months ago
Welcome to come to Melbourne, Australia we get real Australian beef
tae smellsbad
tae smellsbad - 2 months ago
what do you call the dry noodles?
tae smellsbad
tae smellsbad - 2 months ago
3:14 420 BLAZE IT, seriously the tea drinking is complicated
mech8239 - 2 months ago
im sorry but tofu is nasty!!
Brandon R
Brandon R - 2 months ago
"It's like eating jelly at Goldilock's house."
James Tiefry
James Tiefry - 2 months ago
You about to have competition lol I am trying to eat the world too
Test McRow
Test McRow - 2 months ago
Anyone thought that knocking was coming from inside their house?
HTakara82 - 2 months ago
the BBQ place... it didn't serve BBQ, well not "traditional" bbq anyway, if it was me, I'd be a bit disappointed.
DoT - 2 months ago
Omg you watch Food Wars??
Mehul Vadaria
Mehul Vadaria - 2 months ago
Which song is played at 19:19
N[] H[]p3
N[] H[]p3 - 2 months ago
Lazarbeam is Australian and when he went into the Australian restaurant he played the music Lazarbeam uses often coincidence I think not
Harry Friedman
Harry Friedman - 2 months ago
I wish I had the power to teleport anywhere. I could be having the feast of my life in Kobe Japan, or Australia eating mud crab 😭😭😭😭😭
Scatt2k7 - 2 months ago
Correction the queen of the entire UK not just England smh.
Mz. YumYum14
Mz. YumYum14 - 2 months ago
Pork is no good to eat....not meant for human consumption! So many Asian dishes filled with pork tho....why???
Kenzie Roos
Kenzie Roos - 2 months ago
"The Cinderella of all dumplings" love that 💕
ERC Gaming
ERC Gaming - 2 months ago
The mapo tofu look like the mapo tofu in shokuge no soma
Li Michelle
Li Michelle - 2 months ago
I think that’s a sichuan restaurant not a Japanese restaurant. None of the dishes were Japanese food.
Iwan Tjam
Iwan Tjam - 2 months ago
It will be good if you can put the name of the restaurant in the video. Have been trying to search it.
Pesehut - 2 months ago
*puts Michelin in the title*
Also him: *promotes other restaurant*
Luka xXlunch pail guyXx Doncic
please go to michelin star restaurant more often
Luka xXlunch pail guyXx Doncic
please go to michelin star restaurant more often
kahopukehau - 2 months ago
Mapo tofu is good on rice, but I’ve discovered that it’s INSANE on a fresh, raw bed of bean sprouts!
Rockstar Eater
Rockstar Eater - 2 months ago
Not all Michelin Star restaurants are as good as I originally thought. Recently had a suhlungtung in Korea at a restaurant that had two michelin stars, and was just bland all around. But I have faith that those $4 noodles were worth it.
indra tomo
indra tomo - 2 months ago
Totally agree tai hwa is ok only... You can get tai wah michelin noodle with the same taste n less queue in hong lim park centre
Rebecca H
Rebecca H - 2 months ago
You was on my recommendation OMG I’ve subscribed your amazing! 😍
Otaku Gains
Otaku Gains - 2 months ago
Shouts out to anyone who understood the food wars reference
livefortodai - 2 months ago
Does he still have a crew? I always see him alone now.
Che1seabluesdrogba11 - 2 months ago
I just can't get the taste of tofu
Mrkus Cha.
Mrkus Cha. - 2 months ago
You are really an expert in noodles.
Laura Elizabeth
Laura Elizabeth - 2 months ago
I love Yea, and jelly? Lol you're really living the life 💕
what - 2 months ago
Why am I watching while fasting
darrendelong - 2 months ago
In Singapore a cheap hawker meal isn't very much different from a Michelin meal. You just have to find the right places.
Michelle s
Michelle s - 2 months ago
FOOD!!! LOVE!!!!
paolo zafra
paolo zafra - 2 months ago
How are you not obese?
Stranger - 2 months ago
3:14 this is how he will look while selling some high quality imported weed
Kai - 2 months ago
whats the song at the start? anyone
sumosumo888 - 2 months ago
Haha .... tai hwa noodles is way overrated. Trust your own tastebuds. Irony is your favorite item are the meatballs.... which are factory made meatballs.....!
TheCutBeautii - 2 months ago
Can't wait to visit next year. I'm strictly going just for the food.
Aiden_Chau - 2 months ago
You need to come to Malaysia next
hmbsit waloc
hmbsit waloc - 2 months ago
Absolutely nothing Australian about that barbeque restaraunt you went to, I'm Aussie I should know and yes I am a great grandfather so I also have the age lol
Wendy Hoe
Wendy Hoe - 2 months ago
You should try a Fish Noodle Soup at Ang Mo Kio at Singapore for SG $3.50
nuvamusic - 2 months ago
Mapo Tofu is not a hard dish at all. As long as you have the right ingredients, cooking it is pretty straightforward
Dallas Nateweyes
Dallas Nateweyes - 2 months ago
Blaise Payne
Blaise Payne - 2 months ago
I just can't help it I have to watch these then omg I miss living in the city as I live in the Australian bush now and there is no good Asian food places anywhere near me and I miss good noodles and tofu. But the closest good Asian food place is over 2hrs drive away.
And when I try to make it myself it's never the same.
Blaise Payne
Blaise Payne - 2 months ago
Lol that's why to fancy for a real Australian BBQ.
Australian BBQ Is very simple but our good quality meats and sea foods are what makes it so special.
Kay Flip
Kay Flip - 2 months ago
That eel and frois grois on toast sandwich looked insane.
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