Singapore MICHELIN STAR Food Tour $4 NOODLES vs. $300 BBQ | BEST Spicy Mapo Tofu!

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Jayden Toh
Jayden Toh - 17 hours ago
I live in Singapore but yet I did not know
corn dawgz
corn dawgz - Day ago
this guy eats liver and spleens and crap but can't eat broccolis
Reniya Delphine
Reniya Delphine - 4 days ago
that just looks like fancy ass popcorn chicken i love it
A Weeb
A Weeb - 6 days ago
this is food wars all over again
HTGE3 - 12 days ago
When I heard eel, I thought he said veal
Jake Abe
Jake Abe - 20 days ago
Did anyone take your shoes by Mistake Dude?
Jhvoannie Lambert
Jhvoannie Lambert - 26 days ago
Thing is I'm Jamaican and I would never eat anything but the crab, just a warning Asians really like have a weird thing to them their food is something you have to get used to.
Ps: I knw a lot of asian-jamaicans mostly Korean an Chinese and I knw one Cambodian.
isabel elenes
isabel elenes - Month ago
Asian Sensation
Asian Sensation - Month ago
Here's the captions for the video...
mhmmmmmm, so delicious
mhmmmmmm, so delicious
mhmmmmmm, so delicious
You're missing out
mhmmmmmm, so delicious
mhmmmmmm, so delicious
mhmmmmmm, so delicious
You're missing out
This is so good.
Valeria Valencia
Valeria Valencia - 2 months ago
donjz777 - 2 months ago
cheap or expensive is relative of how much u got. A woman gave a few coins in the collection box, but that was all she had - so those coins is a worth a lot.. While a man did not give 27$ to help a woman feed herself, n he got financial bad luck to make him lose 500k$, so those $27 dollar was worth 500k$ in karma or God allowance. However, it's better to lose 500k$, than lose your soul. Maybe the next time, the guy will be more charitable..
Phoenix - 2 months ago
O. Y .T. H
O. Y .T. H - 2 months ago
Three hundred dollars Singapore dollars? That's like nine hundred Malaysian ringgit!
Eliana Portilla
Eliana Portilla - 3 months ago
Mikey is the funniest when he does not intend to be funny
koh liang jun
koh liang jun - 3 months ago
Making me so hungry 😭
美國德州牛仔TV - 3 months ago
So awesome
T McK - 3 months ago
10:55 how do you smoke ice cream
Cool Person
Cool Person - 3 months ago
What's that opening song?
Dee 8
Dee 8 - 3 months ago
Please someone tell me the name of the song in the beginning.... thank you
B Matt
B Matt - 3 months ago
bentpc - 3 months ago
Hawker Chan is definitely Overated!
Zheng Yee
Zheng Yee - 4 months ago
The Japanese Chinese restaurant looks amazing
Avi James
Avi James - 4 months ago
Try paneer in india its the same
Wendy Howell
Wendy Howell - 4 months ago
Poor you first place was closed :( just goes to prove it's a genuine x
The Mighty Sparrow
The Mighty Sparrow - 4 months ago
Where are the burnt ends?
Burnt ends without the burnt ends 🤬
mintico snout
mintico snout - 4 months ago
Total damage at the burnt end?
Dayzee1081 - 5 months ago
Dang it, 2 seconds ago I was thinking "nah, I dont want a snack, I'm not hungry..." now I'm starving, as usual, watching Mike eat! 😢🤣🤣🤣
Lilia Popova
Lilia Popova - 5 months ago
What's that at 4:47 ?
Mr Mr
Mr Mr - 5 months ago
so mike goes around and eats at expensive restaurants, how does he get that much money
Bobohobo 30 Years ago
Bobohobo 30 Years ago - 5 months ago
If im get too choose one way to die i would eat to my death
chazinhub - 5 months ago
How often do find other diners watching you...? Just noticed a guy in the background checking you out as you were about to taste the noodle wrapped shrimp with mayo(didn't want to type the whole description...LOL)
Victoria Pham
Victoria Pham - 6 months ago
Selina Kyle
Selina Kyle - 6 months ago
I binge watch all your videos and I have one question. First I love how you teach us about other cultures and the food. You come at everything with such respect. Please explain the love of egg ? It can’t be rare to find? In the US we make an egg when we have nothing else to cook. You buy an egg sandwich and seem so happy. Do they cook it differently?
Gavin Pushparajan
Gavin Pushparajan - 6 months ago
Jackie, (Mike) Do you actually finish all the food you get. The last time I was in SG I couldn't completed the meatballs and noodles. That's is.. I'm can you do it?
Tara Wright
Tara Wright - 6 months ago
I cant be the only one thinking I would place way more stock in a rating from Mikey than any number of stars or whatever from any other organization.
Perhaps 1 to 10 dumplings???
Tia Stewart
Tia Stewart - 7 months ago
When I eat any food now, it doesn’t feel right if I don’t hear Mikey explaining my meal to me 😞😔
Ang Charmine
Ang Charmine - 7 months ago
Oh Tea Chapter!
I love it there! Always have little tea parties there to keng gai (Cantonese; to chat) with my friends! (=´∀`) 🍵
VibesFah Life
VibesFah Life - 7 months ago
Take me with you next time I love your videos 😘😘
Gideon Joseph
Gideon Joseph - 7 months ago
Mate everything Australia is expensive.
jon Holsapple
jon Holsapple - 7 months ago
Doing my Thanksgiving menu but watching this my mouth is watering!
Kwang Yong Sim
Kwang Yong Sim - 7 months ago
Next time go and try the frog leg porridge 😛😛😛
dbsommers1 - 7 months ago
Another visual tasty treat
Michelle Lee
Michelle Lee - 7 months ago
I'm eating mcd while watching this, whateva
Stuart Campbell
Stuart Campbell - 7 months ago
Fake egg
Smart BabY
Smart BabY - 8 months ago
I love to eat I ve got money but I can't fly airplane because of my anxiety disorder😭 I wish to die right now
gunner Carr
gunner Carr - 8 months ago
That king crab looked sooooo good
Lisa & Tricia's Singapore Foodie TV
Looks good! Very nice sharing!
Canadian KRISPY Bacon
Canadian KRISPY Bacon - 8 months ago
$60 for 3.5 ounces of Striplion!!?? I’d it’s extremely, cost prohibitive expensive to anyone whose body weight is over 130lbs...any average adult, would need minimum 3 orders lol.
7-0-SAVAGE - 9 months ago
He said he got stains on the shirt he was wearing earlier! LOL Hey you know youre doin good when you walk away from the table needin to change yur shirt!
James Vetter
James Vetter - 9 months ago
westcoastsands - 9 months ago
I love Singapore too. Beautiful country and so clean. That’s what attracted me to this video. I love the intro song too. 😊
Treasure2Behold - 9 months ago
That food at the Australian BBQ was orgasmic.
win buy
win buy - 9 months ago
If that Ma Po Tofu is the best, I'm getting on a plane yesterday.
Little YinYin
Little YinYin - 9 months ago
No ppl eat soup version . Dry version is the best !
S_I_M_O_N S_A_Y_S - 10 months ago
Yeah nah. That’s not Aussie bbq.
boats - 10 months ago
oh no no no
Rohan Kabadi
Rohan Kabadi - 10 months ago
Mike you missed out by not eating at candlenut chef Malcom Lee’s take on traditional peranakan food is amazing.
Chandu Vamsi
Chandu Vamsi - 10 months ago
0:27 name of the background song plz?
lilflowercat - 11 months ago
We usually don't stand in line ourselves for those noodles 🤣 Evil but we will send an intern or the lowest ranking family member to do the job and just appear at the right time. Alternatively, we go at off-peak hours. No line!
tack jirenjack
tack jirenjack - 11 months ago
I watch these videos when I eat. So I pretend to be mike and pretend my food is his food.
. cute kiku bear.
. cute kiku bear. - 11 months ago
That mapo tofu 🤤
Ricky Ng
Ricky Ng - 11 months ago
OH I GET IT, royal tea, royalty
guess people back then just loved tea so much that they wanted the name to go along with it
Sarah Kennedy
Sarah Kennedy - 11 months ago
What flavour is 'numnum'? Sorry if I have spelled that incorrectly. Thanks.
Michelle Diane
Michelle Diane - 11 months ago
Joke Assasin
Joke Assasin - 11 months ago
You're the reason I convinced a coworker to try the black pepper crab while visiting our factory in Singapore.
Modelchickny Luxury For Less
Mufasa dies in Lion King! Oh my, you just ruin this movie for me as I did not watched it yet! LOL, just playing, LOL, food looks so delicious!
StormBreaker - 11 months ago
That Dan Dan looked exquisite I love Dan Dan like that but I like mine more numbing then spicy
Wetnoodle - 11 months ago
spoiled the lion king ending disliked unfollowed jk
Jonathan Cao-Nguyen
Jonathan Cao-Nguyen - 11 months ago
I loved my experience at Burnt Ends. One of my favorite restaurants when I visited Singapore
Angela Calhoun
Angela Calhoun - 11 months ago
I would LOVE to meet this guy! But he would have to come to Shreveport, Louisiana. 😁
Kristina Blaylock
Kristina Blaylock - Year ago
Don’t talk about mufasa...
george fisher
george fisher - Year ago
10:06- My man just finna roasted all of the girls in his life with one line
PoopDealer200 - Year ago
Lmao that isn’t no tea, my mans put some of da good good in there
Pendre3 - Year ago
The next time you go back to Singapore, you must try the crispy rice hot and sour soup at Min Jiang in the Goodwood Park Hotel. It is AMAZING! They also have a durian festival every year, which is wonderful (if you like durian).
mdjcsmith - Year ago
As an Aussie, even I have to begrudgingly admit, the South Africans and Brazilians are better at BBQ than we are.
Anthony Bortolazzo
Anthony Bortolazzo - Year ago
I cracked up at the hogworts hat comment. Thanks dude...
Amy Daniel
Amy Daniel - Year ago
I always watch this while im eating...😍😍😍
Lucy - Year ago
You have the best job!
Riya Bharti
Riya Bharti - Year ago
A horse does not go with a carriage Mike. They should be free.
meestaShin - Year ago
Wagyu means Japanese beef. Not sure how they got Australian wagyu. :P
Greta mmm boi
Greta mmm boi - Year ago
meestaShin doesn’t wagyu just refer to a breed of Japanese cow???
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