Justin Bieber - Intentions (Official Video (Short Version)) ft. Quavo

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El Mendoza
El Mendoza - 3 hours ago
Yass 🔥👏🔥👏
Beautiful song❤️🇨🇦❤️🇨🇦❤️
Sandun Nimsara
Sandun Nimsara - 3 hours ago
Nancy Lee
Nancy Lee - 3 hours ago
Why is this not on the radio yet? What can we do to get it on there?
Athif Saifullah
Athif Saifullah - 3 hours ago
e car
e car - 3 hours ago
Lol wut am I listening 2
Kant Maisomdej
Kant Maisomdej - 3 hours ago
i Love Justin Bieber To Thailand
Biebergraf 6
Biebergraf 6 - 4 hours ago
Angeles Moreira
Angeles Moreira - 4 hours ago
Liberty or Death
Liberty or Death - 4 hours ago
These women all struggle and suffer, because they're all alone. Because their men are all struggling and suffering. Rebuild The Family.
Libini Libi
Libini Libi - 4 hours ago
mas como assim ?
cycrachel - 4 hours ago
Love this song so much! I made a cover of this song on my channel would appreciate if you could check it out :)
TokWeirdVines - 5 hours ago
TraderKev - 5 hours ago
Gods plan: Justin Beiber edition
Isabela Lopes
Isabela Lopes - 5 hours ago
Essa batida...
thong daikaxc
thong daikaxc - 5 hours ago
Just like toronto
Izzy Day
Izzy Day - 6 hours ago
Singing this to my newborn daughter, born on Valentine’s day ❤️ “Shower you with all my attention, yeah these are my only intentions.”
Hiding In My Apartment: Documenting My Life Marie
Starlight here. 🌟Wow. Amazing. I'm waiting for a collaboration 🎤 between Justin and his wife Hailey.
Vinicius Mendes
Vinicius Mendes - 7 hours ago
O soco yummy 👏🏻
Stars - 7 hours ago
I think its just me but Justin looks good with the beard and all.
Kalleb Desousa
Kalleb Desousa - 7 hours ago
Música foda!
Fran Quiroga
Fran Quiroga - 7 hours ago
remix ft xxxtentacion
X-Spllitz- 05
X-Spllitz- 05 - 7 hours ago
I love you Justin
Tatiana monbuc
Tatiana monbuc - 7 hours ago
tyjakk ty
tyjakk ty - 8 hours ago
bless you young man,stay strong
Scorpion - 8 hours ago
Imma go to my teacher and say
Shout-out to your mom and dad and making you
bentlyrics - 8 hours ago
need that in ma life
Shruti Eilish
Shruti Eilish - 8 hours ago
Ohoo kya baat he India me trending jb😍😍😂❤
Ali Saleh
Ali Saleh - 9 hours ago
Anyone reading this please have the best day ever🥰
Armando Villamizar
Armando Villamizar - 9 hours ago
Lega Music
Lega Music - 9 hours ago
Alguien de habla española?
Si el comentario llega a 12 likes hago una cover version español.
Olya Hordiienko
Olya Hordiienko - 10 hours ago
cool bro
سكسي - 10 hours ago
Kusum Films Production house
FH GAMES - 11 hours ago
Mayzee - 11 hours ago
Justin do you have kids
Maha Bry1A
Maha Bry1A - 11 hours ago
Maha Bry1A
Maha Bry1A - 11 hours ago
it gives motivation. I'm working on a project. i want to bring knowledge to my city. I found several funding difficulties. because of corruption, they do not trust young energies. But I won't give up this is my only intention
Valéria Rezende
Valéria Rezende - 11 hours ago
Clipão da pohaaaaaaa...adoro!
Eugene Kevin
Eugene Kevin - 11 hours ago
Shower you with my all attention...these are my only intention
Liss Bazasan
Liss Bazasan - 11 hours ago
Ame el tema ... no dejo de escucharlo
sanket kachare
sanket kachare - 11 hours ago
Yummy : 188 million views
Intentions: 8.1million views.. 🤐
Paulinho Delavaziawo
Paulinho Delavaziawo - 12 hours ago
imma find me a ring and pray it's perfect fitted... from Togo
olindo miah
olindo miah - 12 hours ago
Pray for Justin Bieber... And bro keep it up
May Ku
May Ku - 12 hours ago
Indonesia 🇮🇩
Elisha TV
Elisha TV - 12 hours ago
VIRDA SHELLY - 12 hours ago
Ga tau kenapa dari gue kelas 6 sd ngefans banget sama justin, dari lagu "baby" dari yang dianya masih bocah sampai sekarang udah nikah 😭
Suaranya ga pernah berubah mau itu lagu apapun, adem terus dikuping 💛
Judy1 Lambert2
Judy1 Lambert2 - 12 hours ago
Justin I love you. WE LOVE YOU! please don't give up. You have worked so hard in the past to be performing and having people all around you and cameras flashing..but that is slowly going away now because your starting to give up.please do not do that Justin! I love you❤️NEVER SAY NEVER! \ BIELEVE \ PURPOSE \MY WORLD
May Ku
May Ku - 12 hours ago
Sub Indonesia 🇮🇩 plisss 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 Justin Bieber........
Amanda Beatriz
Amanda Beatriz - 13 hours ago
love of my life
David Sihombing
David Sihombing - 13 hours ago
So nice
A S.
A S. - 13 hours ago
The car Justin gives to the girl is Fiat 500 lounge ... pretty cheap car but hey .. is Italian:D
Andressa Santos
Andressa Santos - 13 hours ago
Andressa Santos
Andressa Santos - 13 hours ago
Chonlada Malongpan
Chonlada Malongpan - 13 hours ago
I love Justin :)
Daniel Bakarcic
Daniel Bakarcic - 13 hours ago
This is your best song my man!!!
Big Learning
Big Learning - 13 hours ago
No views...
rufaro samanga
rufaro samanga - 13 hours ago
QUAVO teaching the young kid how to drip in the diamond teeth
Mê Xe Đẹp Channel
Mê Xe Đẹp Channel - 13 hours ago
justin still the same as ever but when I got married I didn't pay attention to the beauty I hope he went to myself more I love justin
Mohamed Jama Ahmed
Mohamed Jama Ahmed - 14 hours ago
Whoever is reading this, I hope you will end up making a million per year.
tamryn tammy
tamryn tammy - 14 hours ago
You are my intentions😉
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