Gunna - Baby Birkin (Starring Jordyn Woods) [Official Video]

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Angie Villa Vlogz
Angie Villa Vlogz - Hour ago
Everytime Gunna said "I know my purpose" they showed Jordyn! I'm living for this
SkyDon TV
SkyDon TV - 4 hours ago
The way Whezzy brought the purses out😅😂
Joe Brown
Joe Brown - 8 hours ago
Nba Chase
Nba Chase - 9 hours ago
I know my purpose
Marion Johnson
Marion Johnson - 12 hours ago
WHERE ARE THE VIEWSSSSS?????? this video and song is too fire!!!!!
Panda Squad
Panda Squad - 13 hours ago
Wow that scandal made her famous!!! Congrats
Ghoulish - 17 hours ago
Windows 10 sound when you click where you’re not supposed to
SupaNova - 18 hours ago
Maybe I'm tripping but are they wearing her collection from Boho if so that's dope af
amazedbylinzy - 22 hours ago
“Starring Jordyn Woods” love it.
Dgeneral Kelz
Dgeneral Kelz - 22 hours ago
I came here and liked the video cos of jordyn. Girl is nice to see you thriving out of the Kardashians shadow. Proud of you
Drippy J
Drippy J - Day ago
I tell ppl what Gunna drop is 🔥🔥
Ask Reddit Amazing
Ask Reddit Amazing - Day ago
Who ever reading this will be successful at the end of this year 😍😍
Sonata Mob
Sonata Mob - Day ago
Shout out Gunna for saving Uzi from getting tossed off stage
Canal do Uelisson
Canal do Uelisson - Day ago
Best song
Peyton Wich
Peyton Wich - Day ago
flexin the XO Chain🥶
India Cade
India Cade - Day ago
I love the fact that all the ladies are different shades of black, fully clothed and look like classy women
king rico
king rico - Day ago
Clutch handla
Clutch handla - Day ago
its me again just requesting a fan base , i does it man fr fr, peep 4 one's self , love all yall , let's move the culture , swing thru and show my channel some blessings and god bless you btw luv ~ clutch handla
lil.lambo.official - Day ago
(feat. Gunna)
Coach Steve
Coach Steve - Day ago
All u guys came here for Jordyn Woods whereas I came for Young Gunna
K A - Day ago
Kim could never talk ray j dick made your whole family millionared and your little sister a billonaire that bbc is magic
Dubble R
Dubble R - Day ago
This song is cold and it's a classic in it's self
Andres Orozco’s
Andres Orozco’s - Day ago
Asia Chung
Asia Chung - Day ago
What was the point of jordyn woods looking so damn confused and then getting a Birkin and switching from confused face to frozen face. But yeah glad she’s living outside of a kardashian curse
z2 ExoticSync
z2 ExoticSync - Day ago
So we not gonna talk about the bar about ms.parker?
Just_Bri - Day ago
z2 ExoticSync Hey Ms Parker 😂😂 line is great
realone htown1
realone htown1 - Day ago
This video is underrated
Raheem Ortiz
Raheem Ortiz - Day ago
Shit to fire💯
Chloe Louis
Chloe Louis - 2 days ago
2:07 Jordon asking Kylie and Khloe for forgiveness
DPSTKD qq - 2 days ago
This song makes you wanna put Hermès blanket as curtains in Toyota Corolla 😂🤣
Alexis Alvarez
Alexis Alvarez - 2 days ago
Who came from tik tok
Paris Bennett
Paris Bennett - 2 days ago
Wow it’s refreshing to see the girls wearing clothes for once. Even more so that they’re fashionable.
Gloc Sfsf
Gloc Sfsf - 2 days ago
Fire 🔥 🔥🔥
Onome’s Vlogs
Onome’s Vlogs - 2 days ago
Here for Jordynnnnn
Jae Hamilton
Jae Hamilton - 2 days ago
This burkin pussy
King Pompiooo
King Pompiooo - 2 days ago
Yasmine! 😍
Fave.lilmunchkin - 2 days ago
I like how some of the women have small bootys.
daAmazin FatB0y
daAmazin FatB0y - 2 days ago
Another one from the factory.
Babygirl. - 2 days ago
This video if fyeee! 🔥 I’m just confused on what it’s posed to mean, or is it just a visual?
Its merrr
Its merrr - 2 days ago
If your reading this i hope you get rich but i hope you help those in need also❤
ItsMinarmy - 2 days ago
Absolute trash
Alexis Mclaurin
Alexis Mclaurin - 2 days ago
I love how he showcases these women with class and still so much sex appeal.
Lawton fights
Lawton fights - 2 days ago
I was waiting on 2:22-2:40 the whole part cus that virs sum. fye ‼️💪
duhhzera beatz
duhhzera beatz - 2 days ago
IG beatmaker ? @
HeadBig! Oficial
HeadBig! Oficial - 2 days ago
Durisimoo, eh visto que muchos artistas hacen más canciones con este tipo de 808, sigue siendo trap o alguien sabe como se llama ahora 🔥🔥
HeadBig! Oficial
HeadBig! Oficial - 2 days ago
O como puedo buscar más canciones asi
James Perez
James Perez - 2 days ago
Best rap video 2019
Jaylin Stripling
Jaylin Stripling - 2 days ago
Hard 🔥
Milo Pippins
Milo Pippins - 2 days ago
Yall Atlanta street niggas weird 😘🤷🏿‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️
Pretty Foriegn
Pretty Foriegn - 2 days ago
Ayyyy ouuu okayyy this my shitttt ‼️‼️❤️❤️❤️❤️ he sooo sexyyyy
ipwnukazu - 2 days ago
gunna got the bbw style down better than jordyn
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