Post Malone & Swae Lee - Sunflower

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Aiyla Williams
Aiyla Williams - 40 minutes ago
love you Post my dad knows you!!!
Karl Donatella
Karl Donatella - Hour ago
Damn post pls stop smoking so you can keep this voice forever
Carlos Nunez
Carlos Nunez - Hour ago
Your the sunflower your the sunflower 🌻
NesaFashion Channel
NesaFashion Channel - 3 hours ago Amazing Click Link To see
Astrid Castaneda
Astrid Castaneda - 3 hours ago
Chills man
Katherine Silveyra
Katherine Silveyra - 4 hours ago
los amo
melissa rhodes
melissa rhodes - 5 hours ago
My brother loves this song and he keeps dancing to it and every time he sees you on a video he will dance it
melissa rhodes
melissa rhodes - 5 hours ago
And his name is Charlie and he's a baby he's the only one that dances to your songs
melissa rhodes
melissa rhodes - 5 hours ago
melissa rhodes
melissa rhodes - 5 hours ago
tarran smith
tarran smith - 5 hours ago
best song this year and years to come
Barbara it is good like McNeill148
Ex will give you get up, Sw Fez served python@ t. I
ᄋ천재느창 - 8 hours ago
Who else can listen to this music for 24 hours?
NeverGoHhA !
NeverGoHhA ! - 10 hours ago
Perfect song
SlayerZ SlayerZ
SlayerZ SlayerZ - 12 hours ago
If you like this song: like this comment
Don't like the song: Just ignore
Philipp Glück
Philipp Glück - 13 hours ago
Now Sony is angry...
斉藤斉藤 - 14 hours ago
Pacey Hatanaka
Pacey Hatanaka - 14 hours ago
Don't smoke
Ybn Duzty
Ybn Duzty - 16 hours ago
Post Malone looks high Everytime he records a song
Dayana Valenzuela
Dayana Valenzuela - 18 hours ago
Muy buena canción 🖤❤️🖤❤️🖤❤️
Egg vlogs
Egg vlogs - 19 hours ago
Not bad it is very good
Dr. Jacob Squish
Dr. Jacob Squish - 22 hours ago
This is what I sing in my head when my teachers give me consequences when people blame me for stuff that I didn’t do
Phillip Hernandez
Phillip Hernandez - 23 hours ago
No your the sunflower Spider-Man
Admiel Sebastian
Admiel Sebastian - 23 hours ago
Post is the best singer
Phillip Hernandez
Phillip Hernandez - Day ago
This song is my jam bros😎
TarMisA Games
TarMisA Games - Day ago
Miles and Swae Lee,brothers??
Robloxian Google
Robloxian Google - Day ago
1:52 When your best friend from school is going to another school
Robloxian Google
Robloxian Google - Day ago
1:52 When your best friend from school is going to another school
Mike Charde
Mike Charde - Day ago
Y is da track short???!!!
Mike Charde
Mike Charde - Day ago
Tuna Ozhelvaci
Tuna Ozhelvaci - Day ago
This Song is very good 👍👍
Jackson Micheal
Jackson Micheal - Day ago
At the end of year 6 imma sing this to my crush at the prom if ur reading this crush alisha I 💜 u
Mr. assimow
Mr. assimow - Day ago
Who thinks that swae lees part is The best
Jesus Hernandez
Jesus Hernandez - Day ago
This video is fire 🔥
andrea lynell
andrea lynell - Day ago
Yours sun flawed best song
Galaxy_Wolf 445
Galaxy_Wolf 445 - Day ago
Post Malone can melt everyone into happiness just by a song. Its so amazing, you can't refuse. *insert some things you just cant refuse here*
Kriztan Gaming
Kriztan Gaming - Day ago
I will reply to this comment after 10 years,wait for it
Roido - Day ago
Post is unique, love his sound and style. Awesome Artist!
Jenny Flett
Jenny Flett - Day ago
Great tunes
Ivy Bowie
Ivy Bowie - Day ago
This is my song I didn't know he sings this 💚💛❤
BBGachawriter - Day ago
Those dislikes ain’t true..somebody must’ve bumped them😐
emilie boudra
emilie boudra - Day ago
this is just fantastic I have goosebumps!!
Thickness Bae
Thickness Bae - Day ago
Swae lee ❤️😍
Debbie Burbank
Debbie Burbank - Day ago
I love this song...sunflower🌻😍
Peachy Dream
Peachy Dream - Day ago
Asia boy
Asia boy - Day ago
Super video.
The Skate Crew
The Skate Crew - Day ago
*Good Movie*
*Good Singers*
*Good Music*
Amanda Lobato G
Amanda Lobato G - Day ago
Me encanta💓
It is Written
It is Written - Day ago
My daughters really not into this song. I'm okay with that.
I am an 80s man Who will be 50 in one year. I really really really love this song;!💜👍😊
redeyedmonster58 - Day ago
Put this in fifa 20.
Lisa Bergstrom
Lisa Bergstrom - Day ago
I need this song to be 2 minutes longer...❤️
Darrel Cole
Darrel Cole - Day ago
This song stole the song happiers place in top songs
Jessica Zilliot
Jessica Zilliot - 2 days ago
this is so short
Master ISLAM
Master ISLAM - 2 days ago
Miles is the first to enjoy this song
Lil_klorxx 86
Lil_klorxx 86 - 2 days ago
Posty like 💎🔥
Or ➖
Tekashi 69 comment ✴✔🌈
CheesyPotato *-*
CheesyPotato *-* - 2 days ago
My Favorite Part Is
*”Fighting For My Trust,*
*And You Won’t Back Down”*
Simple Melody Cover
Simple Melody Cover - 2 days ago
If you have time, come check my cover of this song!! Thanks!!
eugalde03 - 2 days ago
This song is only good because of swae lee
Nicole Gimlin
Nicole Gimlin - 2 days ago
Lucas Vargas
Lucas Vargas - 2 days ago
Que buen temaaaaaaaaaaaa
Oliver Diongzon
Oliver Diongzon - 2 days ago
This song always give me an emotional feeling. I dont fcking know why
Akvon .L
Akvon .L - 2 days ago
T-shirt "兄弟愛"
Akvon .L
Akvon .L - 2 days ago
Bruno Thubas
Bruno Thubas - 2 days ago
Quem venho aqui só por causa do vídeo da Dunk de Jones Jr da um like. #Tmj
Char Limp
Char Limp - 2 days ago
Little Mix and Why Don't We
Luna Black
Luna Black - 2 days ago
You are my sunflower 🖤🌻
Dalila LR
Dalila LR - 2 days ago
lixdys ly
lixdys ly - 2 days ago
I ♥ you
maya78 moi
maya78 moi - 2 days ago
cool song bro😍
Lobinha -Friendely
Lobinha -Friendely - 2 days ago
luis rojas
luis rojas - 2 days ago
Aquí el comentario en español que buscabas :v
Qué buena rola 😥
Anderson Bryan
Anderson Bryan - 2 days ago
ApexWolf 56
ApexWolf 56 - 2 days ago
Only if post malones voice wasn't so deep
Brandon Cazares
Brandon Cazares - 2 days ago
This song was from the spider man cartoon movie I heard
Kick & Rowdy Hancock
Kick & Rowdy Hancock - 2 days ago
I got busted for humming this my teacher got mad me!
InfoCDE Proyectos
InfoCDE Proyectos - 3 days ago
Ubaidah Hart
Ubaidah Hart - 3 days ago
Anyone come here from Spiderman: into the spider-verse?
Nihalx 360
Nihalx 360 - 3 days ago
This makes you happy in your sad days literately
Ivet Esquivel
Ivet Esquivel - 3 days ago
Its awesome!!!!!!!
Travis Tucker
Travis Tucker - 3 days ago
This so breaks my heart. Lost a girl to my job. Smh
juanito xeco
juanito xeco - 3 days ago
Pense que era español
Sinai Marín
Sinai Marín - 3 days ago
Eres un girasol, excelente tema! 🌻❤🎶🎵
canal gohan ssj2
canal gohan ssj2 - 3 days ago
Spider verse
Brenda Rushton
Brenda Rushton - 3 days ago
I liked 100 times
Guilty till Proven innocent
Something about this song....
Mikey Blanda
Mikey Blanda - 3 days ago
No I do not
Mikey Blanda
Mikey Blanda - 3 days ago
Mariana Sarati
Mariana Sarati - 3 days ago
Domingas Fernandes
Domingas Fernandes - 3 days ago
Stop smocking
Neo Kwelisi
Neo Kwelisi - 3 days ago
Gina Mona
Gina Mona - 3 days ago
Amo esa musica 😊😊❤❤❤👈
John Culff
John Culff - 3 days ago
love the new 🕷 man
Melted Icecream
Melted Icecream - 3 days ago
Swae and Posty seem like such nice guys! They should do more together.
Prince Bhoj
Prince Bhoj - 3 days ago
U are the best post malone ❤❤❤
TK 18+
TK 18+ - 3 days ago
post malone Ft. Lil Pump ?
from Cambodian🌲🌲
Enola Murray
Enola Murray - 3 days ago
I love him
Ramon Mendez
Ramon Mendez - 3 days ago
This song changed our lives
Fatmoms hairpants 0_o
Fatmoms hairpants 0_o - 3 days ago
This song is so good r home work ate my dog
Trevant Hayes
Trevant Hayes - 3 days ago
When your cool cousin give you the aux cord but your mum is in the car too
Nicholas Abbott
Nicholas Abbott - 17 hours ago
Trevant Hayes 😂
gabi fernanda
gabi fernanda - 3 days ago
Nosso charlie brown internacional br amoo
Cuphead Dont dell with the devil
The ROBLOX id code of sunflower is 2636973686
Nato - 3 days ago
so sad its autotune in swaes part..
Cody Wood
Cody Wood - 3 days ago
I have this shit on repeat its played 2000 times and I'm still jammin
Samuel Perez
Samuel Perez - 4 days ago
This is how much time u listen to posty

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