Post Malone & Swae Lee - Sunflower

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ProFireFox - Hour ago
Post Malone is almost at 10 mill. Hit that subscribe button.
Ben Ellis
Ben Ellis - Hour ago
Everyone says this song gets them up but this shit get me real low
Do you know what 兄弟愛 means? That means LOVE OF BROTHER.
MrElicit - Hour ago
the end kinda sounds like the theme song from the movie curious George if anyone knows what that is
Chickin _Tender
Chickin _Tender - Hour ago
Sunflower hide

mannouel ggouloumian
why only 2 minitues? replay replay replay
Jake RBLX - Hour ago
am I the only person who noticed its black and white when I watched this like the 5th time because the first time I was just listening
Ayman Bache
Ayman Bache - Hour ago
Big money prizes every day. What are you waiting to share?
Luca Massoni
Luca Massoni - Hour ago
Post u are my favorite rapper dude u make the best song
Omarion Crandell
Omarion Crandell - Hour ago
0:00 thank me later
Silvana Gentile
Silvana Gentile - Hour ago
I love this song
AlbTech - Hour ago
*Someone listening today ???*
El Cuate
El Cuate - Hour ago
So sorry I hope you get better Post Malone.
El Cuate
El Cuate - Hour ago
The music GENIUS.
El Cuate
El Cuate - Hour ago
Thanks to the Genius.
El Cuate
El Cuate - Hour ago
Thank God you survived that tire puntcure on that air plane.
Jeff Mauzy
Jeff Mauzy - Hour ago
This is my favorite song
W41K3R #22058
W41K3R #22058 - Hour ago
Do a collab with Alan walker
MR.PHOENIX 5000 - 2 hours ago
Such a great song keep it up 👍
Txx-Spector - 2 hours ago
In the beginning Swae Lee was acting like an exited teenager🤣
Giulilanna Tosto
Giulilanna Tosto - 2 hours ago
THIS IS THE BEST SONG EVER MADE!!!!!!!🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌻🌻🌻🌻
Nathan Jenkins
Nathan Jenkins - 2 hours ago
Giulilanna Tosto
Giulilanna Tosto - 2 hours ago
THIS IS THE BEST SONG EVER MADE!!!!!!!🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌻🌻🌻🌻
Keane The Meme Machine
Keane The Meme Machine - 2 hours ago
My personal favourite song from 2018 (from my favourite movie of 2018)
Alex B.
Alex B. - 2 hours ago
My Computer Ed. teacher played this today in school.
Gabriel Debastiani
Gabriel Debastiani - 2 hours ago
This vibe of this music is fucking awesome.
i luv music i guess
i luv music i guess - 2 hours ago
When ya left in the dustttttt *coughs* mr stark I don't feel so good *coughs*
Electro Skull
Electro Skull - 2 hours ago
Who is here before 10 million views?
NuttyLeads YT
NuttyLeads YT - 2 hours ago
So good🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Lilee Burt
Lilee Burt - 2 hours ago
IBRAHIM BANGURA - 2 hours ago
Swae Lee is an incredible songwriter
Msrd Gamer
Msrd Gamer - 2 hours ago
10mil we need it hit that sub bottom
Josephine Vesey
Josephine Vesey - 2 hours ago
Before 10 mill
Peet - 2 hours ago
This song is too short..
Marie Jackson
Marie Jackson - 2 hours ago
Good song
Doc -M0RiArTY21
Doc -M0RiArTY21 - 2 hours ago
**autotune has joined the chat**
Kate Ford
Kate Ford - 2 hours ago
Best song eva stg
Big Chungus
Big Chungus - 2 hours ago
The one song that make this world feel positive👏🏼
Starlight Battdome
Starlight Battdome - 2 hours ago
One of the best collaboration!!! 👍👍👍
Vicki Tuz
Vicki Tuz - 2 hours ago
I honestly think Post Malone should do a video where he tries vaping
alice the unicorn
alice the unicorn - 2 hours ago
Hey Post Malone I'm a big fan I was in Hanoi camp in NZ and I heard that u were there in Hanoi Summer Camp 2018 so can u plz come to winter having camp 2019?
raytwilight - 2 hours ago
GrudezZ - 3 hours ago
Like if you’re here before 1 billion views!
Saim Shah
Saim Shah - 3 hours ago
Here before 10 mil
-Tcáf- - 3 hours ago
Man this is so good
Nezzy YT
Nezzy YT - 3 hours ago
Post I love your music but stop smoking it will ruin your lungs and we want you to live long and to keep inspiring people just to say I love you and you keep making people happy
DOMINIC MAN - 3 hours ago
Yo I got your crocs
Morgan Birch
Morgan Birch - 3 hours ago
Beautiful song
Anthony K
Anthony K - 3 hours ago
Vision Double
Vision Double - 3 hours ago
thats the sound!
Yuchen Liu
Yuchen Liu - 3 hours ago
TEXAS MADE - 3 hours ago
Should made it a lil longer
Alvin Swayzer
Alvin Swayzer - 3 hours ago
Zed Isdead
Zed Isdead - 3 hours ago
How about a haircut and true words out of your mouths instead of nonsense written on your faces? How about that?
Lokey Ross
Lokey Ross - 3 hours ago
Sha Andrew
Sha Andrew - 3 hours ago
cant get this song outa my head weeks now
Dat Boi
Dat Boi - 3 hours ago
*Sunflower* 🌻
*Post Malone, Swae Lee*
Ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy (ooh)
Ooh, ooh, ooh, ohh (ooh)
Ayy, ayy
Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh
Needless to say, I keep her in check
She was all bad-bad, nevertheless (yeah)
Callin' it quits now, baby, I'm a wreck (wreck)
Crash at my place, baby, you're a wreck (wreck)
Needless to say, I'm keeping her in check
She was all bad-bad, nevertheless
Callin' it quits now, baby, I'm a wreck
Crash at my place, baby, you're a wreck
Thinkin' in a bad way, losin' your grip
Screamin' at my face, baby, don't trip
Someone took a big L, don't know how that felt
Lookin' at you sideways, party on tilt
Ooh-ooh, some things you just can't refuse
She wanna ride me like a cruise
And I'm not tryna lose
Then you're left in the dust
Unless I stuck by ya
You're a sunflower
I think your love would be too much
Or you'll be left in the dust
Unless I stuck by ya
You're the sunflower
You're the sunflower
Every time I'm leavin' on ya
You don't make it easy, no, no
Wish I could be there for ya
Give me a reason to go
Every time I'm walkin' out
I can hear you tellin' me to turn around
Fightin' for my trust and you won't back down
Even if we gotta risk it all right now, oh
I know you're scared of the unknown (known)
You don't wanna be alone (alone)
I know I always come and go (and go)
But it's out of my control
And you'll be left in the dust
Unless I stuck by ya
You're a sunflower
I think your love would be too much
Or you'll be left in the dust
Unless I stuck by ya
You're the sunflower
You're the sunflower
Realgameingboi Town
Realgameingboi Town - 4 hours ago
Stop smoking
Keith Chris
Keith Chris - 4 hours ago
Check the vibes
Noodles - 4 hours ago
Hey can someone play this at my funeral
Kadu Camilo
Kadu Camilo - 4 hours ago
The worst part on this videoclip is having only 2 minutes
Mo's Nerd Ecke
Mo's Nerd Ecke - 4 hours ago
Subscribe me
FortniteDankMemes YT
FortniteDankMemes YT - 4 hours ago
For some reason, I think Swae Lee’s verse was better
Owen Gosling
Owen Gosling - 4 hours ago
Don't think I've ever heard a bad Post Malone song🙌🙌
Logan R
Logan R - 4 hours ago
10 million subscribers yaaaasss
MrZnel52 - 4 hours ago
This song blows ass. Post Malone is terrible.
ShadowBsS - 4 hours ago
1st : D

Was not me
Christopher Moreno
Christopher Moreno - 4 hours ago
They shuould of put the whole song why did they have to do it short
Cocorikot - 4 hours ago
Wtf youtube, I was listening to glorius metal band Jinjer and you add this sh*t in the playlist
YURI- SAMASUN - 4 hours ago
The bast song 2018 - 2019
jay mxna
jay mxna - 4 hours ago
The song that made slim jxmmi go on his own
Krteloffio - 5 hours ago
In Italy radios play a lot this song
diego aov
diego aov - 5 hours ago
Ryan Shordee
Ryan Shordee - 5 hours ago
awesome song , and not hating , malone is super talented!! ...….but anyone can be a star with auto tune and reverb now a days, they just need their chance in the studio. So give it a try!!
BoxingNews - 5 hours ago
*Very noice*
Gaboom - 5 hours ago
a loved this song. In fact, I think it should take longer
Ur mmmoommm
Ur mmmoommm - 5 hours ago
Song is trash
Slime Maker!
Slime Maker! - 5 hours ago
What is wrong with this comment?
Hint: I say I edited this comment find your evidence.
Dani DXS
Dani DXS - 5 hours ago
Wellp u here january 2019?
Jannik Hase
Jannik Hase - 5 hours ago
Best song of the world❤️❤️
david ishimwe
david ishimwe - 5 hours ago
dammn this music is my favorite and the movie was sick
Benny Worm
Benny Worm - 5 hours ago
🥰 I really like this ☺️
Gabby Ornelas
Gabby Ornelas - 5 hours ago
❤ song
Khawm June
Khawm June - 5 hours ago
I put this song on everyday ❤❤❤❤
lux luz
lux luz - 5 hours ago
excelente :)
Oluwatowani Awolalu
Oluwatowani Awolalu - 5 hours ago
This is has such a good beat like if you agree
Animegirl's channel
Animegirl's channel - 5 hours ago
Best collaboration song
Pres - 5 hours ago
me: hey whats ur favorite song
friend: the lazy song
me: what song do you hate the most
friend: sunflower
me: :O NANI
me: oh... ok.... * calls 911 *
911: 911 what's ur emergency
me: someone doesn't like the song sunflower
911: okay we will be there right away
Axel Rogério Da Silva
Axel Rogério Da Silva - 5 hours ago
So good
Kylo Ren
Kylo Ren - 6 hours ago
Really Better than Lil Pump
Cook me please
Cook me please - 6 hours ago
I like this song
teguh pandirian
teguh pandirian - 6 hours ago
It's Miles feat Peter Parker obviously
Daniel Bz
Daniel Bz - 6 hours ago
I’m already going to predict they are going to play this song at graduation.
Iqra Khan
Iqra Khan - 6 hours ago
mac ri
mac ri - 6 hours ago
El bananero sos vos
fastmulafame - 6 hours ago
This song is dedicated to Slim Jxmmi
Dash - 6 hours ago
This version is a little bit longer.
dunno why
nkjnn - 7 hours ago
do more songs together i love both of all of them songs plssss
Wa doiii
Wa doiii - 7 hours ago
Anyone else get this song ruined for them when they heard it live
Lydiah Madore
Lydiah Madore - 7 hours ago
Love it, your music is phenomenal and I loved Spiderman: Into The Spiderverse
Tommy Phras
Tommy Phras - 7 hours ago
I should have learned the lyrics at this point... but I always wreck the lyrics like miles.
Keelan - 7 hours ago
Released on my birthday :)
Bunbun boom Youtube
Bunbun boom Youtube - 7 hours ago
Im crying rn I didn't get the notification I'm srsly confused rn
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