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Slothgamer - PLAYZ
Slothgamer - PLAYZ - 4 hours ago
Casey do you have sociopaths tendencies
Brad Simmons
Brad Simmons - 4 hours ago
You say you're not working yet you put out a video knowing that you'll get...2.5M (2 weeks after posting) views which I can only assume YouTube pays it's poster-boy well for...Don't lie to yourself or us...
Brad Simmons
Brad Simmons - 4 hours ago
So Youtube gave you a surf board when you lived in New York or they gave you one for moving to LA?
Brad Simmons
Brad Simmons - 4 hours ago
Casey: Trail running is easier on the knees...
My Knees: FU :)
Its. Flips
Its. Flips - 5 hours ago
Candice is hesh
starkiller187 - 6 hours ago
Ok but like how does this guy make money at this point if youtube is his job and he makes maybe one video a month
Jedi McHam
Jedi McHam - 7 hours ago
I'm happy for you and your family. Enjoy it! -Cheers
SrJewbster - 7 hours ago
this is like an ending to a really good movie or a really shitty sequel
The Golf Clan
The Golf Clan - 9 hours ago
The cinematography is truly special. I watch a lot of YouTube and your use of shots makes me feel things most other videos don’t even scratch - awe and wonder.
join the fist 10
join the fist 10 - 9 hours ago
Notice how the homeless is never shown
The Vortex
The Vortex - 10 hours ago
Wow Casey so glad to hear that you and the family are all doing well
Edwin Perez
Edwin Perez - 10 hours ago
I miss you being in NYC
ThePowelldan - 10 hours ago
Welcome to LA! Great drone shots 🤘🏼
RIPPLE PORTUGAL - Silver Coast Real Estate
Always full of it!
George Mulligan
George Mulligan - 11 hours ago
La is a shithole. Unless you live on the beach and have a few million dollars 😉
Mustang860 - 11 hours ago
So that cat you surrendered sometime ago, not even in your mind.... Pets are family. ... You should've took the cat back long ago.
Diego Prods
Diego Prods - 11 hours ago
Sweet shots! You and Candice look very happy for the change that´s great! I noticed though that you seem a little bit disoriented, like... WHat the heck am I going to do here? to keep entertaining my audicence?
kenny G
kenny G - 12 hours ago
west coast is the best coast
Stephane Gregory Dan
Stephane Gregory Dan - 13 hours ago
not being mean or anything... but what about 368?
Fighter F16
Fighter F16 - 13 hours ago
Had me 💀on him saying that he wanted to live in LA and work less
Toni Mansfeld
Toni Mansfeld - 15 hours ago
you look very happy!
have a great time with your family I wish you all the best!
I love LA
JgM Ight
JgM Ight - 16 hours ago
He can hike with Jeff now
Gurpreet Singh
Gurpreet Singh - 16 hours ago
End of an era
Dre Dubyah
Dre Dubyah - 18 hours ago
Hook up with Jesse!
Just Jordan
Just Jordan - 18 hours ago
Hell yea a sunny beach is better then a dark cold beach. You actually have a reason to wear those sunglasses of yours now all the time.
manish vyas
manish vyas - 19 hours ago
Come visit India casey. I would love to welcum u..
CIFRA MEDIA - 20 hours ago
The family must always be your priority in the first place!
rlsimmons1214 - 20 hours ago
I REALLY Needed This! Thanks Bro.
BouphasaGaming - 20 hours ago
Your videos are amazing and I've been watching you for a while now! yours such an inspiration and amazing genuine person. It was a great choice to move out there to focus more on yourself and your family!
Nelson Manuel Monterrubio Solorzano
Thanks so much Casey. I really wanted to put out a very nice video about LA and all cañifornia, but a series of unfortune events got on the way, making thi almost imposible to do it. Have you try the electrical Scotters, bikes and Car form the city of LA they are blue technology. Pretty cool!
Rafiki Ali
Rafiki Ali - 22 hours ago
Thanks, Casey... LiFE™... Living in Full Enjoyment!
Jordan Theodore
Jordan Theodore - 23 hours ago
I came here because I saw you in David’s vlog
Bharath Raj
Bharath Raj - Day ago
Miguel -El Doc- Rodriguez
You definitively deserve this! You worked hard a lot and I (and the community) will continue the support. Enjoy!
Hamza amensour vlog /مغرابي في هولندا
ادا كنتي كتفهم شنو كاتب هنا خلي جيم ومرحبا بك فقناتي
The Lifestyle
The Lifestyle - Day ago
A lot of people are getting over just “working.” Life shouldn’t just the about the work. Once you make it. Things gotta turn the other way. More time to do the things you enjoy most. That Is spending time with the people you love .
Michael Dinwiddy
Michael Dinwiddy - Day ago
Love your honesty... making less videos means when you do, they will be better and something to look forward to.
Wicue, Inc.
Wicue, Inc. - Day ago
Dear Casey, I would like to collaborate with you and hire you as our PR guy. Thank you!
Daniel Williams
Daniel Williams - Day ago
Cool video! Love LA?
Hi! I need to learn english language, can you help me? I need learn english worlds and basic grammatic. (NEED PRACTICE)
Manfred Druschowitz
Say Hello to Arni if you run into him, he takes you to Austria in winter.
My name is Fish
My name is Fish - Day ago
Broken collar
Split Face
Split Face - Day ago
I cry cause I live here in LA I HATE IT SO MUCH I WISH I NEVER LIVED HERE!!! 😭😭😭
Herb0 - Day ago
Casey needs to settle down and start a podcast. Might be too early but it’s something to do if you’re bored out there
The SGOH aka Disney Freak
Great video
Jon Cheesman
Jon Cheesman - Day ago
Drop Me
Drop Me - Day ago
I miss New York so much 😣😢
The Groovy Guitar Dude
Diggin the 60FPS Casey, it works for your style dude. Good to have you back :)
XX_YT - Day ago
What dose it feel like to be a father
K H - Day ago
yeah i watched because i loved feeling like I was a part of the energy of nyc. NYC is amazing and LA sucks. Love you, wish you all the best, but I'm out.
020thYoun - Day ago
I miss Casey and his old studio and his airplane vlogs
AwesomeAdam From 2099
Do what you can t Casey never give up the dream.
EpicEpidemic - Day ago
8:22 My response: "Casey! Don't stop making videos or playing with your kids!!"
Zed - Day ago
So greatly appreciate your honesty and your willingness to to embrace change, which can be so utterly challenging. Cheering you on brother!
la concha de tu tia
Q feo este hdp
Kamas Nicholes
Kamas Nicholes - Day ago
What kinda watch is he wearing?
wakawaka1976 - Day ago
People actually move to California, I mean besides illegals. Wow. Was it a shore break that broke your collarbone? I almost died twice at, “The Wedge.” You should check it out.
Aidan Sontag
Aidan Sontag - Day ago
I'm happy for Casey, but I have to say I miss the NYC Casey
Cayce Crown
Cayce Crown - Day ago
can't wait for you to do videos without the sunglasses, to be more present with us.
Jack Fink
Jack Fink - Day ago
Weekly vlogs would be awesome where it’s a video about your whole week
dubarnik - Day ago
Yay! Millionaire Casey has broken his addiction to work! Yay! And then there's the rest of us ...
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