Danny Shelton: His Dogs Give Him a Purpose in Life | NFL Films Presents

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Dank Rice
Dank Rice - 3 months ago
Once a Trojan always a Trojan 💪❤️
Dank Rice
Dank Rice - 3 months ago
Dude I’m going to the same highschool he went to and I’m gonna meet him soon
SofaKingCool - 4 months ago
Met Danny several times at fan fest when he played at UW and I can tell you he's a good dude. It's what he does off the field that makes him the man he is. Congrats on the super bowl win Danny
Genesis - 4 months ago
His dogs are so beautiful! 😊Congrats to Danny on winning the SuperBowl with the Patriots.
AJAM - 4 months ago
Jr Ryder
Jr Ryder - 4 months ago
Big ups to the uso Shelton. Keep your head up uce.. Rep our culture and our little island
Filler Laylu
Filler Laylu - 5 months ago
This seems weird
Heeby - 5 months ago
Danny Shelton is the biggest sweetheart in the nfl after Cortez Kennedy
Naturallymeii - 6 months ago
Awww such a good watch! Loved it a lot 💕
palmadtla - 6 months ago
This was a great watch....
Randy Ayo
Randy Ayo - 6 months ago
My Dolphins give me a Porpoise 🐬
Gerardo Duran
Gerardo Duran - 6 months ago
Vita veya still better
iPooKaePoo - 6 months ago
Look after your mum Uce
Malie - 6 months ago
I cannot trust someone who doesnt like animals.
Johnny Williams
Johnny Williams - 6 months ago
Dame let 🐕 kiss him wo
robert dunn
robert dunn - 6 months ago
Christian - 6 months ago
okey...I do not need a Mentor, I just need a Dog, bye
Hector Ponce
Hector Ponce - 6 months ago
God bless your heart specially for loving your dogs.
Lee Still
Lee Still - 6 months ago
I thought he was gay
Lee Still
Lee Still - 6 months ago
Fat cat piss
chuukboii reping
chuukboii reping - 6 months ago
To be serious. I thought it was Dwayne Johnson narrating the video😂.
Lone Ranger
Lone Ranger - 6 months ago
Aye uce Malolelei merry chrisimasi.. your lady is fine uce
Keneti Pese
Keneti Pese - 6 months ago
Poly Love Uce
lali vasquez
lali vasquez - 6 months ago
I absolutely love this 😁 wish him the best!!!
Claudia Bolanos
Claudia Bolanos - 6 months ago
Wow 😭😭😭😭
Ryan Hamilton
Ryan Hamilton - 6 months ago
Gay ass!!
Tuxedo Mechanic
Tuxedo Mechanic - 6 months ago
Browns need him back.
Mr. Placenta
Mr. Placenta - 6 months ago
They should make a movie about this called “A Dogs Purpose”
el habahi 80
el habahi 80 - 6 months ago
Why lick a dog's tongue?
Ar the beast
Ar the beast - 6 months ago
Why at 6:10 was there a Patiots logo
_ DPG04
_ DPG04 - 6 months ago
He was traded to them duh learn your facts.
gh killih
gh killih - 6 months ago
Austin Robison because he plays for the patriots ???
Willis TBG
Willis TBG - 6 months ago
Truly Inspiring and Got my Head still up💯
MnCAlapati - 6 months ago
I have 5 dogs, 4 cats, 1 Bearded Dragon and a Ball Python snake... Yup, its a full house.
BigNiqqa - 6 months ago
He likes Maui from that Disney Movie
Adam Bonilla
Adam Bonilla - 6 months ago
wish he was better at football though
Zandey27 - 6 months ago
To bad he got drafted to the upside browns
SweetVibez - 6 months ago
As a Eagles Fan🦅🦅I will always support the USO Danny Shelton!! Keep striving 4 success brotha💪😎
Ucey Juicey
Ucey Juicey - 6 months ago
Turllece Kakarot31652
Turllece Kakarot31652 - 7 months ago
Thats my buddy
Philp Yung
Philp Yung - 7 months ago
Guy was a trouble maker until he got taught a lesson.
Seems to me they were terrorizing the community when they were shot. WTF is wrong with everybody? This big thug learned a lesson!
RobertBaratheon305 - 4 months ago
Philp Yung, although I don’t know their full story, it came across that way. My older brother was murdered in front of me by random thugs looking for trouble. I was stabbed, but he didn’t survive. We’ve never been involved with people like that in any capacity.
Philp Yung
Philp Yung - 6 months ago
@Ricardo Diaz What in God's name are you talking about? They were out thugging and bugging until somebody fired back! And now he's supposed to be a big, innocent baby???? Honestly wtf. You're the "hater", you hate rationality!
Ricardo Diaz
Ricardo Diaz - 6 months ago
Philp Yung hater
Philp Yung
Philp Yung - 7 months ago
Wait, so they went and surrounded a person's house and he came out shooting and... wait, what?
So we're just glossing over their act of terrorism? Surrounding and terrorizing a home? I will come out shooting too you motherfuckers!
Maybe don't go swelling up on people if you don't want to get put down? Maybe?
Great Hova
Great Hova - 7 months ago
Samoan people just powerful
Alezandra Davila
Alezandra Davila - 7 months ago
O my gosh ❤️❤️
Daniel Greer
Daniel Greer - 7 months ago
What a nice couple....
Tom Brady Shady #CheatSquad#SpyOnYou#WOAT
Dude, this is such a tragic story, actually put a tear in my eye when he said his brother didn’t make it
RobertBaratheon305 - 4 months ago
Tom Brady Shady #CheatSquad#SpyOnYou#WOAT They were trying to attack a man in his home. They were warned to back up and lunged at an armed man.
Eureka Opium
Eureka Opium - 7 months ago
geekdiggy - 7 months ago
12 dislikes from cat owners.
geekdiggy - 7 months ago
his wife is fine as hell
Jean Wong
Jean Wong - 7 months ago
What purpose is that? Walk dog, clean up after dog, pick up poop? I’ll pass!
Nick F
Nick F - 7 months ago
A dawg and his dogs!
Niko Yochum
Niko Yochum - 7 months ago
Love Danny Shelton! Go Dawgs!
browns1ism - 7 months ago
Always thought he was a good player glad he’s doing well.
julian baughman
julian baughman - 7 months ago
Danny Shelton is a gentle giant and a gentleman. Now, it's time for you to become a dad. Those dogs need some kids to play with~
julian baughman
julian baughman - 6 months ago
@Willis TBGlet me rephrase that. "Maybe it's time for you to become a dad?" There you go. Blessings~
Willis TBG
Willis TBG - 6 months ago
julian baughman stop rushing his life dude Let life happen
mzilla911 - 7 months ago
Browns love giving their best players to the pats
afro brit Happy at peace and content.
I love how he embraced his culture on his very special day.
Ryan Keenan
Ryan Keenan - 7 months ago
Passin or Pashin sorry I can’t spell
GED Gert
GED Gert - 7 months ago
Damn that suck about his brother
RobertBaratheon305 - 4 months ago
GED Gert They shouldn’t have surrounded an armed man in his home and attack him after he warned them to back away.
Nathan Howell
Nathan Howell - 7 months ago
I didn't know Maui played in the NFL
Action Jackson
Action Jackson - 7 months ago
Damn, this dude got some child bearing hips.
Ricardo Diaz
Ricardo Diaz - 6 months ago
Action Jackson and there worth more than you’ll earn in your entire life lol.
JACOB HAWKES - 7 months ago
Danny is from auburn. And I go to auburn high school, the school he played at. I’ve met him multiple times he always comes back and says watches a game of our season. Much appreciated. Love ya Danny
Dank Rice
Dank Rice - 3 months ago
I go to auburn too
JACOB HAWKES - 7 months ago
Niko Yochum right😂 he went to UW si I think people will understand
Niko Yochum
Niko Yochum - 7 months ago
JACOB HAWKES lol, so many people are going to think you mean Bama
Gio Gonzales
Gio Gonzales - 7 months ago
great person, I grew up with him. 1 of kind person
ihurricane7 - 7 months ago
Met him when I worked at Beachwood Mall last year. Big dude but seems like a good guy.
S A - 7 months ago
Keep grinding Uce. Great to have you here and hope you can help our D so you can be in a position to get a ring cause the GOAT is going for #6 #PatsNation
TruthPrevails - 7 months ago
I pray he finds God and finds his true purpose
BUBBLES 18 - 7 months ago
Slimi Hendawg
Slimi Hendawg - 7 months ago
The New Engalnd Uso!!!! Danny want a ring mane!! I feel it, Tom Brady is Tom Brady, Josh Gordon is a new man, but KC looking beastly in that AFC.
Idont Know
Idont Know - 7 months ago
What can I say except you're welcome hahaha
Shadow 794
Shadow 794 - 7 months ago
Idont Know I’m glad I wasn’t the only one thinking it
Carlos The Athletic Weeb
Carlos The Athletic Weeb - 7 months ago
He went to my high school!!!
Bartolo Colon is an Athlete
Wonder how he reacted to mike vick
TUAminator_666 - 7 months ago
way to keep that heart up uso 💯💯💯
SPORTS ANALYZED - 7 months ago
Mike Spector
Mike Spector - 7 months ago
Welcome to the Patriots. 🇺🇸🦉
Mike R
Mike R - 6 months ago
Welcome? He’s been there a while now
tanker 997
tanker 997 - 7 months ago
Incoming Michael Vick dog jokes...
Wowza Bowza
Wowza Bowza - 7 months ago
I have his autograph from chargers vs Browns last year
Ken - 7 months ago
Question for anybody who can answer... Where did he get those slip on leashes? I have one for my pup but not as long as those.
Torch Taula
Torch Taula - 7 months ago
Alofa i mea ola
NewEnglandMixes - 7 months ago
Why y’all always get me so emotional 😂
MaxGotUrGirl InDaCut
MaxGotUrGirl InDaCut - 7 months ago
Not gonna last in the nfl if yo keep kissin all these dogs on the mouth 👄
Zack Schoch
Zack Schoch - 7 months ago
MaxGotUrGirl InDaCut please contract a terminal illness
BlindBenツ - 7 months ago
That one dislike is the shooter that killed his brother. 😔
RobertBaratheon305 - 4 months ago
superalvinstar Him and his brothers surrounded a man in his home and lunged at him after being warned that he’d fire upon them. It was in self defense.
Lil Goof 2.0
Lil Goof 2.0 - 6 months ago
Delete this
Noah Scott
Noah Scott - 6 months ago
superalvinstar shut up bruh
Steffen Göbel
Steffen Göbel - 7 months ago
Do one about bouje (Juju‘s dog)
Samay Chiniwalla
Samay Chiniwalla - 7 months ago
I can’t believe the Browns had the 12th pick instead of the 1st
James Wilson
James Wilson - 7 months ago
The Browns actually went 7-9 in 2014. Tampa Bay picked first, they were 2-14. They got Jameis Winston, so it's almost like the Browns picked first. Still got a busted QB out of the deal.
Maeve Butler
Maeve Butler - 7 months ago
Same tho
Cody Parkey
Cody Parkey - 7 months ago
Das awesome. Dogs r amazing
Edward Guertin
Edward Guertin - 7 months ago
Do a NFL flims on James Develin's story to the NFL. It is truly inspiring.
Benjamin Sangwin
Benjamin Sangwin - 7 months ago
Met his grandfather at Haggens, nice guy and he was proud of Danny.
Kooma - 7 months ago
Hope Patriots resign him in the off season!
Robert Jackson III
Robert Jackson III - 7 months ago
Danny is my favorite browns player and I’m a Texans fan so that’s saying a lot
Joseph Mendes
Joseph Mendes - 7 months ago
Robert Jackson III no problem fam
Robert Jackson III
Robert Jackson III - 7 months ago
Thanks for notifying me on this now I don’t like the browns anymore @Joseph Mendes
Joseph Mendes
Joseph Mendes - 7 months ago
Robert Jackson III he’s on the patriots
Caley Kruse
Caley Kruse - 7 months ago
I'm a Browns fan and I hope Danny has so much success
Y'all take good care of him in New England
S T E E Z Y - 7 months ago
Look at all those good bois
Can Eli Manning get 2000 subscribers with videos?
There is a reason this doesn’t have any dislikes
Sher Tanumihardja
Sher Tanumihardja - 7 months ago
18 jealous people who allergic to dogs, or just simply moron
Chris Plays 020509
Chris Plays 020509 - 7 months ago
Can I get 1000 subscribers with no videos? Sadly it has 3
Jed I. Knight
Jed I. Knight - 7 months ago
Everyone loves dogs? Lol jk
MegaMadDog88 - 7 months ago
This is a perfect example of why we need dogs just as much as they need us.😎🐶🐕
Avi Weiner
Avi Weiner - 6 months ago
I have a dog
EJCII - 7 months ago
As a Cleveland fan I wish him and JG great success in New England.
SerratedWolf - 7 months ago
@ASAP S0cky OOOHHH DID NOT KNOW THAT I'm seahawks fan
ASAP S0cky
ASAP S0cky - 7 months ago
SerratedWolf He’s talking about Josh Gordon.
SerratedWolf - 7 months ago
You jimmy g is on the 49ers right?
Godfather95 MBS
Godfather95 MBS - 7 months ago
as a browns fan, i wish all kinds of success to danny.....he's a great person
DieHardEaglesFan56 - 4 months ago
Well hes got a ring now
MPJ - 7 months ago
Hell yeah brother!
Caley Kruse
Caley Kruse - 7 months ago
Same man I love Danny He's a great dude
Dj Jews Tavete
Dj Jews Tavete - 7 months ago
Keep it up bro
Phalanx - 7 months ago
Glad that we got him
Logan Dlugos
Logan Dlugos - 7 months ago
Clemson 21
Clemson 21 - 7 months ago
Logan Dlugos no u were not U just didn't refresh
Clemson 21
Clemson 21 - 7 months ago
1 lets goo
Subscribe to me plz
Gage Vaughn
Gage Vaughn - 7 months ago
Clemson 21
Clemson 21 - 7 months ago
Gage Vaughn u are fake news
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