Morgan Wallen - Still Goin Down (Official Lyric Video)

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bilinas mini
bilinas mini - 51 minute ago
This still is gas but I like the “unreleased version” better
ConradEnvyVEVO - 2 hours ago
Dave TheIronworker
Dave TheIronworker - 2 hours ago
His best song yet
Dave TheIronworker
Dave TheIronworker - 3 hours ago
Dave TheIronworker
Dave TheIronworker - 3 hours ago
bilinas mini
bilinas mini - 51 minute ago
One doesn’t experience self-transcendence, the illusion of self only dissipates✌️
Elite Montage
Elite Montage - 3 hours ago
The best🔥
Brianna Wast
Brianna Wast - 5 hours ago
He can’t make one bad song
Driston KX 420
Driston KX 420 - 6 hours ago
Pretty good voice 💯
Newton Isaacs
Newton Isaacs - 8 hours ago
Leaked version is better
Samantha Johnson
Samantha Johnson - 9 hours ago
Love it ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Izak Sowards
Izak Sowards - 13 hours ago
one of your best songs
Addison Gantt
Addison Gantt - 14 hours ago
I love this song!!!
Shawn Fore
Shawn Fore - 14 hours ago
I've been waiting for this song for so long
HondaBoats 1
HondaBoats 1 - 15 hours ago
This is Great
bssni touir
bssni touir - 8 hours ago
I think the demo version sounds better imo
Jamie Windham
Jamie Windham - 16 hours ago
bssni touir
bssni touir - 8 hours ago
This reminds me of the good times
Donald Brown
Donald Brown - 17 hours ago
I'd like to hangout with morgan just once....
Lauren Langley
Lauren Langley - 17 hours ago
This song is soooooo gooooood
Linda Liz
Linda Liz - 17 hours ago
bssni touir
bssni touir - 17 hours ago
One doesn’t experience self-transcendence, the illusion of self only dissipates✌️
Robbie Wiley
Robbie Wiley - 18 hours ago
Be careful n pay your debts
Amber Rizer
Amber Rizer - 22 hours ago
Obsessed! 😍 that voice tho 💙
Keely Marie
Keely Marie - 23 hours ago
This hits home
Kaleb Jeffrey
Kaleb Jeffrey - Day ago
Am I the only one with the guitar being in the left ear and not the right?
bssni touir
bssni touir - 17 hours ago
Omg bout time this dropped 💯✌️
Logan Neville
Logan Neville - Day ago
Botched this song man. Your actually original was great
trustin JesusChrist
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gtoss chddy
gtoss chddy - Day ago
So far I have liked every single song he wrote. Especially "Chasing You" 💕💕💕
Avery Smith
Avery Smith - Day ago
Been waiting for this one a while!!
gtoss chddy
gtoss chddy - Day ago
Anyone else realize the lyrics are wrong in the description? Those are lyrics for Somebody’s Problem.
Matt 2318
Matt 2318 - Day ago
I’d say the ranking of the three songs he’s released are Still Goin’ Down, Livin’ The Dream, and Somebody’s Problem is in last but all of these songs are awesome. I think he has won my spot as my favorite country singer and Luke Combs would be tied or #2
Cadenn Happke
Cadenn Happke - Day ago
This reminds me of the good times
cjs714 - Day ago
I think the demo version sounds better imo
Heather Travis
Heather Travis - Day ago
Awesome bro it made my 96 year old grandpa cry 🤧🤧😢😢
Kenny Chao
Kenny Chao - Day ago
Banger!!!! 😤😤😤
Dylan Wheeler
Dylan Wheeler - 2 hours ago
Yoooo Kenny you listen to country?!? Big fan dog
Alix Ngo
Alix Ngo - 13 hours ago
Darren Stanley
Darren Stanley - Day ago
Morgan coming out with the hits
M W - Day ago
Love this song 🤚🏻⚡️
huttio srreu
huttio srreu - Day ago
This man hasn’t had one song I hate. Even if it’s a new song, still haven’t hated it
Weston Warren
Weston Warren - Day ago
I was so excited when this came out!!! I jammed to the unreleased version for months
Tristan Bradford
Tristan Bradford - Day ago
Omg bout time this dropped 💯✌️
Zachary Clay
Zachary Clay - Day ago
I love every song this guy makes
Brianne Martin
Brianne Martin - Day ago
I love his songs and him lol
huttio srreu
huttio srreu - Day ago
Scout Achterberg
Scout Achterberg - Day ago
anyone who disliked this song istnt true country like back off #westanmorgan
Alexandrea Nicole
Alexandrea Nicole - Day ago
So far I have liked every single song he wrote. Especially "Chasing You" 💕💕💕
Alys Hus
Alys Hus - Day ago
i am going to hopefully have morgan wallen if he can come to my birthday party if he can it will make the best 2021 the best year
Layla Carpenter
Layla Carpenter - Day ago
Went straight from somebody’s problem to this...he doesn’t have a bad song🤩
Alys Hus
Alys Hus - Day ago
who has been here when morgan wallen started i have been
Alys Hus
Alys Hus - Day ago
stay safe y'all
Alys Hus
Alys Hus - Day ago
morgan wallen just made this year better then it started out THANK YOU MORGAN WALLEN do not give up of what you do best i can stop listen if i am not on youtube i on pandora love all your songs
MemeTeamAlpha - Day ago
Can’t rush perfection though
MemeTeamAlpha - Day ago
I’ve been WAITING
Heather Bush
Heather Bush - Day ago
Love all his music but I’m still waiting for show girl to be released 🥰
Thomas belg
Thomas belg - Day ago
damn, just damn
beedsj roiue
beedsj roiue - Day ago
I’m Mexican and I like this type of music cause it sound calming
Daniel Lopez
Daniel Lopez - Day ago
What does your ethnicity have to do with the type of music you like lmao
SS Koizam
SS Koizam - Day ago
BOBMAN 33109
BOBMAN 33109 - Day ago
Name a better modern country song...... I'll wait......
T.g.i.f - 2 days ago
Solid song but hopefully the rest of the album is a little less "produced".
Noah -
Noah - - 2 days ago
beedsj roiue
beedsj roiue - Day ago
I am from sneedville of course I like his song's
lucas swearingen
lucas swearingen - 2 days ago
i like how you can easily see they just copied and pasted the description since it has the wrong songs lyrics in it
BigBlue Gaming
BigBlue Gaming - 2 days ago
Touching song that brings back memories
mijuo roui
mijuo roui - 2 days ago
"God is real. God loves you. God wants the best for you. Believe that. I do." Chris Pratt
destani yuatainnee
destani yuatainnee - 2 days ago
This a banger🔥
JD Vlog’s
JD Vlog’s - 2 days ago
I've been waiting for this forever to come out!!! Thank you man!!!!!
DRAG3N - 2 days ago
The “unreleased” version is 100000x better... just sayin
Louisville Cardinals
U heard a verse of a demo kid. No it's not. This is the full song and it slaps. Go listen 2 kane brown or sum.
Patrick Thurman
Patrick Thurman - 2 days ago
Him & Luke combs are the best
mijuo roui
mijuo roui - 2 days ago
Morgan Wallen & Luke Combs 2 of the best right now
Andrew Peedin
Andrew Peedin - 2 days ago
BEEFY 7895
BEEFY 7895 - 2 days ago
Song is catchy as fuck
The3Perfects !!!
The3Perfects !!! - 2 days ago
People who waited months for this song
Brendan Neuman
Brendan Neuman - 2 days ago
TikTok versions better
Jacob Kachinski
Jacob Kachinski - 2 days ago
There is currently 355 miserable people that disliked
Mason Middleton
Mason Middleton - 2 days ago
I didn’t even have to listen I knew it was good.
Zayden Bolden
Zayden Bolden - 2 days ago
I am from sneedville of course I like his song's
Zayden Bolden
Zayden Bolden - 2 days ago
True I love this song
Bridgett Gosnell
Bridgett Gosnell - 2 days ago
I cant believe i didnt realize this was out for 3 days 😌
Jenny Self
Jenny Self - 2 days ago
I like this but man.. please don’t turn into Florida Georgia line. Your voice is too good for that. No extra stuff needed 💕
Brock Glisson
Brock Glisson - 2 days ago
Yeah I liked the raw version
Kristen Beck
Kristen Beck - 2 days ago
You. Are. It. 🤩🥰 dont stop that shine, whew.
Claire Dees
Claire Dees - 2 days ago
This is my fav of his new songs
c s
c s - 2 days ago
it doesnt sound as good as the preview
Matt Scholl
Matt Scholl - 2 days ago
Morgan Wallen & Luke Combs 2 of the best right now
Hayden Anderson
Hayden Anderson - 2 days ago
Allarie Wilson
Allarie Wilson - 2 days ago
Morgan Wallen is the best singer IK. Love him so much. Like if ya agree
Lilli Hap
Lilli Hap - 2 days ago
My art class is officially hooked on Morgan :)
gtoss chddy
gtoss chddy - 2 days ago
Who’s Here before 1000 likes love ur music
Braxton Hanners
Braxton Hanners - 2 days ago
The 350 people who disliked this song are on drugs
Unknown Unknown
Unknown Unknown - 2 days ago
Alys Hus
Alys Hus - 2 days ago
for the 346 people that gave it a dislike something is roung with you morgan wallen never made a bad song
Matthew Neitz
Matthew Neitz - 2 days ago
Have been waiting for this to release and we’ll waiting definitely paid off this song is amazing
gtoss chddy
gtoss chddy - 2 days ago
I love it...
Jacob Inge
Jacob Inge - 2 days ago
Here before 1 million views lol
Adam Offen
Adam Offen - 2 days ago
It would be cool if he put "Spin You Around" on this album.
Naughty child
Naughty child - 2 days ago
Beautiful song
Ashton Peacock
Ashton Peacock - 2 days ago
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william rouse
william rouse - 3 days ago
The 423 repping
Oliver Liekmeier
Oliver Liekmeier - 3 days ago
Zach Holder
Zach Holder - 3 days ago
Please do an acoustic version of this.
Brendan Lane
Brendan Lane - 3 days ago
I was really excited when I heard the unreleased version, but the full song came out and the second half was a huge let down.
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Mike Halve
Mike Halve - 3 days ago
Wrong lyrics in the description?😂
Kimberly Barrett
Kimberly Barrett - 3 days ago
I love it!! Yeehhhaaww2
The Messenger
The Messenger - 3 days ago
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Brandon Denton
Brandon Denton - 3 days ago
I love it...
Blake Bowling
Blake Bowling - 3 days ago
This dude..... I swear I’m gonna make Spotify run out of plays. If this song goes out of stock blame it on me.
The Court Of Public Opinion
Wow it sounds exactly like every other country song that’s ever been written so original
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